Bathe in Love Inside

Satsang in Vrsac, Serbia, part 1

10th May 2016

Anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and insecurity are what we collected from outside. They are not from inside. But love is from inside. We are love by nature. Our natural expression is love. Bathe in love inside, as Mohanji says.


Q: How can we open up to love? I feel I have a blockage.

A: The answer is in the question. You are love by nature. Whatever is a blockage is unnatural for you. Anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, insecurity are what we collected from outside. They are not from inside. But love is from inside. We are love by nature. Our natural expression is love. I’ll give you a clear example.

Look at animals. They like to love more than they hate us, right? We are also the same. We like to love. But we are afraid of the society, people, what others think about us. So what we do?

We suppress our natural expressions. You don’t have to do anything to be love. All you have to do is remove all that is not yours, whatever you have collected from the society.

Understand, anger is related to something outside of you, not inside you. Jealousy is related to something outside of you. It is not inside. It is a feeling inside but it is related to something outside of you. Remove all these things, say,“This is not mine.” You have collected something from everybody. Say, “Take it, take it, take everything away.” What is remaining then? Love.

 Bathe in love inside.
Mohanji conducted a short lungs meditation, guiding the group to the inner space within, peace and love.

Where are the tears happening from? From love, from happiness. Happiness and love are interconnected. When you are in love very much, you are happy. When you are very happy, you are in love. So it doesn’t need to be to another human being, it can be to the world, nature, anything, but these are tears of happiness. Because you found the truth.

When a soul finds the truth, eyes will become wet. Tears will well. This is the sign of finding the truth. This is what you are. Anything else is not you. This happiness is you. You deserve this happiness.

All of us deserve this happiness. We become too much adult, we forget to be a child. The moment we become a child, it’s a different world. What was the nature of Jesus, Krishna…? Happiness from inside. They were never bound by anything.

That is why we follow them today. When you are happy from inside, there are no blockages in life. Blockages happen only when we are trying to be something else or trying to pretend. Then there are blockages. That is why I said,“I am coming here for the first time, but I never felt so. Maybe you feel you are meeting me for the first time but I never feel so. Because I see myself. There is nobody else outside of me. I can only see various expressions of myself.”

Have you noticed how relaxed we are here? Does anybody feel tense? Don’t you feel as if we have met a long time ago? Do you know why it is so? Because you recognize truth. When you recognize the truth, there is no alienation. There is only love. It’s a feeling, it’s togetherness.

Q: We are complete and have love within ourselves, but everyday life seems to negate that within. We feel stress, discontentment, etc., but we don’t need to. How can we protect ourselves from that negation of our love?      

A: What do you think?

Q: To let go?

A: Stop protecting. When the outside world is bothering you, the point is that we are exposed to the outside world, not the inside world. When can something outside bother you? When you are not at home. Home is inside. More than we meet things outside, we should spend time with ourselves. Shake hands with this person called Andriya, not personality. You have kept personality outside for the people to see. But there is a person inside who is projecting this personality.

At night, when you sleep, you switch off the personality and you sleep. But when you wake up you again switch on the personality and the world will see you. You must understand this clearly. When you say, “I know Mohanji,” you probably know the figure, the image, and the expression. But do you know the consciousness?

Likewise you need to shake hands with your consciousness, the real you which is projecting this personality called Andriya outside. The moment you disassociate with personality and think,“I am the projector, not the projection, not the feature film,” then you understand – “Nothing affects me.” Nothing affects the projector. It only affects the screen outside of you.

We all say we know each other. But we only know the personality, not the person. The moment we know the person, there is no fight, no war, nothing. It’s just love. Because person is the same. The person has various projections, various feature films. Some are comedies, some are tragedies, some are dramas, actions… these are all needed by the world.

We all watch films and we are sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry… When the projector switches off, the screen is black, then we come home. We may have some impressions about the film and one week later we forget.

Love is from inside. We are love by nature. Our natural expression is love. Mohanji
Love comes from inside. Mohanji

This is our life. It’s important to know that the projector is never affected by any film whether it is a comedy, a tragedy, a drama, or an action film. The projector remains the same. It keeps projecting. When it is off, it’s off – whatever film was there, is finished. Keep being the projector or at least remember you are the projector. Be the actor, not the role. Since you have taken birth here, you incarnated on earth, you must play the role of father, son, brother, sister, whatever…

We have to play any role which is possible on earth, but understand this is just a role. We are not that. A husband is only a husband when there is a wife. A person is a father when there is a child. A guru is a guru only when there is a disciple. Otherwise, a guru is just another human being. Remember this all the time, then you will not be affected. So this is the way.

