Having Everything, Needing Nothing

Satsang in Gurgaon, India, March 2014 – Part 1

Mohanji talking about having Everything and needing Nothing

The More You Unlearn, the More Powerful You Become.

There is nothing to learn from outside, it’s only to unlearn. Because what we think we are, is all collected. Once you shed it you are real. Actually it’s very simple. The more you unlearn, the more powerful you become. “I’m not this, I’m not this…” 

Neti, neti… That is why I was telling you about the avadhoota we saw in Vrindavan. He sleeps on the side of the road. He is powerful.

Q: Mohanji, what are these terms, avadhoota, siddha, …?
A: Avadhoota is almost always in the samadhi all the time. He is not even aware of his body. He is just using the body as the point of his existence. Then he is not in the body, bzut much more expanding.

Q: And siddha?
A: A siddha is one who has siddhis, who is a master of siddhis. It means there are Ashta siddhis like Hanumanji siddhis, you can grow bigger, you can reduce your size, there are also other siddhis… If somebody has all these in control, he is a siddha.

Q: Has everybody who would be in nirvikalpa samadhi already crossed these stages?
A: Not necessarily, whether it is part of your agenda or not.

Q: So it also depends on them… but generally all the saints want to be one with god, don’t they?
A: Everybody would like to be one with god, all rivers lead to one ocean, whether you go through the Kriya path, or Datta path, or Siddha path, you reach the same place, but tracks are different.

Q: So your learning will be different?
A: Yes, learning will be different, because everything suits someone’s constitution. Everything cannot be handled by everybody.

Q: Samadhi is the final form, right?
A: Samadhi has various forms. It is when you are not even connected with your body. You are completely detached. There are various levels of samadhi. 

But my suggestion is don’t get stuck with all these names like, kundalini, chakra, yoga, samadhi… Because mind is used for all this and energised with it. 

Mind is thinking whether this is all the same, all these thoughts happen in the mind. The less you use the mind, the easier you will get out of the mind. Shed the concepts. Don’t think about concepts.

Mohanji quote - When we try to limit God

One lady used to come, she had the power to see people’s aura. She once told me, “After the meditation I am helping people with their aura and I tell them this is what you are.” I said, “I don’t think you should do that, because you are actually putting them into a compartments.” 

Then people started calling me saying, “Mohanji, we are disturbed.” Because she used to tell them, “You are like this… your aura is like this… “ One month later she came to visit me and said, “I am doing a big seva.” I asked her one question, “Please tell me. 

From the time you were born til the time you die, does the aura or chakras remain the same?” She said, “No.” “From the daybreak til the sunset, or til you sleep, does the aura remain the same?” “No.” “Then, why are you bothering the people?”

Q: True.
A: She tries to cover her insecurity by this thing so that she feels important. Many of the practitioners are like that. They somehow want to make you feel that they know something. 

My suggestion is avoid all these kinds of things. You are connected to your guru, guru will take care. Whatever the aura is, guru will take care. So that you have that faith and leave it, so that mind is not occupied with it. And guru is a principle. Anybody can come and help you. 

The moment you surrender, some form will come and cleanse you and let go. You should be that open, “Ok, everybody is a guru, guru principle can work through anybody, through sun, the moon, the stars, through people, situations. All are guru tattwa.” So your usage of mind is much less. When you use your mind lesser and lesser, you are liberated.


Q: Could you tell us about intuitions?

A: Intuitions are given to you. The moment you leave the body, the time stands still, there is no past, present or future. Time is connected to the body, because it is like a rent-a-car, isn’t it? So from the moment you take the car til you bring the car back, the clock is running… 

From your first breath till your last breath, the clock is running. You are in linear time, going parallel to time. There are moments when you connect to the absolute time; where past, present and future are collapsed. There you have the ability to go backwards or forwards. 

Because there is no forward or backward in that, there is only the absolute space. THAT gives you intuitions. These are right. If you remember them, they are good. Even if I am in waking state you can sometimes connect to it. People have that ability. It is easy. If you connect to your spine more, you will have more intuitions. The spine is the stairway. 

The more you feel the spine, the more changes you’ll see you have. Your perceiving ability will be much bigger than front-oriented i.e. sense-oriented understanding. You will be able to visualise, you will be able to see, feel the things ahead. That can be cultivated, when you are spine oriented. Otherwise, also for everybody, there are times when you are in absolute consciousness.

That time you can understand anything. But when you are in that level of consciousness, you will bring back only what you need now or in the future. Otherwise you will not remember. That is why most people do not remember astral travels, because they don’t need it. 

