To stand by the helpless is to be human

I thought about this in the current situation where the racial profiling situation happens in German airports and probably some other airports in the world. We are standing up towards an establishment; you know it’s an establishment. And it’s not easy to stand up against an establishment that has created certain rules, suitable for them, not suitable for the people or not considering the people who are experiencing it.
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We must speak because they cannot

There are numerous beings who need our help to articulate because they cannot. This is something that came to my mind today. I’m sure you are aware of certain unfortunate things that happened at Frankfurt airport, which I experienced. I thought the truth must be told, as I experienced it. We must tell the truth as we witnessed it accurately, without adding anything on top of it. The voiceless mouths should be given a voice. Hence, it’s our responsibility to articulate it.
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10 pillars of a great personality

Our scriptures have said that: one who speaks, less, and only the truth, one who speaks honest and truthful words, (means with genuine intentions), one who spends only for the right reasons purposefully, one who eats sufficient food and nutritious food, and only consumes one-third of his stomach, and one who can control his senses or hold them back from breaking free and roaming on sensory objects will always have peace on earth while living.
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An attitude of kindness

Please make kindness your attitude and care your attitude; love as an attitude. Let there be any temptation to fight or to argue back, or to shout back. Even if somebody is rude to you, be kind. And that kindness should show. Humility, kindness, these kinds of things will stabilize you, and the society around you.
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MS74-Simplicity-better life- Mohanji Podcast

Simplicity = Better life

simplicity and humility are very, very powerful as foundations of character. If we follow that, life will be good, peaceful, and life will be successful. Complexities lead to complexes. And complexes are inferiority, or superiority, whichever it is, every complex is a burden, or it’s a diversion. We can avoid complexes with simplicity and humility. We can nurture strengths, and some of the strengths are very easy to nurture, and these strengths are simplicity and humility.
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We all have the success factor

Today, I was thinking about the success factor in people’s lives. When will it appear? In what way it appears, we don’t know. But we all have a success factor, and a time for that, in our life. We all have it. Then why some people do not really reach there? It’s only because they stop halfway.
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MS70-Podcast-Success is contentment

Success is Contentment

The question of success, what is a success is very relative, means it’s different from person to person. I would call success contentment. This is my take about success. Perpetual contentment means you’re happy with the situation.
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Why are we (Humans) special?

We have the capacity for the right identification which no other species has. But as human beings also, even though we have the capacity for the right identification, we still identify ourselves with our character, personality, form, position in the world or the society or our possessions. We must understand that these identifications are shallow and temporary. Positions can change; the character can change, the constitution can change; so many things can change. Whatever is changing is not the right identification. Then whatever is unchangeable is the energy aspect of our existence, the soul aspect, Atma tatwa.
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MS67-True-Spirituality-is-Experiential-Mohanji-Speaks-Podcast-Listen on Podbean.png

True spirituality is experiential

We had a situational ecstasy. When it’s gone, we are back to square one. Now, look at ourselves. We mean good, we do decide that we must reach the highest pinnacle of spiritual ecstasy in this lifetime. But often we do not have discipline. We practice for some time, or nothing is happening, so we leave it. And the worst is then we change the guru, or change the path, or change the practice. That way, we become renegades, we don’t stick to anything for a period of time.
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