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Ram is Ultimate Consciousness – Ram Navami 2021

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Host: Welcome everybody to the live Satsang with Mohanji under this auspicious day of Ram Navami. My name is Maheshwari, and I am a Mohanji Acharya. I am very blessed and happy to be with all of you today. I would like to now welcome Brahmarishi Mohanji, and we can commence with this beautiful auspicious session. Welcome, Mohanji! Mohanji: Thank you! Happy Ram Navami to all of you and Jai Shree Ram!  Host: Jai Shree Ram. Mohanji, we have a set of beautiful questions that people have sent through. They are here. Some of them have joined the session as well, and they would like to ask you. So, the first one is from Nirupma Chowdhary. 

What is Ram?

Ram lord
Ram is Shiva, Shiva is Ram. Ram is you. Ram is me. Ram is everybody. Ram is nature. Ram is determination. Ram is mind. Ram is all aspects; same is Shiva. All aspects. Everything that you can touch, feel, and not touch and feel are all Shiva or Ram.
Nirupma: Pranam Mohanji!  I was a devotee of Rama. You brought me to Shiva, and now I think it’s again returning back to Rama.  My question is: Bhagwan Ram is called Maryada Purushottam, who lived with dignity and in his limits. He never moved any of his parts. It is said that he never moved even his little finger, he was totally centered, and he was focused. How can we control our body because we are very restless? How can we be Ram? Mohanji: Thank you.  So, you’re saying that you were with Ram, then you went to Shiva and then you came back to Ram. What in you went anywhere? It is just your waking state mind. Understand, you never went anywhere. It is your waking state, mind, which makes you feel that you are travelling; you are moving from one to the other. Because waking state mind fixes itself on forms. Forms are not the essence; forms are representations of the essence. Essence is one.  Ram is Shiva, Shiva is Ram. Ram is you. Ram is me. Ram is everybody. Ram is nature. Ram is determination. Ram is mind. Ram is all aspects; same is Shiva. All aspects. Everything that you can touch, feel, and not touch and feel are all Shiva or Ram.  Whenever you think that you have travelled from one to the other, understand – it’s only the waking state mind. Nobody is travelling from anywhere to anywhere. You are well established in truth.  What is Truth? Truth is the essence of every object, every being. Even if it doesn’t have a life (means living being), it still has truth inside. That is the Datta Tradition. The Datta Tradition is a combination of every aspect of existence or its conglomeration.   Now, when you are talking about Ramayana, Ram is the Supreme Consciousness – Parabrahma – representation of the Supreme Consciousness, and Lakshman is the discriminative intellect. Supreme Consciousness is completely open and relaxed, all-encompassing. There is no division. There’s no division possible. Supreme Parabrahma; Parabrahma can never be divided. It’s in and outside of everything. Ram represents that Supreme Consciousness. While Shiva represents the state of being Supreme Consciousness, Ram is the embodiment of walking, talking Supreme Consciousness, with the full awareness that it is Supreme Consciousness. Krishna, when he delivered Bhagavad Gita, was fully conscious and aware, and he expressed that he is Supreme Consciousness. He is not just a person, not a personality. This we must understand, as sincere sadhaks, we must understand that there are no divisions.  Lakshman is the intellect, the analytical side, the discriminative side of Supreme Consciousness – because there is an intellect aspect. Your soul is intelligent energy. If you take that intelligence apart, that is what is Lakshman, and Sita is the Shakti aspect, the creative, regenerative, rejuvenative aspect of Supreme Consciousness. 
Ashta Siddhi
Ashta Siddhi – 8 Divine Powers

What is Hanuman? 

