First Resolve the Conflict Within

Satsang in Mumbai, India, 30th March 2015

Mohanji giving satsang in Mumbai about conflict


Cycle of Yugas

Q: Yesterday we were going in circles, at the same time repeating certain word. What is the purpose of this?

A: It’s a recycling process. Each yuga had its duration. There are four yugas separated into four textures, four different feelings.

The Golden Age is where good and evil even do not exist in one place. Good is in one place, evil is another world. It is completely good, that is why frequency is very high. 

The lighter the frequency, the lesser is the operating level for many beings. Only those who operate in higher frequency can take birth. So number of people, number of beings is smaller. At that level there is no contamination, it’s pure, it’s a beautiful process.

Then comes the Treta Yuga, where good and evil are not in one place, they are in different continents. It is symbolic that they are in different continents, so that the contrast is clear. There is already duality. In the first level there is no duality, it’s only goodness. In the second level, there is duality.

Third is Krishna’s time. Good and evil are in the same family. The fight happens between family members.
Fourth is Kali Yuga where good and evil are in the same person. There is a cycle happening.


     At this time there are so many souls taking birth. It is a very funny situation, the whole fight is within us. What you see outside is much lesser than what is inside. 

The whole conflict is happening inside, that is what you see outside

Outside is much lesser that way. Numerous thoughts, lesser action.Numerous people, numerous beings too. That is when the whole cycle of yugas changes. There is so much distraction, then the rebirth happens.

There are frequencies which we cannot hear. There are a lot of sounds outside, but you can’t hear many of them. You only hear those which our ears can understand. Likewise, we can only see what our eyes are capable of. 

There are so many things in the air. Even on our skin there are various organisms walking around. You can’t see them with naked eyes. There are so many things which we cannot see. 

This is the level of operation. When frequency changes, only that kind of beings can come. And there are no stories about Golden Age, there is nothing to talk. Stories are all related to hero and villain. That comes only with the duality.


Duality brings forth all the drama, and the basis of drama is emotion. Emotion is also energy and it is also survival. Minus emotion, there is no conflict. Minus emotion, there is no need for the mind. Mind creates emotions. Many emotions are created by non-understanding. E.g. I assume you are like this and I start behaving to you like that. 

What will happen? You will fight back. Where is the problem? The problem is in my notion. I think you are like this. You are probably something else. The cruelest looking person might be very kind, but we already judge a person before we talk to them. And what happens? The same reaction. Then you suffer. So this is the cycle which goes on and on. 

In Kali Yuga where good and evil are in the same person, life is repeated because we keep the emotions inside. We store them, the impressions are stored. They sprout and they create a new life. So each life you repeat the same cycle. 

This is how it works. People say, “Be good, do good,“ because if you want to harm or hurt, you need to exert more. Being good is a spontaneous thing for everybody, so there is less exertion, and the better is your inside, you are freer, quieter, calmer.

Why does life repeat? Because so many people wanted to experience so many things. That is why there are seven billion people here. Seven billion people wanted to experience something. That is why they are here. And sometimes we try to experience what other person cooks, or others’ life. 

We do not have original experiences, we do not even think about it. Why can’t I have original experiences? The beaten track is very easy. For example, somebody has written a book about kundalini experience, ”I read that book, I like it, my experience should be like that.“ 

Do you think it is possible? Awakening has various manifestations. Each person experiences a different manifestation. Why not? As you are a unique being, you should.

Mohanji quote - Awakening has various manifestations

Hanuman about resolving conflict

But what happens? Even when an awakening experience happens, we deny it saying that this is not as per notion of our thing. Like that, the concepts are very, very heavy, ”This is ok, this is not ok.“ Who says so? We arrest ourselves to various things and we try to strangle ourselves and we fail to live. 

Then we take another birth because we never lived. Live today 100%, then you’re fine, you don’t have anything more to do. Curtailing desires is one thing, but expressing desires properly is another thing. If we do not express a desire in real life properly, it will come back. 

That is why unconscious desires keep repeating. If you smoke a cigarette, not being aware of it, thinking of something else, you will want another cigarette. Whether it’s coffee, ice-cream, tea, it’s the same. 