A Story of Buddha


One day Buddha was sitting and talking to people like we are doing now. One man came and started abusing Buddha using very bad language, very bad words. Being still angry, he spat on his face. Buddha was listening to him. He didn’t even reply. After that the man left. The people around Buddha asked him,“Why didn’t you reply to him!? He was using very bad language, he was abusing you, he was spitting on you! Why didn’t you even reply?“ Buddha said,“Until now, ’nothing affects me’ was a theory. Now I know nothing affects me. That man did not touch me.

It means I have attained what I am preaching. The moment outside world cannot affect you, you become very settled and very powerful. It’s easy for the mind to get agitated. Because if somebody abuses us, what aspect becomes angry or agitated? It’s the ego. Ego gets affected. None of other faculties get affected. Ego is the skeleton of your personality. Your personality is kept intact by the ego, just like the skeleton of a body keeps the shape of the body. Like that, your personality has a shape.

Ego is the skeleton of your personality. The skeleton gets affected. Otherwise, if your ego gets dissolved, you feel nothing – ok, you say whatever you like, I’ll say whatever I like. That means you do not have to change your frequency for the sake of the world outside.

There are 7.5 billion people in the world, and there are 7.5 billion frequencies. This is how creation has happened. Look at animals, birds, plants, trees, human beings, every being on earth has been created with a unique frequency. That frequency is not equal to any other frequency. There could be resemblances.

Maybe two buffaloes will look the same, but their frequency is different. Every being’s character and frequency is different. So when we try to change our frequency for the sake of somebody or to somebody else’s frequency, we have pain. Love is lost because we are unnatural.

When we change our frequency, we become unnatural. That un-naturality is creating a crisis in this world. The moment you are natural, there is no crisis in the world. You are natural and people accept you as you because you are a natural human being. The government (I’m not talking about Serbian government, but any government) can try to change the frequency of people. They try to create everybody in the same way.

It cannot be. Your thumb impression is unique, the retina of your eyes is unique in this world, nobody else is like this. How can we say that all people should be the same? This is fundamental in spirituality, we must understand that.

If we say, “If some person is abusing me, I do not want to go to that frequency,“ I am not saying be a doormat, but you respond, “Listen, you are not well today, let’s talk tomorrow.” Or,  “Let’s discuss instead of arguing.” If you are not compromising your inner peace, you are fully calm and quiet inside and you are responding to the world like that, they will stop abusing you or they will stop taking you for granted because you are not giving the usual reply.

In India, we normally leave the slippers or shoes outside. We do not take them inside. There is a reason for it. Shoes represent outside world. We keep the shoes outside, then we enter the house. That means you are not bringing the outside world in this house. When we go out, we take the shoes and go. This is one aspect. It means you keep your outside world outside. Do not bring it inside. Keep anger, hatred, agitation, all these things we encounter each day in the outside world, outside.

Audience: How do we achieve that?

A: “I’ll get there.” Then when you come inside, be 100% you. This is your home. What is a peaceful house? When the people of the house are peaceful. How do you become peaceful? You have to connect to yourself, not as a personality, but as a person. Which part of you is 100 percent truthful and honest? Your body. The Body never lies. It is always truthful. There is no change in the body or change in the sense. When you are hungry you cannot change your mind and feel that you are not hungry.

When the body says it’s hungry, it is hungry. Just like children. When children say, “I need a toffee,“ they need a toffee! They mean it. If you have a very truthful friend, a friend who is very honest, what is the advantage? Even if it is not always so good to hear, he will always tell you the truth. Our body is like that. If you listen to the body, you will never have illnesses.

Because when the body needs rest, it will tell you, “I need to sleep.” When the body wants food, it will tell you, “I want food.” When the body is thirsty, it will say, “I want water.” The body will say everything but we do not listen. How many times when we want to go to the toilet we don’t? Because the situation is not right. When does the body say it wants to go to the toilet? When it is the right time. But the mind says it is the wrong time. Mind has no idea.