The mind. Very powerful; we get influenced only because we are the mind. We get influenced by the world outside only because we have an active mind. This is what is Hanuman, but Hanuman surrendered his mind or surrendered himself at the feet of Supreme Consciousness, and he became all-powerful. He gained the strength and power of the entire universe because of just one thing: He completely gave himself to Ram.  So, when you surrender your mind completely at the feet of the Supreme Consciousness, you become as powerful, ‘actively’ powerful. I use the word ‘actively’ powerful, not that you are powerful and you’re sitting quietly. You are actively powerful, and he came to assist Ram.  It is not that Ram needed assistance. Ram is Supreme Consciousness, and he can sit as Supreme Consciousness without a movement, and nobody will ask a question. But he did not do that. He expressed the vulnerability of human existence because even though before attaining the throne, he was sent to the forest.  He went through all the ordeal of forest life and all the things connected to a possibility of human existence: all the ups and downs of human existence, he suffered. But he remained stable, completely stable, and that distinguished him as a great Master – an Avatar. As his stability was his message, he went through it – because he was an Avatar, he did not avoid, and he had so many problems.  Shakti was taken away from him for a period of time, which was unnatural because without Shakti – there’s no expression. Supreme Consciousness as it is – is completely still and omnipresent. It need not express itself to be something or to prove something. But Shakti aspect is needed to prove something. Sita’s presence was extremely essential for Ram to be complete. So, what happened? 

Who are Ravan, Sita, Lakshman?

Sita was taken away by whom? Ravan. Who’s Ravan? The ego aspect, connected to the external world. When operating in the external world, ego operates on three aspects: position, possession, and relation. These are the three aspects that ego works on; ego thrives on these three aspects, and that is what snatched the Shakti away from Ram. Then, Ram had to recover Shakti – regain or take it back. Only then he will be complete. That completion is needed for the existence to happen, or existence to take place or existence to survive or remain.  So he fought Ravan- the ego, and he recovered Sita by diminishing or destroying the ego. The ego is operating on the outside plane. Man minus ego is equal to God. Ego comes as a wall between you and your realization; you and your ultimate truth; you and your supreme aspect. But ego is unavoidable. We all have it because that’s also part of the Creation. We have a factor that makes us rejoice in position, possession, or relation. We crave for relations. Why do we crave for relations? Because that’s part of the ego, which asks for – I need my father, my mother, my child or children. Who’s asking all this? Ego is asking. Ego wants all this.  Ram is a living representation of Supreme Consciousness, and Sita is the practical Shakti aspect of Supreme Consciousness; that’s the creative aspect and the regenerative, rejuvenative aspect. Lakshman is the discriminative aspect; Hanuman is the surrender aspect, bhakti, surrender. Ravan is the ego aspect; this is Ramayana.  So you have not gone from anywhere to anywhere. That’s the illusion, which we create, our mind gives us. The mind tells us that we are detaching from something; we are going somewhere. 
Sai Baba of Shirdi
Sai Baba of Shirdi
Man minus ego is equal to God.

What is Shiva?

