New Year Message 2021

2020 gave us invaluable lessons. Number one – companionship, supporting each other. Number two – how to handle uncertainty. Even if we are angry, upset, even if we are not feeling good, because of restrictions, nothing we can do. Our limitations were shown on our face by COVID. Also, it was a warning bell that nature has more power than humans.
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MS70-Podcast-Success is contentment

Success is Contentment

The question of success, what is a success is very relative, means it’s different from person to person. I would call success contentment. This is my take about success. Perpetual contentment means you’re happy with the situation.
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Why are we (Humans) special?

We have the capacity for the right identification which no other species has. But as human beings also, even though we have the capacity for the right identification, we still identify ourselves with our character, personality, form, position in the world or the society or our possessions. We must understand that these identifications are shallow and temporary. Positions can change; the character can change, the constitution can change; so many things can change. Whatever is changing is not the right identification. Then whatever is unchangeable is the energy aspect of our existence, the soul aspect, Atma tatwa.
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Q & A: Do animals have karma?

Only when you’re totally liberated from the birth-death cycle, because of detachment, witness hood and also total awareness of who you actually are, (that means your soul consciousness, Atma Bodha), until then, there is no complete liberation. You always tend to come back. So, this is exactly what I mean to say: when patterns are controlling you, you tend to come back with the same patterns, whether you like it or not.
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MS67-True-Spirituality-is-Experiential-Mohanji-Speaks-Podcast-Listen on Podbean.png

True spirituality is experiential

We had a situational ecstasy. When it’s gone, we are back to square one. Now, look at ourselves. We mean good, we do decide that we must reach the highest pinnacle of spiritual ecstasy in this lifetime. But often we do not have discipline. We practice for some time, or nothing is happening, so we leave it. And the worst is then we change the guru, or change the path, or change the practice. That way, we become renegades, we don’t stick to anything for a period of time.
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Mohanji podcast - The cause of addictions-

The Causes of Addictions

Addictions have also to do with escapism. We tend to escape from our reality to an imaginary world. It’s like, closing our eyes and imagining there is no world outside. This situation, which you have created or which you are experiencing, sometimes gives pains, sometimes pleasure. It’s a mixture of pain and pleasure, but an addiction gives you a permanent kind of solace. That’s why we go into compulsive habits and addictions.

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Mohanji Speaks podcast - MS64 - Limiting Beliefs - Podbean - spiritual - raising awareness

Limiting Beliefs

How many times, how many situations we could not handle because of our limiting beliefs? Try to understand. Sometimes limiting beliefs are given by our parents, our teachers or society. Sometimes limiting beliefs are given by religions; all of them create an almost similar effect. We have seen that over history. Limiting beliefs have taken away great opportunities for great progress in human existence. This is very important to understand, limiting beliefs exist, and limiting beliefs are really, really important to understand and come out of.
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Mohanji Speaks podcast, listen on Podbean - Signs of unhooking, Q&A Power of Purity Meditation

Power of Purity meditation Q&A- Signs of ‘unhooking’

One of the key purposes of the Power of Purity meditation is to unhook from the past; from the bindings, from the attachment and from anything which prevents you from progressing in your connection with yourself. So unhooking is one of the primary aims of the Power of Purity. We unhook from various things.
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MS62-The-only-time-we-have-is-now-Mohanji-Speaks-podcast-Listen-on-Podbean, raise awareness, be in now, present moment

The only time we have is now

This is the only time that we have. We have not seen the future, and we don’t have the past. It’s done. This thought should happen. We must make ourselves as beautiful, as handsome as possible so that we can communicate what we have to communicate to the world. Life is the message; life is the lesson. Life is the only expression possible.
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