The Cornerstones of Mohanji’s Philosophy

Satsang in Dubai  on 15th July 2015, part II

Visualisation and Chronology of creation

Q: You said that everything is predestined and perfectly timed. Then the process visualisation before we obtain what we want in life, falls flat, right?
A: What is the basis of thought? If you look at the clock of life, the basis of thought is inclination. You have inclination for self-realisation. So the thought for self-realisation happens. Where does inclination come from? Inclination always comes from karma. There is karma for all this. That is exactly the destiny we are talking about. Where does karma come from? Desire. Where does desire come from? Impression.
Everything starts with impression. It is the first seed. Impression means e.g. when I say ’donkey’, your mind immediately produces an image of a donkey and sometimes characteristics of a donkey. Where does it come from? There is a stored data, our subconscious. We have so much data stored in our subconscious. Everything has a root in an impression. Every point in time you are collecting more. This brings forth a desire, desire makes karma, karma makes an inclination, inclination becomes a thought, thought becomes a word and word becomes an action. So the environment is created. That is exactly the time-space junction I talked about. The environment of your destiny created a particular thing.

Mohanji quote - Chronology of creation

You are not thinking because you want to think. Many people do not even know there is a thing called meditation because it is not part of their agenda. There are numerous types of food that we do not know about. Why? We are experiencing only those things which are important in this journey, this incarnation. Especially the place of your birth, the friends, your experiences, your location, everything is collected that way.
There is nothing like ’you didn’t put enough effort’. If desire is compelling enough you will definitely put an effort. It happens. It is not that you are voluntarily doing anything. Conscious mind is very weak that way. We feel during the waking state that we are very powerful, “I decide“. But where does the decision come from? There is an inclination and opportunity is also provided for the inclination. This is how it works. Nothing is wasted at all. Every moment is fundamentally powerful. Sometimes it may seem like a very small moment, but it has a great value for something. You are completing things. Karma is equal to fulfilment. You are having fulfilment one way or the other. Everything leads to fulfilment.
Q: Is visualisation also linked to karma?
A: Yes, everything is linked to karma. But what you visualise also matters. Some people visualise a big house, some people visualise relaxation, or enlightenment… Everything is linked to karma. An architect visualises a building before he starts drawing. Everybody visualises something one way or the other and it’s important.
Q: I do not understand the process of asking and receiving. Just going down to earth, coming back and forth to the universe that co-creates it when we are looking for the peace ahead.
A: Good question. You feel you are separate. That is why this question is coming. If you feel that you are part of the infinity, then you understand there is no asking, nor receiving, for everything is yours. The unit is asking till it is complete. Basically you are asking yourself because you are complete. What tells you, you are incomplete is your mind or ego. You are saying that you are this simple unit, so you are incomplete. It is not true. You are complete all the time. What you ask,you receive, because you are just opening the door. When you ask, you are allowing the sunshine to come. Sun is already there, outside. That is why the question of asking itself is the same as saying, “I am ready, I am fine now.“
Let me tell you one thing. Elementally we underestimate ourselves. We think we are powerless. This is where problem lies. We think we have to get something from somewhere. It is not true. You are complete by birth. And you will remain complete all through. This is a fundamental choice you make: “Ok, I am ready for the bigger now, “ or “I’m not what I seem to be.“ Accept yourself as 100% potential, not what you see in the mirror or what others think about you. Others can think anything but that’s not you. Fundamentally if we knew we are powerful creations, powerful entities, which is true, then all the war is won. Everything will fall in place. Everything comes to you. There is nothing that you can acquire from outside. What you can acquire from outside is what you do not have, right? If you do not have something, you can take it from outside. What don’t you have?
In 2010, some of us went into the forest. One saint said, “I will connect you to a very powerful master, he lives on a tree.“ We went to see him. Because he knew we were coming, he ran away. Finally we found him sitting under the tree. The first question he asked was, “Why did you spend all the money to come to see me? What can I give you that you don’t already have?“ Second question he asked was, “Can you hear the sound of birds?“ Everybody can hear the sound of birds, it’s a forest, right? He asked, “Where are the birds sitting? Are they sitting outside of you or are they sitting inside you? Where is the sound coming from? If they are inside you, you have nothing more to do.“ It means you have expanded yourself so that everything is inside you. There’s nothing outside of you. Then you are already home. If the birds are outside of you, then expand yourself and bring them in. See? Simple spirituality. Then he muttered to himself, “How many centuries, when will people stop talking about chakras, aura, kundalini… and catch God?“ (laughter) He was kind of frustrated. “When will people stop these gimmicks? Chakra, aura, some sensations… finished. When will you catch God at the end of the day?“ And he ran away from us, ha, ha. It was an amazing experience. It was a very brief discussion but what he said made sense. It was a very clear statement to people- stop practising something silly. Catch God means catch yourself. Simple. See within, then only you can see God.
We are looking for God outside all the time, and then we miss our heartbeat. But if you look at yourself you will understand the beauty of creation. Beauty of creation is not outside us. Outside us are references, mirrors. What are they telling you? That you are beautiful. You are amazing. Why we do not feel amazing is because we do not see ourselves. How does heartbeat work so spontaneously every day in a correct manner from birth till death? How is the circulation synchronised? How are organs collaborating with each other? How does the brain function in a synchronised way? The brain never says, “Today I’m taking leave so you guys sleep.“ It never happens, right? How does this whole synchronisation happen? Beauty of creation is within. The moment you connect to yourself you understand the whole world is inside you! “There is nothing apart from me. There cannot be anything apart from me.“ This is the truth. There can’t be. How can there be something?
Why do we have 7 billion people and growing? All these people wanted experiences, that’s all. Their own set up experiences that’s it. There’s no difference between me and you. I’ll die someday, you will also die someday. We have all chosen incarnation for a duration of time. Nothing else you can do about it. Why do we complicate it in spirituality?
There are numerous religions, paths and masters because everybody cannot understand everybody. It is needed. Different people need different paths to reach the same ocean. We are all bubbles from the same ocean, but there are different ways to reach there. We do not understand this is because we look outside, “Oh, this person is black, that person is white, this person is yellow…“As we are looking outside, we cannot see into the consciousness. To see the consciousness of other people, you need to see yourself. There’s no other way.


