Choose Love in All Situations

Compilation of the selected questions Mohanji received personally, answered and, as they can be of use to anybody, posted on his Facebook timeline, in 2015.

Mohanji quote - Be yourself and express your true self

Q: What is TRUTH?
A: Whatever is not illusion is truth.
Whatever is permanent is truth.
Whatever is unchangeable is truth.

Q: Which festival do you celebrate?
A: A Festival called LIFE.
Migratory birds have no festivals.

Q: What does consciousness consist of?
A: Consciousness consists of itself. Nothing else. It has no other content. However, everything in the universe contains it. Consciousness JUST IS.

Q: What is the meaning of awareness that you keep suggesting as the best investment?
A: Being conscious of your consciousness is awareness.
Being conscious is the key.

Q: Understanding and awareness.
A: Understanding and awareness are two different ideas in the spiritual path. One may have an intellectual understanding about a subject matter. Awareness of that matter depends on experience. It is something like knowing versus feeling. Most who talk only know. Sometimes knowledge about something could restrict its experience.

Q: Your opinion on news and events.
A: While processing news and information on events, I think.
– Is this information relevant to me?
– What is my personal experience against the given information
– How true could this be? It could very well be a personal opinion, media opinion, assessment or criticism.
What is told to us could be by far detached from the truth. Hence, I never judge anyone or any situation prima facie. I always depend on my experience about an event or a person before swallowing others’ opinions. What is usually dished out is relative truth often based on assumptions and even bias. Hence, we should be extremely careful not to fall into it’s karmic trap through our habit of instant judgements about anything on earth.

Q: Could you please give me one clear sign of awakening?
A: Inner emptiness. Increased awareness that all you will know in this deepened pool of emptiness is that you truly know NOTHING. This NOTHINGNESS is a clear sign of awakening. Silence and witnesshood follow. Eagerness to prove anything and all comparisons drop off spontaneously.

Q: How to deal with my loss?
A: Your loss is your ADVANTAGE. Your gain is your RESPONSIBILITY. The more you accumulate, the more is your responsibility.
EMPTINESS is non-attachment. You may have everything in life, yet, non-dependency on anything is FREEDOM. When you are unaffected by the presence or absence of anything, it is liberated existence – it is LIBERATION. AWARENESS leads to WISDOM. WISDOM helps DETACHMENT. DETACHMENT leads to inner freedom and eventual LIBERATION. Be Aware.

Q: Simple tips for good relationship?
Allow individuality. Allow Mistakes. Allow Weaknesses. Allow Failures. Share SUCCESS.
LIFE will Blossom.

Q: I have met many gurus, done many practices, read many books. Now I feel totally confused and disillusioned. I want to leave spirituality completely and be free from this burden. Not many spiritual masters are accessible. Hence requesting you- Please help me come out of THIS.
A: You cannot leave anything in life. What has come to you is meant for you. Spirituality is the soul of existence, inherent in all beings. It stays forever like your shadow, awaiting fulfillment and completion.
The fundamental problem is that you have been “doing” spirituality all these years. You were trying to gather things from outside. Many gurus, many courses, many books! Because you were busy doing, you could not experience anything. This is the root cause of your disappointment and disillusionment. Stop doing and start being. Instead of many gurus, you could have connected to one. Instead of many methods, you could have anchored yourself in one. If you dig at one spot every day, eventually, you will get to the spring of water beneath the soil. Consistency. Conviction. Dedication. Purity. Clarity. Respect. Reverence. All these help in your inner journey.
Spiritual life means being YOU. Being Natural. Connecting to yourself. Recognising, understanding and merging with yourself. Gurus, methods and books could come handy provided you know how to use them to reach yourself. Otherwise, it will all become a burden for you. You wouldn’t know what to do with the materials you aimlessly bought. It will certainly clog your space. So, start entering your inner space, seek within. Respect all masters, books, religions and methods. But be yourself and express your true self. Concentrate on eliminating your inner ‘devils’ rather than gathering more tools from outside. Respect, Gratitude and Unconditional Love will work as fuel and protection in your journey. Wear them always. Bless you.

Mohanji quote - Less desires less expectations
Q: How do I know that I am on the right spiritual path?
A: When you start connecting to the source, the first sign is breaking up of comfort zones which you vigorously held on to. Turbulence of mind will intensify initially. If you gather more determination and keep moving, you will start experiencing peace. Peace settles, as silence of your mind. Desires will evaporate. Everything that would have normally troubled you will stop affecting you. You will stop seeking and start accepting life as it happens.
Silence of mind and associated peace are clear signs that you are in the right path. Fewer desires, fewer expectations, more contentment and unconditional love overflowing towards every being are clear signs that you are reaching your destination; your original HOME.

Q: What is spirituality for you?
A: Being Spiritual is Being FREE from within. UNBOUND. LIBERATED. Social acceptance has nothing to do with it.

