Be Brightness, Give Light – part 1

Mohanji Speaks – Diwali Zoom satsang – part 1

7th November 2018

Happy Diwali - by Mohanji


Q: Are we as human beings able to choose the place, action and thought, where we can get more  divine rays of light and if yes, what is required to find that place?

Mohanji: The answer in one word is awareness. The time, space, frequency of action, all these things are connected to destiny. We call it prarabda karma – the karma which brought you to earth and which is helping you to continue in the journey. This has prescribed your space on earth, the time, the type of activity, your orientation, all these things are connected to destiny. Only one factor which can make a difference in this whole process is the awareness. The flavour of experience changes with awareness because experience is something which you carry out of the whole event. An event happens at a particular place, at a particular time, to a particular person, or a group of individuals, each one experiences that event based on their orientation and their capacity i.e. their level of awareness. With change in awareness, your level of experience changes and that becomes your residual memory. That’s what creates new karma, a new item, an ingredient for the destiny. So awareness is the main thing in this whole journey. The higher your awareness, the higher the expression, that will be your experience. Otherwise it will be the lowest at all times, or it will be fluctuating.  We have been told about the vices: kama (lust), krodha (anger), moha (attachment), lobha (greed), madha (overpride), matsarya (jealousy), and ahankara (ego).


Thus, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge are all lower levels of expressions, which bind you to the lower frequency all the time. Instead, if it’s higher, if you are always compassionate, kind, loving, caring, if you are able to share, all these things will keep your experience level high.

If you look at the entire life, when you leave this place, or when you leave this body, what are you carrying forward are the residual memories of experiences you have had in this lifetime. Each person, everybody is the same in this regard. You are carrying forward the residual memories of experiences that you had in this lifetime. You might have forgotten many of them, you may not remember many, some you will remember – something which has affected you or has had an effect on you, you will remember. That’s what you carry. There are many things that we have stored and have remained dormant. How do you know they are dormant? They are not expressing themselves all the time, but at certain points in time they start manifesting in your memory. Like, you experience a similar thing which caused that past experience or you came across such a place or a situation, event or a person that provokes the old experience again. Once again you will have that memory; it comes back to you and causes a similar feeling, an experience. It can be even a fear. Some people have fears associated with certain things. That is connected to the stored data, to what you have experienced before and its residual memory.

Mohanji quote - Dissolution

In the whole tapestry of existence, while you are living and leading your life in the path of destiny, awareness is the main investment or the main sadhana to place emphasis on, which will take you to the higher levels of awareness. It is the aspect you have to be always careful about. As for awareness, it is just being aware of yourself as a human being, existing in this time, this space, carrying out a way of life, living/leading your existence in this way. Be aware of everything that happens through the day. Take a step above emotions and you will watch it all. You are watching yourself working, doing things. This will be your pattern and THAT will give you a different flavour in existence. Otherwise, we are only in the level and realm of the mind. When you are existing in that realm, it’s always two sides – either agony or ecstasy, in these two planes. We are always like a pendulum. We are going in the mode of agony, pains or ecstasy, happiness. But we usually do not even remember ecstasy. Many people ask the question, “Why is this happening to me?” As they go through various agonies in life, they ask, “Why are these pains coming to me?” Everything has a root. Everything has a reason and that reason is connected to past residual memories. This is why it’s important to have a great life – to grow beyond emotions and invest in awareness. Investing in awareness is very important. Be aware that everything is transitory, everything is impermanent. As you lead your life, everything comes and goes, nothing stays. Whatever is born, will die. Whatever comes, will go. Like that, if you look at the whole tapestry of existence, it’s very easy to understand that you as an ‘experiencer ‘and also the creator of your destiny is continuing through situation after situation. And these situations have no value unless you have emotions connected to them. You will automatically understand these situations if you look into them deeply, the emotions that you are bringing forth, are creating a flavour difference to this life. I hope this is clear.

Mantra chanting

Mohanji quote - Consistency

Q: How can mantra chanting help in stabilization and expansion of consciousness? If we chant a mantra without initiation, can we succeed in sadhana?

Mohanji:  Initiation basically means tuning yourself to receive it properly. Mantra is equal to frequency. Mantra is initiated into a person from a master, the master orients that person or aligns his frequency to receive the mantra. That is initiation. It helps one in the practice of chanting the mantra. When you are oriented to receive something or when you are trained to use a machine, you can use the machine very well. Thus initiation helps the right using of the frequency. Mantras are frequencies. They are sounds which create frequencies. The more you chant each mantra, the more you are aligned to the frequency of the mantra. Mantra chanting is definitely good because whether you are initiated or not and whatever be the mantra you are chanting, the mantra stabilises you at some level. Please understand that all the deities that we worship in temples are all frequencies. All the idols are connected to ideals i.e. ideal of something. Every idol has a meaning, a reason, a form, a name, a frequency and also a structure.  All these are connected to aspects within us. We are that. We are all these idols; all the frequencies that the idols represent are us. The more we explore, the more we understand that we are all these, the more complete life becomes. Your level of detachment to something that is binding you will change into “you are everything”. That is the journey – from unit to universe. In that journey all these frequencies help.

