The Right Management

Questions answered: What is Management?; How to remain in the present, no matter what?; How do we know which Master is talking through you?; Your mission, in a nutshell; How long will this service to humanity continue?; How long do you intend to work?


Out of all the questions I received by e-mail, I will address the following 5 today:

Q1: You are managing several companies as a General Manager. Can you tell me, what is Management?

A: Management cannot be defined in one statement. It is situational. The best management that I have ever seen is the management of our own vital systems. How synchronized and perfect it is! Our brain is the best manager ever! The one who created the brain is the best scientist! When we manipulate or distort our own natural system, how sick we feel!

What are we doing to our own system, apart from abusing it? Still, it is adjusted and managed well. Only when the abuse becomes intolerable, the body reacts. Just think for a few minutes about it. You will be amazed. Think every day, it will help you tremendously.


Coming back to your question, I would like to say, ‘Start with self management’. Management has to begin with self management. The internal management must precede the external. If you cannot manage yourself you cannot manage other people. It is very easy to tell others – ‘do this or do that’; but very difficult to tell ourselves ‘do this’.

Management has to begin from within oneself. This is because creation always starts from within. First, thought happens inside, it then becomes word and gets culminated into action. This is the fundamental process.

It usually happens that we tell others to do and work does not get done. This could also be because you cannot do it yourself. According to me, if management has to become successful, the manager has to manage himself or herself first.

Other important thing is clarity. You need to have clarity for yourself; then you can express or share with clarity to the other person. One should be clear about all aspects of any situation; then only that situation can be expressed to another person; otherwise it is called gossip or speculation.

Decisions made out of partial information will go haywire and/or collapse. Every situation has a past, present and a future. Something has triggered the event in the past so we experience the results now! That means there has been a past. If you do not know the past of an event, you cannot take decision in the present and future will also be equally affected.

To be a successful manager, you should have clear understanding of the past, present and future of every situation.

Along with this knowledge, experience is also important to hold the position of a manager.

If I have to put management in one sentence I would say, “Managing yourself is real management and the rest follows naturally.

Q2: If every situation has a past, present and future, then how to remain in the present?

  • Present is your only possibility for taking decisions, even if the decision is pertaining to a future event, such as forecasting or planning. Remain in the present, do whatever best possible in the present. You know there is a future and there are days ahead.
  • If you make a management plan for next one year, you have to think of all pros-and-cons possible in that one year. This is not being anxious about the future. It’s living in the present fully, analyzing possibilities of the future and making plans and alternatives accordingly.
  • Being always futuristic, ignoring the present, usually means having anxiety of future. This is negative. Planning well about future is a positive aspect. In the given present time, you are making plans. This adds to your clarity.

Strategic plan made today, using the available resources and the intellect, will generally produce positive results in the days ahead.

Whatever you are doing today, you will do in the present. Whether it’s analysis of the past or plans for the future. Both should be done today as a part of your job. Do it as worship. Do it with surrender to existence – in other words, without ego. Avoiding this is procrastination and could become a problem. You are creating a potential room for anxiety with such avoidance. You cannot say that I exist today, so I manage company only today! As a manager, you have to forecast and plan too.

In a company, you have to look at everybody as a manager. It could be the person who makes the tea. He should manage the kitchen. Everybody in effect is a manager, only portfolios are different.

Responsibility levels are different. Even if tea arrives late, we will not die! But if top management person fails, the company will die/collapse and many will lose jobs. This is serious. This is why such positions attract higher remunerations.

Being anxious about the future is not a good idea. But being clear about the future with positive and realistic alternatives is good. Having an idea but not being attached to it, is the best situation.

You are flexible and always open to changes. Changes are for sure in everyone’s life. Life itself is filled with changes. Adaptability keeps us afloat.

Q3: Who is talking through you when you take classes? How do we know?

A: No need to know. It will make no difference to you, whether it is Mohan speaking or Raman speaking, if the message is not useful to you. It does not matter. If message coming through me is worthwhile, take it; if not discard it. The question ‘Which Master is talking’ is probably coming because of my blog post on Babaji. People want to know who is talking. But this is out of context.

Why do we want to know who is talking? What is a big deal about it? If the message is NOT worthwhile, who ever talks, would it make a difference?

It does not matter who is talking if message is clear and is beneficial for you. Secondly, if you do not implement the message, then, the whole time and energy is wasted. We are always looking for divine intervention, while we do nothing to increase our eligibility for receiving that. Isn’t this ironic?

How do we know?

You don’t need to know. For argument sake – suppose you know, what will happen? If you know that Baba is talking then you may want Babaji to talk! It becomes another reason to feel proud, privileged and even egoistic.

Certainly, this is a mind game. Mind will always remain unsatisfied. Even if I say, ‘Baba is talking’; it is my experience. It is not your experience. If it is not your experience, it is of no value to you.

If I say, ‘Babaji is walking here’; it is of no value to you as long as it is not your experience. It just remains as Mohan’s words! How do you know that I am not lying, especially if you are not experiencing that? So, abandon such requirements and hold on to your individual present and individual experience.

Masters will definitely come to you when you become eligible for them. It could be Lord Shiva himself or Jesus, Buddha or Krishna. You cannot search outside and find Shiva. You have to surrender within and reach Him. He lives within you.

Guru material is within you. Guru lives within you.

Do not worry about Mohan, John or Habib. Do not worry about Baba, Babaji or Buddha. They mean nothing to you, until you reach their “class”.

Eventually, it is your journey that matters. What you do with your life is what matters. Remember that, always.

So, it is better not to have these thoughts in your mind of who is talking or walking. If answer is relevant to you, take it. If is not relevant to you, discard it.

Example, there is some food on the table which you cannot eat. Will you still eat it?  Is that of any help to you?

