Q: When does the soul enter the body?

M: I would say the soul is inside when the first part-the spine- is born. So, I would say that the soul enters as soon as it can come in, but many people say third month. I would say much earlier, because by the time the body is being prepared, there is a soul element active already.

The soul doesn’t simply enter, it’s like a slow transfer. Of course, the soul enters through the top of the head and all the way, but gradually with time. Like a cloud.

Or like you pay some advance and then you pay the whole amount later haha .
This is also why I am completely against aborting children; it’s very cruel. Secondly, if somebody does something like that – to get out of the effect of the tragedy takes lifetimes.

Q: Unless you do service to children.

M: Yes, but that is not an excuse, you know? The karmic debt is very heavy.


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Sometimes if the entities have occupied a land for a long time, only the physical body leaves after death. Sometimes the constitution and the soul aspect cannot leave.

Q: Why do they remain? Why don’t they go into the white light?

A: When the ownership is not changed, it implies that they are occupying a land. The new owner in physical body is staying along but the entities don’t agree. The entities are harmless, they are actually good. Don’t think they are bad, or they want to harm you- in most cases, that’s not true.

For example if we go home and somebody else is staying there, and then we are not really accepted, we feel bad and lost. So, the tantric way of ridding them is to bind them into some object and keep them. 

If there is an activity in any house and tantrics are brought – they bring them to one object and bind them. I do not agree with that because- if you can liberate them- liberate them!

Why do they stay here? Basically, if any being, whether human or animal, dies with a feeling of victimhood or binding, it stays on and doesn’t go.

Q: What about entities that are not human bodies?

A: That I will tell, otherwise this will be incomplete.
Usually, for 80% of the people on death, the last breath and soul leaves through the mouth. In other words, a natural death. But the soul entered the body through the top of the head. This is why the top of the head of newborn babies is very soft. 

So the soul entered through this opening, travelled through the middle of the body and spread to every organ. Hence the kundalini energy is supposed to be between the direct top of the head and the direct bottom of the space between the scrotum (or vagina for women) and anus. This is the constitution of human beings.

So, the whole idea about spirituality is to take the soul back through the top of the head. Hence every exercise – kriya yoga and all the yoga paths, teach how to bring the soul back to top of the head at the time of death and go out. To leave in this liberated manner, you need to be liberated while living.

If the soul exits through the mouth, you can guarantee there will be a rebirth. But if the soul exits through the top of the head, usually the karmas pressure will not be there. That means you have exhausted everything, and you are taking it back and going out. This is why in spirituality, how you are is more important than where you are.

So, if you are very stable spiritually and you are breathing through the top of the head and through the spine most of the time, there is no need to go anywhere. You are already in tune with the universe, and when you leave, you are actually leaving all the way back.

But if the consciousness is on earth plane- if you are bound by objects, people, situations, events, emotions- then this cannot happen. The last strongest emotion while leaving the body is very important for the next life, or the journey ahead.

Hence in old times, the grandmothers tell the grandchildren “Before you go to bed, you surrender yourself to the God, you are sleeping in His lap.” This is training the child to connect to god every time, because there is a state of death in every sleep. Deep sleep state is equal to state of death- complete nullification. 

Every person goes through this process every night. So it’s important to connect to god in that plane, while living, so that when you leave- you can leave in the the right path. Two types of entities stay back, confused entities and crippled entities.

The confused entities

The confused entities are stuck with earthly things- the emotions, people, events, situations. They carry victimhood, injustice, thoughts of injustice- all these kinds of things; and they are confused.

The crippled entities

The crippled souls are the souls which die due to murder, suicide or other situations. They didn’t want to die, but they died. In the Auschwitz or the Pol Pot’s regime, people were tortured and killed, with the feeling of victimhood while dying. On the other hand, every day there are numerous animals being bound and killed. Their soul also exits in a hurry from the body, because it’s not a natural death.

Any unnatural death always makes the soul leave the body in a hurry. And it cannot even leave through the mouth; it leaves through the anus or the nine holes on the lower part of the body. So those souls are still hanging around. Those with psychic ability see that when an animal is slaughtered, multiple souls go out of the body, not just one soul

Because these souls on death enter into any body possible. They stay along because they don’t know what to do. They do not have the process of going through the cycle and coming into the womb and taking birth. They enter into whatever possible, any body possible. 

Including other animals. It’s like the pilot suddenly ejects himself because the plane is crashing- the soul is ejected out from the body and not in the normal way. So these souls are mostly the crippled.

Crippled souls are very very weak souls, because they have no energy to even create another body. That is why they enter into any body possible and they just throw them around. But again, as I said, they are all helpless and not harmful. 

And in the presence of higher masters- who are connected to the source- many get redeemed and sent up into the white light. Even a picture of a master is good enough, because it represents the form of the person who is connected.


Sometimes if the entities have occupied a land for a long time, only the physical body leaves after death. Sometimes the constitution and the soul aspect cannot leave.

Positive vs. negative entities

Likewise, the confused souls, can be seen roaming around with people. They have possessiveness; they have almost every emotion that we entertain. These are the ones who try to play around a bit. But when they understand they can’t play, they are very decent haha. Especially if you talk straight, saying “Don’t play, we will deal with this” and then they are fine.

