Satsang at Bosnian Pyramids retreat 2018

We have wonderful guests here with us, most of them from India. There are a lot of
them; there is a couple from America, a group from England, for now, and
Montenegro – a foreign country (she laughs).

So, briefly, as our dear Monica has said, we have made a wonderful connection
between India and the Balkans generally speaking, but we can say this whole region.

There is a special connection that binds us with India. I don’t know if you have
noticed that you can understand a lot of words in the Sanskrit language, that deep in
the heart we recognize very easily those ancient Vedic teachings, Santana Dharma,
the eternal religion, i.e. eternal rules of existence enshrined in a Dharmic way. So,
this is not about religion, or strict dogmas, or rules of spirituality, and primarily, the
path of ascension in consciousness through direct experience. That is why we are
here, to feel how much is just the presence of one person who has penetrated into
the higher consciousness.

Mohanji does not like to be called enlightened because it creates some frame in the mind, but he definitely did penetrate into a higher consciousness than ordinary people do, and it happened to him after very challenging life situations– he lost his child, his job, his marriage. Everything fell apart, his whole existential structure, and through that, he entered into a true

We can all do it when we intensify that inner thirst for something that is real. It can
happen to us although there is a part of that path if it is given to us, there are some
things we can do on our own, like to work on ourselves, and again there is that
aspect of Divine grace that goes with us because it was given to someone. Mohanji
did not think that he was elected to teach some lectures like this in public as he is
very introverted and he likes to keep everything to himself. However, it is really his
mission. It was revealed to him in many ways, and when he tried several times to go
to the Himalayas and get away from the world, he was sent back.

So, thanks to that Divine Providence, the two of us met. I have the opposite
character- I really like people and socialize. That is our mentality. I do everything
from the heart, and I recognized that there was so much to share with people.
When he began to telepathically receive some techniques, meditations, and the like,
it was clear that he really needed to do that.

That’s how it all started. Now it was just yesterday that we were in Zagreb, some
spiritual organization, and it’s really weird to me. I don’t really see it as an
organization. Primarily we know people from all over the world. We are now in Peru, for example, then next there is a program in England, literally all over the
world. Maybe it is too much travelling for Mohanji, and maybe it’s time for him to
reduce those trips a bit.

But we recognize that all people have similar problems and that all souls have the
same thirst for spiritual liberation, and that what Mohanji has to give is so precious
though it is even incomprehensible and incomprehensible to the mind. He says that
what he can give, if it is true must be conveyed by his very presence. So, as Monica
said, try not to just listen only to his words, but to spread out your little tentacles
from the aura and try to feel those vibrations that spread completely spontaneously
from it.

He does not work at all with an aim to send you some kind of energy directly, but it
simply happens by itself, totally spontaneously, through him because he is entirely
one pure channel. In the highest consciousness, all the masters in all the aspects of
the Divine Power merge somewhere. And again, from that Source, everything
springs forth, and what we need is experienced at a given moment.

So, nowadays, the Master does not sit in a cave but is here. He is on Facebook, too
(she laughs). They adapt.

Mohanji is also one modern spiritual teacher. He has this advantage – he was a
general manager of one company, we are married and have a child. So, he worked in
a firm, he knows what family, what it means having a job, knows about international
relations and has friends, so it is easy for him to communicate with everyone. He is
not reserved with people. You don’t have to feel like you have to bow at his feet. He
is very simple, and here, in our region, people connect with him very easily.

During the program, try to feel the field of energy that is being created, as it creates
some triggers in you, in your aura. It can cause a change in your energy field, and it is
simply a leap in consciousness. We all know that what we radiate, we attract in life.
The simplest thing is to change what we radiate, and then a different life begins for

So through questions and answers clarifying your doubts, from the aspect of
intellect, you will have a certain clarity, but from the energy aspect, through the
heart, you will feel something that may not be described with words. My wish is for
at least some of you to experience it tonight, and surely you will all feel at least
something. We promise that.

We will start with questions and answers, and we’ll see later. We who are attending
the program on the pyramids here will have our own unique schedule. If any of you
want to join us at the last minute, it is possible to do so.