Q: Success vs. failure.
A: Success and Failure are two sides of the same coin called Life. Merits and Demerits, Strengths and Weaknesses, Good deeds and Mistakes are all part of existence. All who are born have experienced falls. Being spiritual is our ability to accept these situations with equanimity, learn and flow. Sulking, criticizing, judging oneself and others, adopting self-destructive habits and vices like drugs are clear signs of immaturity. All beings are on the path of evolution. People fall many times before they learn to walk. Acceptance of its inevitability is Wisdom. None born on earth are immune from life and its constituents, including death.

Q: True friends.
A: Your true friends are those who stood by you at the worst of your times. The ones who believed in you and helped to stand on your feet against all odds. Never leave their hands at any cost. Never let them down. They are your true treasure, the true epitome of terrestrial relationship. They make our life worth living. Always give back much more than you ever received from them. Express gratitude in every way.
Those who are with you only during your good times will run away from you in every crisis. Be aware.

Q: If God wants to give a message to man, what could it be?
A: This question only God can answer. I would presume he would say “Whatever is on earth is my creation (sankalpa). Whatever you “seem” to own is mine. Whatever was and will be are also mine. Lose your silly ownership to enjoy it all. Ownership created greed in generations. Greed created insensitivity and destruction. If you had not devastated the earth, you would have lived in good health and abundance. Human greed has wiped off much wealth of earth. And it continues…
You killed the prophets I sent to bring you the light of wisdom. You kept fears and darkness instead. Why do you then complain – “God, have you forsaken me?” I have forsaken nobody. You have forsaken the Godliness in you. Care for the world and the universe will care for you. Shed greed and selfishness. Live and let live. Love and let love flourish unconditionally.

Q: What is preventing my growth?
A: You.

Q: Mohanji, how and who can meditate with their eyes open?
A: One whose mind is completely withdrawn from the outside world can meditate with his eyes open. One who has dissolved his mind into his consciousness and it makes no difference whether his eyes are open or closed can meditate with his eyes open. One who is not distracted by the world, people or any materials outside of him can also meditate with his eyes open. For such people, open or closed eyes makes no difference. They are always in meditation anyways.

Q: You have been a corporate manager. According to you, what is the time tested, proven and the best method of management and way of life?
A: Lead by example.
Live what you believe in 100%. Always be yourself. Never pretend. If you do not know something, admit it. Give more than you take. Be selfless. Do not interfere. Love yourself and others equally. Never discriminate. Choose love in all situations. Avoid hatred and hatred mongers. Choose peace above everything. Shift from “mine” to ours. See all beings alike and relate to the world with kindness. Avoid gossips. Discuss ideas but not people. Be good. Do good.

Q: What do we do with people who only see the negative ignoring all the positive?
A: Ignore them. Have nothing to do with them if you can help it.

Q: During the time of eclipse, why are temples closed? How can God get contaminated?
A: The atmosphere gets contaminated during eclipse. That is why people do not eat or drink during eclipse. Praan pratishta (the idol which is physically energised for the sake of worship) is being protected. God can never get contaminated. God is pure energy and brilliance. Objects representing God can get contaminated because they are only representatives of the supreme un-manifested God. They are not God. Matter that can be perceived with our senses can get contaminated. God cannot be perceived with our senses. It has to be experienced beyond our limited operating tools.

Q: How can man-made idols represent the formless God?
A: Formless God is the absolute. It witnesses, circulates, orchestrates, experiences and finally dissolves everything. This level of equanimity is represented by idols. Man can make the image of God the way he likes. He can decorate the idol the way he likes or the way he is. He can offer many objects to the idol as he likes or as he is. He can take things from his personal idol too. In short, he can give, take, decorate, make or break and the idol remains a witness, totally free from all demands, desires or needs just like God. Idol represents total equanimity and objectivity of God who needs nothing from you but is always present in your life the way or form you like to see. Man can easily connect to an object and through the object understand God as a witness without any demands. It helps man to connect to that consciousness beyond boundaries which is God. The journey from form to the formless is facilitated to the wise by the idol. All idols animate or inanimate including you and I are aspects of the same God. The God who is self-sufficient and needs nothing from us. It never complains. It accepts anything you give or take. It accepts you as you are. It loves you as you are. It is YOU.

Q: Many paths in life.
A: There is only one path for every individual at every point in time – the path in front.
There is only one time for every individual at every point in time – THIS MOMENT.
Waste of time is dwelling in the past or in the future, ignoring THIS MOMENT.

Q: When do we know that we have finally “arrived”?
A: When the mind surrenders and realizes that WE KNOW NOTHING. If we feel we know something, we are still learning. When everything dissolves, we have “arrived”.

Q: How would you like us to remember you, Mohanji?
A: As you are. As you like. You can remember me or know me only as per your inherent constitution. There is no other way. So feel free. Be natural. Like me as you are and not as I am.

Mohanji quote - Love yourself and others equally

Compiled by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato and Aviral Srivastava

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