New Year Message 2021

2020 gave us invaluable lessons. Number one – companionship, supporting each other. Number two – how to handle uncertainty. Even if we are angry, upset, even if we are not feeling good, because of restrictions, nothing we can do. Our limitations were shown on our face by COVID. Also, it was a warning bell that nature has more power than humans.
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Connection to the real Master

What happens today, the mind gets distracted; the mind is on many things – many people, many teachings, many books; so this concentration is not happening. That is why the result is not happening. When you concentrate on one Master, with all your heart, all your mind, body, everything connected, then you become the Master’s responsibility. Then you don’t have a responsibility, because you have already delivered yourself, which is what Hanuman did.
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Importance of lineage

Mata, Pita, Guru, Devo- Mother, father, Guru, God are four integral parts of your life, especially for your stability. If you connect to these four aspects, with respect, with gratitude, with extreme love and compassion, with kindness, with selflessness, you will have a great life; you will have a very stable life.
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The offering of food to Baba

Lord Krishna says, “If you give me a flower or a leaf, I’ll be happy. But please remember, that belongs to me, anyway.”

All the materials that we use, all the things that we have, they are all temporary and are not ours. We are probably a custodian of something for some time, but we can’t really own anything. I was thinking about it many, many years ago: What can I offer to Baba?
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Help our neighbours

I am saying this with full gratitude and in appreciation of your love and kindness towards me and other family members who live with me. I fully appreciate, I fully understand your feeling, and I’m filled with gratitude because you’re finding the time and spending money, and energy, to send the gift items which you love to give me and the people here in the house.
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No sensual activity for enlightenment? QA with Mohanji

When to express myself? No sensual activity for enlightenment?

Experience life as it comes, with gratitude; look at everything gratefully, even anger, hatred, jealousy; look at everything as flavours of life. But you’re not any of them. You have nothing to do with them. They’re just experiences, various flavours you are experiencing. It does not matter what the cause is, take the experiences as neutral, as they are happening. They come; they go. You’re watching. 
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