Mookambika intense Satsang-3

Mookambika Satsang 3 | Mohanji

This is part 3 of the satsangs held in Mookambika in 2019


We met after Peru, right? The last time we met was in Machu Picchu. You climbed all the way up. I remember that. Wonderful. We should start with the questions, so we’ll take it forward from there.

Are you ready? Mayank, your job is to make sure that you don’t walk all over; sit in one place. Don’t let others walk so that we can communicate.

Addressing Patterns

Q: I see the thoughts, behaviors, and patterns related to my past life.  I recognize it, but I am not able to stop it. Baba, please help. How to open this heart chakra?

Mohanji: These are two different things. The patterns have nothing to do with any of the chakras. Patterns are habits connected over a while, in a certain frequency and with a certain intensity. Suppose it’s a fear that you have trapped, it gets repeated, and you don’t want to let that fear go because you like to keep that fear. That gets repeated as a cycle and becomes a pattern.

I explained it in the morning. When we have too much dependency on ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’, ‘Ourselves’, ‘Our materials, positions, possessions’, these will cling on. All these things are connected to certain situations. Beyond that, these patterns are expressed only during your waking hours, isn’t it?

In 24 hours, these patterns are actually experienceable, or they manifest only during waking hours. Please understand. So, what happens during sleep? They are not existing; they are not valid, right? So, first of all, these things are manifested only during waking hours, so it’s easy to address them in waking hours.


How do you address them? First and foremost is diagnosis. Yes, these patterns exist. The second is non-resistance. Let it be. Let all these patterns be. This is part of me. My whole constitution includes this as well. So, no resistance. The third is when you do not resist something, everything comes and goes. Whatever you resist stays longer. Most of these things we are burdened with exist because we deny them at some point, to some degree. We are not accepting them. The secret is acceptance. “I do have patterns. I do have weaknesses; I do have likes and dislikes.”

Where are likes and dislikes coming from? They come from inclinations. We are a bundle of inclinations. Every human being is a bundle of inclinations, vasanas, or tendencies. That’s how people recognize us. Some people don’t understand why they are after some things. It’s very important for them to have certain things; if not, they go violent. People may not understand why these inclinations are so strong; addictions, for example, likes and dislikes…

Memories and Experiences

All these inclinations are connected to impressions we have collected at some point in time. They’re all coming from impressions. Impressions are coming from memories. Memories come from experiences.

So, an event happened. That event gave you an experience. That experience gave you a memory, that memory gave you an impression, and that impression sprouted back as habits, fears, patterns, desires, anything. This is our story. We are all that. We have our weaknesses; we have our strengths. Nobody has only weaknesses; nobody has just strengths. We must accept both in us. Let there be weaknesses, let there be strengths, no problem. There you start walking. Then you start accepting yourself totally.

When you accept yourself totally, the pattern starts dissolving. In one way, you can see them not impacting you anymore because you’re not resisting. Only when you resist, there’s pressure. Then it becomes effortless; it starts flowing. This is how we do it.

So how do you come out of patterns? Diagnosis is okay, but then don’t cling to it. Acknowledging it is fine. “I do have patterns.” Everybody has patterns. All people have patterns; all people have habits, likes, and dislikes. Everything is fine. That’s the diagnosis; that’s your understanding.

The next is acceptance. So, when a pattern manifests a ‘like’ or a ‘dislike’, you’re not worried about it. You’re not trying to push it away. What are you trying to do? Let it be. Accept it. Then it dissolves by itself.

Whatever you resist stays; whatever you accept dissolves. This is the secret. This is all we have to do. Eventually, you will know that you’re not in conflict with yourself.

If you’re not in conflict with yourself, you’re not in conflict with the world outside. If you like yourself, you like the world. You are the world.

We start understanding. That’s why I said yesterday; you can have a million questions. I can tell you the answer now; what’s the answer? You.’ You can have any question, but the answer is you. If you understand that, you understand the entire philosophy.

Tat-twam-asi. You are that. That which you’re looking for is you.

So, everything is formed out of you. The world you talk about, your world, is only when you are awake. When you wake up in the morning, you have a world to work on for the sake of experience. But when you sleep, where’s that world for you? The world outside exists, but you don’t have that world. That world is not available for you. Am I right?

