Blindness of the Mind

Merged Conversations with N. Ganguly and A. Naidu


Mohanji quote Fear cripples

Mohanji quote Suffering manifests only in waking mind

Mohanji quote - Your choice is to be love or to be fear

Mohanji quote - Be wealth to the world

Q: What is the right decision?

A: The right decisions are the ones that liberate you. The ones that make you feel rich inside. The ones that do not contaminate you, bind you or make you feel pressured. Right decisions never affect your conscience.

Q: What is the right thought?

A: Any thought that leaves a fragrance in your mind is a right thought. Any thought which is benevolent is right. All selfless thoughts are good thoughts. Any thought that makes mind polluted are bad thoughts. Thoughts that make you light are good and those that are heavy are bad thoughts.

Q: What is the right word?

A: All words that bring peace to the minds of the listener are good words. All communications that soothe the minds of the listeners and trigger happiness, peace, love, compassion, kindness and above all, hope and faith in life and the world are good communications. All words that create hatred, jealousy or fear are to be eradicated and condemned. 

All words born out of unselfish intentions and which prevent distortion of truth are also good. Your experience is your truth. Stay with it! Talk carefully because your truth may be your understanding of the relative truth and not absolute truth. There is a cause behind every effect and usually, beings are usually just instruments in it.

Q: What is gossip?

A: Sign of decay in individual consciousness. Sign of ignorance.

Q: Soap Operas, sleaze?

A: Sign of decay of social consciousness.

Q: What is fear?

A: Ignorance. Lack of faith.


Q: Who should we have true faith in?

A: Yourself. Your own self.

Q: Gurus?

A: Road signs. Reminders.

Q: What is karmic truth?

A: Fulfillment.

Q: What is right in the context of liberation?

A: Fulfillment of the agenda that you came with. Constant eradication of desires through fulfillment or increased awareness. Lack of dependency.

Q: What binds man to earth?

A: Ignorance.

Q: What is ignorance?

A: Ignorance is darkness of the mind.

Q: Please explain

A: Not understanding who or what you really are is ignorance. This is the delusion that binds man to earth. This is the blindness of the mind.

Q: What is good and what is bad?

A: Whatever liberates us is good for us and whatever binds is bad for us.

Q: What is our choice?

A: To be good to the world or to be a burden. We could very well be wealth of the world and we could also be a burden to the world. Your own mental state determines this. I always tell my people “Be Wealth to this world”

Be the wealth of this world. 90% of the people are burden to this world. They lead a selfish existence. The ignorance-induced ownership and possessiveness bind them and lead them. They have no salvation. Being the wealth of the world means being useful to the world and being light to the world. You have to light the lamp of love within to be light to the world outside. 

You can only shine what you have. You need to nurture unconditional love in your hearts before it starts showing. Otherwise, it is called faking. Faking is delusional. It is just a mirage. It cannot lead you to higher states of joy. Your choice is to be love or to be fear. Fear is darkness. Fear is ignorance. Be love. It is worth it.

Q: The reason for human suffering?

A: Ignorance.

Q: What helps liberation from suffering?

A: Awareness.

Q: How can we reduce suffering?

A: Raise your awareness through your chosen spiritual practice. Follow your chosen guru’s teachings. Stop judging, comparing or criticizing yourself or others. Regulate your input through your body, mind and intellect. Store less. Be fresh and loving each moment. 

Be love spontaneously. Be useful to the world. In this situation, the pains related to our past actions will not trigger suffering. Acceptance will fetch a deeper meaning in us.

Q: Please explain input.

A: A word creates an image and a character in our mind. When I say “Monkey”, immediately your mind creates the image of a monkey and its characteristics. This is based on the impressions that already exist in your mind associated with the word “Monkey”. 

Thus, numerous impressions are getting stored in our mind every second. And they are also connected to a material, a flavor, a character, an image, an event, an emotion or even a concept. They are compelling. They are not easy to discard. 

The biggest task is to eradicate these impressions from the mind. The stored impressions lead to further and further bindings. This reserves and regulates our freedom. This stops us from our liberation. This is what I meant by input. Do not indulge indiscriminately. Do not collect impressions unconsciously. You need to check before accepting into your inner world. 

You need to be aware. You need to be in the present. Every input has an effect. Remember this. The more negative the inputs are, the more alienation it will trigger from the reality. And remember, usually an input is a data entry based on your impression, not the absolute truth. You can look at a thing only based on your level of perception and consciousness. 

When you say tall or short, it is usually based on your perception. Your concept of tall may be very short for an elephant. So, we are storing data which are true only in relative terms. And we are bringing forth opinions and judgements based on those. This creates and maintains distortion. In short, stored impressions create relative realities. 

Mind responds mechanically taking life from the stored impressions. Liberation is possible when we consciously regulate our input and also when we stop using the stored impressions by looking at life as fresh and objective like a small child sees the world. Forgive, forget, unhook. All you need is innocence for that.

Q: Can we avoid impressions?

A: Impressions are residues of experiences. It is not possible to avoid them as long as you are alive in this world.

Q: Then how can we liberate ourselves from it?

A: Through clear awareness that they are not permanent. Through clear understanding that they are all subject to changes. They get modified with time and environment. 

Everything changes. People, time, mind, space, world and all associated things around it. As awareness peaks, impressions dissolve. Awareness is the medicine to cure the ignorance that thrives in the mind.

Q: We are bound by the society. So?

A: We are bound by our own mind. Society is a cluster of minds. These minds form collective opinions triggered by a compelling thought. You are free to subscribe or reject them. If you subscribe, you are bound. If you reject and thus regulate the input into your system, you are free. So, this is a personal choice. There are many people who exist in the society, but are totally free from within. They never get contaminated.

Q: How can I have the power to see the beyond?

A: Through stillness of your mind.

Q: Can a true guru give it?

A: Yes. A true guru who is connected to the source can give it. But, why do you need it? It can again be another ego journey for you, which means further binding and further lifetimes on earth. 

Lesser the siddhis the better for a true seeker who seeks nothing but liberation. All siddhis are in a way hindrances because the mind craves for them and harps on them and may even develop the tendency to show them off. It also gives an artificial feeling of superiority. It leads to further ego and downfall.

Q: What should a good seeker nurture?

A: Maturity.

Q: Please explain

Maturity in approach. Maturity in outlook. Maturity in vision. Overall maturity will keep you steady and stable and will prevent you from tilting or showing off your goodies. It will help you travel deeper into silence which is the right way. Siddhi with maturity is the right combination. Then the saadhak (the one who practices) will rise to higher levels consistently. Maturity provides balance.

Q: What is imbalance?

A: All negative traits are imbalances. Ego, pride, anger, hatred, jealousy, prejudice are all expressions of imbalance. They lead to further imbalance.

Q: What is the benchmark of progress?

A: Consistent Contentment without any reason. This is not induced contentment. The perpetual contentment has no external stimuli such as a material, a person, a time, a practice, a situation or an event. It is contentment from within.


Q: Thank You So Much. You gave me much clarity. I feel peaceful.

A: Welcome. Share your inner peace. May the whole world remain peaceful too.

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