The more you are involved with an activity, the less the chance you will repeat it, because there is no need to repeat it. One activity itself was fulfilled. It was complete. That is why I wrote on facebook, ”The difference between binding and liberation is your doership.“ 

Simple. The more doership you have, the more binding you have. The less doership you have, ”I’m surrendering everything,” or, ”I surrender everything at the feet of the lord Narayana,” Narayana means Parabrahma, then you are not the owner any more. Every action is like that. Every thought is like that, every word is like that. So you don’t own it, you don’t earn it. 

if you own, you earn. It’s a cycle. That’s the clarity we should have. The more you feel you are doing it, you have doership, you have ownership, the more weight you will be having. Otherwise activity will be perfect, result will not be a problem. And the proper activity will have a proper result. 

Today, the child who came earlier said, ”I want to make a lot of money.” I said, ”How do you make a lot of money?” Simple. Become perfect in what you do, money is a byproduct. Instead, we chase money and nothing comes, we are frustrated and then we try to manipulate the whole thing. 

Instead, perfect what you do, your perfection will bring in money, support. The point is, are you 100% involved in what you do? If you are, that is enough. It is not about your background, it is about your attitude.
So this is the difference between yugas, too.

Hanumanji did not support Lord Rama, thinking that, ”I will get something out of it,” even though he was aware that he was the same consciousness as Rama. He thought, ”The moment I realise you, I will stop serving you, so I would rather stay unrealised for the sake of serving you.” Powerful bhakta. Great powerful bhakta. 

That is why we worship him so much today, because he epitomises an amazing, powerful bhakti. True bhaktas ask nothing, have you observed? Those who are on the borderline, always want something. They go to the begging mode, ”Please give me this, please give me that…” and they also try to bribe god, ”Give me this, I’ll do this.” 

God is not interested in your begging at all. This is exactly the point I am saying. When you need nothing, you have everything. Real richness is in absolute non-wanting. You are absolutely rich inside. Everything comes to you. This is the theory of Ananda Shaila is the same, Maha Vishnu lying on Ananda connected to the supreme consciousness, infinity. 

Lakshmi is at the feet. You connect to the energy which is Maha Vishnu, the supreme power, completely neutral, as a witness, and full of silence, complete silence, full yoga nidra. Lakshmi being at the feet means the material wealth will come, will happen, that is not what you chase. 

Your, your stature, your position brings it. Otherwise, you chase Lakshmi, Lakshmi runs away. Not the Lakshmi in your neighbourhood, ha, ha.

Q: I have a question regarding that there are a lot of beggars around. Should we select them and then give…?
A: I always say, keep the biscuits or whatever in the car or with you and distribute it…

Here, it’s an organised setup. There are rich people behind some of these beggars, so it’s not a good idea to give them money, but if somebody is hungry, give food. That’s a good thing. A small packet of water and a packet of biscuits, sufficient for one time. If you do this, the job is done and there is no shedding out money. And how can you be selective?

Resolving about hunger conflict

Q: In terms of money, e.g. if some people work…
A: It’s not a clean stuff, it’s not easy. Of course, if someone can work… Well, there was one guy who was telling how he took a vow, that he would go begging into a lot of houses, and then go to a temple. It means to ward off evil things. So he went into one house and he was begging. 

They asked him, ”Why are you begging, you are a very able man!? You should be working.” He said, ”No, I have taken a vow to beg in so many houses and go to the temple.“ The man from the house said, ”This is amazing, every day I am praying to god please don’t make me beg, and you want to beg!? I am not going to give you any money, it’s an insult to god.” Ha, ha. There are people like that, we never know.

In India, there are so many systems, different practices, different rituals, you cannot say, ”This is right, this is wrong…” Because it is all individualistic. That is why we have 33 crore gods (330 million). Why do we have 33 crore gods? 33% of you is God, so everybody is God in a way. How can you worship 33 crore gods? 33% of you is the soul element. 

The rest is junk. Mind factor, physical factor, you have to leave all that and go. But the God element stays. It never goes. It is always there. That is why 33 crore gods.

It also says, ”Respect individuality. 33% of you is God, respect it as a part of God. We should respect everybody. There is nobody higher nor lower, because all are equal, animals, birds, everything. They are equal because they have God element in them. The godhood in them. This is very difficult to discriminate. 

