Changing the Frequency Changes Your Life

Skype satsang with Mohanji in the USA, on 10th May, 2015, part 1

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Q: If certain experiences or patterns keep repeating, is it because I still have a karmic account or am I handling it without awareness?
M: This is actually both.
Firstly, the pattern is normally inbuilt in our constitution. When we take birth and when we go through time, each time we are actually manifesting the inherent pattern over and over again. To cut that off, you need to detach from all the activity. For example, if we are constantly having failures in our activity, we have to look at what sort of emotion we are using for each activity and then consciously one by one, we have to detach and say, ok, let this happen. Second option is, in the spiritual path, surrender the fruits of action, we are not bothering and we are surrendering the fruits of action and we just act as surrender. That is why we call work as worship. Or relationship is worship. Everything becomes worship, then it gets nullified, it gets diluted. Whenever there is ownership, the pattern stays. Whenever there is no ownership, the pattern gets diluted. This is one part.
Secondly, the reason this is happening is because first of all we do not know that we have a pattern. We blame other people. We sometimes just get overwhelmed with this repetition which means we just move on with life, without thinking, without a conscious way, so that it never leaves you.
Third thing is if there is even one relationship that has got a karmic link. Every relationship has a karmic link. Otherwise two people cannot meet. When the karmic link is very clear, we need to understand that each moment, each individual is valid for a particular experience only at that point in time. People come and go, situations change, but then our existence on earth purely depends on what we are or what we are manifesting. This is the key aspect we must understand. Also every pattern has a root cause. First of all, the root is prarabda, the thing which you brought forward. Then the activities of this life reinforce it. It brings us into the same pattern. We should understand both these things. For every activity, ok this is happening, let me handle it and then just move on, so that you always keep the inside clean and completely uncontaminated. Then patterns will dissolve.

Q: Is it true that one cannot attain self-realisation without a living guru?
It’s almost like, ”Can you attain warmth without the help of fire?” It’s almost like that. A living guru who has already crossed over can be a good guide. Likewise a person who is looking for enlightenment and walking towards the path may not even know which way to go. A living guru’s presence has always been glorified by almost all the masters and the scriptures. To illustrate this, I think I have told you a story about Narada.

A STORY about Narada

1 Narada_found_Vishnu_as_macroform

Narada asked Mahavishnu why he was not achieving the highest point. He is a great bhakta, he is a great devotee and he loves Mahavishnu, he chants all the time, but he is not able to touch that spot, the spot where he can taste the honey, the ultimate realisation. Mahavishnu said, ”Because you don’t have a guru, you don’t have a guide.” Then he asked, “Then give me a guide.” So he said, “Walk along the banks of the Ganga early in the morning and the first one whom you see is your guru.” He walked and walked and there was none. Finally he saw a boatman. When he saw the boatman, he was disappointed, “How can a boatman teach realisation? There is no guru.” He went back to Mahavishnu who was very angry. He said, “You are stupid! I told you that you should accept the first person whom you see on the path as your guru. It doesn’t matter who it is! It could be an enlightened master, it could be a boatman, it could be anybody. But an instruction from an avatar, an instruction from a god, should be followed to perfection.” So he was cursed to one thousand lifetimes spent on the Earth. Narada was worried, he went to his father Brahma and told him the story. Brahma said, “Ok, no problem, but everybody has a destiny. Take a lot of paper to Mahavishnu and ask him to write the whole destiny, (like nadi astrologers do. They write about your future lives and past lives), write down the whole history, the whole pattern of what will happen to you in these thousand life times. He gave a lot of paper to Mahavishnu and gave it to him. Basically it was an astrological chart or the destiny chart for a thousand lives. He brought it to Brahma and Brahma said, “Ok, spread it on the ground, and roll over it.” So he spread it on the ground and rolled over it. Then he finished the thousand life times in this rolling. That is why people do the production of rolling in some temples. They roll so that they are actually unwinding the karmic baggage. Then they went back to Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu said, “Do the same, go to the banks of the Ganga and walk.” So he saw the same boatman and when he went closer to the boatman he bowed down and requested to take him as his disciple. Then the boatman turned out to be the Lord Shiva!

The point is that guru is there so that disciples know where they are going. Otherwise they think they are on the right track and what they’re doing is entertaining the mind! What we call practice, is not always practice, it is basically entertaining the mind. Once this is understood, then it’s easier. Somebody who can see from above knows that this is exactly where we are going. It’s much easier. That is why guru is important.