I am 100% sure some of you will meet me astrally in the future. You may think I met Mohanji, I spoke to him, but unless it is relevant in today’s existence, you will not remember the words. Just like you don’t remember your past life. That’s erased before you were sent back. Because otherwise you will be confused. But people ask me questions telling, “I met you, you told me this…” 

Some people remember. They remember because they need it. They need that information. I talk to people. Some of them get understanding. I guide people, so that some of them remember, some of them just do it. So spontaneous action is better, then there is no mind playing, “Ok, Mohanji told me this, I am doing it.” 

Then it’s fine. Otherwise, analysis happens, then they email and say, “What is this?” Then I don’t normally reply. Take it or leave it. Because the instruction is given there itself. Now if you want further analysis, I am not interested. 

Mind is playing. I tell people, “Use the mind less and watch it. Never censor it. Mind may bring you things so that you think it’s not good enough. Don’t think like that.” 

It’s all part of you, because it’s collected, it’s inside. The moment you think, “This is not good, this is dirty…” Then, it is suppressed for another time. It will come back again, probably in an aggressive mode. So accept, “This is happening, I am fine. I am good, bad and ugly, it’s not a problem…” 

Acceptance is very important, the way you are, not the way you should be. The way you should be is a concept. The way you are is your reality. Marry reality more than the concept.

Mohanji quote - be always aware of your spine

Q: And people say they think with heart. Wouldn’t that make them emotional?
A: Heart is very large stuff. Spiritual heart is different. Yogananda spoke about spiritual heart. Spiritual heart is the core of your existence. That is your connection or your link to the higher. This is OK. But emotional heart is something which is detrimental. 

It also nurtures some ego. I wouldn’t call it a very nice thing to do. If you think from emotional heart, it’s not a good idea. But if you think from a spiritual heart, it’s relevant to you spiritually, it’s a good idea. Whatever is not relevant spiritually, whatever is not elevating you, discard. 

Even if it is people, places, situations, time. Whatever is not uplifting you, discard it. Move away from it. Then marry, embrace whatever is elevating you, satsangs, the saints, the books… Whatever is elevating you and giving you the higher dimension, is good for you. Move on with it.

You are not the Body

Q: You are actually disconnecting from your bodily form.
A: Yes, I have already explained that. It is true because it is a binding factor. You look at the mirror and say “This is me.”

Q: What I am probably asking is that you treat your body as secondary source.
A: That is ignorance. You should respect your body, because you took it. It’s like you went to Dubai. You go to the airport and you want to go around Dubai, you rent a car. You take a rent-a-car for a purpose. You told the guy, “I will use this car until I come back.” 

You paid the money and took the car. If you treat the car very bad and if you disturb the car, when you come back, if you give it back, what would they say? “Give me the cost of the car, isn’t it?” It is your duty to take care of your car, in this case, the body, while you are using it. 

Also understand that body has a duration. You have taken it only for a time, and the purpose is experience. You wanted to experience Dubai, so you took the car. You wanted to experience the Earth, so you took the body. 

That bhaav and respect has to go through the body. That’s why kshetra (the temple) is where the soul dwells. For the soul to sit, the body should be good. We should take care of it, respect it.

Q: That is probably the reason why we should do exercise and eat right.
A: If you stop being emotional about food, it’s good and automatically eating will be fine. Second thing is that if your each breath becomes deeper, if you are conscious of your breath, the need for food reduces. The prana level will be higher in the body, so the need for food will be less. 

It’s about 1400 breaths a day or so, don’t worry about all this now, I’m giving an example. If that is the case, you can have a one meal in a day. So it’s interconnected. All these things are interconnected. The more food-oriented you are, mind is in control, emotion is in control. Third, if you eat when your body asks for food, body tells you, look here, there is a need. 

Then it will digest it 100%. And the food should be maximum two thirds of your stomach capacity. Now we put four thirds 🙂 that is not good. Fourth thing is that whenever you need to go to toilet, the body responds, do it right away.

 Because after half an hour, it releases toxins. It sends them back to the body, as the body feels that you are not going to do it, it has to say, “I don’t want it now,” so it affects you. This is why they say the moment the call happens, go. In offices, it is sometimes very difficult. What happens is, “Ok, I’ll go during noon time, during lunch…” So you become contaminated further and further. 

About consumption, when the body calls, “Consume,” consume. We are mind oriented, when mind says, “It’s one o clock, have food.” Body doesn’t want food, but we cram it. In such cases it is best to have very small meals, so that the body is not worried about it, and not too much energy is spent on it. 