And if you believe that the world belongs to you, what is it called? Ignorance. Nothing belongs to you. Even this body is not ours. We leave it at some point in time. That’s why I said, “Don’t ever be fooled by thinking that this body is me. This body is just one expression of me. I am not the body.”

Mano buddhi ahankara chittani naaham
Na cha shrotravjihve na cha ghraana netre
Na cha vyoma bhumir na tejo na vayuhu
Chidananda rupah shivo’ham shivo’ham

Who said that? Adi Shankaracharya.

At the age of eight, he realized that, “I’m not the body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit. I’m not this sky, this atmosphere, these elements; I am the eternal, the indestructible (which can’t be destroyed) – Shiva. I am eternity in action, in a finite form for the sake of finite experiences, in and within finite time, in a finite form, for the sake of finite experiences.”

Why is it a finite experience? You had food; you had the experience of food. The next day, you need food again! Some people have a voracious appetite, and the next hour itself, they need food again! (chuckling). This is us; this is who we are! Finite experiences – all are finite. Time is finite because we have a duration from birth till death. Then we have to leave the body.  In this whole story, don’t take anything seriously. What do you need to do? Keep laughing. Experience, enjoy, laugh. Don’t take life seriously because everything is passing.If you are able to witness, you’ll have no conflicts with yourself.

When you don’t have conflicts with yourself, you have no conflict with the world outside.

Otherwise, me and mine create many boundaries. All the walls you see in the world are because of me and mine. Is this clear?

Q: Is Supreme Consciousness, Kundalini energy, soul, the same? What is the difference between Shiva and Shakti in terms of Consciousness?

Mohanji:  All are dimensions. When I say consciousness, you can call it the operating mechanism. Understand this clearly; this is fundamental. You have five senses, primarily five senses, right? What for? What is the use of senses? It’s to experiencethe materials of the world. And what is processing these experiences? Eyes can see, but if your mind is not there, eyes won’t see anything. Isn’t it? You can look, but you won’t see. You look, but you don’t see when your mind is not available.

The Mind

Mind processes emotions; intellect processes information; ego processes things related to personality such as position, possession, respect, and such aspects.

These are the three processors that everybody has. All of you have mind, intellect, and ego as processors. You are constantly processing in the waking state; so much data is being processed. Some are emotions; some are information; some are egocentric such as materials, your relations, your position in the society, and so on. These are being processed. There are four koshas or sheaths to store them.

Causal layer and karma

Annamaya kosha, pranamaya kosha, manomaya kosha; there are multiple sheaths or layers: the physical layer, emotional layer, etc. They are our storage boxes. Then finally, the root, the impression, the seed sits in the causal layer. The soul takes the Causal layer when it leaves the body. This is put into another body; that’s what we call patterns. At the time of death, the soul leaves with your causal layer, also sometimes the other layers. They can be re-installed in another body for the sake of different experiences. Thus, we have taken hundreds and thousands of lives.

We have taken many lives because our desires are not ending. We have more and more desires. Each desire is asking for more time. You need time and space; you need the environment; you needawareness to experience. The data collected from the senses is processed by the mind-matter. Mind-matter is the mind, intellect, and ego put together. Then, consciousness works on three levels. What are the three levels? They are waking state, dream state, deep sleep state.

Three levels on which Consciousness works:

In your waking state, you are collecting data from the world around you. Only what you can see, you can collect. When you are looking at one thing, there are so many things happening around you. Can you see them? You can’t. So, you are very limited, extremely limited. You are only processing something which you have witnessed right in front of you. You can’t experience or process anything which you can’t touch; you can’t see, you can’t witness, you can’t do anything. We are very limited; understand that clearly.

For example, you’re sitting in Udupi now, and something is happening in Mookambika. You have nothing to do with it. Why? Because you are not there. How limited we are! We are limited to a small environment, and it’s all we see. That’s the waking state.

When we are awake, we are collecting, or we’re responding to the world outside. During your dreamstate, what do you do? In the dream state, you’re still responding, but that response is to the world inside you. What is the world inside you? Collected data that you stored inside. The dream state processes that which you have already collected and stored inside. It cannot process from outside because your senses have shut down to sleep; they are not functional in sleep mode.

So, the conscious mind, the conscious intellect, and the conscious ego are not functional along with the outside (world). But internally, their data which is already stored, is being processed. The dream state is an active state. You do have experiences in the dream state. The dream state is an alive state. You do have experiences. Is there anyone here who doesn’t have dreams?