Fundamentally, you have to stabilise in some frequency so that you can grow. For example, the ground should be very stable so that you can build on top of it. Likewise each mantra stabilises you in a certain frequency, but you need to have consistency. For mantra siddhi i.e. stabilisation in a mantra – Namah Shivaya, 500 000 chants are required. In other words, if you chant Om Namah Shivaya 500 000 times, it stabilises you. If it is Shodashi, it’s 1.6 million times. Like that every mantra chanted frequently, consistently, with conviction and discipline, changes your structure. It raises your frequency. Hence mantras are very good.

Lightness vs. darkness

Mohanji quote - Being against sth

Q: What are dark forces? If they comprise of evolved spiritual beings, why would they embrace negativity? If their minds are dissolved, would they still be creatures craving for power and control? Can you please share some experiences with dark forces?

Mohanji: The idea of dark forces is connected to our existence. When there is light, there is darkness. Absence of light is darkness. When there is light, there is shadow. So we consider as dark forces those that are unknown, unclear, sometimes those that bind you. Truly speaking, they are all children of the same God which means Pure Consciousness. There is only one Pure Consciousness; that Pure Consciousness has many dimensions. And we look at those that bind you to earth and to certain things of earth as not so good. This means our path is that of liberation. We are brightness, we forgot we are brightness, then masters and deities came and said, “Look, you are not this incarnation, you are well beyond it, you are actually brightness.” We forget it many times, therefore as we go through the journey and face situations which are not very pleasant in our life, we become pessimistic. Alternatively, we have conflicts with things around us, conflicts or disagreements; we fight against something, we have resistance towards something; these are the times when you feel very vulnerable. That is the time when you feel darker energies working in you.

Mohanji quote - Energy exchange

Therefore if there is light, there is shadow. And the source of shadow is light. We have to look at anything which binds us to this aspect of existence – that means the cause is light. Father is light. Father is brightness. Whatever is not brightness is also created by brightness in some ways. For example, light is falling on me, so I have a shadow. If I am sitting in darkness, I have no shadow. Thus the cause of shadow is light. Likewise the cause of darkness is brightness. Let this be very clear. There are numerous beings of varied nature. When the first creation (the atom) happened, the space happened. The Supreme Consciousness is beyond any dimension, you cannot even begin to understand it, because it’s infinity. Even Infinity is just a term; no human mind can fathom the size of the Infinity. Nobody can understand it. It is so large, so bright. It is pure brightness. It is vastness. From the Infinity the need for separation from it happened and then the big bang happened and an atom was born. When out of pure energy, matter happened, matter created the space, the reason for creation and the creation needed space to create in it, space formed. And space also created time. Time is a distance from here to there. This was created. So creation of one piece of matter created space, or in other words, space which is tangible space. There is always space as expansion, vastness, but because there is nothing else, you cannot compare, you cannot understand. But understandable space happened, i.e. tangible space. Tangible space created time – that means from here to there, travelling. That is movement from tangible space. And tangible space rests in intangible vastness. This is the way creation happened. That is why it is said the whole created world is just like a small pimple on the face of Shiva. Shiva is so big, so vast, so large, and the whole created universe is just like a small pimple on the face of Shiva, that small. That means the entire galaxy, the entire manifested universe, which we are talking about, is small compared to the large,  unmanifested universe.

Thus when creation happened, the Creator did not sit down and create various beings. Then how do you see numerous beings on earth and numerous beings on different planes? They are created by creations. Just as we create our own existence, we create our own destiny, creations started creating creations. Then all these numerous beings we talk about are creations of creations, we created. If we have a lot of pessimism, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge… we create a similar destiny. Just like that, the beings using their own frequencies, started creating own beings of that frequency. Trillions of frequencies have been created out of one thing – what is the one thing? Supreme Consciousness. That is why the ancient rishis said we have 33 crore (330 million) gods. That means 330 million decipherable dimensions of Supreme Consciousness. That means 330 million different dimensions of One Being – Supreme Consciousness, they could understand and they could give a structure, a form, a meaning, a reason, a frequency, a mantra. All these could be given to each. For example, you see animals, birds, insects… so many beings happening here in this world. And there are numerous beings – creations in many worlds. All these have Fathers. There are creators and each creator operates in different frequency. When that happens, these good, bad, ugly, all these things have some Father.  And based on whichever frequency created them, they operate mechanically.