Q: We know that with the present life we have to suffer the karmas and sins of past lives but, why must this be; because we do not remember our past lives.
M: As I said, most of the life times are repetitions. Each life is more or less a reflection of the past lives. First of all the constitution, the character, the mold, it’s the same. Only thing is that life is different. For example, we use the body for a particular period of time, to experience or fulfill a particular set of desires. Then that body is done and then we leave the body, and then we take another body, and again everything is probably a bit of upgrading. For example, you have a laptop and software. After a year or so you have refreshed the software. You upgraded it and it probably has more functions. Like that another software comes and gives you even more functions. Every time a year goes by, you have an upgraded, better computer. It’s almost like that. Each life time there is a bit of upgrading happening there. But the basic structure of the computer remains the same, the constitution, the character, everything remains the same, except the software is getting upgraded that is also what we call awareness and corresponding experiences as well. When you have an upgraded system, experience is different, too. When you have an old primitive system, experience is different. Each life time is like that. That is because we have chosen a particular constitution for a long duration of time. And that keeps on repeating. In order to cut this off, you need to be clearly aware.
Number one, be aware of the accumulation of desires. More and more desires are accumulated each day.
Number two, impressions. When we meet a person, when we go through a situation, when we interact with the world, even when we watch the news, the TV, we watch everything, we are constantly collecting impressions. Each impression has the potential to become an expression. So every expression has a thought or a word or karma behind it. This is the way we are accumulating. It is important to curtail the impressions in thoughts, words, and action. Also, through body, mind, and intellect i.e. three levels of consumption.

There are stages in samadhi. One of the stages of samadhi is called savitarka samadhi. In savitarka samadhi a person experiences a particular thing, but is not worried about the result of it or about the reason for it. If you are not worried about the reason for a particular happening, you already have a level of peace within. Ok, one thing is happening, a situation is happening, it’s fine. You are constantly in that mode, where you are fine, you are ok, so that struggle between why and why not will not be there, “Ok, this is happening, let me handle it.” The levels of peace determine your states of samadhi. Samadhi is a state. Earlier the questioning, doubting, controlling, all these things go and they say, ok, acceptance happens. Everything is fine. Then you go further into the state where whether a thing is there or not, ok. So levels of the samadhi change. As we evolve in the samadhi states, we also decrease the number of life times.


Understand one more thing. I think we are going through the eighth era, time of Manu. Each time has four segments. One is the golden age, then the Treta yug, Dwapara yug, and the Kali yug. This is the cluster, 1.7 billion years of golden age, where only evolved souls with very, very high frequency can exist. The lower frequency cannot exist on earth. So there is no conflict at that time. Golden age is the time where very few people with very high frequency, operating with siddhis and all those kinds of stuff. Then comes the Treta yug, the time with Sri Rama, again evolved beings, but they have a life span of ten thousand years on average, lesser population, higher frequency. Then comes Dwapara yug. One thousand years is one’s life span, still lesser frequency, a set of entities much less than in Kali yug. Then we come to Kali yug which is only 48,000 years. In the time of Kali, it is a very, very dense and very gross existence and people are all in the mode of emotions, anger, hatred, all those kinds of stuff and that is the time when maximum souls can take birth. Just like if you call some people for satsang you can count the people coming on your fingers. But if you offer alcohol and meat, you will have hundreds more coming. It’s like that. During the time of Kali, there are many more births because in this low frequency time a lot of souls can take birth and also experience the terrestrial. Then it gets recycled again back to Sathya yuga. So we are in the transition now. Each time many of us have taken birth. So the souls who are operating in higher frequency you can very well understand that they have been existing in more than Kali yug. They have been existing in other times, too. Many high masters have continued through each era and they have taken different bodies but they have continued in that frequency and their need for continuing or their purpose of being in the body is just like a beacon of light. Just to show the people or guide the generations saying, “Look here, there is a frequency of this level which you can operate in. Why do you choose a lower one?” Basically they lead by example. There are various masters each time, each generation to show the light and they have probably existed in the era of higher frequency.

Serve the people, animals, birds, in your own way, so that your dimension changes. Your frequency changes.
Serve the people, animals, birds, in your own way, so that your dimension changes. Your frequency changes.