We will now welcome Mohanji, who is arriving, and we are starting the program.

It’s so beautiful to see all of you again.

It’s almost like a reunion; you know, when you leave college after a long time.

The great masters have always said, the most aligned state is the state where you were in the womb of your mother. You were totally aligned in the womb. That’s a state of perfect alignment. This is exactly the theory of this pyramid’s perfect alignment.

You know this is a very good time to be at the pyramids. The time is very, very
auspicious to be here, especially because Saturn is retrograde.

Also, those who are interested in Vedic Astrology will know that this year Saturn is
especially interested in money. People are losing money left and right now. So it’s
good to cool a little bit in the pyramids to bring back the alignment.

Yeah. So it’s a good time. We have questions.

Yeah, We come to the pyramids every year, more or less. There is a particular
reason because whatever has been traditional has always sustained its value. And
whatever has been created by the passage of time, that means the time which we
live in has always had certain defects. So, man always tries to connect to something
which is permanent, right? That is exactly why we are trying to connect to the path of
spirituality, to look for whatever is not impermanent. We are used to something
which is relative, which means there is from here to there, there is something which
is relative. We are always looking for something which is permanent. So, there is
always a sign of tradition or a part of a tradition that provides permanence, and
those places have always attracted people.

So these pyramids visit, several since we came here the first time. We all loved the
energy. I think many of you have been with us from the very first time, and
repeatedly we have come here, and each time it was, without any practices or any
particular methods or any activity, and people were feeling good, rejuvenated

And we have had various discussions, even with the founder of the pyramid, Doctor
Osmanagic, about the method used by the people or whoever made these pyramids almost 35,000 years ago. So, why, why did they create this, how did they create it,
and how has it been sustaining the energy so far, so long?

I would like you to pay good attention to what I’m going to say because this
pertains to our path and our spirituality, so this is important to understand, and we
have discussed this before.

The body, which we have taken only for a period of time in this incarnation, which I
talked about earlier, lasts for 29,200 days- right for 29,200 days, we are here in this
body. That’s all we have is 29,200 days if we live for 80 years. If we live longer, a
little bit more, that’s a bonus. We could live a little bit less, but for approximately
29,200 days, we are walking on this Earth, in this body, and that’s also going through
various stages.

The body consists of water, fire, air, space. If you like to maintain the body at a
particular frequency, you need to rejuvenate all these aspects at the same time, all
the time. It’s impossible to handle this through the mind because the mind cannot
understand this alignment, and lack of alignment is equal to diseases, ailments. It
could be physical; it could be emotional, it could be an intellectual imbalance–some
imbalance. Imbalance means it’s a disease, illness.

The great masters have always said, the most aligned state is the state where you were in the womb of your mother. You were totally aligned in the womb. That’s a state of perfect alignment. This is exactly the theory of this pyramid’s perfect alignment. How did they manage this alignment? Very simple, they used the spiral energy of water through megaliths,
monoliths, etc., and created a kind of wave-like vibration, which gives the effect of

Wherever there is this effect of levitation; usually, there is water below, underneath. Wherever there is a cross transit of water, energy is more, and that’s what they call the Sun pyramid. The pyramid where the energy is very high.

Then there is the Moon pyramid, the Pyramid of Love, various pyramids here. Three
or four or five, and they are all connected to the flow of energy. And what do you
feel out of it? When you go there and experience that energy, you feel aligned, and
when you are aligned, you are healthy. That is how people feel healed–diseases get
cured, the mind becomes clear. All these things are connected to your alignment.

You have four distinct types of alignment, you know, five, in fact. What, one thing is already aligned? The Physical–when you sleep well, eat well. When your life is in moderation, your health is good physically, and you are aligned. The second stage– when you do not enter into too many emotions; when your heart is pure, your mind is pure; you’re involved in activities without expectations, selflessness, the mind becomes aligned.

When you do not consume too much information or knowledge and only consume what you can digest and experience, the intellect gets aligned. The personality, ego gets aligned when humility is very high. Then the ego– when you have a high amount of humility and surrender, the ego gets aligned. Then the fifth is spirit, already aligned. The state in the womb of your mother is a state of full alignment.

