Be Brightness, Give Light – part 2

Mohanji Speaks – Diwali Zoom satsang – part 2

7th November 2018

People connect to the stature or STATE of the master, and then to the CONSCIOUSNESS. When they connect to the consciousness, they become one with the master. When connection to the consciousness is perpetual over time, when it is frequent and it is flowing over time, in that mode the person becomes the master.

Q: Is it possible for someone facing the challenge of fatigue with autoimmune disease to make spiritual progress?

Mohanji: Definitely. What you are and how your state is has no value when it concerns what you want to achieve. It’s an internal thing.  The physical, emotional, intellectual, egoistic, have no value with regard to spirit. Spirit is just facilitating them. So what is your state has no value; if you have FIRM CONVICTION in yourself, believe in yourself, and have clarity of purpose, it is enough. You will reach the highest.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 21

Q: What does it mean when Mahavatar  Babaji appears in dreams and meditations frequently? Even if you are not attached to it, you do not worship Him and you do not even know anything about Him?

Mohanji: Reminding you –  of the path, of the tradition, of what you are. If you are connected to a master through lifetimes, that reminder comes at certain times. All you have to do is –  just continue to be natural, be you, concentrate on your progress, have clarity of purpose and reach the highest. Every appearance, every master talking to you through dreams, or in person physically, or in any way that the communication happens – sometimes it’s just a word or an alphabet, it comes to you as a reminder of your journey, of yourself and of your destination.

Q: Can you guide us on karma and resolving negativity? How to develop awareness and accept situations?

Mohanji: Karma is what you are experiencing right now. Karma brought you here, karma is maintaining your life, karma will lead you to dissolution. How to experience life – it is exactly what you are experiencing now, there is no other way to experience life. Each person experiences life in his or her own way. People have a boundary by way of karma – time, a boundary of awareness, the frequency with which they experience. But how you can progress in spiritual evolution is  to be aware that you have a spirit which is running the show. Always remember that you have physical (the body), emotional (the mind),  intellectual (the analysis aspect) and ego (the personality), plus spirit. Spirit runs the whole show. Thus body, mind, intellect and ego are run or operated by spirit. If you are clear about this, then it is all fine. The awareness that –  “I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the intellect, I am not the ego, I am more than that”. Start connecting to the energy which runs these faculties. Once you are clear about that, you will not be too connected to anything outside of you. Once you are slowly, slowly detaching from all the things outside of you, then you start realising that this is the real thing. That means  the understanding that, “I am not the personality or what I am projecting to this world as an incarnation, but I am much beyond, as an imperishable expression, which is continuing through lifetimes. I have had many lifetimes, I reached here, I may have a few more lifetimes before I dissolve further.” This understanding becomes very clear so that you will not be derailed and you will be in the right track. You will progress smoothly and spontaneously. And then after a while you will realise that anything external is only a symbol for creating some impression or some feeling inside. The people, the places, the time, the energies, whatever you see outside, whatever you experience outside through your eyes, ears, nose and skin – are all triggering something inside. You will start concentrating more on the energy aspect. The external becomes a kind of invalid. It will not have much value in your life. You will do your job, you will exist and work, but nothing will affect you. Freedom settles in. When freedom settles in, your life becomes more and more meaningful. You will cherish every moment. You will be happy with everything. You will be contented with everything you see or for that matter don’t see. Your contentment factor will be very strong. When you are contented with each moment, you have no expectation or disappointment and you have no give-and-take, then you are free. That freedom will show and that freedom will make you glow.

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Q: Spirituality teaches us to live in the present.  If we have to live in the present to what extent is our past experiences valuable?

Mohanji: Past experiences only tell you that you have travelled this path, that’s it. All the happenings of the past are memories of experiences which are completed, just as a number of people who lived before us, walked this space on earth. We don’t know them. We don’t even care. Even in our family, our grandfather, his grandfather, and so on lived before we came here. We don’t care and we don’t know. We don’t even know the names. Think about a few generations before you. Do you remember the names of 4th or 5th generation? You have not seen their images. We do not know whether they were good or bad people in the society, we don’t know anything!

