During Power of Purity Meditation

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia, 19th May, 2012


Q: During meditation I experienced increased heart rate and I had strong fear. What was that?

A: When we release the trapped energies, trapped fears, anxieties, it has to go through the mind. We do not know that there are so many fears and so many anxieties, frustrations, a lot of emotions are sitting in us, that we don’t know. But what you just did was actually not a meditation, it was a cleansing operation. 

This is why the same meditation when it is repeated, gives a different effect. Because you have a very large land within you, full of various things. You can’t clean it in one day or one meditation. So, consistency is important and most important is faith. When fears happen in mind, hold on to faith. when you have deep faith, you can overcome any fear. When there is a lot of doubt in mind, it goes against the faith. 

Doubts and faith cannot live together. When faith overcomes all other emotions, our awareness improves. Even sometimes we feel comfort in our pains. Some people hold on to pains just because it gives them a comfort feeling. Our whole effort, whole path is about liberation. What is liberation? It’s liberation from all that binds you to earth. 

This is the weight in the body, weight in the body is not physical weight. These are the pains and entrapments. Then weight in the mind, which is basically fears, phobias and all things which bring you down, which do not allow you to experience the life in its fullness. Then weight in intellect. We cram a lot of ideas and a lot of information and fill the brain. 

So, there is a buffet here, a lot of food. If we try to eat everything, what happens? You will have indigestion, problems in the stomach. Likewise, if you eat a lot of emotions, you will have problem in the mind. If you try to get a lot of information, a lot of data in the brain, we will have a problem in the brain. Some people call it ego. 

When you have too much of ego, other people avoid you. They keep away from you. Anything in excess is not good for the body, mind, for the intellect. It only adds to the weight on the Earth. So allow fears to go through you, to go through the mind, have faith that you are in the right path. 

How do you know that you are in the right path? Are you becoming lighter? If you are becoming lighter and feeling better, you are in the right path. If you are feeling heavier and denser, you are not in the right path. Life is all about simplicity. Everything simple is godly. 

Everything complicated is our mind’s creation. Heartbeat is just an expression of various things which go through, when things leave, something like this happen. Sometimes you feel like sleepy, or you want to shift the body because of some problem, all of these are a part of cleansing process.


Q: During the meditation I felt sensations in my third eye and experienced activity in my pineal gland… I also saw colours. What is the meaning if I see e.g. yellow, red…?

A: How do you feel comparing to last year?

Q: I feel much better.

A: This is a sign of growth in subtlety. The more you are connected to your spine, like in this Power of Purity meditation you are asked to go in 360 degrees, where awareness is in full circle, the more your awareness grows. We usually operate in 120 degrees. 

So 240 degrees are missing in our daily life. That exactly is what gives you completeness. When you start operating in 360 degrees, you can tap into any level, and the science is very simple, start connecting to your spine more. So from last year to this year you were able to go to your spine effortlessly.

As for the colours, when the energy hits certain area, it produces a certain result. One of the results is the dimension of colours. So this is one area where there is a bit of blockage, or there is less movement, energy is not going smoothly. In that level, you are performing in a lesser way, with much lesser quality. 

When the shaktipat was given, the energy was transferred to you, it was removing the blockages of the whole channel. When the energy is flowing, when it reaches that particular level, or a particular area of a system, it showed a sign that there is a lesser movement of energy. 

But then it got cleansed, so you so multiple colours. These are signs that there is an area of blockages but at the same time, there was a progress. Some people are vision oriented, they can see. Some people are sound oriented, they hear sounds. Some people are feeling oriented, they feel the presence of energy around them or within them. 

You are obviously vision oriented. That is why you are able to see colours. It’s good to know who you are, so you know what to do. Most of us don’t know who we are. We think we know based on other people’s opinions. Our identity and our integrity is unique to us. We need not be in other people’s hands. Whether you have certain qualities or no qualities, this is fine. 

This is what you are. You can start from that point only. You cannot start walking from here because you are sitting there. This understanding is clear when you know, ”This is the point I want to walk.” You are done, you are already winning.

So, first is accept ourselves as we already are. Second is non-resistance, ”I’m fine the way I am.” Third is accepting the environment as it is. Environment also means relationships. If these three things are in harmony, your blockages start getting diluted or vanish. Simple medicine 🙂 

I’m not about serious spiritual practices, I’m talking about being aware of who you are, and then just start walking from there, and everything should have purity in thought, word, action. It should be selfless, not selfish. Two medicines you should take every day. Make sure there is purity (selflessness) and make sure there is faith. 