Five types of alignment: the physical, mind and emotions, intellect, ego, spirit

The pyramids offer the same levitational atmosphere. How do you make the best benefit of it? So how do you experience it, or can you feed it, or experience it?

One step more. Yes. still deeper.

Just be there. Yes. Just be available. Good. Anybody else?

You will get peace there. How to receive maximum peace? I’ll ask the question in a
different way. How do you align yourself in such an atmosphere?

The situation is good for alignment.

Less mind, good idea.

Do not think too much.

Do not think, feel. The expectation is sitting in your mind. No, I’m saying, you should
feel more, right, feel more, and use less of the mind. What is the normal way of
using the mind a bit less? How do you shift from your mind? One method or one

God has already given you the rope to climb through the mind from the mind,
beyond the mind. What is that rope?


Deep breaths. Diverse breath, different speeds of breath. That keeps you aligned to
your system more than your mind. If you just breathe normally, the mind is happy;
the mind is hyperactive. The mind is asking how much am I getting, how much am I rejecting. But space is giving you alignment by any means. I am only asking how you
contribute to it or how you can ensure that the optimal possible, not the maximum
optimal possible – so breathing. That is a very good idea.

Feel this place, feel the pyramids, feel yourself in the pyramid, basically feel.

Secondly, breathe.

Breathe consciously, but please do breathe.

Vignesh is looking at me. He came all the way from the UK and he’s saying, ‘Don’t

Good. Any questions?

How many of you are meeting me for the first time?

Q: As far as I understood, the moment of birth and the moment of death can’t be
changed, but the way in which we’re going to die– has that been chosen by
ourselves in advance as well, before we came here?

Well, everything is connected to tendencies, your nature. So, in a way, the method
of exit also is chosen.

But the scriptures have outline very clearly distinct paths to dissolution, whence
connection with the Supreme. At the time of death. There are clear demarcations
given by this, by the scriptures.

The demarcation is approximately, approximately, put into years: up to age 20, a
person is learning the skills for leading a life. So the person is trying to acquire so
many, so many skills based on his nature, and he’s ready to lead a life at the age of
20, approximately from 20 to 50 or even 55. These are called the effective years.

You’re in good health, and you’re in a mode of activity, and you are, you’re prone for
activities, you’re happy to be active, and that’s a time when you are executing your
skills to earn a living, earn a living. And that also includes marriage, children, all the
things associated with life are happening at that time between 30 and 50.

After 50, or 55, you need to know that all that you have collected here, you can’t
take anywhere; you have to leave them behind. So that’s the awareness which a person should cultivate post 50 — it means whatever relationships time-space
materials, whatever you have secured and procured in this location must be left
behind. You can’t carry anything along. That’s the time when you learn to detach
from everything.

Detachment doesn’t mean running away. Detachment only means being aware that none of these things you can carry beyond a certain time. So that’s a time when you are stabilizing in your awareness.

Age 50 to 60, which is 10 years, you are in the mode of detachment. That means
perfecting the awareness that nothing you can carry along from 60 to 70 or 75 or as
long as you live. It’s the only connection to the supreme consciousness from which
everything has come out, including you, that matters.

You are clearly aware that you have come out of the supreme consciousness just like a wave is coming out of the ocean, or a sound is coming out of silence, or fire is coming out of some matter. We have come out of something, and we will go back to that thing. So we are
connecting only to supreme consciousness, which could be called Krishna, Rama,
Buddha, Jesus, whatever you want to call it, and we are only connecting to that.

Then what happens when you’re leaving the body? You are leaving the body with
full awareness and connectivity to the divine. And it’s a smooth exit, whatever the
way you’ll leave the body, but the last few thoughts before you leave the body will
be completely connected and focused on supreme consciousness. There’s nothing
more you can do with this life. That’s the best possible within 39,200 days.

So the mode of exit depends on your nature, and your nature also means your fears,
your insecurities, or what you are connected to deeply will determine your mode of
exit. So the mode can be changed or altered by connecting to the higher and
surrendering to the higher. You’re always thinking about the divine, with a form or
without a form and fully occupied in it, and you leave peacefully, exit peacefully.