Always, whenever there is a positive, there is a negative- there are entities of negative nature. They are as powerful as the positive. They are children of the same god. But by nature they are negative. The difference is: the positive always liberates you, keeps you liberated; the negative always binds you, keeps you bound. 

The clear influence in spiritual path we can see: somebody who follows a powerful master for a long time suddenly twists his/her mind and goes into a completely different path. This is a clear sign of influence of the negative. They try to tease you all the time, but if the hook falls, then you are pulled. 

But many people who are deeply connected to a master will never budge, they will never fall. But the moment you are weak – that is the moment the hook falls, you are hooked. This is why the deep connectivity to the consciousness of the master of the white path is essential to stay tuned. If that connectivity is maintained, nothing can enter you or your household. 

There are even negative entities who talk great spirituality but understand that they are binding, because they put fear. Any path which puts fear in you is reasonably of the negative nature. But any path which liberates you of fears is of positive nature. This is a clear sign you can follow.

And usually the negative entities play from the back side, they don’t come up front. They can’t attack directly. I like direct fight. They know they can’t do anything. So they pass by and try to stab my heart. But they could not. Then I threw everybody out from the whole region. Because, see, if they want to attack you, they will attack the people who are very close to you. 

I always used to tell Biba “When you are in my house don’t worry, nothing will touch you, but when you do not follow what I say then you are vulnerable.”
But in the white path, in the path of the truth, you cannot bind anybody, so you cannot insist that you should follow what I say, you can only suggest. The other path is binding; they insist you should follow, so there is a huge difference here. I never say “You should follow me”.

So, the positive and the negative represent the duality. People who get ritualistic are immediately hooked by the negative ones.

These are all various aspects. It is very difficult to discuss or explain the planes of operation, because what you could normally see is a body and a few words, but that doesn’t explain the consciousness.

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I always tell those who are connected to me – connect to my eyes when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed, and if you are keeping a picture of mine keep it facing east. These are the two things I normally say, which are found very effective.


So, how you protect yourself is very simple: connect to a higher consciousness, it can be Jesus, Krishna or any entity who is established or well connected or well represented from the white path; then usually no one can touch you. Many people cannot connect to a living master, because there is a personality to handle. 

They can easily connect to a master who lived before. It doesn’t matter, as long as you connect to a higher master, whether in the body or not in the body. Once you are connected, it is his responsibility. Also it is said in the scriptures- If a person chants Gayatri mantra for example, he cannot be eaten by vampires. 

It’s a proverb but there is a deeper meaning in it. A person chanting a mantra increases his vibratory level to a great height and then in that vibratory level, no normal entity can reach him or touch him.

I always tell those who are connected to me – connect to my eyes when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed, and if you are keeping a picture of mine keep it facing east. These are the two things I normally say, which are found very effective. 

But the point is, whatever is outside will exist anyway, i.e, the situation remains the same. You have to protect yourself. And protection should be with clarity.
If there is a problem with the form, you can follow any person, but be clear about the white path. 

The gurus will have no expectations and will never bind you. They will always keep you liberated. It is your choice whether to connect or not. This is the white path. In the white path, the free will is always respected. In the dark path, there is no free will; there is binding. But many people who are of tamasic nature, they like the dark path because they don’t have to take any decisions. 

No responsibilities. “It’s in the book” or “Guru says – do this”; there is no more thinking, no more talking. The worst I have found in the spiritual path are the ones who use certain things to bind people- catch the consciousness and hold it. There are certain paths like that. And I always feel what they are doing; because if I bind you I’m also bound. I can’t leave. 

So why would people trap themselves, I always fail to understand. But there are people, terrestrial and insecure. They want money or power or something else, so they collect people, bind them and keep them, but they are also bound. They don’t understand that, you know?

It is important to stay clear from the influences, while alive. It’s very simple, we need to say “no” to many things, that is: a guru may look exotic, with all the correct signs which we have in mind, but which path he is following is very important. The moment they start binding you- you should leave, escape, it’s important. Always stay liberated, this is very important.

Q: If you have one, how do you liberate yourself from this astral connection?

A: Astral connection is not a problem, because that is your homeland.

Q: What if you have a spirit in…?

A: In that case, if you deeply connect to a master in the white path and also chant certain mantras, they will disappear 80% of the time. Even Baba, Jesus, Krishna, any entity you can connect, living or not living that’s not a problem, but then chant the mantra intensely, so that it becomes too hot inside for them to stay .

Q: Suppose the person is reasonably cleansed, on the right spiritual path and unhooked from unnecessary clogging, traps etc. What if other people keep hooking onto him/her? Can that person be pulled down again?

A: Well, it’s your choice; it’s up to you. You can still stay immune as well as help other people. The level of entanglement is your choice. How deep you should get involved- this is your choice. I always suggest do your best and get out of the place. I always tell the same to healers and doctors: You do your best, but the cure is not up to you.

Healing is not up to you; this has to happen. Keep your conscience clear and always work on the level of purity, so that you are immune and nothing can happen to you. 

But if you keep entertaining the injustice aspect or a victim aspect: “Why did this happen to this person?”, “Oh poor man!”- that kind of over-emotionalization attracts that emotion into you. Or that situation or its essence comes to you. So it is important to deliver what you can and go away. That way, you can be free and the other person is also free and liberated.

Transcribed by Barbara Dizdarevic

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