These four together is one Manu time. That continues each time and the eighth Manu time is now coming up. So each time the repetition happens. Each time maybe you and I will take a birth again. In the next Manvantara we will probably have the same conversation. If you remember in Russia they found a microchip which is millions of years old on the stone. It’s on the Internet, you can see that. Where does the microchip come from? They say that aliens deposited it. This is not true. It is not aliens. It is that we actually had a civilization equal to what we are now or more developed than we are now, in another Manvantara, too. Each time we have repeated life, repeated the patterns, everything, these incarnations, so it is important to understand that the lower frequency is a binding frequency and in the lower frequency you can take birth only during the time when it is inducive for you to be on Earth. For example, in the lower frequency you cannot take birth in Sathya yuga, Golden age. Because frequency itself is different, and only elevated beings can take birth then. That is why they say during the Sathya yuga only very few people are on Earth. And also good and evil do not exist together. Good and evil are in different planets, which means it’s a frequency i.e. good means operating in higher frequency. Only they can exist. But in lower frequency, many more can exist. This is to give you a broad picture.
Why you do not know this is because you are not changing the frequency. The moment you are within, you are connected within and you are growing in spirituality, you will definitely understand. It is not difficult to know what you did, what happened in the past, but even on a laymen’s level, if you understand yourself, if you observe yourself, then you will know that, “This is exactly my pattern that I have unconsciously been bound by.” And if you choose to change the pattern, life will change. That is why if we insist on seva activities, serve the people, serve the animals, birds, in your own way, so that your dimension changes. Your frequency changes. This is why all the masters, all the religions, talk about service. It’s very important to have karma yoga (selfless service) mixed in our life.

Q: Unconditional Love is unbinding but what about when I get mad at my roommate for not doing the dishes?
M: Ha, ha, ha, ha. Call it soulmate rather than roommate, then the problem is solved. Expectation is the problem there.
Q: Then I do the dishes myself.
M: It’s expectation. We expect certain things and when there are more expectations, there is less peace. When we have more expectations about somebody, we have less satisfaction. Instead, like in Gandhi’s principle, people come to Gandhi’s ashram and put their slippers all over. Gandhi personally went and put them in order. They did it a few times, then they were conscious and they started putting the things in order. Likewise, one person was telling that they went for a course, a teacher training programme or something, the teacher trainer was not on time and he is normally on time. He was 15-20 minutes late. When they went around checking why the person was late, the person was tidying up the beds. Because people were just leaving things in the room in a very untidy way, so the teacher first of all went around the room and made everybody’s bed, clothing, everything and then he came to the class. He didn’t say anything. There was no resentment, nothing. It happened for two days. The second day, they found out what was happening. The third day everybody got up, everybody tidied up their room, they cleaned everything themselves and went back to the class. So, leading by example has a lot of power, rather than preaching, shouting. Mahatma Gandhi used to do that when people came to his ashram, and made a mess, he always cleaned without asking anybody, telling anybody. Then people understood. This is the way it should be done and got ashamed. There is always positivity in doing what you think is the right thing and demonstrating, leading by example. There is a lot of power in it. So don’t be angry.

Q: Often in life we find people who are selfish and self-centred moving ahead, but those who are nice and kind do not.
M: I already answered that question. The time of Kali is gross. This is a very low-frequency time. So the success which we talk about is momentary, sometimes material success. This is the success we are talking about. Do we know how much peace of mind they have? Many people whom you see or feel successful cannot sleep well. They cannot eat well. They cannot eat most of the food. All these issues are there. So don’t look from a terrestrial point of view. See how they are within. If you understand the reality, probably the person who is according to terrestrial terms not so successful, may be very successful inside. Because they will be peaceful inside. They will be happy with what they have. Being satisfied at every moment is success. Don’t think if you have a better car, you are more successful.
There is a recent anecdote about a singer Yesudas. He had a programme in the UAE, and one guy, I don’t remember whether he is a sheik or somebody, was so enchanted with these songs and music, that he went up to the stage and handed over the keys of his Rolls Royce to him. He said, ”Take it.” He was so happy with his music that he gave him the Rolls Royce. Yesudas gave it back to him,” I wouldn’t be able even to change its tyre, if I take it to India. I don’t have the money for the expense of keeping a Rolls Royce.” Sometimes things can be a very big burden. So from an external point of view, “Oh, my god, he got a Rolls Royce!” The second point is that is he able to maintain it. Not all things that shine are the things which are going to give you satisfaction. We must be clear about it. And why the selfish people, because the frequency is suitable for them, not for the lighter beings. That is why I already answered that question. During the Kali the frequency is dense, gross, they are more accusing, complaining, cheating, stealing, all these things are possible now. It is not possible in Sathya yuga or in Treta yuga and it is a little bit possible in Dwapara yuga. But in Kali, everything is possible: destruction, etc. Have you seen what is happening in Iraq and Syria? Children burnt alive, women sold as sex slaves. We are living in the same world right? There are a lot of things going on, very tragic. An earthquake happened in Nepal, so many people died. We don’t even know how many died. So this is all part of the current frequency, the current level of operation. Time is deciding beings here. Time is favourable for dense beings to operate. That is why we see greed, anger, cheating, being judgmental, all sorts of things. And when you say, “Please don’t do that, be kind to people, birds, animals, it’s a small life”, people do not understand. They think you are probably an abnormal person. So that is the operation.

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