Next question. For people who have come from India, it’s already midnight, well
past the right time for sleeping. They know about the time of death now, so you just
need to get a bed to sleep in. It’s more appropriate at this point in time.

Q: Love is a timeless phenomenon. Are there two paths to enlightenment, meditation,
and love? Can a human use both of them on the way to enlightenment, or choose
only one?

Love is your nature. Just like the nature of fire is heat and light. So, there is nothing,
nothing to worry about love. You only need to worry about other emotions such as
anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge. They are all unnatural to you because that’s not
your nature. You are being unnatural when you resort to any of the other emotions.
For love, you don’t need to do anything to be love, because that’s your nature. Will
love lead to liberation? Love is the state of being liberated; understand it’s the other
way around. When you are completely liberated, you cannot see differences, you
don’t see any differences. You only see expressions of love, expressions of yourself
in every being. You see nothing else.

Love has various aspects. Love has various expressions. When you are liberated, as I
said, you will be only Love. Your only expression is love. But love has various
dimensions. One is selflessness. The second is innocence. The third is acceptance – like that there are numerous dimensions of love. And the way a person operates
easily tells you which degree, or which level of evolution they have attained. It’s very

When you are liberated as I
said, you will be only Love. Your only expression is love. But love has various
dimensions. One is selflessness. The second is innocence. The third is acceptance.

Whenever you ask ‘Why’, what does that show? Lack of alignment. Because in karma,
there is no why. There is just ease. Everything happening inside and outside has its
root in karma.
So, whenever we ask why, it’s a clear sign of non-understanding of
yourself, not others. So this is important to understand. And also, the higher we
grow in spirituality, the deeper will be the state of silence inside. And the expression
becomes only love.

When somebody asks, Why, what is the best answer? The answer is 29,200 days.
Don’t waste your time on Why. You might as well eat, drink, sleep, do something
good for the world. You will die anyway. This is important to understand. Because
the mind would like to have answers and that is the first level of the basic level of
operation. You should reach a stage where even thoughts do not happen in
your mind. So, why is the way the mind holds on to you and links you back to the
Earth? Why, why, why? Did I answer this before?

What happens when you invest too much in “Why”? What happens when you
sow the seeds of rice on the farm? Each seed gives you more rice. So, each “Why gives you more “Whys”. Not w-i-s-e, w-h-y’s. And the result is more” Whys”. Means
you cannot get out of it. Each “why” has a face like a monkey. That means you’re
collecting monkeys. What do you do with all these monkeys with voracious
appetites? Monkeys eat a lot. I’m saying this to introspect how much a “Why” is
bothering us. It’s important. This is actually the wall between us and liberation. We
don’t understand this. This is creating a wall between us and liberation. You remove
these WHYs and look. The result is freedom. Absolutely.

You know, so much baggage which we carry. That’s not ours. It’s a habit which
society has given you.

Something like, you have to be successful. If you are not successful, society doesn’t
want you. Society does not like you. So, failure is not an option. Then what
happens? What if you fail in something? Blame other people.

When you know very well, it’s because of you something has gone wrong, and you
blame other people, which aspect of you gets affected? Anybody, to answer? Ego
(from the audience). Not ego. Ego is happy because ego has found somebody to
blame. The conscience gets affected.

When the conscience gets affected, our mind gets affected because contamination
starts. Conscience is the immune system of the mind. The conscience is the immune
system of the mind. When that gets affected, the mind gets affected. And then
pollution starts there. Our innocence, our selflessness, our love aspect– everything
gets affected.

So, what is the best practice? Acceptance. Failure is okay. You don’t
have to be successful each time. Allow everything. I’m not saying that you go and fail
deliberately, but allow every option, and you will be stabilized. Why I’m telling this
now is because, of course, I answered your question, before you asked. Another
point is- this is very important when you walk the path of liberation. Being yourself
as you are, is extremely important because you are absolutely unique. There’s
nobody like you. Nobody needs to be like you. Nor do you need to be like anybody


The conscience is the immune
system of the mind. When that gets affected, the mind gets affected. And then
pollution starts there. Our innocence, our selflessness, our love aspect – everything
gets affected.

