Be authentic, be yourself

Today, I have a question and this is based on my quote, “Never be apologetic to anyone for being natural and being your true self because you cannot be anything else, authentically.” This is a quote, based on an idea ‘On being yourself.’ So, the question that was asked is, “Can you please explain this?” Maybe this question brings out ego in people and they say, “I am like this, take it or leave it.”
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Every sinner can become a saint

So, there is a bit of emotional, there is a bit of intellectual, there is a bit of mind, there is a bit of intellect in everybody. So, what is predominant in you that is what people call you as. So, don’t think you are just one. You are a mixture. All of us are various kinds of mixtures, various proportions. What proportion is predominant in you, that’s what you are.
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Real Freedom

When we are away from desires, when we are away from the need for sensory satisfaction all the time, when we are contented inside, when we are away from the compulsions of the body, mind, intellect, and the ego, when we are fully settled and satisfied – that is freedom, beauty and peace of our soul. We do not need any external objects; we do not need any external factors, such as relationships, time, space, conveniences. We don’t need any of those, because we are fully settled inside.
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Making the most of your time

You know I have chosen to be happy. We can choose to be happy, then there is no boredom. You don’t have to fill your space with activity. That’s actually a very sad state. If you have to fill your space or your time with an activity, that’s a sad state. But you can be in a happy state by being in charge of the time. It means every time given to you, use it well. And never say die.
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Small steps, big success (Kaizen)

Kaizen technique is also known as One Minute Rule. One Minute Rule simply means ‘take a step’, wherever you are standing; one step forward. Imagine you are doing something for a period of time, take one step forward from there. That will be an improvement. This is especially good when you are in times of confusion. Sometimes, you are procrastinating; sometimes inertia takes over, sometimes depression, and various tamasic situations, no inspiration; that’s a time when you can constantly improve through taking one step forward, continuously, constantly. Of course, you should have a vision.
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Knowledge and clarity

Today we are talking about knowledge. It is a very important subject because our life is dependent on our knowledge. One of the major factors of life is knowledge. And where does knowledge come from? Knowledge comes from experience, knowledge comes from information, and knowledge comes from other people as well. So, what knowledge is good for you? The knowledge, which you have ascertained is good for you; means, it should not be assumptions.
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I used to do podcasting many years ago when I was in Dubai in the mid-2000s. The podcasts were called, ‘Mohan’s World.’ It was in a studio, run by a man called Peter Hall. It was quite a cozy and comfortable makeshift studio, in a car shed. In the podcasts, I used to talk about something; (it was) one show every week. There were a lot of listeners from many parts of the world. People used to connect to me, talk to me, that is, and communicate with me.
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