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Skype satsang with Mohanji in the USA, 10th May 2015, part 2

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Q: Is there any way of helping a young man who is a very beautiful soul, who has a problem with alcohol and drugs because of the pain of this material world?

M: We are all in the same situation, in the time of low frequency. The only thing is we do not use drugs. That’s all. A person who is emotional by nature will fall into the traps of anything of this nature, e.g. some kind of drug abuse or some kind of intoxicant. 

This is escapism. A truly emotional person will tend to be an escapist. But a person operating in the intellect, awareness, will not use that. We all like to escape. All of us want to run away from something. Something is not right with everybody. Some people take it in an extreme way, some people are able to manage it. 

That’s all. I don’t think any person is 100% satisfied in this plane. A person who is a drug addict definitely needs rehabilitation. There is no point in asking him to meditate. He will have some drugs and he will meditate, not otherwise, ha, ha. First of all, Sai Baba said this beautifully, “If you want to change, first remove your weaknesses one by one. 

Take your time. Understand yourself, understand your weaknesses, and try to dilute them. Slowly, slowly dilute all the weaknesses, and then fill that space with positive action.” This is what he said. He didn’t say, “Ok, keep it on one side and then do it.” Because it won’t work that way. 

I’ve seen people who say, “Oh, I stopped it Mohanji because you said I should not drink alcohol, I stopped it.” Then a month or two months later, they said, “I just had a couple of drinks because I was in this company.” Like that, these are all excuses. That means the will power was not strong enough. There should be conviction inside the person first of all. 

Externally you have limitation. But if the person says, “I want to change,” then even if you do not exist, he will change. So anybody, for any change needs to have an inner call. An inner call is important for a change. Otherwise change can be induced but it will not be permanent. Many people say, “Mohanji, you said so, I am going to be different.” 

Because Mohanji told you to be different then if somebody else says something, he will be different again. It should not be that way. I am only suggesting that this is good for you, that is not good for you. I am just showing both sides. 

But it is up to the inner call or inner conviction to actually implement it in life. This is very important. So unless the person has an inner call or somebody can guide one to that level, there will be no change. 

We can actually stress ourselves out too much and nothing may happen. This is the way it goes. I am not disappointing you. I am telling you the truth.

Q: Can the Power of Purity meditation help cleanse his mind?

A: Well, to some level. He may even start rejecting the Power of Purity meditation. It’s the mind. If there is consistency, definitely there will be a result. But how can consistency happen? There should be some will power, some will inside. 

The Power of Purity meditation has transformed a lot of people. Also, even simple things like offering food to a family deity or family saint, offering food to your ancestors, this has changed people. Not even the meditation. When you move into the subtle aspects of you, it is transformative for sure. 

But how consistent are you? And is it environmental consistency? It means in a certain environment you have consistency. Is it people consistency? It means that there are certain people with whom you have consistency. Is it situational consistency? It means in some situations in time you have consistency. 

This should not happen. Consistency should be beyond all these, time, space, situation, people. Then transformation is guaranteed. There’s no doubt about it.
Otherwise, if a situation brings a consistency or a particular level of equilibrium, then it goes away. Then again he sometimes goes back and worsens so much that it is difficult to recover again. 

I have seen this, too. There are people who are very good in an ashram, in a regulated environment. After that they go to a public place, into the city life, and they immediately start drinking alcohol and do all that kind of stuff. What is the use!? Then they come back into the ashram once a year, being absolutely good boys, no problem. 

Then they go to the city, and go back to the old ways. So this is something that is not going to be transformative.
So it is important, the Power of Purity can definitely help, if it helps, I am very happy. But the person has to decide. The man has to say, “I want to change, and I will!” Then we can help him.

Q: For the past few years I’ve been experiencing very negative things. Is there anything I can do change this negative karma?
M: What does “negative karma” mean? What is negative karma?

Q: By negative karma, I mean negative experiences within the future.
M: There is no negative or positive karma. Karma is only about fulfillment. We can term it as negative, positive or neutral, but karma is karma. It is always derived out of a desire. If you have a desire for an experience, we can easily say, “I have never desired it.” Do you know how it actually happens?

When you go to the temple, I am not talking about you but in general, and pray to a god, “Give me a car or a house,” what you are telling god is that you have a deficiency, you don’t have a house and you don’t have a car. You don’t have something – this is the inherent meaning you are sending out. Your words could be anything, but your inherent meaning is that you lack something. 

It goes and is registered as lack of something. Something is missing. The manifestation of that is the feeling of missing something. This is what is creating karma. Understand it is not what you speak, do or say, but what is the essence of all this. That creates karma. When you say they are negative in nature, maybe your impressions are negative in nature. 

If you express abundance, which means, “I am happy with what I have!” being satisfied with what you have, “Ok, this is the situation, this is the time, this is the space, I have a body, I have health, I have a mind, intellect, awareness, so I am happy. 

In that mode, then tell god, “Thank you very much for all this.” So what you say and the entire meaning is the same because you are feeling inside you are happy, and you are telling the god that you are happy. There is always the connection, what you say and what you feel is the same.