We all are incarnations at this point in time and we are expressing something which we are tuned into, something that we came for, that is our natural expression, based on our orientation, our character and constitution. That’s all we are doing. Five generations down, our descendants may not remember us, they may not know us. If someone says in our family, there was this man, he did these acts…. if we do great things in the world, it could pass down to the fourth or fifth generation. Otherwise, there are many rich people who had wondrous lives – but do we remember them? We do not recall from memory, nobody knows, nobody remembers, and nobody really cares. Hence existence is all about right now. Past is only a reminder that you have gone through all this. If you don’t leave the past where it belongs, you are only carrying the baggage without your awareness; just as a donkey carries a lot of weight on its shoulders and has no clue as to why it is carrying it, when it is actually carrying for someone else! Just like that, we carry the burden of the past because we don’t know how to shed it.

As we go through time, our body is travelling through time too and we know it because we grow old. We started as a small child, a young boy and later evolved to our current state. After a while we will become very old and we will shed our body. We know this process. This is what’s happening. In between we have many needs, greed, many things that we need from earth, or those that we wish to experience. We feel that these experiences are very important. Maybe they are. But as soon as you experience it, you have to leave it behind. You can’t carry the burden of it further, because if you carry the burden of the past further, you are asking for a similar experience. If you have deeper memories of something, you are asking for reincarnation of those experiences which may lead to your own incarnation i.e. another body. Therefore it’s important to leave our past behind, just accept and enjoy right now and do your best now. We have not seen tomorrow. We have seen so many people very disappointed at the time of death because they could not do anything in life. Never let that happen, do your best, give more to earth, give much more than you thought you possibly can and then you lead a contented life. The more you give the more valuable you become in this world. Instead if you take more, you are only showing your insecurity. This is something to remember all the time. That means we are complete by birth, we have a journey ahead, and in that journey, keep reminding yourself of only one thing when you wake up: what else can I do for this world? That’s about it. Then you’ll have a great life.

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Q: There is increasing violence in the world. Can spirituality reduce this violence in thought, word and deed? Does the world have overall karma leading to this violence?

Mohanji: It’s the collective consciousness which has created this, but rather than spirituality, MATURITY is needed in people. We are all asking for more from earth. Earth has its resources. Today, population is growing rapidly, for 7.5 billion people, the same earth with the same resources is available. In some countries, we are destroying excess produce; we are throwing away foods, while in others, there is total starvation, famine. There is terrible imbalance and it is one, we humans created, it is man-made.

So, what created this situation? Collective consciousness of a group of people. They all came together, and the frequency (the first level of creation is thought) has to change from the thought level. It has to start changing from childhood; in school we should teach the children it is important to share, it’s important to care. Instead, we are teaching children to compete and win, to make a living. This is the problem. Therefore it’s important for today’s education system to change to sharing, caring, loving, which should be given more importance, the goodness factor should be nurtured. Today, we only respect those who have money and others are insignificant. We call them poor. Sometimes on the inside, they are richer than rich people, but we still call them poor based on the physical richness. It is important to understand that at the grass root level, from childhood, we should educate them that caring is beautiful, sharing is beautiful, loving is beautiful. This makes you rich and also makes the frequency better in this world and if you can care and share, all people will have food to eat. It is through countries, through every place.

Mohanji quote - Citizens of each nation-contribute

Like, we have been discussing about the system called circular economy where the countries do not have to buy outright. Instead, they can loan it from other countries, e.g. one country needs materials. Another country supplies it and similar to the rent we pay, in such an economy, we pay every month so that no country goes into debts. Such solutions are being worked out; there should be alternative systems that have to function well because whatever has been tested and proven is going into a line of disaster and additionally creating bindings, ailments and confusion; countries are going into wars, the great ice of Greenland is melting about a million litres per second! So from a 5km radius it has come down to 2km. At this rate, all the ice will melt and a many countries will go under water. This is all man-made. It is created by humans – the pollution in the air, etc. Human activity is causing the imbalance in the system, in the society, in the tapestry of existence. There is a need for enlightened leaders, who are selfless. These leaders are not going to drop down from the sky; they have to come from the society. We need to have an enlightened society, enlightened leaders who are selfless and who mean good to people.