My suggestion is if anybody is hungry, don’t think twice, give them food, water. This is the best of sevas according to me, because you have done the job. There is no way you can provide for all the people for all the months, then you will need many jobs and many salaries 🙂 Who comes in front of you, take it as your responsibility, ”Are you hungry? Yes? Ok.” 

I do that, you must have seen. We take them to the restaurant and they eat with us. What happens is that time is finished. Next time I don’t know. That way destiny will take care of him. The more selfless we are, the more connected we are. We are only asking from world, what are you giving to the world? 

Being wealth of world and being a burden of world are two sides of the coin. On each coin one side is being wealth to the world, the other side is being a burden to the world. Being a burden is always asking, never happy. There is nothing you are giving to the world. 

Other side of being wealth is you are happy with what you have, and you share what you have. I am not saying that you should starve and give food to other people. Eat well.

Violence is Ignorance

Mohanji quote - Violence is ignorance


Q: What is violence? Can you explain violence in today’s world?
A: Violence is ignorance. The highest and the most powerful of all emotions is love. When there is no understanding, there is violence. Violence usually comes out of expectation. There is an expectation and unfulfilled expectation. Expectation which is not fulfilled creates reaction in people. So, first of all, it stems out of non-understanding. The cruelty, sadism… all these things come out of non-understanding. 

But it has become a culture. What are our movies giving you? A hero who is very immature and intolerant. He will make a reason for killing, but again, it is violence and it’s appreciated! 

We don’t know how many heroes there are who are reasonable, and violence has become a culture basically because of non-understanding, non-understanding of the reality. 

You can counter everything with love. Love is a very strong and powerful tool. If you choose to love, it disarms the person. Love disarms, you don’t know how to do with the person loving so much. But hatred is easy, ”I don’t like this, I don’t like a person…“ it goes on.

Q: A thought also comes in violence?
A: That is again suppressed emotions. Why are emotions suppressed? Because you do not know how to use them. First of all, never suppress anything. You have a desire, vent it out, not to other person, but through understanding, using the intellect all the time. 

Emotion is always coming out of the heart, not spiritual heart, but spontaneously from the mind. Intellect always gives you reasoning, it is never involved in anger or any emotion. So touch base with intellect. What happens? If somebody calls you a donkey, what will you say? ”You probably need to check your eyes. 

You need to wear specs, you can’t see well.” But if it is mind, emotions working, you will say, ”You are a bigger donkey!” Then there is a satisfaction. Where does the gratification happen? When you counter, retaliate. 

That is because of non-awareness. You have every right to be deeply equanimous, contented personality. The more expectations you have, the more disappointments are possible. 

And you chose your parents, you chose your environment, you chose everything before you took the birth. You could have become American president too, but you chose this place, these parents, all these things. We can’t deny any of these. This being the situation, what else can I do? That is the only question possible. 

This is my given situation. I cannot change the situation, what can I do from here onwards? When this is clear, then there is no problem. “OK, this is happening, I’ll handle it… another thing is happening, I’ll handle it…” You do not curse, you do not scream, you do not try to emotionalise the whole thing. 

It gives deep peace. I am not saying, “Be spiritual, meditate etc.” I am talking about the attitude.

How do you handle life?
Either you become aggressive, this is not good, because you are against something all the time and what you are against comes to you. Other thing is being a doormat. “OK, I am lying down, this is life, everybody walks over me… “That is also bad because it affects your self-esteem. 

What is good is being practical, being reasonable, “I don’t want to have this, and this is OK… Fine, please have it.” So there is no conflict. You are not supposed to buy what you don’t want to buy at the supermarket, right? There are so many things there. 

Most of the things we don’t need. We only buy what we need. Choose to buy love! Then, when you are completely balanced, there is no way somebody can walk over you. Otherwise we are bound by society, bound by education, parents, situations… there is no you, only some bound stuff! Reality is that.

Q: You said, ”Don’t suppress your desire.” If I am indulging a desire it means I am attached to it. Does it mean with awareness to actually know what to indulge…?
A: Absolutely. When I say, ”Express it,” e.g. you have a desire to have pizza. Don’t think how the whole society thinks about it, have it, but when you have it, you should be there. 