Q: In your book, The Power of purity, I have read that we earn our karma. Can you
make this clear to me? Is it possible for me to change my karma? I’m sorry if you
wrote it in the book and I didn’t understand it.

If you did not understand that in the book, I’m happy because I also did not
understand it. Because somebody has told me, ‘This book is amazing!’ When you read one page, you sleep.” Earlier it was a sleeping pill, now after your book, no
sleeping pills. Especially when you talk about karma, I sleep.

I’ll briefly explain this matter– the pattern of karma– just for your awareness, and
don’t take it seriously because karma is inevitable in the first place. Why do I say you
shouldn’t take it seriously? Because it’s inevitable, it’s a cycle. Everything starts with
your experience.
You have to understand this clearly. Everything starts with your
experience. It’s very clear. We have lots of things around us: time, space, materials,
people, numerous things around us for having an experience. To have this
experience, we use our God-given faculties –our five senses, eyes, ears, nose, skin,
tongue, and have one-pointedness of mind; millions of things around you, five
senses, one mind. Why I said one mind, there’s only one mind. One mind because
only when the mind is with your eyes, you see. Only when your mind is with your
tongue can you taste. Only when your mind is with your ears, you listen. Only when
your mind is with your nose, then can you smell. So the mind has to be with any of
these organs for an experience.

Millions of things, five senses, a focused mind, and what will the mind experience?
What can the mind experience? Happiness or sorrow. This is all. This is our life I’m
talking about. We say, ‘’I had a great experience”, and sometimes we say, “I had a
very bad experience”, right? This is all coming from these five senses, one mind.
And how you can experience something at all?

You only experience something as you are, as per your mood, as per your situation,
as per your surroundings. For example, if you are in deep sorrow, even if you are
given the greatest of food, you wouldn’t have any appetite to eat it. Right?
Otherwise, if you are very happy, very bad food will taste good. So, where is the
problem? We experience life as we are. It’s important to understand this. This is part
of the variety of life. We experience life as we are, not as it is; it must be
remembered. And how much time do you have for experience? 29,000 days.

Then when you say 29,200 days confidently? (asking the audience) –For how many
days, how many hours are you caught up in the traffic congestion? How many hours
you’re sleeping? How many hours do you spend in the toilet? Put it all together. This
is what I’m saying. We have very limited time for experience, actually. Also, when
we are very young, we can’t experience much. When we are very old also, we can’t.
So, how much time do we actually spend in experiencing completion? No time or
very little time.

You only experience something as you are, as per your mood, as per your situation, as per your surroundings. For example, if you are in deep sorrow, even if you are given the greatest of food, you wouldn’t have any appetite to eat it. Right? Otherwise, if you are very happy, very bad food will taste good. So where is the problem? We experience life as we are.

So, now you understood that we experience life as we are. Not as it is. The situation
could be completely different from our experience. That is the memory you are
keeping. Remember–that’s where the life karma starts here. The memory that you
collect and store is connected to an experience that you experienced, as you are,
not as it is. That memory, residual memory, stays with us. This is where karma

When you store a memory, does it remain as it is? No, it becomes an impression. So
I can say I know Vignesh because I’ve seen him before. If I’m seeing him for the first
time, I can’t say I know him. There is a residual memory of the past, which makes us
feel. It can become a habit, or it can become a memory, and that memory is stored
as an impression. This is the seed of karma.

So many of you have not visited pyramids yet, right? You have just here for the first
time. So, do you know how pyramids feel or how that whole experience will be? You
can only imagine, right? But next year, if you’re coming back, what will you say?,
‘I’ve been there. This was my experience.’ So, residual memory always gives you a
kind of understanding or awareness about a material or a thing similar to it. For
example, if you go to any pyramid, you will say, ‘I’ve been to the Bosnian pyramids,
and this was my experience.’ So this gives you a prime concept; this seed gives you a
concept, character, and desire. Three things come out of one seed- it can give you a
character trait, it can give you a desire, or it can create a concept and a kind of

Your character becomes your nature. That is how you are. Your desire becomes your
karmic agenda; concepts become your flavor. This is your life. And this is
continuously creating more experiences, more memories, more impressions, more
desires. It goes on and on like a cycle, like a wheel it goes, and these character traits
which we have cultivated become patterns. Sometimes we experience the same
things; the same things are getting repeated. Where is it coming from? Because the
residue of memories has become patterns. Similar events happen; similar situations
happen. This becomes life. This is why liberation is very important. It has to start
with acceptance.