Q: I did the meditation “Power of Purity“, I would like to hear more about purity.
A: Purity is our nature. Why are we attracted to small children? The innocence, the purity. Purity is something which you can’t ignore.
My whole philosophy is built two pillars: purity and faith. Purity means purity of thought, word, action, which also means selflessness in our path. Be a wealth to earth. Keep asking the question, “What else can I do for this world?“ Selflessness brings in purity. Agenda contaminates us and we lose innocence. If I need something from you, I need to pretend. But if something is spontaneous, then there is no pretension. We both are 100% natural without conditionality.


I believe in faith. You can believe in any religion, guru, path that suits you- it’s a personal choice which has to be respected. Analyse, take your time and choose- no problem. But when you choose, never change. If you keep changing the road, taking detours, you cannot reach the destination. You will only wander further, taking more time, finally to delusion.


The aim is – liberation. What I am teaching I can say in one word – LIBERATION. Liberation means you are totally free while you exist. People talk about freedom, but they have no idea about it. In Washington, an interviewer asked me, “Mohanji how can you say so confidently that we don’t know freedom?“ I said, “Because you have a mind. Forget about situations or other people controlling you. People can go away; you can get out of the situation. If your mind controls you, how do you get out of the mind? As long as you have a mind, and especially mind filled with concepts, you are totally in cages. That is why I confidently say that you do not know freedom.“ People do rituals and say, “Now I feel fine because I am doing these practices’’, but again it is a binding. Are you actually free? For that you should have nothing to do with the mind or if mind is there, you should not be connected to the mind. How do you get out of the mind? You should allow the mind to operate by itself. Never fight with the mind, you can never win. If you try fighting with the mind, mind becomes stronger. You will never get out of that situation. How do you get over the situation? ‘’Ok, mind is a monkey. Ok, I watch you, I have nothing to do with you, do whatever you like. You can have any opinion you like but I am not concerned.’’ When you stop energising that mind, the mind becomes diluted. Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of sense objects; you look at all of them as one. All the objects of pleasures, gratification are there, but you are not bound by the mind. Then you are free. So liberation is basically liberation from you own mind.
Enjoy the life, whatever is given to you, experience it 100%. Who said no? There is nothing good or bad. Experience it 100%, just flow with it but at the same time, you should not be bound by it. “Without this particular material, this particular person, I feel incomplete.“ You are wrong. Thus we are bound at every point. How do we get out of it? This is exactly the point. This is liberation. There is no complication here. If you ask, “What is Mohanji standing for?“ One word – liberation.