Stabilized state of Consciousness. Stillness, that stillness which is unshakable stillness. You can’t move that stillness; that’s a great state of Samadhi. That is the aspiration of every yogi. Every yogi wants to attain that state of Supreme stillness.  Ram could not have sat still because he had work to do. Imagine Ram was sitting still; we would not worship him because we already have Shiva to worship. Ram worshipped Shiva.  Why did Ram worship Shiva?  As a reminder – He had to remember. So, Ram worships Shiva because Ram cannot be angry. He cannot be emotional. He has to be still, stable, balanced. So when you are in balance, even if you are fighting a war, it will be a noble thing. You are not getting carried away.  Imagine you’re in a battle of life, in daily life. If you become emotional, your intellect is not available. So, that is also the death of Lakshman. At one point in time, Lakshman collapsed on the battlefield, he died. Then he had to be rejuvenated.  Who brought the rejuvenation?  The great Bhakta brought the rejuvenation-Hanuman. He brought the mountain, and the wind, the Sanjeevani, that air from that plant reached Lakshman, and he got rejuvenated.  So, when the discriminative faculty leaves you, then only the emotion exists. When emotion exists, you are going into regret mode because when we behave with emotions, when we are angry, when we are upset with life, we lose power when we shout, scream, fight.  When Ram fought Vali, he could not fight directly because Vali had this boon, that half the strength of the opponent comes to him. This happens to us in every cake shop, right? The pastry shop -by the time you see the pastry, half your strength is gone. This is our life. Many times, we lose ourselves for temptations. So, he had to hide and shoot. It was unethical, and he paid the price in the Krishna Avatar. Vali came as the hunter and shot Krishna. So, karma always justifies everything.  So, Ram went through all sorts of turmoil in life, all turbulations, all problems, but remained stable. He completely occupied his mind in the stability of Shiva, the stillness of Shiva, and he operated with equanimity, without anger. You don’t see him getting angry, ever. I don’t think anywhere it is said that said he became very angry. His wife was kidnapped, which is very uncomfortable, but he did not get angry. He did what he had to do – find a way to reach her, get her back, because, without Shakti, he’s incomplete.  Shakti maintained her purity. Shakti always maintained its purity because that purity was necessary for pure creation to continue. This is in Treta Yuga. Right?  Ram’s purity, when he stepped on a stone or put his foot on a stone, it became Ahalya, a woman who was cursed into a stone came to life because of his purity. That’s the power of purity. 
Aghi Pariksha – the test of fire
When we operate without expectations, when we operate in total surrender, when we operate in total acceptance, our purity level increases; that’s the Ram in us. 
When we operate without expectations, when we operate in total surrender, when we operate in total acceptance, our purity level increases; that’s the Ram in us.  The concept of Ayodhya or the abode of Ram is a state of justice, which means a place where everything is just, and there are no discriminations. There are no comparisons, competitions, or any man-made barriers – a state – that’s possible. So, understand, you’re not going from anywhere to anywhere. You are Shiva; you are Ram; you are Krishna; you are Sita; you are everything. – each dimension within us. We have 33 crore dimensions or possibilities within each person, but one dimension is predominant.  So that’s what we say, that is the person, but we are not just one dimension. You are not just the mother; you are the daughter as well. You are the wife or husband as well. You are probably an employee or an employer; you are probably a professional. All this is you. So in our daily life tangibly, we have many dimensions expressed. We have not just one dimension. We can never imagine that we are one dimension. That is a lack of understanding. This is important to understand.  All these 33 crore dimensions or possibilities are sitting in us, just like 33 crore cells on our body. Maybe we have much more cells, but I’m just giving it a figurative speech so that you understand. So this whole dimension we have – we have great potential.  But we may not be expressing all this potential all the time because we are predominantly driven by our inclinations and desires. I want this; I want this, why this is not happening – we have expectations, we have disappointments. We are in a jungle of emotions or a bundle of emotions we are. So we do not really feel or understand that we are all these possibilities.  