Feel it, enjoy it, experience it. Each time you convert a desire into an experience, there is a bigger chance of its getting eradicated. When a desire remains a desire, it can manifest any time. This is what I call suppression. The situation is not right, so I am not doing it. 

You have seen many drunkards drinking in daily life and destroying everything. Why do they drink so much alcohol? This is because something was really, really suppressed at one time. It manifests at another time. And it manifests in a violent way, you have no control.

Q: Is it OK that they drink and finish it off?
A: No, this is not under their control. Push of destiny does that. You can say that this is not good, they are aware of all this, but they can’t stop it. The thrust of destiny is doing this on them.

Mohanji quote - You shouldn't allow the state of vacuum

Q: Unless they know they are doing it…?
A: When they know they can convert the whole thing into a different activity. It means you should use that energy for something very positive. Not just making a family or building a house. But you should do something which is very good for the society; 

educate children, something which is a really good thing, something which is sustainable. Then what happens is the whole thrust goes in a different direction. 

Mind cannot handle the vacuum. So you should not allow the state of vacuum. No activity means doing the same habit again. You should divert this into something which is higher and engages you.

Even now there are so many options even on the internet that you can do. You don’t have to go somewhere physically if you don’t have enough money. You can do so many things through web. Not just copy-pasting somebody’s quotes because that is useless. First of all you don’t understand the quote and then you tell other people. 

I mean something which provokes an activity of a positive nature. Like, there is one group of people recovering from drugs, and there is a foundation which brings this people to normal life. They pick up people who are completely wasted and they try to bring them back. They send all these people to support initiation for protection of dolphins, against killing them. 

And they are very good people. They are under the influence of drugs for a long time so they lost sensitivity, but they are completely different after that. Because the purpose really hit on them! And they said they didn’t even need a salary, they would work. This is what I am saying, you can do so many good things in the society. 

Think differently. I supported this one because I liked the approach. You collect people who are drug addicts and nobody wants them, you give them some kind of orientation and bring them back and you put them onto a project which is really compelling. They were taught swimming, etc. 

I was impressed. What I am saying is, channel it into something more beautiful, creative, and then it helps the society, and then it helps you. So you will deviate yourself from something very negative into something very positive. Everybody has that connection. All people can do it. 

But the more you suppress, the more depressed you will be too. The more you suppress, you will start feeling useless, ”Oh, I came here, I took the body, I took the birth for so many things, I am doing nothing except eating, drinking, sleeping.” That is something which we need to avoid. That is why I suggest that you channel properly.

Another thing that is very important. You need to have a good company. This also matters a lot in life. We are sometimes attracted to company by default, or we choose company which is convenient. Choose company which is elevating! Even if it’s far away, this is important.

Mohanji quote - As we walk the street

Mohanji quote - Be wealth to the world (2)

Satsang has a lot of value. It is very important. Satsang is not sitting here and talking. Satsang is companionship, it’s good company, good activity, good thought, based on truth. There is a lot of value and depth to it. If you are connected to a team of people who think or do things of higher nature, it will definitely help us speed up. 

Individually we have limitation. But collectively, you are a force. Likewise, even in an activity, conglomerate with people who are reasonably selfless and have a larger goal. Have you seen? Their whole business flourishes. People who were uneducated were taught to make handcraft which were sold and they survived. We need something like that in Himalayas. 

There are various widows who get married very early and whose husbands had a couple of drinks and as there are all high mountain ranges they die. So we educated them to make greeting cards. This was many years ago. Now nobody needs paper greeting cards. 

It’s all on the internet. The greetings cards were made of recycled paper and Himalayan flowers, everything was eco-friendly.
Each girl used to make approximately twelve cards a day. At that time they got 25 rupees a day, then it was a good amount. 

They earned a living with that. I always tell people, when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, ”What else can I do for the world? How can I be wealth to the world? Not a burden.” Otherwise, we are only criticising people, ”Oh, because of that guy I’m like this…, ” things like that. 

Completely unproductive style. But this, ”OK, I am here, now, this is my situation, no problem, let me do what I can,” changes you. And there is no age barrier to it, anybody can do it, whether you are ten, twenty, sixty or eighty, no problem. You can do it in your way.

Recorded by Madhusudan Rajagopalan
Turned into blog by Biljana Vozarevic

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