Mohanji podcast - The cause of addictions-

The Causes of Addictions

Addictions have also to do with escapism. We tend to escape from our reality to an imaginary world. It’s like, closing our eyes and imagining there is no world outside. This situation, which you have created or which you are experiencing, sometimes gives pains, sometimes pleasure. It’s a mixture of pain and pleasure, but an addiction gives you a permanent kind of solace. That’s why we go into compulsive habits and addictions.

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Mohanji Speaks podcast - MS64 - Limiting Beliefs - Podbean - spiritual - raising awareness

Limiting Beliefs

How many times, how many situations we could not handle because of our limiting beliefs? Try to understand. Sometimes limiting beliefs are given by our parents, our teachers or society. Sometimes limiting beliefs are given by religions; all of them create an almost similar effect. We have seen that over history. Limiting beliefs have taken away great opportunities for great progress in human existence. This is very important to understand, limiting beliefs exist, and limiting beliefs are really, really important to understand and come out of.
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Mohanji Speaks podcast, listen on Podbean - Signs of unhooking, Q&A Power of Purity Meditation

Power of Purity meditation Q&A- Signs of ‘unhooking’

One of the key purposes of the Power of Purity meditation is to unhook from the past; from the bindings, from the attachment and from anything which prevents you from progressing in your connection with yourself. So unhooking is one of the primary aims of the Power of Purity. We unhook from various things.
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MS60-Human-Refinement-Mohanji-Speaks-Podcast-Listen-on-Podbean, raise awareness, kindness, compassion, selflessness, refinement

Human refinement

I’m saying that through higher awareness, we should transform the mindset of the world, and that takes effort, consistent effort. We have to believe in it; we have to have conviction in it. And we should live it. This is the way we can transform this world, now and forever.
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MS61 Paying the price for gossip - Mohanji Speaks podcast - listen on Podbean - raise awareness, stop gossipping

Paying the price for gossip

When somebody creates gossips, scandals; when somebody character assassinates another person, who’s responsible? Primarily, the person who’s initiating it is responsible. He or she ends up paying the real price. And it’s quite a huge debt, based on the impact it created.
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MS59-Importance-of-Lineage-Mohanji-Speaks-podcast-Listen-on-Podbean, gratitude, appreciation

Importance of lineage

Mata, Pita, Guru, Devo- Mother, father, Guru, God are four integral parts of your life, especially for your stability. If you connect to these four aspects, with respect, with gratitude, with extreme love and compassion, with kindness, with selflessness, you will have a great life; you will have a very stable life.
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Quote-from-Swami-Vivekananda-Mohanji-Speaks-podcast-Listen-on-Podbean, spiritualitz, raise awareness

Quote from Swami Vivekananda

Atma tattva – the soul principle is permanent. If you sell your soul, for the sake of the world, you lose your soul and you will anyway lose the world because world is impermanent or temporary. But if you forsake anything in the world, for the sake of your soul, or you invest your time in your soul, you have the soul forever.
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MS57-16-Signs-of-Avatars-Mohanji-Speaks-podcast-truth-raise awareness-spiritua;ityconsciousness

16 signs of an Avatar

There are certain signs which denote that a person has become one with God or has elevated to the level of God-consciousness. Usually, this is mentioned in the context of an avatar. What are the signs of an avatar? It’s approximately like that, so this is told in the context of an avatar like Lord Krishna.
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MS55 In Memory of Ammu - Loss transformed into something positive - Mohanji podcast - raise awareness

In memory of Ammu – Loss transformed into something positive

There are so many children dying in the world; so many people are dying; because we don’t know them, it doesn’t touch us. We need a world where we should care; we should be sincere. We should be sensitive. And death will be there; diseases will be there; old age will be there. It’s all part of existence. But how we can transform that to something positive. This is what makes us.
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Greatness is displayed with humility – Ode to 2 Maestros

Hello friends, I hope you have enjoyed the previous podcast. Today, I’m here to talk about two music Maestros who touched my heart, at various points in time. These are two great Masters of music, Indian music, with whom I interacted at different points in time. One is Pandit Jasraj; he left his body yesterday,