Instead, what most people express to the world is, “I don’t have it, this is not right, that is not right, why is this person like that, why is that person behaving like that” Every moment what we are projecting, what we are transmitting is something which is missing or something which is not right. That gets manifested over and over again. 

That is why we say help the helpless people. Serve the birds, animals so that they become satisfied and your mind becomes full. There is a thing called being rich inside. Rich inside is not about the money or materials you have, but you are satisfied with what you have, so you are very rich inside. These are the real rich people of the world. 

The real rich people are those who are rich inside. External richness can change, it can come and go, and it can actually be manipulated by other people as well. But nobody can touch inner richness. It stays with you and this is your property. This is what makes your life good or bad. Otherwise karma is not negative or positive. 

Karma is karma, that’s it. So how you handle your life determines what you experience. How you articulate, how you express, everything is important. That makes your life.

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Q: Why is it that the things we want most in life, we don’t succeed in? Was it lack of hard work or was it just destiny?
M: The answer is in the question itself. We say what we really want is not happening. That means we already created a frame around it saying oh, what I really want will not come. That has become your operating machine. It’s like a software in your computer. It means you are operating from a decision or conviction that things may not materialise. 

When we approach anything with that attitude, it will not come. First of all, approach everything with positivity. Ok, things will come, let me put in my best effort. Actually speaking, the fruit of action is not in our control. What will happen with our action is not in our control. 

We can only prepare food, but the people who come there should have the appetite to eat it. We have our chef who prepares beautiful multicoloured food. But if people do not find it tasty, it is a waste. Like that, we can only prepare, we can only create. The result of it is not in our hands. We should have full faith in our creation. We should have full faith in what we do. 

The moment you have full faith in whatever you do, whatever the result, it will not affect us. The beauty and happiness is in the creation. When you are completely involved in it, you are enjoying it, and then don’t expect the result. Let it happen. Then what happens is if you are not bound by result, if you said things which I want won’t come, that question itself will not happen. 

“I am not worried about what comes to me. I am going to put in my best effort.” Glory always happens with the right work. “Right work” means that you are completely in it. The work where you are partially in it cannot succeed or bring you good result. But an activity where your whole heart and soul is in it, whatever the result is, you will be satisfied with the effort itself. 

You should be happy with your effort. Put in your best effort and leave the rest. Once you are not worried about the result, the best results will come, maybe much more than what you expect. But if you are bound by expectation, then more likely than not it will be a failure because we are bound. 

The expectation has bound us. This is how life is operating. Life happens this way. So please understand that there is no way you can be unsuccessful. You have every right, like any other person to be very successful. 

Most people who we see as successful in the world are people who have not set boundaries. The moment you set boundaries, success eludes you. To those who have not set boundaries, things will happen.

Some of you know how I operate. I do not keep agendas. There are plans and if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t work, I have no problem. So there is less conflict in life. You will be flowing more or less smoothly. There will be obstructions from people, from time, situations, events, environment, from everything. 

However that should not affect you. If that happens, do your job, move on. Once you know that your job is to put in the best effort, within your capacity, and within your time frame. Forget about all the frames and don’t think that things won’t work well.

Second option, surrender to the masters, or gurus, or god saying, “I’ve done my part, now I am leaving it to you.” You have to do your part before you leave it, don’t leave everything to the guru saying, “Clean my room, clean my house,” it should not happen. You do your part, then leave the rest to the master, and the master takes over, no problem.

Mohanji - Express Abundance

Q: Do you find the guru or does the guru find you?
M: First of all guru is sitting in you. You don’t have to find him. It’s already inside. And if that internal guru feels you need external guidance, the external guru happens. But your main guru always sits inside you. That is your primary, secondary and the final guru. 

So when you connect more and more to yourself, if that guru feels that you need external guidance, then you will meet a guru. Understand that guru and disciple are all situational stuff. When a person feels he is a disciple, then another person becomes a guru. 

It is not that one person is a disciple and another person is guru all the time. It’s all situational. When you think about a guru, it is again situational. Do you need any guidance? That time guru will happen. It is not that guru stands always dressed up like a guru and gives you answers. That’s not the case. 

If you look at the whole world and how it operates, everything is situational. One person we call a guru. When he walks along the road, he is a pedestrian. When he is with his children, he is a father. When he is with his wife, he is a husband. It’s all multiple roles. 

Better to remove all the frames and we can see things clearly. Your guru whom you are relating to or you should relate to is already within you. That is your true guru. The rest are all external. If you chase an external guru, you can very well be disillusioned because you chase somebody with an expectation. 

I was told that Paramahamsa Yogananda (I think after he left his body, after mahasamadhi) somebody found out that he had two children from two different women. Some people were distracted and they stopped practising kriya. I was laughing, Paramahamsa never lost anything, he lived his life and he left his body. 

Now because of your mental frame, you stopped practising kriya. Who loses? The person who stopped practising loses. 

So it is important to destroy all mental images, focus on elevation of consciousness, this can be understood through your inner silence. Whatever happens outside, it doesn’t matter. We are peaceful inside. If you have that focus, nothing will touch you. Guru means a person who shows you the light.

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