Divine Romance – the truth

What is Divine Romance? | Mohanji  Romance is our nature. We are born romantic. But unfortunately, people think a man-woman romance is a real romance. That’s the unfortunate thing, and that’s because it comes from insecurity. Insecurity We have insecurity inbuilt. Do you know what the primary insecurity is? Death. We all know very well


Love – a permanent state

What is the opposite of love – Mohanji I believe there are no opposites to love. Love cannot have opposites. You can say the opposite is a lack of love. The state is a state, a temporary state. The lack of love is not a permanent state; it’s a temporary state. You don’t feel love.


Treat people properly now

How to treat people properly |Mohanji  How much time do you have on earth? You don’t know, let’s say until death. Within this time, what we want to do, we should do. Or whatever our desires are, whatever our expressions are, we should accomplish it. There is no question of,” Should I do something?” If


How do we approach God?

That’s a very difficult question in that context. It depends on what you think is God. What is God for you? If God is like a human being who will like you and dislike you, then you have to do accordingly. If God is only love, then you don’t have to prove anything. God loves you anyway.
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Satsang at Bosnian Pyramids retreat 2018

We have wonderful guests here with us, most of them from India. There are a lot ofthem; there is a couple from America, a group from England, for now, andMontenegro – a foreign country (she laughs). So, briefly, as our dear Monica has said, we have made a wonderful connectionbetween India and the Balkans generally


10 pillars of a great personality

Our scriptures have said that: one who speaks, less, and only the truth, one who speaks honest and truthful words, (means with genuine intentions), one who spends only for the right reasons purposefully, one who eats sufficient food and nutritious food, and only consumes one-third of his stomach, and one who can control his senses or hold them back from breaking free and roaming on sensory objects will always have peace on earth while living.
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An attitude of kindness

Please make kindness your attitude and care your attitude; love as an attitude. Let there be any temptation to fight or to argue back, or to shout back. Even if somebody is rude to you, be kind. And that kindness should show. Humility, kindness, these kinds of things will stabilize you, and the society around you.
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How to love yourself

There is only one thing we must practice to perfection. That means self-love. This has to be practised to perfection. There is no other way. We can always love other people, do things outside. This is all when we are awake when we are in the waking state.
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Q & A: Do animals have karma?

Only when you’re totally liberated from the birth-death cycle, because of detachment, witness hood and also total awareness of who you actually are, (that means your soul consciousness, Atma Bodha), until then, there is no complete liberation. You always tend to come back. So, this is exactly what I mean to say: when patterns are controlling you, you tend to come back with the same patterns, whether you like it or not.
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Human refinement

I’m saying that through higher awareness, we should transform the mindset of the world, and that takes effort, consistent effort. We have to believe in it; we have to have conviction in it. And we should live it. This is the way we can transform this world, now and forever.
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