[Yes? (Speaking to someone)-You are already enlightened, that’s why. If you do not have dreams, then one aspect of consciousness is deleted. Amazing! Usually, great masters- their dream state collapses. Yeah. I’m happy to meet you. (laughs)]

The dream state is something that is alive, which is active, and also it gives you experiences. Whatever state gives you experiences is important for you because there is fulfillment; experience is about fulfillment.

Why are you trying for experiences? Every moment is your life, right? What’s happening every moment is the purpose of life. What’s happening each moment is what you are born for. There is no one purpose in an imaginary way. It’s not like that.

Life is as it happens every moment

Each moment is important, including the dream state. This is the second state. Then comes the deep sleep state. What is the deep sleep state? It’s when (the senses) are totally absent. This means the external organs or the organs which you use for external pursuits and the organs which are used for internal pursuits both shut down.

Then, what are you? You are completely dead. Totally. It’s like a death statefor about three to three and a half hours. That’s the exact time of mobile charging; you plug in, and you get a full charge, 100%, in three and a half hours!

You come back in the same body in the morning. You say, “I am alive!” Then you have a world outside. Even earlier, there was a world outside, but you could not use that world. The world was useless for you. But when you wake up and start looking out, there’s a world which you can use.

So, you start your day again. You bring forth all your attributes. You say, “I am so and so. I am a male or a female. I belong to this set of parents, this gotra, or this lineage.“ All these things are when you are awake; when you become a symbol of your family, your desires, and so on.

Thus, consciousness has three aspects. What are the aspects? Waking state, dream state, deep sleep state. Did you understand this phenomenon? Senses, processors, consciousness. Now, there’s a fourth possibility, which, when you reach a state of enlightenment, you connect to.

Witnessing means detachment

That means a state of a witness of these three states. You are witnessing the waking state, which means no attachment to your activities. It’s a detached existence – when you are detached from your waking state activities continuously and consistently. It’s because you can only do meditation when you are awake, correct? You can only do witness hood when you are awake.

But people do meditations in their sleep state because sometimes some people sleep. That’s different. That’s not always meditation. It depends on how much you snore (chuckles). If you are definitely not snoring, you are in a deep sleep. But otherwise, it’s probably a dream state. Some people shout. Sometimes, when you enter a room, it’s like you entered a zoo. You go through various cages; people snore at various levels, and then you come out and say, “Oh my god, what a relief.” These are all high levels of meditation.

When you are in a witnessing mode of your waking state, spontaneously, like a boat floating on water, you’ll also transcend into the dream state. That means you are not falling asleep. You are a witness to your sleep mode also. Right now, in your sleep state, you don’t know when you fall asleep, right? It’s all uncontrolled; you lie down, fall asleep, and then go into a dream state.

In the fourth state, you start witnessing your dream state also; that process happens automatically. Like you witness the waking state, you’re also witnessing the dream state; you’re always in witness mode.

You then start witnessing the deep sleep state also. When you start witnessing these three states, you are in the fourth state; this is called the turiya state. That witness hood actually detaches you one more step from this physical, from the internal and processors, the minor and major processors to a level where you’re witnessing everything.

Soul Particle

There’s somebody sitting behind, nurturing all these states. Who is that? It’s the God Particle, the Soul Particle. You start connecting to the soul particle, which is the permanent thing in you, which is not bound by your body or your emotions, duration, or experiences; nothing; it’s not bound by anything! That’s the soul particle. You start connecting to the soul particle; there you attain immortality. You reach higher levels of Samadhi by connecting to the soul aspect, which is the real energy aspect of you. The others are all only dimensions of that energy. That’s why I said all these things which you have talked about are the various dimensions of your own existence. They are real.

They are all real. They are important, but at the same time, please remember: you are not one thing. You are everything – all of us, each person. Also, remember, an ant which you may be ignoring, or a bee, or an elephant; they are all the same; same system, same kind of configuration. Most birds or animals operate purely on the basis of instinct. Survival instinct is the highest of instincts, even for humans.

You are everything

We have a survival instinct, and every being has instincts. Most of them only operate on instincts, but when it comes to humans, we also operate on intelligence and imagination. We operate on intelligence and imagination more than on instincts. So, what do we do? “Oh, instinct is very inferior. I have a very refined personality. I only operate on imagination and intelligence.” This is what we see in the world today. All that we have created, the buildings, the structures, the infrastructure – everything is connected to intelligence and imagination.