To overcome karma, you have to accept yourself with all your weaknesses and all your strengths. Accept yourself 100%. That’s the only way to overcome it. If you resist even 1% and have 99% acceptance, the 1% rejection will cause another lifetime. It has that power.

There are three stages of karma: thought, word, action, three stages. So expressions begin only with thoughts. Otherwise, it’s staying dormant. The second is the word, verbal expression. The third is action, and the fourth is an experience out of it. Then again, the cycle starts. So, an activity, or a thought, word, or action without emotion cannot become karma. Don’t worry about it. This is approximately the story. I don’t think this is written in detail in the book. Did I answer it? Did you understand? I don’t think this is more confusing. Nobody
can explain it much better, can you? I have given the cycle with clarity. If anybody
can explain it better, I’d like to listen. Especially Devi.

Somebody says, “About karma, you’re confusing me.” I always say, ‘’Your karma is
confusing me.” It is individualistic; karma is always individualistic. Why?

Because you’re experiencing life as you are. It’s not as I am. So can I say that what
you’re doing is wrong? I can’t say so because you are expressing yourself as you are.
And that’s perfect for you. It may not be perfect for me, and it need not be perfect
for me. So, this is the understanding and awareness of where we are at. That’s why
even people who live together may not agree on various things. You have seen, like
in the political arena, the father will believe in one particular political party, while
the son believes in something else. Why so? Because of orientation. Orientation has
come out of a karmic pattern.

There are three stages of karma: thought, word, action

Any questions on karma?

Q: I liked how you said that we need to accept ourselves 100 %, and if we accept
ourselves 99% and we reject 1%, that karma remains?

Mohanji: No, it’s not the karma that remains. That one percent has the power to
create another incarnation, even if you reject one percent. Because what we
normally reject is based on whatever socio- moral things we don’t agree with. So
that remains as the main seed for an incarnation. So total acceptance is essential for

Total acceptance starts with your awareness of your activities. So this is called the
body, awareness. By developing your body awareness, you are aware of
whatever you are that day from the time you wake up till you go to bed. The whole
life of that day’s activity, you’re only being aware, not interfering, not resisting. You
will go through various emotions every day, every moment. Right from the time you wake up till you sleep, you go through a sea of emotions or situations.

Through every level, if you only observe or maintain awareness, that is the way you start
accepting it. Because what we normally do is that that we look at certain things and
we say- oh, this is okay, this is not okay.” And then sometimes we react. Sometimes
we engage in wrong arguments or even interfere in things that we don’t have to
interfere with.

Like I said yesterday, you have every right to be silent, but we talk because we think we have to talk. As a result, we end up with so many situations, conditions, and emotions we handle each day. And at the end of the day, by the time we go to bed, the residue will mostly be heavy. Not because of our activity, but because of the things which we did not approve of that day. So this approval or disapproval–This is exactly what I’m talking about. It cannot be only one thing; it’s a consistent and continuous thing every day.

Usually, in our community, or our society, not every society, in whichever part of the
world, people say, “Look here, see this guy, he bought a car, a big car! Where did he
get the money to buy this car?” These are all unnecessary discussions, right? That
man paid money from his pocket and bought a car, and it was his desire, and for
whatever reasons, he bought it. First of all, we are not paying the bills. It’s not an
expenditure from our pocket. But we spend a lot of time discussing somebody
buying a car and these kinds of things. These are all distractions of life.

What happens at the end of the day? Either a residual memory of lacking
something- ‘Oh, I should have that kind of money to buy a car’, or jealousy-related
baggage. Or simply, it’s a simple gossip that stays on. Another thing to is to
compare–I mean, we make comparisons. All these things make us duller and duller.
It adds to the baggage-this is what I’m saying. When your body, your awareness is
intact, none of these things will matter. If somebody tells me something like that, I
always say, ‘’I’m not paying the bill. I don’t want to know. I have so many other
things to think about-my bills to pay. I would rather think about that than thinking
about somebody’s car or payment which I have nothing to do with.’’

