Basing in the Spine

Satsang with Mohanji in Cape town, September 2013

You may have observed, in the last couple of years at least, that time has become very fast, absolute speed. This is a very interesting time. It’s actually a blessing to be alive in today’s time. This is mainly because one year of our current time is almost like fifty years about a century ago. That is the phase we have come to. The speed has increased. To be alive at this time is very important. And if you are alive with awareness while you are here, this is even more important. Many of us do not know what the importance of this time is while we are here.

Feel the Earth with awareness. It is a blessing to be alive in this time. Be one with the universe.
Feel the Earth with awareness. It is a blessing to be alive in this time. It takes you to complete dissolution, complete oneness with the universe.

Many of you have heard about the shift that happened in 2012. What has happened during this time, basically it started in 1986 according to me, is that this momentum started increasing. According to me, the transition of time happened approximately in 1986. You can’t really say ’on this date’. Likewise you can’t say that the shift happened on 21st December 2012. I would call these landmarks or milestones, something you can feel or be tangible about in time. We have milestones on the road because we need to know how far we have travelled. It’s similar. So we keep certain dates in mind so we can say,“Ok we have arrived here, now we can take the next step. We are moving forward.“ However, most importantly it’s not the milestone that matters, it’s awareness that matters,“Oh, I have reached here, this is my destination and this is the distance.“ Time started speeding up and bodies that move with time like ours have no choice. We do not have a choice. Body is evolving, body is moving forward with time. Time takes us and the advantage is if you are moving with awareness with time, the speed is like that. It takes you to complete dissolution, complete oneness with the universe. So the shift is for sure and the advantage of our time is that is as I said earlier, one year is almost like fifty years before 1986. We have started moving forward increasingly. The disadvantage is that if we are not aware of our time, we will not be stable. We will always be entertaining anxieties, fears and instability. Stability happens when you know,“Yes, this is the speed, I am moving with the speed and the destination is total dissolution. Being one with the universe. There is nothing in between.“ If we move forward with this awareness, it’s a very good idea. That is why this meditation is about unhooking. If you do not unhook yourself from the past, past places, people, situations, time, locations, and you are not free, your mind is not moving with your body with time, and it is not easy. Because part of our consciousness lies in the past, part of it is in the present, so there will be some conflict in our daily life. This is one point. Please remember that.

360° Awareness


The second point is about why we insist on 360 degrees, if you follow this meditation (you can download it from free of cost, I do it as a service). Why 360 degrees? Usually every human being operates in 120 degrees, in front of the face. This is not enough for full awareness. This is enough to just operate in daily life. Because all our senses are in the front, our mind goes out with the senses to the front. When mind is with the eyes, we see. Otherwise we just look, we don’t see. When mind is with the tongue, we taste. Otherwise, if we watch TV while eating, we will have no idea what we are eating and we will not know the taste. If mind is with the ear, we listen. So mind has a major role to play and we have five senses to know the world. What is the world? We taste it, we feel it, we touch it, we hear it, we smell it. This is what we do. So with the eyes, with the nose, with the ears, with the tongue, with the skin, we feel the world. Everything is in the front. We are front-oriented. All beings are front-oriented. What about the 240 degrees behind us? This is important. Until that is connected you are never complete. I am sure each one of you has felt some level of incompleteness at some point in time. This is not the real you. Who am I? Everybody has asked this question. I am not what I seem to be. I must be more than this. The answer is in completion. Completion means when you took the first birth ever on this plane, you came with full awareness. You came to experience the world. And to experience this world, you need the support of the elements such as earth, air, water, space, fire. This is what we call the body, a mixture of all these. When we leave the body, it goes back to nature. So we are picking the body from nature to experience the world, and we dissolve the body, and we go further. This must be the original idea. We came here to feel the Earth. But if you look at the Earth, what is the main thing that we experience here? Of course we can easily say relativity. Relativity created the birth wherever you are. Relativity created duality. Or relativity created realities in any plane, but here on Earth the main thing is relationship. We are here to experience relationships in relation to something that we are. You are apart from me because in relation to where I am sitting you are sitting elsewhere. So we started experiencing relativity in various dimensions such as father, mother, brother, sister, children, boss, enemies, friends, whatever. All the relations. This is why we came here. But then our operating tool was the mind. You needed the mind to feel all this. Mind gave you identifications. Mind told you this is you, you are this name, you are this qualification, you are this form, this tradition, this family, like this we became more and more compartmentalised or in other words put in frames. We have framed ourselves. We don’t have any frames. But because we have a body, because we have identifications, we started feeling the frames and mind produced ego, ego says,“ This is what you are, you are the qualifications, you are the money, you are the position, you are the purchasing power and all this.“ Then we lost track, we got entangled in this. That is when we missed the other 240 degrees. But it is available. It is always available, you can get it any time you want. You can tap into it any time you want. Please understand awareness is almost like your shadow, always ready for you to tap into. But we don’t know that it’s following us! We do not look at our shadow. We do not even remember that there is a shadow. We don’t tap into it because we get caught up in daily life. Once this is conglomerated, we are complete again. That is why basing on the spine is important. We have to shift from the front to the middle. Anxieties, fears and all these things that come into us make us vulnerable, incapacitated, disabled, only when you operate from the front. The same things cannot touch you when you are based in the spine. Try it, you will know.