When do you know these possibilities?  When silence takes place, when we are in deeper levels and layers of silence, when we don’t have much to do with the world outside, we witness every aspect – it comes out of us. It is all within us. It comes out of us, and we start expressing them. Then we feel, “Oh, Ram is not separate from me, Ram is me. Mohanji is not separate from me.”  If there is a separation, there is also a possibility of estrangement. If you cannot see me inside you, you cannot see me outside of you fully, except as a body or a personality. But the moment you start feeling me inside you, then outside, whether I exist or not, it doesn’t matter. Sai Baba lived enough time so that people remember or recognize his form. Now, he operates without the form, equally or even more strongly.  Ram lived in Treta Yuga; many Yugas later, we talk about Ram. We recognize Ram. Not everybody understands or appreciates Ram; that is because it is not easy to understand Consciousness, especially Consciousness or somebody who’s established in Consciousness, operating in daily life. It’s not easy to understand. Because either he will play the fool, or he will be aloof, or he will just play the role. 
Ram is everything. Ram is Supreme Consciousness. What you are and what you are not, it is all Ram.
Hanumanji connected to Ram, with full awareness of who’s Ram. He said, “I want nothing, where there is no Ram. I will not have anything where I cannot see Ram.” When Sita Devi gave him very precious jewellery, he picked up each gem to check if there is Ram inside. He disintegrated the whole thing because he could not find Ram. Do you see? That is the depth of Bhakti.  All these aspects, which we worship as a possibility, are within us. They are all realities. Why are we worshipping 33 crores of Gods? It’s not that we are worshipping each God; we are recognizing, accepting, and understanding that we have all these possibilities inside us. That is the truth. It is very important to understand this. You are not going anywhere.  Now, coming back to why we don’t understand this is because we are using our limited mind, limited intellect and ego to understand something that is not possible to contain in those vessels. Our mind is limited; intellect is limited; ego is limited to what? The given personality.  Imagine you have a cup in your hand, and you’re trying to measure the ocean. How will it feel? That’s why we are not able to understand the ocean. How can you understand the ocean then? Be the ocean, become the ocean. Dissolve into the ocean. Then you realize, “Okay, I am this vastness.” Maybe you will realize the vastness. Parabrahma might be realizing this vastness, God knows.  Parabrahma had to have a form outside of him to know that he is Parabrahma. That is why Creation happened. Where is Creation sitting? On himself. Him/her- it doesn’t matter. It’s not about gender; it is about a state. This is the reality.  Ram is everything. Ram is Supreme Consciousness. What you are and what you are not, it is all Ram. You can take any dimension, but we pinned Ram to a form. Like that- Dasharatha’s son, Sita’s husband, Lava and Kusha’s father, like that, because we’re trying to limit. We always do this, right? In life, you always do this, “Okay, who is Mohanji? Mohanji is a Guru, or he is a father.” We try to limit a person to one form or one frame.  Then what do you miss? -The dimensions you miss. Sometimes it takes other people to come and tell you about dimensions. That is the tragedy of existence. We don’t understand the dimensions; we think that connection is an option. Connection is the truth. It is not an option.  If you think a connection is an option, you may already start judging it. You may already try to judge, criticize, compare, and all this leads to detachment, estrangement, sorrows, disappointments – all these things. I hope you understood this answer. Nirupma: Yes, thank you Mohanji. You brought me back to the centre. Thank you! Mohanji: I think you have never left the shelter. I am only a reminder of something you already know. I always feel that I’m like a mirror, showing you to yourself so that you know who you are if you can understand that. Nirupma: That is why we always like to stand in front of the mirror, once again, to just know our form, again and again, to remind ourselves. Thank you, Mohanji. Mohanji: Thank you!  Host: Thank you so much, dear Mohanji. You have answered the question that was following directly after. The next question is from Vanita. Mohanji: Hello Vanita.
Ramayana – Aspects of Supreme Consciousness