Unconditional Love

And unconditional love as the base. You need a strong base to create a foundation, right? You should have no expectation from people.The moment relationship is based on expectation, take it for granted – there is pain. Expectation leads to dissatisfaction. The less expectation, the more satisfaction. The more you expect from earth, from life, from people- there will be a lot of calamities in life.
When people come to me, I see through them. I tell them, “Ok, you are in a terrible war. Please understand yourself, catch yourself. Why are you stretching on? All the strings are in your hands and you are sitting tight like this. You cannot let go of anything. How are you going to achieve liberation? It is not something which you can pluck from a tree. You need to release. Unhook.’’ That is why in Power of Purity, you need to bless your worst enemies, “Ok, let go. Go, I release you.“ People are ignorant, they spoil your life and they go, ha, ha. It is their job. But in the bargain, you are learning to detach. “Go, I bless you.“ The more you bless, the more you release.
Understand there is nothing called forgiving. Forgiving is a word which is egocentric. Ego can use this word, “I forgive you.“ Who are you to forgive anybody? But you can definitely bless. If you bless somebody, you are compassionate inside. You want good to happen to everybody, right? This is good because you are full. If you are not full, how can you feel good? So by nature you are kind, you are compassionate so you bless, “I bless you.“ You can actually play fruitlessly with all these things like forgiveness, but the moment you say you forgive you actually think the other way,“That fellow…I’ll kick him one day!“ (laughter) This is in the mind. Outside you will say, “I forgive you.“ I’m talking about unconditional love, no mental manipulation, no expectation. No expectation is difficult. But reduce expectation so that we have more release, more freedom. And then you want to play; you play and you go. Imagine somebody is abusing you,“Monkey, a donkey…“ and all that and you keep on smiling. What will that guy do? After some time they’ll say, “What’s wrong with me?“ (laughter) “This person is not getting affected.“ What is the usual response? “You two monkeys, two donkeys…“But if there is no response, this guy becomes completely disillusioned. That way you can free yourself, unhook from the situation.

A Story
Once I was in solitude in one place, but somehow a 60 year old, retired person met me. He said, “I am very peaceful, settled, children are married, but one person I want to kill!“ (laughter) It was his boss who prevented his promotion. I said, “You are in the wrong place. I don’t belong to the mafia (laughter) for this killing job. I am supposed to be guiding people.“ Then I asked him, “Now you have this deep emotion about this one man. You believe that this man prevented your promotion and you did not get proper benefit after retirement so there is a big anger in you. You are 60 years old. Imagine you live another 30 years. Do you think this anger will go away from you? It will multiply. It is so strong at this age. You will have to take another birth to settle this anger. You will bring this guy also to settle this. And then either you will kill him or he will give you another job. Something has to happen. Do you really want this? He was not too happy with my answer because he wanted a solution which I cannot offer.

I say this now because in our hearts, we suppress resentment, hate, anger. We pretend that it doesn’t exist but it does. If you look at your life you see which all places the mind has been kept hooking. So many places mind has been hooked. Your body has travelled through time. You cannot stop time but your mind is stuck in many places of the past and that is creating pain today. That is the seed of diseases tomorrow. All illnesses are rooted in the scattered mind in the past. You have to carry your baggage with you.
Unhooking is very important. It is also unconditional love. When I say my base is unconditional love, it includes no expectation, or less expectation as well as unhooking from the past. Be here now 100% so that you are a free person and you are not bound by things. Things are happening through you, you are happy. You experience, you enjoy. This is ok, you’ve deserved it. If you ask 7 billion people in the world why they are here, what is the reason for birth, everybody will say, “Happiness“. Nobody will say, “I wanted to experience some sorrows, ha ha or kill another person.“ So you have every right to be happy. Then how can you be happy? When you have nothing to do with mind. Like a child, life will be filled with wonder. You’ll be happy now, you’ll be happy all the time.
When I was working, I used to have some money kept in a box. This was charity money. If somebody asked me for borrowing, I gave him and after ten days he would give me back. Even if he didn’t give me back, I would give it as charity. Some people bring the money back saying, “Oh, this is for charity, I’ll give the money, too.“ So look at life like this. When you give, give, ok, it’s finished. If you expect, then you are asking for pain also. Because there is a compromise here. You are being conditional. You are not being unconditional. Whenever there is conditionality, there is a possibility of pain. Living a painless life is being unconditional. Ok, you are having your experience, I am having my experience, you are happy, I am happy, keep flowing.