I will give you another example. When you sit down quietly, just close your eyes and feel the spine. Automatically your consciousness, your awareness will shift to the third eye, the space between the eyebrows. This is the proof. We are going beyond the normal senses to the higher dimension. Third eye is the higher dimension, it is the pathway to the higher dimension. We have that faculty within us. We don’t need any religion, any guru, any guide or anybody to tell us this because we are complete. This is the truth. All are complete. Gurus and masters are road signs, they just tell you go this way, this is the destination. It is up to you to walk. This is an individual journey, because we are individuals, we are born alone, we will die alone, and we are experiencing various aspects of relationships while we are here.

Mohanji quote - Anxieties and fears cannot touch you when

Coming back to time. The shift has happened, time has become faster, speed has increased, being in the present is the right thing to do now. If you are not in the present, the tilting times, the shifting times can pull you down. This is one aspect.

The second aspect is that one year now of your concentrated effort is almost like fifty years of your concentrated effort pre-1986. So this time is very important, you are growing faster. Now you can see another dimension. What has happened after 2012? Just look. Whatever the basic nature of every being is, there are seven billion people in the world, each person is a unique creation, nobody is a factory product, everybody is unique, nobody can be compared with another. This is the beauty of creation. Not only human beings, all beings. All are unique. So, whatever our basic nature has been, it got enhanced. It just got boosted up. A person who is by nature compassionate, became more compassionate and started expressing it. A person who is by nature angry, becomes more angry and starts expressing it. A person who is generous by nature becomes more generous and starts expressing it. But we are all a mixture. We are never one aspect only. So various aspects have come forward and started expressing. This is what we see in the world today. And this will be seen more in the days to come.

We shift from one yuga to another. We call it yugas in the Indian tradition, there are years with a particular taste, smell and touch, or flavour. Each yuga has a different flavour. So we have gone through various yugas and we are supposed to be in Kali yuga. Kali yuga is a yuga of speed and activity and also extreme representations of duality like good and bad, or as you can see in fiction films a villain and a hero. This aspect is enhanced at this time. Every time has had it, but this time it is much more the dimensions and the diversions. This time the war between good and bad is much more i.e. the kind and the cruel. You can see this aspect much more in this life time or let’s say in ten years, from 2012 to 2022. And from 2022 onwards it is said to be the birth of Sathya yuga, the yuga of truth. That is what we are being prepared for. Most of the great masters who are still operating in this plane, are working only on this now. Please be aware. That is why their consciousness is also available. We are using various methods to reach them. Each person has a style and method to reach them. That is also fine. As I said, it is not what you believe in, nor what your religion is, what your path is, or who your guru is. It is not important. It is important that you are aware that it is truth which you are seeking. The consciousness that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna represented, that is the path of the truth. In earlier times, we crucified whoever told the truth. Because we’ve never liked the truth. We liked to live on pretensions and lies. We always liked relative truths, not real truths. Jesus all his life spoke only truth. He always walked the path of purity. Why did we assasinate him? Because we didn’t like truth. If you look at our history, you can see, Socrates spoke the truth. We gave him poison. All the masters, all the great souls who came here out of compassion to guide the world to a better understanding, better awareness, were assasinated as fast as possible. Then we put the picture on the wall and say this was a great man. There are advantages to it. First we disposed of him. Second, we can interpret his teachings the way we like. This helps us. How? We create our own religions. And we can always say,“This is not me, I didn’t say this, he said that.“ Anyway he is not here to kick your butt. (laughter) We are very funny people.

Anyway, the time of truth is enhanced and you can see this happening. Don’t just believe what I say, feel it, you will know what I am saying. I am just giving you an outline. But this is an individual journey. Since it is an individual journey, it is your responsibility to explore for yourself, not explore anything outside of you. Because truth lies within you and truth can only be reached inside. Outside it’s all relative truths. You are separate from me because I am separate from you, but consciousness-wise we are one. We cannot have a separation. Soul-wise we are related, we can’t have separation.