But man is still instinct-oriented for survival. We see that happening; mad competition, comparisons, isn’t it? It’s all instinct-oriented. If you are very intelligent, you’ll not compete; there’s nothing to compete. We are all the same; we are playing our roles in life.

Nobody is higher; nobody is lower. The urge to prove that “I am better than you” is from instinct. Survival of the fittest is based on instinct. So, if you are able to see through all this when you look at a person, you know where they are operating from; it’s very simple; definitely uncomplicated.

We seem to be complicated, but nothing is complicated. We are of various dimensions.

If you understand, intelligence and imagination are our strengths. We are of a relatively weak frame or a weak constitution. A cow or other such animal can survive winter and harsh weather without much trouble. But if you sit outside, you’ll be a fossil soon. 


We cannot survive many different climates and stuff. We are much more vulnerable than various species. But we have intelligence and imagination with which we are surviving. So, what should be our way of operations then? Display that intelligence and imagination in its highest form, like compassion, kindness, inclusiveness. We connect to every being. This is important. That’s when you actually become a human being. Otherwise, we have a human form, but as another weak expression of instinct. This is something which we must always remember.

You are kriya initiates. Why is this awareness important for you? You now know certain terrains you don’t have to move into; you don’t have to go there because it’s not your cup of tea, especially gossip and other things which are of heavy and negative nature. You don’t have to go near any negative emotions. You could simply say, “That’s not my cup of tea!”

Becauseif you contaminate yourself, it takes time to purify yourself. You need to remain pure. When I say “pure,” that means positive thoughts, positive words, and positive actions. Good thoughts, good words, good action. What’s good? Something which liberates you is good. Something which binds you isn’t good because it asks you to come back. It’s asking for more time and space.

So, what’s good for you is that which liberates you. That’s why we do Kriya. Kriya is a tool that will help you to align yourself. If you practice with discipline, it’ll help you. Alignment is very important. Discipline is very important; it’s essential.

Otherwise, it’s akin to pouring water into a pot with holes. You keep pouring water in, and the holes will let the water out. You want to make sure the pot has no holes. That’s very important because then your effort will be used well.That needs a lifestyle: no comparison, no competition, no judgment, no criticism, no gossip. Stay pure. Then you try kriya; you’ll see how it works.

So, all these are dimensions.

To the question, “Is the Supreme Consciousness, Kundalini energy, and soul the same? “

Mohanji: Supreme Consciousness is the source. Supreme Consciousness is the unmanifested, unknowable supreme energy that the whole universe is filled with – brighter than a million suns. That’s the nature of the Supreme Consciousness. It’s pure brightness, pure energy – powerful.

From there, the same energy conglomerate made a unit of itself and made an atom. That atom created space; space created time; time and space together created creations. All the galaxies that you see now – they all come out of these combinations. The first atom – the Supreme, came out of pure energy.

When that atom is done, it goes back to pure energy. The wave has come out of the ocean. When the waves die, they go back to the ocean. The ocean is not affected. The ocean is never affected by the waves. And the ocean is not responsible for the waves. Supreme Consciousness is not affected by any creation, nor is it responsible for the creations. Why? Because creation creates itself.

We talked about patterns, our likes, dislikes, and desires. Supreme Consciousness has no desire. You have desires; the unit has desires. What will the Supreme Consciousness do?  You have desires; enjoy them. It’s facilitating; it’s allowing.

It manifested itself to allow many creations so as to allow many lokas (worlds) in this universe where creation can happen. Imagine them as canvases; they are all potential canvases for creation to happen. Creation will happen based on the available resources. If you’re building a house, it’s built based on materials available, isn’t it?

You can’t build if the materials are not available, can you?  Similarly, in all these lokas, that is, all these canvases, many materials were available based on which creation happened. There are beings who can create, just as we have sculptors, who can make beautiful idols. They know how to make idols out of raw and unpolished stone. They make good statues from them; they are skilled in that way. Just like that, there are creators who are skilled in creating.

When some of them decided to use the earth as a platform, they understood that the best method to create on earth was to use elements. What are the basic elements they use to create? Earth, water, air, fire, space, with which they created beings. That’s why you can see a variety of creations on earth. But there was one condition. What was the condition? It should be in tune with the vibratory frequency, with the major macro vibratory frequency of the earth.