If you eat it because someone forced you, you will have indigestion or you will vomit it out. It is that simple. You can only eat what you can eat. Same way, if a message is coming to you, take it if you can digest it. Otherwise, do not take it.

Q3. What is your mission, in a nutshell?

A. In a nutshell, I would say, “Introduce yourself to your self”. My mission is to bring you to your own soul. Once you meet your own soul, then you do not need me. Your soul is your primary Guru. But because you were wandering outside searching for external Gurus, you reached here. So, in a nutshell, I want to take you Home. Once you shake hands with your own soul, do you need another Guru?

Your Guru is in-built in your system. He is sitting in you. You actually do not need anybody else.

Q4. How long will you do this service to the humanity?

A. This is simple, as long as the divinity needs me to do it! If world does not need it, I will be pulled out. This is how constitution of the world works. The nature works that way. Words will not reach people, if they don’t have to. Words will reach people, if they have to.

What brings you here today is that divine design. You only heard what you were supposed to hear. Otherwise you will not be here or experience this.

So, I will work as long as divinity needs me and permits me to do it. I will stop when divinity asks me to stop or pulls me out of this system.

Individual does not matter, the story matters. The message matters.

If Mohan is not here, somebody else will talk! If you have to hear these words, somebody will tell you. We miss a movie probably because we were supposed to miss it. When we are mature to understand a particular movie, we will see it, because only then we will understand it better. This happens in life all the time.

It does not matter if Mohan is talking. Nature arranges someone to deliver. Story goes on.

Nature makes it happen at the right place and at the right time. We feel that we are integral part of the whole universe. We feel that the world will stop if we are not around. World does not stop without us. Moon will rise, sun will shine, clouds will continue to give rain, rivers will flow and nature will continue.

If we consider the cosmos, we are like ants, utter micro entities! If few people die or atmosphere changes, the world will go on. Society will exist. New people will come. They will have the same emotions and same feelings, just like us. Essentially, like animals, they will also go through a clockwork style of life. They will play, study, graduate, get employed, get married, have children, grand children, retire, worry about siblings and then die!

This is the routine continuous process happening in the world for a long time.  Except for those who choose to awaken!

Q5. How long will you work?

A. I will work as long as I live. I do not want to sit idle expecting somebody to feed me. It will not suit me. I have always worked. I never sat idle, ever.  But what work will I do … I do not know that. I am presently working in an office. Maybe I will not work in the office, after a while. I may do farming. I do not know about that now. But I will be working for sure.

I consider work as worship. I am actually working 24 hours – if not the office work, then I am answering questions, doing blogs and charity. I never “sleep”. I always want to deliver spirituality as a gift to the society. This is the least I can do as an expression of gratitude towards the existence.

I cannot think of a situation where somebody is giving me food or I am at the mercy of somebody. Someone will say I do not give you food today because I do not like you! This can happen when dependency develops.

I would rather work and sustain myself and give people what I can give, free of cost. It is a beautiful relationship, isn’t it?. A relationship without conditions and expectations! Just like the relationship between God and Man! I Love IT.

Dependency creates expectations and frictions.

I would like to remain liberated, work for living. I would tell everyone, please work hard. Body mind and intellect are given for that.

Why should we ever think about sitting idle?

Procrastination is always anti spirituality. Use your time and body to the maximum, till you exist. You should have everything with equanimity. Sufficient sleep, sufficient food, sufficient work, sufficient exercise, sufficient silence, sufficient fun, etc. This is important for good living. Anything in excess will cause damage, one way or the other.

Lord of medicine, Ashwini, questioned a famous physician as to “who is a healthy man?” He replied, “Those who do not eat too much, nor eat too little; those who do not sleep too much, nor sleep too little; those who do not indulge too much not too little; not too emotional nor too little. Whoever operates in this plane of perfect equanimity can be called healthy”. The Lords were pleased with the answer and blessed him with siddhis for healing and left. This is a story of life. This is the truth of existence.

Procrastination is unhealthy.

Similar to first question on management, if you procrastinate, what will you tell the world, what message will you give?

You need to lead by example. For most of the spiritual people, life itself is an example.

Shirdi Baba would get so much money every day.  But he would disperse all the money by evening to poor people. When he slept at night, he had only enough money in his pocket for his burial. He did not want people to carry out his burial free. No favors in that level too. Such a liberated life! No worries, no anxiety, no fears.

Shirdi Sai Baba

These kinds of questions are happening since long. Let these answers get published.

Love to ALL……

Transcribed and Edited by

Dr.Deepali & Biba

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  1. Dearest Mohanji

    May divinity need you for many more years and decades to come!!!




  2. Namaste!

    According to personal development trainers, there is noting called Procrastination (doing noting is almost impossible task), Doing things to our heart wishes or what we are passionate about it, and postponing other important duty. Example writing business proposal i like the least, doing yoga is my best interest, so i do yoga first and postpone wiring proposal, by doing yoga i may get clarity and may write best proposal even though it is delayed.

    This is just my opinion on “Procrastination”, i am open to learn if i did not understand your message the way you conveyed.



  3. Connie Westfall, Founder & CEO

    This was the perfect message at the perfect time. So much is happening with my not for profit, GoodWorks, I woke feeling overwhelmed knowing there is so much to do that I couldn’t get started, blaming myself for procrastinating and not doing a good job of self-management! Now I am smiling … thank you Mohanji for the message and Dr. Deepali and Biba for getting this message out.

    To Satheesh, in reading your post the thought came to mind, think of it as preparation rather then procrastination 🙂

  4. This a fabulous post and may be one that should be followed up to see what goes on

    A buddy sent this link the other day and I’m desperately waiting your next put up. Keep on on the superb work.

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