First of all, the basics should be taken care of – food, clothing and shelter. Next is healthcare and then education and so on. Thus various needs have to be taken care of. If this is done in a systematic way, we will see a big difference in this world without much confusion. Furthermore, we need to be very aware of population. It’s very important. We can’t have even more mouths to feed, when we can’t feed the ones already there! We need to have clarity, maybe a system where the government should take care of the first child, or even the second child; no more children should be taken care of because there should be some kind of a boundary. In this manner, the government could support; the governments of the elected board or the leaders could define a clear pattern for the people living today, take care of their upbringing, health, education, etc., but the basic ingredient should be love, caring and sharing.

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Q: Can one attain enlightenment without a Guru or guide? Is there a mantra to chant? Or pure devotion to Babaji will help me find a Guru?

Mohanji: We call enlightenment self-realisation. Self-realisation and enlightenment are more or less the same. Where is the Self sitting in you? Self is born with you; self is with you every life. Realisation of the self is the whole story. If you can realise yourself without any help, it is good, but the presence of a Master helps. First of all understand that Guru is not just a human being. Guru is a reminder. Guru is a state. All Gurus are states.

Mohanji quote - Guru material

Why somebody connects to a Guru is because they are connecting to a state that Guru exists in. If you are clear about that, then your connection with the state of a Guru is sufficient for you to realise yourself. Realisation can happen only when something already exists. You cannot realise something that does not exist. Self exists within you; the soul aspect of you exists within you. It is the 33% of your system, the other 33% is physical and the next 33% is emotional, mind-oriented.

At some point in time you realise the 33% soul aspect   that we are the self – otherwise we think we are the body, we are the mind and we are this personality, that is why we have conflicts with people, we are angry, we sometimes have hatred, all these happen because of ignorance; it is the only reason why we do not like each other. When we realise that we are the self, beyond all these divisions, that realisation is called enlightenment. If it is achieved through own activity, it is good enough. However, usually Guru’s hand helps because we may not know how to REALISE ourselves. That way, somebody who has already travelled that path can hold your hand and say that this is the way to go. There are numerous methods or paths that Masters have pointed us towards over time. These are based on orientation. Masters have guided people to understand themselves – bhakti yoga (devotion path), karma yoga (activity path), jnana yoga (knowledge path), and Raja yoga (dissolution path). They have been reiterated time and again, by various masters. They are all reminders. They are telling you what you are and that there is a path to follow – what do you think it is for? For recognising and realising yourself, your Self. Self-realisation happens when everything else goes silent. The body, mind, intellect and ego become silent; you then start experiencing self and self-realisation takes place. There’s a stabilisation of a frequency. You stabilise in that frequency, and that’s permanent. It’s almost like graduation. Once you graduate, you remain a graduate. Like that, you stabilise there. To get there Guru’s presence helps.

Mohanji quote - Finding Oneself

Q: How many years is the gap between human births and how to reduce this gap?

Mohanji: This is continuation of the previous question. We cannot say how many births it will take. It depends on how many desires you carry in each birth. If you have many desires, anger, hatred, jealousy or revenge, then you will take many more births to experience it because lower frequency always ensures that you come back. That is because you will be focusing against somebody or something. Even if it is a resistance, it is against something, against somebody. That provokes more incarnations. How many births you will take we cannot say because it’s purely based on what you are, but in the process, how do you evolve? As you evolve, you start connecting with your real you. The real you is beyond your emotions, thoughts, expressions, concepts, feelings and such. Whatever your mind is occupied with, beyond that there is a personality, if you are constantly aware of that personality, that’s it – your journey will be faster. If you need nothing from earth, if you need nothing from anybody, you are already free. That freedom will mature into liberation.

Q: If everything is Maya then why do we have to suffer from Karma?