It does not matter which god you follow, which religion you follow, which master you follow, it doesn’t matter. You can follow whatever you like to follow. You can follow Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism, Islam… no problem. This is what you like to do, then do. And it doesn’t matter which is your master or guide. Just have firm faith in whatever you do. 

Faith is important. Because faith can move mountains. It can remove all blockages. I always tell people, if you come to me with an empty cup, I can fill it up. If you bring me a big vessel, I’ll fill it up, I have that capacity. But if you come with a full cup, what will I do? The strength is emptiness. 

There is a Chinese saying, ”The rigidest tree is readiest for the axe.” So if we remain flexible, life is very easy. Because, you see small children, they have no problems, as we grow older, the body becomes stiffer, the mind also becomes stiffer. Then we suffer. So, methods are simple.

Mohanji quote - God can be reached through silence

Q: Can we grow spiritually on our own or do we need a guide?

A: No need. Your primary guru is your own soul which is guiding you. Actually, who knows more than your soul who is with you all the time? Once you start understanding and listening your soul, be sure, you are in the right track. A master is actually a principle. 

Master can only guide you to yourself. So it’s like a road sign. You can choose to use the road sign, if you do not know the way. If you know the destination and if you know the way, you don’t need a road sign. Choosing to use a road sign or not choosing a road sign, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you know your destination. 

If you do not know, then definitely, the road sign, the guru or master whom you like and can associate with is the right one for you.
I was conducting a programme like this for blind people. Some of their questions are unique because they cannot see, they haven’t seen colours, they haven’t seen the sun or anything… 

One boy asked me, ”You sound like my guru. Can I consider you as my guru, my master, my guide?” ”Yes sure, you can. But what is a guru?” I asked him. ”What are you getting from me to consider me as your master?” He said, ”I feel loved, I feel confident, I feel protected and I feel guided.” Then I said, ”Yes, please go ahead. Because it is helping you.” 

But one thing i want to tell you. Whenever you see an image as a guidance or as a protector, any kind of comfort we get from any image, this is real, there is no doubt. But what usually happens is, as you get closer and closer to that image or that person, that image will start to dilute. 

It will start to become thinner and thinner. And again as you get closer to that image, you will realise you have also lost your identities. You and him are ones. One energy, one consciousness, there is no difference. This is what Jesus says, ”Me and my father are one.” When you lose all your identities, you become one with your guru, there are no gurus, there are no disciples. 

These are all play with relativity. If there is no up, there is no down. If there is no black, there is no white. So what is darkness? Absence of white. Once we understand that this is divine play, everything is simple. You will see yourself in me and me in yourself. So this is the reason for having a guide and having a choice.


Mohanji - Himalayan retreat, Rishikesh 2014 - Powerful-Meditation

Q: I saw a seven-headed snake during meditation. Then that snake went through me and I felt a big shift happening in me. Could you explain that to me?

A: Snake is synonymous to kundalini energy. Do you know what is a promise of god to man? Enlightenment. Seven heads are seven levels, seven oceans, seven heavens, these are levels of evolutions. These are the signs that you were able to see as you are evolving. You have been connected to me for months now. I hear your communication and I’ve answered your questions non-verbally.

Q: Many times I see you laughing.

A: When you ask me a question, or that I need to do something for you, I give an answer. But I don’t need to tell you what I am doing on you. Have firm faith, faith opens the doors. Whatever I need to convey verbally, which is information for you, I do. But 80% of the time it is for me to do, so I don’t need to explain. I always do my job:)

Laughter is a sign that it is done, otherwise, how to express that it’s done? So faith is the key.

How did you reach me? I always say, those who are supposed to reach you will reach you even if you are sitting in the forest. I cannot hide from them. And those who are not supposed to meet me, even if I am in front of them, they cannot recognise me. 

You have a family where you were born, where you grew up, and you have father and mother who helped you grow, but some people are lucky to meet their spiritual family. Most of the relationships are conditional, based on expectations, if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. 

It is sometimes transactional. But in spiritual family it is never transactional. It is never conditional and there are no expectations. Love is unconditional. When you are in such a family, you know you are at home.

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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