Numerous variations exist – some places are very cold; some places are warm. There’s the arctic region with ice; there are deserts, so there’s heat. There’s water, sky, mountains, high and low altitude, and so on; many varieties. 

When they started working on these creations, they moulded them in such a way that the creations did not contradict the basic structure or vibration of the earth, except for one being, the human being. We’ve transcended every terrain, with zero or very little awareness, rather, ignorance! We’ve expanded to all sorts of places and have disturbed the entire ecology.

We have intelligence and imagination, but it’s used in the wrong manner. And then we complain, “It’s very hot. I need the air conditioner!” Who caused the heat to increase so much? We destroyed the ecology, created these buildings and structures, placed ourselves in square moulds. Our mind is not square, isn’t it? Mind is ‘chitta akasha’; like nature, it’s vast and has a magnificent variety. It’s a huge world, but we like it to be square or finite. 

We have square rooms, and we decided this is giving us protection. We don’t remember this is a prison. We started thinking in terms of cubes, structures, and boundaries when we actually do not have boundaries. We are everything. The whole idea is that we are everything, ‘Tat-twam-Asi’ which means,” You are that”. Everything is you – that idea itself is not absorbed. It’s not happening because we’ve started looking at life in terms of finite frames.

When we see a person, we are busy putting them in a frame; a guru should behave like this. You buy the frame in the beginning before you get the guru. Then you’re busy cutting the picture to fit the frame.  You don’t choose to buy a big frame that suits the guru; you don’t do that. You buy the frame first, then you somehow squeeze the guru into the frame. If the guru’s hand or leg comes out, you trim it. ☺ What do you do?  You don’t buy a bigger frame because your mind doesn’t permit it. You’ve already decided the guru should be so. Then, it’s a prejudiced view or a preconditioned view.

You try to put the person into the frame, and if he doesn’t fit into the frame, what do you do? You tell him, “Squeeze yourself in.”  If he says,I can’t”, you warn him again. “You had better squeeze in.” If he says, “No, no, it’s not possible,” then you crucify him.  After you crucify him, you can cut pieces and put them in any frame as you like. We then worship the pieces, not the whole, the oneness! This is what we see in the world.

Any master worth his name is assassinated. That’s why Socrates said, ”I would rather drink the poison at once rather than little by little each day from society.” This is exactly how it’s happening, right? When a master is alive, contemporaries try to assassinate him. If he is not easy to assassinate, they’ll scandalize him. If he keeps working even then, they’ll try their best.

Once he is dead, they form a religion or philosophy out of it. Then you can decide as you like; because anyway he (the Master) is not there to kick your butt. So, what do you do?  You make your own religions and various varieties from it. All of this comes from the mind.

This is how we are. I am explaining this to you so that you may break your mind to pieces. Break these boundaries into pieces. Increase your capacity, acceptability of the world as it is. That’s why in India, we have all types of gurus, all sizes, shapes, colors (chuckles:)). We have them; if they were in any other country, they would be in a mental asylum.

I am sure there are enlightened masters in every place because it’s not only here. There are great masters in many places, but they can’t say much. If they talk beyond the boundary of the established religion, they are done for; may be placed in a mental asylum. This happens.

However, in Bharat, there’s acceptance; we’ve seen saints in various states of Samadhi; we’ve been taught about it. At each state of Samadhi, your response to the world will be different. You’ll see the world differently; you’ll feel the world differently. You experience the difference, and this is accepted.

I have my choice of experience as per my frequency. I cannot experience life according to another person’s frequency because I’ve already shifted into a different frequency. From birth till death, we are shifting (frequencies) all the time.

We are busy trying to compromise according to social boundaries. Society wants mediocre people. Like Hitler said, “I make men in my own image, or I destroy them”. He offered only two options. So, this is what society does; you have to walk within the boundaries; else, you are an outcast, an outlaw.

Please understand that we have to be ourselves. Do not compare. Do not criticize. Do not judge. We have no right to judge another, be it a young child or an older adult. Do not judge. We don’t know them. If at all you want to judge, you should understand their karmic structure fully. Until then, don’t judge.