So we need to draw that line very deep so that your inner space is always clean. This is very important. This leads to better acceptance. You will start accepting yourself much
better. Otherwise, this contamination continues. We are always judging; we are
gossiping, we are comparing – all these things are continuous, habitual. They are
habitual. Not that we choose to do it, but we are unconsciously into it. This is all lack
of acceptance.

Do you have clarity? So, who do you judge more every day? When you get up in the
morning, whom do you judge in your own environment? Have you thought about
it? Someone from the audience, ‘’I judge myself.” Absolutely. (talking to someone in
the audience). All of us judge ourselves too much. And then what happens- lack of
acceptance increases. Okay, that’s why I said -We cannot rehearse life. Life has to be
played as it comes. We cannot rehearse what we should do and then play it. It’s
impossible. Time is flowing. We have to keep acting, and sometimes the future will
say we made mistakes. What do we associate it with or what comes with it? Guilt.

So, imagine guilt happened, can you go back and change it? Whatever has been
happening- happened; finished. History may say you did make a mistake, or people
may say you made a mistake. Like people are talking about whether Gandhi should
have allowed partition of India or not. Gandhi died in 1948. Today we are talking – if he could have done a better job, he would have probably done it at that time. We should accept it that way; whatever happened in life or whatever happens in society.

Many times, because of the lack of vision, we cannot see, and later on, history will prove that it was not a good idea. So what we need to do -accept all the mistakes and all the merits as they are. So deep contentment takes place. According to my capacity, according to my awareness, I have performed my life. So at each moment, if we do like that, whether history will prove us to be a success or a failure, it doesn’t matter. But our daily life is contented. Did you understand? This is the point I’m making.

You don’t feel sleepy? Ask me some burning questions. Today I was telling Mr. Rajiv
Duggal: I had breakfast in Croatia, lunch in Slovenia, dinner in Bosnia. So it’s a good
idea to sleep a little bit. I’m open to questions, but if it is a very important question,
no problem. But are you not bored? You don’t want to sleep?

Maybe just one question, for example: How to face the situation in which somebody
is actually attacking you or doing some harm to you? You don’t want to respond in
the same way, but you also don’t want to accept the role of a victim? So what can
one do?

I think I gave the answer earlier. Somebody bought a car, and he wants to enjoy the
car, and you have nothing to do with the car. And somebody is telling you, “Look
here, this person is enjoying a car, big car!” So what do you do? You just say, “I’m not
paying the bill”, and you get out of it. So, anybody can have any opinion about you
or anybody can love you or hate you, can you control it? You can’t even control your
own mind, so how can you control other people’s minds?

The less dependent you are on the world, the outside world, that much free you are inside. The more we are dependent on the world or places, time, space, people, relationships, material possessions, positions of power, then we become weaker and weaker.

In that state, what is the best message? Actually, you don’t have to convince
anybody else about anything. You have nothing to prove to other people because
everybody has got their minds, right? They are never consistent. So, how do you
prove to somebody who’s not consistent? So the best thing is- don’t try to prove
anything. Instead, you need to be consistent. How? In positivity; being positive. You
keep doing positive work, good work, selfless work, and keep living your life. Keep
living your life.

Other people may say good or bad things, but you keep living your life in honesty. You should be honest to yourself, only to yourself. When I say honesty- it may not get approval from everybody. Your honesty pertains to what you are, right? It may not get approval from everybody. Don’t even wait for it. But you keep performing honest work, and if it is not involved in violence, anger, hatred, jealousy, those kinds of emotions, which binds you- it’s okay. If it is rooted in selflessness, positivity, goodness, truthfulness -It’s okay. Then it’s fine. Just do it. That’s the best answer you can give to society.

The world will test you. The world has to give you tests. And endurance or enduring
them is your job. Pilate told Jesus Christ if he said he regretted all that he had done
and considered him his saviour, then he would set him free. Jesus replied that he
could not say that because he meant every word. What was the result?
Crucifixion. But what happened after the crucifixion? A religion came out of it.

