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 Arnie Steven’s Questions and Mohanji’s Answers

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Q. How much is a Guru worth to a disciple?
Ans: As much as the capacity of the disciple. As much as the disciple can explore the guru.

Q. Is a Guru important?
Ans: It is a relative existence. Guru happens when a disciple happens. Guru is a principle which happens when the requirement takes place. A guru could also be a human, a father, mother, child, brother, sister, a dog, a cat, a mouse, a monkey, sun, moon or stars, earth, wind or fire, a tree or a river. Guru principle works through anything and everything.

 Q. What is the biggest barrier in spirituality?
Ans: Concepts and theories that are like the operating software of human mind.

Q. Why?
Ans:  They are superficial. They are generic. Life is not generic. It is unique and cannot be compared with any other. It is driven by karma. Generic operating software cannot understand or produce complex depths of karmic baggage.

Mohanji quote - Concepts distort experiences

Q. What is the best remedy for Karma?
Ans: Fulfilment.

Q. What makes karma?
Ans: Pending desires, inherited habits and desires, collected habits and desires, social compulsions, bindings and its residual impressions, Ancestral residue, so on and so forth.

Q. Is it the same as the character?
Ans: No

M awareness is the key

Q. What makes character?
Ans: Residual memory of all the past incarnations in various bodies. Residual memories are usually connected to events or happenings. The impressions that get stored in the substratum from major incidents of each lifetime collectively become character traits of the existing incarnation. The complexity is due to the number of incarnations that preceded before the current one and its residual impressions.

Q. How can we dissolve it all and become free from further incarnations?
Ans: Awareness. Diagnosis is the key. Remedy is easy. Witnesshood is the key. Removal is spontaneous. Witnesshood and objectivity leads to detachment.

Mohanji quote - Watch witness and let go

Q. Is liberation so important?
Ans: No. It is individualistic. Is a material or person so important in life? It is up to individuals. The relevance of liberation is individualistic. And your available baggage and its corresponding desires will determine whether and when it can happen.

Q. What does enlightenment give to a seeker?
Ans: Freedom

Q. But, we all are free. We do what we like.
Ans: It is just a concept. You feel you are free. Introspect. See where your freedom lies. You are bound by your preferences, habits, prejudices, concepts, likes and dislikes so on and so forth. Even government and banks have bound you. Society has bound you. Family obligations have bound you. You have a set behavioural pattern which we call as socially accepted. Are we really free? Our mind is bound by compulsive thought schemes. We entertain compulsive actions.  We talk compulsively. Enlightenment breaks many of these barriers. When you are not compulsive in thinking, talking and action, you are free from inside. External bindings will not matter anymore. We are all just superficial beings.


Q. Why do you say we are superficial?
Ans. Because our existence is on the surface. Senses are on the surface. Mind is occupied with the senses – most of our waking time and it is on the surface. Most of our activities are external and temporary. Hence we are leading a superficial existence. We live just on the surface; that too in a compulsive mode. We do not get our minds to detach from our senses and dive deeper within us and explore the depth of our own ocean of consciousness. We are pulled back into the surface just like a whale rising up for breath. Karma pushes us back to the surface. When the push of karma is less, we sink back into the depth of our consciousness and explore the beautiful hidden wide world of surprises. How much we are able to do it will determine how much subtlety we have achieved. When one stops its dependency on the surface and acclimatises himself to the depths of the ocean, he is truly liberated. The lack of dependency on any material, person, situation or time leads one to complete liberation.  He becomes immortal. He has no duality. He has no death.

Q. How to stay in peace?
Ans: Be fluid. Be flexible. Just BE – No criticism, no judgement, no comparisons, no resistance…….. Just BE. Life will lead you to glory. Being in NOW leads you to glory.

Mohanji quote - Witnesshood leads to detachment

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