I don’t have the right to judge or criticize; all I can do is accept that person as he or she is.The word tolerance has no meaning in my dictionary. Who are you to tolerate anything at all? You are just another walking being in this world, just like an ant, an insect, a bee, a bird, or a fish.

You exist in this world; this world belongs to everybody. We are not special. We are not higher or lower than anybody. We are not equal to anybody. We are unique. We can’t be compared. Nobody can be compared to another. That’s a wrong idea. Also, spiritual awakening happens at your pace, depending on where you stand, which frequency you operate.

If you’re constantly fighting with yourself, it’s guaranteed at least for the next 15 lifetimes, nothing will happen; and that’s only because you are resisting yourself. You have not accepted yourself. If you start accepting yourself, first, with all your weaknesses, and then with your strengths, you can see a quick transition in one lifetime.

It’s as simple as that. To the extent that you resist, you cause delays. These are simple truths. You’ll know it’s true as you walk the path; you’ll feel and realize it each moment. It’s not rocket science. This is the truth.

Intelligence and imagination

(Mohanji is speaking to someone)

I generalized them as intelligence and imagination; inspiration and others are related; they are dimensions of these two.

If you’re fully aware that you are definitely the Supreme Consciousness, that the soul is sitting in you, you can be in any place and experience anything, just like these great Masters do. They are not worried about time, space, or materials. They experience everything. Nothing can contaminate them.

You have taken a finite form for the sake of experiences; in other words, for the sake of unfulfilled desires. I am talking in generic terms. There are many layers to it, but basically, what are you? A bunch of inclinations – that’s what you are. Every being is a bunch of inclinations.

Lineage owns you

This body, the structure itself, is inclination-based. You are owned by your lineage. Lineage has collective karma. Your ancestors, their ancestors – all these people, the family lineage has collective karma.

That’s why when you take birth, mostly, you’ll do so within the peripherals of the same family. You keep coming back to the same family because the lineage karma owns you. When the sperm meets the egg, Dhananjaya Prana takes over. That’s the first prana that enters the system.

There are five structural pranas that keep your structure, and that means your body, the constitution – the structure. It owns your life or your incarnation. And this Dhananjaya Prana leaves your body when the body is fully decomposed or burnt. So, your body is owned by your lineage, and Dhananjaya Prana is a continuation of the lineage.

But Prarabdha karma, the unfulfilled desires or destiny, when does that come in? That comes in when the vessel is ready when the body is formed. If the body isn’t there, what will prarabdha do? It comes in when the body is ready for action; it’s like a tenant in the house; you’re renting the house.

Prarabdha karma, the destiny, is renting this body for the sake of unfulfilled desires for a duration. You sign the contract; maybe it’s 80 years or 90 years; that’s a lease agreement. Then, you have to leave. When you leave, the body is left behind, and then the body is decomposed. So, this is the structure.

Lineage, collective karma, and its impact on our life

You lead your life in this pattern; that’s why we always say, ”Take care of your parents; take care of your children; take care of the neighbours; take care of the dogs, cats, and so on.”

We have to be responsible socially so that it helps the lineage flow.

When we become selfish and don’t do anything for anybody, we have to pay a higher price and lead more lives, for that matter. Hence, we say, “Do annadaan(food donation).” Take care of your family. Do what you can for your society. This way, you can reduce the intensity and the weight of your own existence as well as of your family.

(Mohanji is answering someone) Well, it’s very simple. So, you’re sitting here, and you know very well that I have my drama called life. Why do you go to a feature film? Entertainment. You watch the feature film but are aware that, “I am not that. I am witnessing some drama and emotion on the screen, but I am not that. It’s not happening to me.”

Cache memory is the ingredient for our life

Isn’t that so? This is exactly what the Supreme Consciousness is witnessing – the entire drama, and not interfering. You have nothing to do with the creation of the feature film. You did not direct the movie. You did not choose the actors; you did not choose the drama; you chose nothing. What’s the ingredient of your karma, the destiny path? Cache memory – what you’re experiencing each moment, its residue. Cache memory is the ingredient for your next incarnation.

That’s why I say don’t criticize, don’t judge. You’ve not even thought about most of these things. You saw something in the newspaper or television, and you were very emotional about it.

You can see that all the time if you look at the television channels. People are shouting at each other, arguing about their religion, their ideology, their politics, throwing mud at each other, and alsocollecting lots of residue from it. All these have residue. As in the computer system, cache memory is created when you surf, even without your knowledge. You didn’t create and store that memory, did you? But it’s there. That causes the next life; it repeats.