Mohanji: Who said everything is Maya? Your life is real to YOU. How are you asking this question!? How are you typing this!? It is all real. Maya is relative truth, something which is temporary – it is Maya. Life itself is a relative truth. We exist now, fifty years later we may not be. This is why we call it a relative truth – Maya. Not that at this point in time it’s a Maya. For example, when you are eating, you are experiencing the taste of food. It is not an illusion, it’s real. Thus at every point in time what you are experiencing is definitely real, but at the same time, it is a relative thing. That means this moment it’s real, the next moment it’s unreal. Therefore whatever is not real all the time, is Maya. Whatever is real all the time is Mata. Mata means consciousness, spirit. This is something which has to be very clear. We need to understand what relative truth is and what non-relative truth is, what is permanent. With that approach, you can’t call everything Maya. Then why was it called  Maya? Maya is definitely not an illusion. Your hunger is not an illusion, your anger is not an illusion, your very existence on earth is not an illusion, your expressions are not illusions.  If you look at Maya as an illusion, you may not understand the meaning. You should look at Maya as a relative truth, then you will know what is real and what is permanent? What you are when you are awake, when you are dreaming and when you are in deep sleep, you are the same thing all three times of the day – what you are when you are awake, when you dream and when you are in deep sleep, that is the permanent you. That is continuous. That is the consciousness we are talking about. That is truth. Maya means relative truth. If you look at relative truth versus permanent truth, then you understand this much better.


Q: How can a master work outside his body and how can he help us in various ways from that level?

Mohanji: These are all states. When you reach a certain state, and from that state your presence in the body becomes negligible, your expression outside the body becomes more (powerful). First of all, you have to become one unit.

I have explained earlier

When you become a unit, then the expansion is in 360 degrees. That means, first and foremost, you conglomerate yourself and become one unit. There is nothing outside of you. You have no mind outside of you. You brought back all your scattered mind – from your past, your future or materials around you, emotions – all these things are discarded and then you bring your mind back to yourself; your mind is within, intellect is within, personality, ego, everything is within, you are one unit. Then you start expanding in 360-degree awareness. That continuously expands, you become everything: the plants, trees, animals, birds, the wind, the Sun, the Moon… everything is you. You are totally expanded in that mode. Body becomes only one aspect to say that you have incarnated. That is all. When you are expanded and stabilised in that mode, even if you leave the body, that stabilisation does not end. When people connect to that physical form or that name, that conglomerates the energy again. Energy is already spread all over. Energy is not in the body, only because the unit has already become the universe. In that mode, when somebody connects to this unit, the form which is familiar, in fact they are connecting to the universe because the unit has already become the universe.

The first, the foremost and the last step is to become a unit. Becoming the universe, which is expansion in 360 degrees, happens automatically. When it happens automatically, it stabilises after a while, and when the Master leaves the body, it is not leaving the body, it is expanding and stabilising in expansion. That is why the bodies of masters who have left in that mode are still places of power.  Thousands of people are attracted to those places and those bones are still talking. Their mortal remains are still talking, still working, continue to make a difference and bring about transformation in people.
The master who left the body has become the universe. Universe is permanent, perpetual. When you have not become a unit and you die, death then means leaving the body. It is like leaving a rented house. Once you leave there is nothing to be done with the house anymore because it is not yours. But when you are expanded, you do not have to come back because you are everywhere. There is no point in taking another unit unless there is a need on a dharmic level. Otherwise a master won’t take a body. One unit or body is taken, only for representing a particular tradition or a particular stature or state to the world. People connect to the stature or state of the master, and then to the consciousness. When they connect to the consciousness, they become one with the master. When connection to the consciousness is perpetual over time, when it is frequent and it is flowing over time, in that mode the person becomes the master. There is no difference because the unit has connected to the universe which already exists in the form which they like, which they connect to and then they merge with the universe. They become one with the universe so they also dissolve into this universe. The potential of a unit to become the universe is enhanced or stabilised by the master’s presence.
While living itself, if you are expanded, you are everywhere. If somebody thinks about you, you can be there. That shows the stature of the master, the level at which the master is operating from. It means he has already collected himself into one unit. Not only that, he has already expanded sufficiently, to be with anybody who is connected to him. This is while “living”. While “leaving”, it just stabilises. The master does not leave at all. For generations to come, the master will still be functional, working and supporting, guiding and also liberating.