Once in a while emotional eating is OK, because that’s not affecting you too much. I always face it, wherever I go, people want to give me food, and sometimes if I don’t eat, they think the food is bad. 

They say, “Mohanji we took a lot of effort to prepare it, we didn’t sleep last night… 🙂 all this was prepared for you, so please have a little bit.” And then a buffet, ha, ha. Like that, it’s not a good idea.

Q: This is how it is… When I was very small and my cousins were coming from Canada, the girl came and asked me, “Is it a custom here that you should love people by feeding them?”
A: Actually this is a human tendency. You are expressing your love through food. It has quite an emotion attached to it, and sometimes a custom attached to it. If a person comes to Arabs, they kill a goat. In that way you are actually honouring the guest. 

So there are a lot of customs attached to food. And how do most of the people vent? Through food. All their aggression goes on food. But look at an animal. It kills a lion only when it’s really hungry. Otherwise, it doesn’t. They have a clarity about the whole thing because they listen to the body. Just start listening to the body, you don’t need to meditate.

Mohanji doing shiva lingam abishek


Mohanji doing abishek to shiva lingam

There is Nothing to Gain from Spirituality, only to Lose Fears, Anxieties, Phobias.

There is nothing to gain from spirituality. There is only to lose. What you lose is your anxieties, fears, insecurities, phobias. When all this is gone, only one thing exists – shanti.

Q: Fearlessness?
A: Fearlessness is a state which happens when there is no mind to handle fear. There is nothing to hold fear. I always tell people, “Why do you have fear at all?” Because any way it’s a game. I look at life as a joke. It is actually a big joke, we are too serious to handle it. 

When you look at life, there are actually very funny people. We are taking life too seriously. Then what happens is we fail to live. We are constantly under pressure of performance. We actually perform nothing. Things are happening through us. When we detach from above and look at it, it’s a really funny game. I said, “What is the big deal about XX (1:28) movie? 

Whenever he cracks jokes we laugh, whenever he cries, we laugh. So it’s full laughter, everything is accelerated, so we keep laughing the whole film, ha, ha. This is the film.”

So there is nothing to gain from spirituality. Gain is a state of mind. Mind says that we have to gain and that is only conditioned mind, because we have a thought, if you go somewhere, get something. 

Gaining, holding, storing, these are all conditions of the mind. But mind doesn’t need anything. Remember, only in India, there were saints abroad, too, but in India, who brought the 20th century forward? 20th century became what it is, or evolution happened, in the west, mainly because of three people: theories of Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud. 

This changed the thought process from the biblical time. Then Karl Marx’s philosophy of haves and have nots, became very popular, even created philosophies of countries, communism. At that time there were some people in India who had everything but needed nothing. 

This was never mentioned in any script, any western philosophy, they never understood it. You have everything, but you need nothing. Is that possible? The haves always want more. That is the way we are taught, “Never be satisfied. You should have more. You should be better than the other person, better than your neighbour…” 

But the saints were a community, who were extremely rich within and they could have attained anything. Forget about physical richness, they could attain anything they like, but they wanted nothing. So along with haves and have nots, there was another class of people who had everything, but needed nothing. 

This is the state of absoluteness, where everything is in your command. Because when you become sukshma, energy oriented, when your operating level becomes energetic, then the material is at your feet. Because you can create anything you like, but you will not create, because you don’t want it,

 “Why I have dispersed all the baggage and I am sitting quiet and easy, then why should I create more bags?” This is the point. It’s only about shedding. 

The whole raja yoga path is about shedding! Not shedding consciously, but because you don’t want it, it drops off. The moment you say, “I don’t want this,” and you move something out, it will stay. Its residue will stay. But if it goes off by itself, because you are not using it, it will not come back. That’s the point.

Mantras, Yagya, Sarpa Dosha

Q: Going back to mantras, when we are calling a priest home, doing pooja, we can’t even understand what he or she is doing, we just sit around. Does it help?
A: Well, it helps the priest for sure. And also mantras have some power. It usually changes the vibration in the house. I’m not telling that none of these are good, but I am saying that our approach to it should be different. 

Nothing should bind you, you are born free. Communist group went the other way saying this is all not important at all. That is an extreme. But understand the relevance of each and respect them. That is important.

Q: What is the significance of Yagya?

A: Yagya is completely different. Yagya can be compared with the sun rays coming to the Earth. If you put the lens, you can burn the paper. Yagya is concentrating the mantras in such a way that it creates an event. 

It means a number of mantras in a ritual in a focused way, the energy can flow into three fourth of India. If it is done in one place, it can spread. It’s like when you put an atomic bomb, and its effect goes to many places, this is negative side. But Yagya in a positive way affects a lot of area.