Such memory causes patterns also. Since desires arise from these, similar tendencies and situations occur life after life. Hence, acceptancehas a lot of value, “Okay, this is happening, it may not be good or pleasing, but still, let it come, let it go.” All that comes will go.

Supreme Consciousness is an ocean; the created universe that we talk about with all the galaxies all put together is just like a pimple or a mole on Shiva’s face. Supreme Consciousness or the uncreated universe is huge, much larger, unfathomable. You can’t even measure. You can’t understand, especially with your intellect – no way.

Then, how can you know it? Be that. That means total dissolution. Once you become Shiva, you know Shiva.But then there’s nobody to know; there’s nothing in you to know because you became that. This is dissolution. That’s why I said our path does not end with enlightenment.

Enlightenment can happen when your witness hood stabilizes in turiya. But we are not talking about that. We are going all the way where even the sukshma or the subtle is dissolved, and we become Shiva. This has to happen in a lifetime.

The importance of determination, consistency, conviction, continuity:

It needs determination, strength, consistency, conviction, and continuityall these are needed so that in a lifetime, you transcend to the highest.

So, why did this universe get created? It was not as if somebody decided, “Ok, tomorrow I’ll create a universe.” Not like that. It happened because there has to be a duality to understand unity. If there’s no “You and I“ separate from each other, we’ll not know each other. I have to be sitting here so that I know that I am not you.

If only you exist, you’ll not know you. You need to have a duality to recognize and experience unity. This is very important, and that’s what is running this universe.

There’s no good, bad, or ugly here; there’s no right or wrong here. I always say that if something is wrong, it’s violence. I love ahimsa, non – violence; anything which is consensual is okay. That means you don’t kill an animal thinking,” It’s fine. I have more intelligence than the animal; I can kill it.” That’s not consensual; the animal is not happy and does not say, “Okay, take my meat. I have too much of it.” No animal says that, right? So, it’s definitely not acceptable.

It may be consensual; that’s why we used to have cows and calves in our houses earlier. The cows and calves used to live in the house as family members, as part of the family; none would disturb them. The cow and the calf were just like the mother and child in the home; everything was fine. Then, if the excess milk is used, that’s fine because it’s consensual. There’s no violence in it. That’s why I am against the dairy industry, where they take the calves away and kill them. That’s violence.

I don’t agree with violence because it creates that kind of energy more and more. If you consistently do that, it remains as a collective consciousness in this world, which causes wars, bloodshed, destruction, and displacement. All these things happen because of the continuous sadness stuck in the air.

There’s a lot of sadness when the mother loses her child, and that sadness is constantly going into the air; it’s like a sheath all over the earth. It causes sadness, depression, madness; all these are connected to that. Collective consciousness is supported, or collective consciousness is formed out of these.

God is not sitting down and thinking,” Okay, I like this guy, so I’ll give him something.” Or “I don’t like this person, so I’ll punish him.” This is such a huge world, and human beings are tinier than an ant. What is God’s problem?

We are so small. Look at it from the perspective of the universe; you are hardly visible. Even from the moon, if you look, you cannot see human beings. So small, so tiny. The only thing that’s big is our ego – nothing else. It’s much larger than our structure. 

God is thinking, “Look at this idiot. He thinks he is big. Let him think.“ Even an ant might be thinking, “I am amazingly big. I can even beat an elephant.” See, this is our ego. So, that’s all we have. The real possession is that ego.

Shiva and Shakti aspects within us

Q: There are two similar questions. What’s the difference between Shiva and Shakti in terms of consciousness? How do you explore the Shiva and Shakti within?

Mohanji:  Shiva is the source – representation of the Supreme Consciousness. Shakti is the operating element. Without Shiva, Shakti cannot operate. Without Shakti, Shiva cannot manifest. It’s as simple as that.

Understood? If you want me to explain, you tell me; if it’s not understood, you ask me.