Do you see? So, you will be remembered if you’re truthful to yourself and you know
exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it, and when you are doing it. If you
know that, you needn’t worry about other people because general minds cannot
understand your constitution. Three stages of karma: thought, word, action.

There are three stages. So, expressions begin only with thoughts. Otherwise, it’s
staying dormant. The second is the word expression. The third is action. Fourth is
the experience that comes out of it. Then the cycle starts all over again.

An activity or thought, word, or action without emotion cannot become karma. So
you don’t have to worry about it.

Have you ever considered or realized that you are extraordinarily powerful?

Why? Because when we need so many things from this world, we are very weak.
When we need nothing much from this world, we are extraordinarily powerful. The
less dependent you are on the world, the outside world, that much free you are
inside. The more we are dependent on the world or places, time, space, people,
relationships, material possessions, positions of power, then we become weaker
and weaker. We are sacrificing too much if we maintain that course.

And to make people love you, who do not care about you, we are spending half of
our lifetime of 29,200 days.

Have you ever understood this irony in our life?

Those who really love you need no explanation from you. They love you. They will
never leave you. You have nothing to prove to them. You don’t need to prove
anything to them. They love you.

Those who do not love you, and do not intend to love you, even if you tear open
your heart, take your heart out and show it to them, will still not love you.

Your benchmark should be peacefulness. Choose peace, not fight, conflict, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge.

Is it worth it? This is the whole point.

How to maintain your integrity in conflict or conflict situations?

Conflict situations are an everyday thing. Right. It is not occasional. So always
remember, you are not in the situation you are the permanent being. That
awareness is enough. Do not be afraid of any situation. Let the situation come; let it
be faced by you. Bring it on.

The expectation is creating fear. Right. Expectations create fear. So, have nothing to
do with expectations or dilute your expectations. Increase the possibility of any
situation occurring.

So, do not look at situations from below. Look at them from above. You will see it is
very simple. Everything passes away. Nothing stays forever. And every situation
does not demand action. In some situations, if you just observe, they just vanish.

Lastly, choose peace. Your benchmark should be peacefulness. Choose peace, not
fight, conflict, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge. Do not choose any of those. Instead,
choose peace, choose love. So, you put a benchmark for every situation should be:
I’ll only engage the attitude of peace or the attitude of love. You’ll find things will be

Last question.

Q: How to connect with the higher levels of consciousness and with our spirit guides?

Guardians, angels.

To connect to anything higher, you have to first be a unit. When I say unit, we look
like units, but where is your mind staying? How much investment have you done
with your mind?

Remember one sentence. To become the universe, you need to become a unit, a
complete unit. That means not to have a scattered mind over various things; we
don’t have to put the mind over various things (scattered in all directions)- people,
time, places, emotions, events, a lot of things. You have to bring all this mind back to
you. Integrate into yourself, become one unit. That is the way to become the

You have to become a unit first. And to become the unit, you need to ask the
questions, who am I? What am I? Why am I here? Such questions. So that you will
know that you are not the person whom you have projected or who you think you
are. Instead, you are one unit – body, mind, intellect, ego, Spirit, all aligned. When
you are completely aligned, you are one with the Universe and the universe comes
to you. The universe takes over. The universe has to take over. We cannot become
the universe by ourselves. We can only become available for the universe to take

To become the universe, you need to become a unit, a complete unit. You have to become a unit first. And to become the unit, you need to ask the questions, who am I? What am I? Why am I here?

The way to reach the highest is through You. Only through you can reach the
highest. Do not think that any Master, any method, any practice, or any tradition
can lift you up if you are not eligible. Eligibility is you becoming completely you. That
means your mind merges into yourself. There is nothing outside where your mind is
scattered. You’re fully yourself. You’re ready for the universe to take over.

And everybody has equal rights. Everybody has equal potential. All people are the

It’s 9.15 and time for dinner.

The alignment of the body is the beginning of the alignment. And that needs food
and sleep as a minimum. Food and sleep are essential for the body. That is where
we start.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Ndifon Charles Londi

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