So how do you connect to yourself? Connect to your body. When you actually connect to your body and feel the vibrations of your body, you will feel extreme peacefulness. Start feeling life, not doing life. Feel life, body, vibrations. You will have a totally different feeling about existence.

(Mohanji felt the vibrations of the audience and guided them into a breathing exercise, so that they could feel peace inside. After a few shared experiences, q&a continued.)

A: This silence within is your home.


Q: What if we are too ambitious and want more and more of this peace within?

A: Not necessarily. Going home is not an ambition, it’s a necessity. Otherwise, where will you sleep? This is your rightful home. Absolute peace. If you keep on going there, you will start experiencing that peace, then even if you go out, if you have to do everything outside, nothing will touch you because you know where to go back. Many people are restless because they cannot find their way home. That’s why.

Plato says, “If you have found light, show one person that light. Your job is over.” This is it. So the highest gift any master can give to any disciple is freedom. Freedom is something which sits inside us, not outside. My favorite examples are Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

They were in prison for many years, but they were not affected at all. They wrote and did so many things and when they came out, they only talked about peace. No hatred, no war. Why? They were already free inside. This is something which we must always remember. Freedom is our birthright and it sits inside us.

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom c

Then why are we not feeling it?

Audience: Fear?

A: Fear is only in waking state, when you are asleep you have no fear. It should be something which is there forever. The aspect which keeps us away from freedom is our mind. Waking state mind.

We have had various masters. If you look at the history of mankind, a lot of masters have come and told us, “This is what you experience, it is not you.” Find yourself. Most masters have the same message – find yourself. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” That means the Creator and Creation are one. He realized it and he was saying, “Now find it, find yourself.”  Find yourself as the Creator as well as the Creation. Time and again masters have come and told us the same. But we still do not understand and we crucify the masters. The mind makes us believe that we are very powerful.

We are doing a lot of things in this world. Do you believe that we are doing a lot of things in this world? If this is so, who is doing your heartbeat, blood circulation, digestion, mental waves? The mind cannot control any of these. The mind is totally helpless when it comes to the systems of the body, the kidneys, pancreas… all functioning beautifully. Just imagine if the mind is controlling our heartbeat and we forget to go to the toilet or forget to make the heart beat? Finished! (laughs)

So the awareness that we could develop is that from all the activities that we do e.g. when talking, be with your talk. Let the mind be with the words you say. Don’t just talk, talk, talk, right? When you keep doing that, the mind is absent. Then you are talking nonsense. But when you are talking with your mind present you will only talk what is needed to be spoken. This is one of the secrets.

Likewise, we do so many activities. Especially those who smoke do not remember that they were even smoking. They keep smoking. If you are smoking, be with the cigarette fully. Just fully experience the cigarette. You will reduce your smoking to half or less than a half. Because when you are smoking, your mind is usually away. I am NOT telling you to smoke. If you are having a tea, be with the tea, experience the taste, flow with the flavor. Enjoy it.

If you do all of your activities with your mind present, what will happen? You will be in control of the activities. When you start being present with your activities and your words, slowly, slowly, you will start experiencing your breathing, you will start experiencing your heartbeat, the whole system functioning. This is how various great masters connect to their body and go beyond the body.

To bring yourself into your body, first, you need to bring yourself, which means your mind should be with the activity. Later on, you will start experiencing the whole flow of life. It doesn’t mean that you will stop interacting with the world and go to the Himalayas or some cave. It’s not that. We’ll be in the society, but all the time we are experiencing life, we are feeling life, not doing life.

Likewise, we are aware of all the activities, all the words, everything, when we are in the waking state. When you are conscious about your waking state totally, it will go even beyond your waking state into your dream state. Even when you are sleeping, you will not fall into sleep. You will slide into sleep, you will float into sleep. This is the secret.

Where do you start? Start now. Start with your words because thoughts are not easy to control. You don’t know what you will think next. Also when you are doing anything, make sure your mind is present. Just think for a moment, “Am I concentrating? Where is my mind?“ Just think for a moment, each time. It is easier for a city like this, it is not crowded much, but when you are on a bus in a place like New York, etc, it’s easy to be absent-minded, not concentrating. So use this chance, and this that city helps you.

The most potential investment any body can do in one lifetime is in awareness. Awareness means being conscious of your consciousness. This is awareness. It means you are conscious all the time. When I am talking, I am conscious, when I am not talking, I am conscious. Every time the consciousness never changes.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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