Q: Can you tell us about non-attachment?
A: Non-attachment from the mind is a useless exercise. Mind has to attach to something, whether people, a person, place, time, situation. Otherwise there is no mind. Mind means attachment to something. Actually God is completely formless. God means brightness, all those who have experienced God have said that. It’s brighter than a million suns. Then why do we need deities or to put any form to God? This is because we have a mind. We need to connect to something so that we know this is representation of God or Godlike. As long as we have mind, you must have sufficient attachment. How do you detach? When you say, “Ok this is happening.’’ When your awareness grows. Imagine you are a ten-year-old and somebody gave you a beautiful doll. You have become very attached to that doll. You grew up, you became sixteen, seventeen, detachment from the doll started. It’s ok, the doll is nice, but you’re not as attached as when you were ten years old. Then you became twenty. Somebody gave you a scooter or some vehicle to travel. Then the doll is confined to the showcase. You are not attached to the doll. What happened to you then? You grew beyond it. Like that, we grow beyond things. This is the detachment. Stage by stage, gradually we become beyond it.
This also happens in relationships. Some relationships are extremely important for some time, then we grow beyond it. Like a child with a mother. When a child grows up, starts falling in love and stuff, then parents are useless, ha, ha. Otherwise, they are very important. I’m joking, don’t take it seriously.
This is how we evolve. Detachment is as spontaneous as attachment. Everything has a duration. But if you are aware, everything is coming and going, “My happiness does not depend on any material, person, time or space.“ When the awareness is clear, you will love everything equally but at the same time you will be detached from everything equally. This is the secret. That gives you a lot of peace of mind. That keeps you spiritual. You enjoy everything, but you are not bound by anything. This is freedom. You can experience a nice cup of tea 100%, only when your mind is present. The next day you don’t get the tea, it’s ok, no problem, another day you experience the tea, you enjoy again. So you are not bound by material, person, time or situation and you are flowing. That is detachment- spontaneous.


Shaktipat by Mohanji

Q: Please explain to us what shaktipat is.
A: Shaktipat originally means invoking or raising the energy shakti which is basically the kundalini energy. Kundalini energy should move directly up. That’s what Osho says, yes, no, wow. That’s experience. When it goes, it just flows like a volcano and you are in a different dimension. This is the usual way the energy moves up. This is normal. You will be in absolute bliss state as long as it takes. My experience is that when the time is right, it spontaneously moves, it needs no push or artificial act. I do not like to ever jumpstart the kundalini. I have certain reservations based on my experience so what I do is cleanse the path. Why? I’ll give you one example. There was a 21-year-old girl who met me in India. She is a very intelligent and educated person and she went to this particular guru, did a ritual and jumpstarted the kundalini energy. So what happens when the channel is blocked? It can either move to the Moon or to the Sun. When it goes to the Moon, it’s all hallucinations. When it moves to the Sun, it is madness. This went to the Moon side in this girl and she started having tremendous hallucinations. She wouldn’t remember whether she was dressed or not, she became totally invalid, she would start walking around naked, and when she looked at a person, she saw a devil or animal. She then contacted me. I had never met her before, somebody guided her to me. I told her, “Go back to the same guy, ask him to reverse it.“ She said, “I’ll have to pay so much money.“ I replied, “Don’t worry about the money now, give him whatever money he wants, but do tell him to reverse it the same way he jumpstarted it.“ So she went back and he charged money and tried, but it didn’t go back. Then he said, “I don’t know how to do it.“
In such cases of forcing, there can be terrible issues. I’ve been to many countries, nowhere do I encourage people or recommend such jumpstarting of energies. When it is ready, once you cleanse yourself, when the path is clear, it spontaneously moves. There are many people I am interacting with, those who are following me also, who say they have tremendous experiences- meditation is happening, things are flowing so I always like to recommend natural progression. Nothing artificial. With our shaktipat, we are cleansing the channels, equivalent to rejuvenating the shakti energy in you. We dilute physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual blockages through shaktipat- even my initiates do the same- so that when the time is right, it moves. And then it is – WOW! If it spontaneously happens, that means you are eligible.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Edited by Aviral Srivastava

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