So coming back to the question whether there are darkness and light – definitely there are, they are all doing their job. Now why do WE fall into the frequency of the negative? Unless YOU have an orientation towards it, you won’t fall. If you are NOT oriented towards the negative, you are not oriented towards anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, and such, you will not fall. You will have nothing to do with these. Instead, you choose to only express happiness, love, sharing, caring, compassion, kindness, unconditional love. There will be jealousy anyway, that is bound to happen because there are numerous types of people, numerous types of creations; there will be various effects in the world because of your existence. This is all bound to happen, but if your focus is clear, if your purpose is clear, if your orientation is clear, there is nothing to worry.  The purpose of every incarnation is fulfilment. Somebody who is revengeful will get fulfilled through revenge. Somebody who is angry will probably get fulfilment through anger. Everything has its orientation and fulfilment. We should not really worry about all this. I always tell people that if you choose to be brightness, stay that way. Don’t worry about darkness. When you are concentrating or looking at darkness, then your brightness is affected. Let negativity remain where it is. You focus on brightness; through that brightness, you will achieve whatever you want to achieve and you don’t have to reduce your frequency. Never reduce your frequency for the sake of other things. Focus on positivity, good action, being good; doing good, delivering more to the world, delivering beyond expectations, these are all high level of existence. The highest possibility of human existence is consistent expression of compassion, kindness, unconditional love. You have every right to it. It’s extremely important to understand.

Now, to the question whether there is dark energy… of course there is dark energy, because there is bright energy. Whenever there is bright, there is dark. Everything exists. But whatever you invest in stays with you. You become that thing. This is what you need to understand. We don’t need to dissect the types of dark energies. You can see them at work. When someone is always angry, abusive, expressing hatred, revenge, operating in the level of comparisons, and so on, you understand some things operate that way. But that is not our concern. Are we consistently compassionate? Are we consistently kind? That is the only thing we need to look. That’s about it.

Life is prescribed. We have a boundary for life. We are born at a particular time; we’ll die at a particular time. Within this boundary, what best can you express on earth? We believe we have a lot of time to spare and compare. I always say it’s not worth looking at negative sides of life. It’s not worth it; it’s a waste of time. Instead, use every moment to be positive. Do your best and also don’t have any expectation of results, because if you have any particular expectation of a result and that does not happen, you will have sorrows or disappointment. Expectation is the cause of disappointment. On the other hand, if you are sacrificing the thought or expectation and allow anything to happen with the attitude – “I do the job right, I deliver all the time, nobody goes from me empty-handed,” our job is done. All we have to do is to make sure that whatever our actions are with approach – ‘Let them be pure, let them be beneficial and let them be kind’, that’s all.

Mohanji with lion cubs

If we consistently follow these principles, it doesn’t matter what others think about us, what others expect from us, because we do not discriminate. We do not dissect an activity. We do not enter into the mode of violence in thoughts, words or action; the level of purity is maintained, our delivery is always good and our approach is: what else can I do for this person? We give everything possible because whatever we hoard is not ours anyway. Whatever we collect from earth has to be left when we die. We can’t take even one pebble from here. All the property, possessions, positions, everything goes away. Hence when we leave the body, we leave empty-handed. So what is the best thing to do? Care, share, and give everything possible to everybody so that all people become better because we exist. That’s the right way of life. If we follow that, goodness comes to us, grace comes to us – deities, saints, gods, everyone come to you, just because your inner space is clean and good. Don’t worry about negative energies, whether they are intelligent or not, it doesn’t matter, because whatever there is in the positive is a possibility as negative too depending on the way it is used. If you look at the story of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was always beneficial; He only looked at how to preserve dharma. On the other hand, Shakuni and Duryodhana were selfish. They wanted everything for themselves. “I will not give five houses to Pandavas but I will keep the whole country,” is what Duryodhana said. Shakuni, his uncle, instigated him to say it. What happened? When he died (in the Kurukshetra War), the whole country did not belong to him; he needed just 6 feet of land. So what is the big deal? Care and share, let everyone be happy so that life is peaceful. Krishna said the same thing.  There is one important remark Krishna made when he was concluding the Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna; He said, “Arjuna, don’t accept anything that I said because I said so. Do not accept anything that I have explained to you because I said so. Churn it through your mind, digest it, and then, if it is suitable for you, take it. If it is not suitable for you, leave it.” So Krishna Himself gave Arjuna full freedom of rejecting what an Avatar said! This is our tradition. Our tradition is never compelling, never binding. Binding is connected to negative things because if I say I am the only one and you have to only follow me, I’m binding you. That is NOT our path. Our path is that of liberation. FREEDOM. Freedom is our nature. That is why the land, Bharata has given so many pathways to reach the Ultimate because there is freedom and there is no binding. Nobody binds you to anything. Freedom has to be maintained and always remember what Krishna said in the Bhagawad Gita, if it is suitable for you, accept it. If it is not suitable for you, it does not matter. It doesn’t matter who said so. Don’t take it.  You maintain your freedom, your mind is free, your activities are free and that is the way to express the brightness, to live with brightness inside. This is something you always need to remember. If Jesus were in this world, if he were walking with people today, he would say the same thing. He would say be yourself, be free. That’s the story of brightness. That is exactly what brightness would talk. That means you are born unbound, you remain unbound and you dissolve unbound. This is the story.

Mohanji in South Africa - Jesus statue
Our path is that of liberation. FREEDOM. Freedom is our nature. If Jesus was alive today, he would say the same thing.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof Read by Vidya Rajagopalan

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