Q: So all these bigya, yagya, ashurweda… have a different purpose?
A: Yes.

Q: Why don’t we do more Yagya today when there is so much of greed among all, won’t this be a very effective tool?
A: Do it.

Q: We can, can’t we? I do it regularly at night.
A: But that is not Yagya. That is Havan. In Yagya I think a priest has to take a reverence for a year, too. And both women and men attend it together. The man and his wife should be equally important. 

It’s a Shiva-Shakti kind of thing. We need to prepare for Yagya a year before, and you cannot meet people, you have to chant a lot before and increase your energy level just before it. It’s a tedious process. It is not easy.

Q: If someone told you get let’s say, thousand pooja done, it’s the planets…
A: Karsalpa is not planets. Sarpa dosha always happens when you have dieties snakes in your family, but it has not taken care of over three generations. Then it evolves into Karsalpa dosha.

Mohanji talking about having Everything and needing Nothing

Q: Should we get these poojas done?
A: I believe so. I always say, if you appease all those deities, we have integrated connection with it. Like in Nath tradition, the tradition is interlinked. We are not immune to all this. Because why we took birth here, in this particular environment? So that we have a lineage, we have a connection. 

But understand that many priests or astrologers say is not real, they do it for money. That is the problem. But if you see that the Sarpa Dosha has to be sorted out, do it, so that it relieves you. 

But go to a place where there is a real snake oriented temple. They worship properly. There is one in Ujjain, then a very powerful temple in Subramanyam, Vasuki…

Q: Someone told me that I have Sarpa Dosha. Do you think I have inherited it?
A: If you are married to another family, you may not have. Because normally in Indian tradition once the lady goes to the husband’s family, it is not so. It usually affects the lineage. I like to revert all the elements, all the devatas of the sky, of the water. If you read the Kailash book, there is a description of it. 

It was a sailor, one man who was clear how the water works. When he offered, every deity came to receive it. So there are devatas in the sky, just like us. Yet they are invisible. Then devatas in the soil and in the water. If you are benevolent to everything around you, they all support you. 

If you are completely ignorant and you are just insensitive, then we isolate ourselves. I am talking about sensitivity. Snakes have a major role to play in our life on earth, because major portion of the Earth was for them. Don’t think they are the normal snakes you see here. 

They are the devatas who came from Naga Loka. And they are different in complexion. They come in snake form only so that they would be left alone. Nagaraja, etc. are from Naga Loka.

Real Meaning of Some Sayings.


Body is actually borrowed from the Earth. You have to give it back to the Earth when you leave. Don’t give too much importance to unity aura. Like, many people talk about periods. They ask, “Why shouldn’t you go to temples while you have periods?” Because it’s prana pratishta. With particular mantras an idol is being consecrated. 

The power is brought to the idol in such a way. What are periods? Dead organisms leaving the body, so they do not have prana. When you go like that to prana pradishta, you tend to attract more prana from wherever. Like when you consume meat. 

Meat hasn’t got any prana. It consumes your prana than any other food, like vegetables which have prana. The same philosophy, the same idea is here. You are in a period, you go in that mode to the temple, you tend to squeeze out from the idol. It dulls the idol. That is why they say, “Don’t come to this idol.” But we are always imaginative, 🙂 and make many stories out of it.

Earlier they used to say you should sleep by sunset. One hour after the sunset, you should go to bed. It is a good idea. Because then you do not operate in tamasic time which is between 3pm-3am, i.e. for twelve hours. Your less operating in tamasic time means you have more energy intact. 

The more you operate in tamasic time, the more energy you lose. Sattwic time is only 3 hours, from 3am to 6am. That is the time when maximum energisation happens. That is why people meditate at that time. So when they said you should sleep all those days, at that time there was no electricity, and oil was expensive. 

The more oil you burnt, the more expenses there are for the house. That is why they said, “Don’t cut your nails after sunset.” Because it will fall into your food. Or, “Don’t comb your hair, negative forces will attack you…” ‘Negative forces’ means your hair will fall into the food.

Q: Nothing works better than fear, so they scare you 🙂 ha, ha
A: There is a reason in all these sayings. Theoretically speaking, if you go to bed by nine, you will be much stronger. And the scriptures say if a person starts operating in Brahma Muhurta, you can never be defeated in the world. 

Because you become so powerful, that whatever happens outside will not affect you. Your inner strength is your real strength. Your inner richness is your real richness. If that is aplenty, outer richness has no value…

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