So, first of all you have to become unit. It means your body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit together as one unit. You stabilise yourself as one unit. Then you are expanding beyond this unit and you are slowly becoming the universe. First and foremost, we have to bring all scattered pieces of us together in one unit, which is: mind scattered in the past, anxious about the future, all over. We have to bring it all together and become one mind sitting inside; intellect – stop analysing, stop processing all the information, and start sourcing from within; ego (personality) – it doesn’t matter whether people like you, dislike you, love you, hate you, it doesn’t matter, keep giving, keep delivering. Thus, there is no expectation; you are fully clear about your purpose of existence so that personality is also settled. So body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit are all settled. And the body is always truthful. If body is hungry, it will say it’s hungry. Whatever the feelings are, it will express spontaneously and in silence you can listen to body talking, every organ talking. Every organ has a frequency and every organ has an expression and a reason – so they articulate. When you are in silence more and more, you will know how each organ functions, what is the reason is, all those things will be clear.

So body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit are all together then you become a unit. Once you become a unit, you are fully settled inside, and then you are like a huge receiver. Anybody connecting to you from any location is within you, because you are so expanded and there is nobody outside of you. There is no vibration possible outside of you. All the frequencies, all the vibrations are you. You become everybody, everything. That time when somebody connects to you with deep intensity, you materialise there. Physically or non-physically, energetically, or non-energetically, this is the case.

If you connect to certain masters, who have already established themselves in this unit level, they become very powerful, because the reason for their existence is clear, the purpose is clear, the yoga – the appointed reason is clear, and then they will operate in different levels. They are already settled in a state of samadhi. They have no needs. They have no wishes. There are no desires, there is no karma. All they are doing is serving the society. And their intensity will depend on the need of the society. The intensity will also depend on the area of service. Some masters are not only bound to earth. They also serve in other planes. They serve in astral plane and the plane beyond. They are intergalactic masters.

First and foremost you have to become a unit. Then comes the expansion. The primary expansion is in your society, then you expand beyond and some masters expand much beyond after they leave the body. This is because while in the body they would have served one locality or society; once they leave the body they start serving in a much larger way and they continue to serve for hundreds of years after leaving the body. This is because they maintain a form as a POINT OF CONTACT for people. The point where people can connect. Because the faculties such as eyes, ears and nose that people use to connect need a form or a structure to connect. They have already transcended, but they maintain the form so that people can connect to them. And then they operate well beyond that form. These are the methods of existence. We cannot say what the reason for existence is; each master has his purpose. Furthermore, there are numerous masters who operate without even meeting people. They will be sitting in some corner of the world, but they operate, they guide, they help, they deliver. And they are all doing their work. All these masters are doing their work. So you cannot say that something is right and something is wrong. After a while when a master is a complete unit, they will not be following the boundaries of the society. The socio-moral existence will not have much role. They only go as per dharma, they only deliver as per what is needed to be delivered. This is the way they operate because their only aim will be: what else can I give to this world? And they provide depending on eligibility. They continue to provide. They do not expect anything. They need nothing from anyone anyway! No person can give them something from earth because they are very powerful and can obtain anything they wish to from earth, but they don’t want anything. So this is the operating level.

Mohanji quote - I am just a reminder

Walking Brightness, Living Brightness

You are what you are connected to. You are what you are addicted to. You are what you worship, what you believe in. Deep connection with consistency becomes integration. When a master deeply connected to the supreme consciousness walks into any space, he also brings the energy that he has become. The energy of that space shifts to his energy or his acquired energy. Purification becomes spontaneous. Space becomes sanctified. The other side of this coin are those who are connected to dark energies. The energies of binding emotions, divisions, confusions, contaminations, concepts, fears and hatreds. They carry such energies and deposit them wherever they go.
Both are carriers. We all are carriers of what we believe in or what we are consistently connected to. If we are deeply connected to brightness, lightness and supreme brilliance of God, that is what we carry with us knowingly or unknowingly.
Brightness is the need of the day. Keep shining your highest truth. Let it show as compassion, kindness and unconditional love. No fears. No hatreds. There is nothing absolutely right or absolutely wrong. There is nobody absolutely good or absolutely bad. All exist in different dimensions of brightness and darkness. Hence, do not judge. Just Love. The world needs light today. Be the brilliance that you naturally are. Express your highest brilliance today, every day. Be aware of it always.


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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