Masters - by Mohanjis Devotee Sabrina Koletic

Electricity is the same. It sometimes goes through a washing machine, it washes clothes. Because it goes through a dish-washer, it washes the dishes. It goes through a refrigerator, cools things. So electricity is never different, but the utensil is different. The operating tools are different. Likewise your body is different, my body is different. It’s the same, their aspects are the same, both are made of elements, and soul-wise you and I are one. This is the fundamental understanding we must have as we go further in the path of spirituality. Once you are clear that we are one, there will be no difference in this. Whatever is in the universe, it’s an expression of ourselves. There’s nothing apart from us. From 2012 to 2022, first is the initial phase. We are actually going through the initial phase in the last few years until 2016 and there will be much more negativity than positivity. It is always like that. If you look at the history, negative wins first, negative comes and gets written first, then eventually positivity comes forward. Coming back to Jesus’s life, just imagine, if Jesus accepted all that people wanted him to accept, do you think there would be Christianity today? Nobody would remember him. His power was his staying with truth, uncompromising. No conformity. And his dramatic exit, there are many theories which say that he lived after he left the cross. One person from Europe asked me the same question. I said,“Are you bothered about that!? Why don’t you just follow the teachings? It doesn’t matter.“ Like, if I die tomorrow, or if I leave everything and go tomorrow, my only relevance is today. Because if I live a life as a hermit in the caves of the Himalayas, how does it matter to you? As long as I am providing to the world, as long as I am catering to the world, as long as I am talking, that is the only time when there is the relevance. So relevance is when you are acting and contributing. There are members of our family who left the family, who passed away, we love them, no problem, but are they relevant in our daily life? No, because they have completed the task and they moved on. Similarly, Jesus’s main contributions were all when he was talking, when he was moving, when he was performing. After that, whether he lived or whether he didn’t live, this is not our concern today. See, we are more worried about the history than about the teachings/message!


We should be focusing on the message! I always say, don’t marry the guru, marry the teachings. Gurus can be quite erratic. It is important to know that it is truth which we are looking for. The reality is that what we are looking for, is not the person. The person is a representation. Person represents the ultimate truth so he delivers. So, the victory of the negative will always happen first, as we saw in the feature films the villain makes all sorts of problems in the beginning, then the hero comes back and destroys him, ha, ha. Likewise, Jesus was assasinated, but today people all over the world worship him. The same with all the great masters. We do not accept or worship them today because often a person who is contemporary is not accepted. Again, it’s because we have to handle the personality. The person and the personality are difficult to handle. The message is easier to handle. Because we have the picture in the mind, we add that picture to the person who does not exist, it’s easy to understand. So we are actually following the mental image rather thatn the whole person with the personality. When you have to handle a real person and the personality, it is not easy. Just imagine, do you have a high picture of a guru or a master, glorified image, and somebody tells you,“ Hey, he goes to the toilet every day.“ My, god! Finished. (Laughter) Because we can’t accept such realities. We expect the person not to go to the toilet, not to eat, ha, ha, he should be like this. This is our problem, we created the image. We put the person in the frame, now if the person is beyond the frame, we reject the person. This is human nature. We must be aware of it. So, it is important to know that eventually truth has to win. Because truth cannot be hidden for long. It’s like the waves of the ocean. When the waves are hitting more and more, we will not know what the peace within the ocean is. Yet, sometimes when the ocean is calm, we understand that it’s very peaceful. We are that peace. That is why operating in 360-degree-awareness is important to move forward and being in the present is very important. We are living in an interesting time, excellent time, and this is my message to the world: Be yourself. This is your individual journey. And I always ask people to carry two things with them. One is faith. Believe in any religion, believe in any master, believe in any god, but be 100% in it, not partially. Because you can only wear the shirt that suits you. You can only wear the dress that suits you. Even if I say, this is not good, this is not bad, this is good, this is bad, I am lying. Everything is relative in the world outside, but the truth is one within you. We are living in a relative world, it’s all in relation, as I said. Whatever you see outside is relative. It is not permanently morning. There will be night coming up. And it cannot be permanently night, it can be morning sooner or later. This is the way the world goes. Relative truths are fine provided you know this is relative. Otherwise if we start believing in it, we’ll have a problem. Why? Expectation builds up. We build up expectation and expectation always brings suffering, sorrow. Expectation leads to sorrow. Dependency leads to sorrow. We say,“I expect this person to behave with me in this way, oh, he behaved differently. I don’t like him any more.“ Relationships are finished. This is how fragile we are. But if we allow the person to be oneself for oneself, this is their expression, this is their life, too. This person has come to the Earth to experience whatever they are experiencing and we just allow them to be themselves. We are peaceful, others are peaceful. This is the way existence will be further for the birth of Sathya yuga. I assume this is my mental calculation, my mental awareness, that post 2022 Sathya yuga takes birth, the yuga of truth, the yuga of happiness, perpetual bliss, within which you can probably see a lot of destruction, a lot of calamities, as I said, it’s a clash between good and evil, or I would say good and bad are basically cliche words because so many feature films happened (laughter). I would say it’s between reality and non-reality, or between relative truth and truth. This is probably the better understanding, that we must base ourselves in truth, sooner or later. And as Sathya yuga progresses, like we chose our birth, we will choose our death at will. How will we do that? We will change our breathing pattern from the front to the middle. That means the soul entered through the top of the head. That is why if you look at the top of the head of small children, it’s very soft, that is the way the soul entered the body. The soul will exit through the same space for which breathing will happen through the middle. The pathway through which the soul entered became closed because of our ego, wrong identifications while in the relative world. That will change to real identification of who we are,“Who am I? What am I here for? What is my purpose?“ All these will start hitting. Once we are clear about that, we will automatically know that our breathing pattern has changed and that change will lead to total liberation.

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