The electricity is Shiva; the bulb is Shakti. For electricity to manifest, there has to be a bulb; for the bulb to express itself, there has to be electricity. It’s Shiva’s manifested form; manifested means it’s like an operating form. Everything is Shakti. Shiva by itself does not have any inclination for creation, but with the help of Shakti, (creation happens). That’s why He became very angry when Sati died; Shiva’s expression was lost; He became furious. It’s not just that His wife died; probably, people won’t cry as much when the wife dies. 🙂 (chuckles) ☺

But it was very important for Shiva to reinstate Shakti; otherwise, he couldn’t express it. So, he wreaked havoc. He burst things, he pulled his hair and let it on the ground, and then came Mahakali and Veerabhadra.  They asked, “What should we do?” “Go, destroy.” This destruction was for recreation.

So, the same structure which destroyed something cannot recreate that thing. You need to recreate the structure to manifest again. That’s when it happened.

Shiva was upset. Of course, he must have been upset because his wife died, but now I don’t want to underestimate that. But, the main reason is that when Shiva loses his expression, it’s up to him to create it again so that life continues, expressions continue, creation continues. It’s important. Otherwise, there’s no creation, there’s no world; there’s no experience. You have to continue the show.

How many of you have gone to Kailash? When you walk further from Gauri Kund, you can see rocks and splinters. It looks like there was an earthquake; rocks and boulders are scattered. That’s apparently where Shiva stomped on the ground, and the whole mountain shook and broke parts of the mountain into pieces. You can actually see it.  That’s the expression of his anger when Sati died. We have to put our foot down sometimes.

Lord Narayana is the same as Supreme Consciousness:

(Mohanji answering someone)

No, Lord Narayana is the same as Supreme Consciousness. That’s why he’s lying on Ananta – infinity. Infinity means you cannot actually measure the Supreme Consciousness. It is definitely immeasurable, unfathomable, unknowable; this is the state. The Ananta represents a huge snake with no beginning or end. That’s the representation of that aspect of Supreme consciousness. 

Brahma and Vishnu – Aspects of consciousness

Maha Vishnu is the benevolent aspect of Supreme Consciousness, lying on the infinity and in yoga nidra. Yoga nidra means fully in tune with the Supreme Cosmic Consciousness. Lakshmi is at his feet. Lakshmi is the manifested, the created aspect or creation aspect, and she is at the feet because that’s also a sign. Pure Consciousness is lying down, and his wife is the manifestation, Lakshmi, at the feet.

That also means when you connect to Supreme Consciousness, money comes to you, wealth comes to you, possessions come to you, people come to you becauseyou are already occupied in the space which is infinite; it is symbolic.

Creation is only when there’s a space and time to create. That’s why from the navel, a lotus came, and Brahma was created. Brahma is much, much younger than Vishnu. Because before this time in space happened, Vishnu existed. And when did the beginning happen?  Vishnu does not have a beginning or an end. Shiva does not have a beginning or end. They are both the same.

In the life of Adi Shankara, when his mother said, “I’ve worshiped Shiva all my life, but I couldn’t see him,” Adi Shankara said, “Don’t worry.“ He chanted, and Shiva appeared.

Then he continued chanting, and Vishnu appeared. His mother said, “I only asked for one, but you got two. How did this happen?” So, Adi Shankara said, “They are both one. Two dimensions of one thing.” This is the point. Shiva and Vishnu are beyond the beginning and beyond the end.

That’s why Adi Shankara said in the Nirvana Shatakam – “Mano Buddhi Ahankara …..” I have no beginning or end. I have no birth or death. That’s the aspect I am talking about.

Then the first atom happened. The first creation happened; galaxies happened. That’s the time when the possibility of creation happened. Only then, Brahma had a role. So, Brahma came much later. Then, when everything dissolves, it’s called Pralaya – it’s complete dissolution time, Brahma also leaves. But Vishnu and Shiva will never leave.

Every manvantara or cycle this happens, everything gets washed away; everything is dissolved. Everything will go, including Brahma. Brahma, in essence, may not go, which means the potential for creation in creation, creation in the created space, remains. 

The created space is Shakti. Creation over created space is the Brahma and all the prajapatis and all others. Lakshmi, Shakti, Mother – these are basic creations. Then creations over the created space are where Brahma and all the others happen. That’s the difference.

Shiva Linga

(Mohanji says to someone) You woke up?  I thought you were sleeping. Shiva linga is a form that represents something undefinable, some form which you can’t define – not a finite form. Shiva linga is a manifested form of something you can’t define, which is beyond dimensions, definitions; basically, Supreme Consciousness.

Transcribed by Nada Raković
Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan
, Yogesh Pandit

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