How to connect with the Master?

Vanita: Dear Mohanji, if a person is unable to attend any of your retreats, does that mean that the connection with you will be lesser and the potential of liberation would take longer? Since retreats consist of powerful techniques to uplift awareness, does being in proximity of an enlightened Master helps in increasing the level of consciousness? Mohanji: Attending a program is not the criteria for connection. If your mind is parked into consciousness, that’s what I explained about Hanumanji. His mind was totally parked at the feet of Lord Ram. He did not have a world outside of Ram, and then what happened? Ashta-Siddhis and Nav-Nidhis happened to him. That means supreme powers came to him. He could expand himself, contract himself, he could do the impossible, and he became invincible. His mind was totally occupied with Ram. When you’re totally occupied with the consciousness, which is large, you become that. Even if you are sitting next to me, it doesn’t mean anything. Probably people who are sitting next to me may not be connecting so much. What happens is: when you’re very close to a person, who’s representing a consciousness, you probably only see the person or the personality. There is a danger there. Many times, it has happened to people. They came close to a great master, like, if you read the Sai Baba story. They came to him, but they couldn’t really recognize him, and they left him.  This happens because, sometimes, when you are very close to the Master, you only see the physical side, the terrestrial side. That’s a danger. But when you are fully occupied with the consciousness which is represented by a Master, then you cannot be separated. Mind is parked in the consciousness; you are together.  A program or a particular method, practice or activity is not the criteria here.It’s how well you’re parked or how stable you are in the consciousness of the Master. That’s the point you need to take time to know the consciousness of the Master. Don’t just do it because somebody else is doing it. There are two mistakes that people do; they follow somebody because others said so or somebody else is following. For example, the father and a mother are following, and the child automatically follows. That’s not a good idea. You need to know for yourself that this consciousness suits you.
Nath gurus
Connection with the Master – It’s how well you’re parked or how stable you are in the consciousness of the Master.
Otherwise, what’s the danger? The danger is that you may always feel uncomfortable. It’s like a dress you’re wearing which doesn’t suit you. You will always feel uncomfortable. You need to be very comfortable with the energies of this Master, and you need to have total acceptance of the Master. One thing you must always remember is that he can’t be put in frames. Many times, people follow a Master who’s not in the body because it’s easier. In whichever frame you put, he sits there.  A living Master- he gets out of frames every point in time. That’s inconvenient and uncomfortable many times. All this should be very well understood. Don’t jump to a conclusion by reading something or somebody said something or somebody else is following. Don’t follow any person because of that kind of things. That means what you could hear or what you read or something like that. Don’t do that Instead, you take time to recognize the consciousness, to recognize the person, the consciousness, and also you feel whether this suits you, whether this energy suits you.  For example: a bhakti yogi, somebody who loves the devotional path, suddenly meets a Master, who is recommended by your very close people. They said, “This is an amazing Master, who is deeply established in supreme consciousness, etc.” But he is a jnana yogi- the knowledge path. And you’re going and sitting in front of him, and you don’t understand anything he says. Sometimes you feel, “What the hell is he talking?” and then it’s just a matter of time before you run away. You feel that you’ve wasted time.  My suggestion always is – take time to understand, assimilate and also make a kind of a connection factor. Make a bridge so that there is communication happening. It’s not that you’re giving yourself to that person. Don’t do that. Don’t jump into anything. You need to take time, just like you’re going to buy your food in the supermarket. There is so much food there, but you go and select what suits you. Like that, that energy should suit you. Then only there’s elevation happening.  Some people come accomplished with that awareness. They come, they know when they see a person, they understand the consciousness, and they connect rapidly, immediately. That is because, in past lives, they have worked towards that state.  But not everybody – We can’t expect that everybody is in that state. You can spend time; it should be months or years to recognize the person. Once recognized- don’t change. Then even if you say, “Oh, there is a Master who has a doctorate, not just a postgraduate”, – it doesn’t matter because your connection, your stability, your consistency becomes your strength – integrity.  You have got to really look at this objectively. It is not about how many programs you have attended, whether you met them in person or not, whether you are practising something or not. How deeply you are connected – this makes the difference as Hanumanji did not properly sit and chant all the time, of course. He had Ram going on in every hair of his; that is the internal thing.  After a while, when you are chanting continuously, your whole body starts vibrating the same thing, but Hanumanji was more practical. He was working for Ram. He was working for the aspects which Ram stood for or what Ram wanted. We got to understand that. When we are occupied with a personality or a person, or probably a notion – which means when somebody says something, and we think it is so, we could be disappointed. It should not reach there. Instead, you are completely connected to the Master, focused fully and accepting. Acceptance should be total, but only after you do your due diligence, which means not in a hurry. You have to take your time, understand, assimilate and make sure this energy and this path are suitable for you. If it is not, do not hesitate to walk away. Don’t worry about what will others think. Others can think anything they like, but if the path is not suitable for you, if the guide is not suitable for you, if the teaching is not suitable for you, you should go. It is not a tragedy. It’s actually doing justice to yourself or accepting yourself totally. Take time for it. Understand. Don’t jump into somebody’s lap and say, “Okay now, what will I do?” Don’t do that. Many times, people talk about exploitation. You can see that. That’s because people have not done due diligence. Nobody will exploit somebody if you really know what you really want. If you’re really in a confused state, and you’re following somebody’s guidance- exploitation is possible because the world caters to every aspect of life. All that glitters is not gold.  Maybe a person looks great and talks great etc., but can he deliver transformation? That is a clear benchmark. A clear benchmark is a transformation, not miracles or other things. It is his presence – is it transforming you, making you calmer, making fewer thoughts in you? Are you stable? These are all signs of the right connection to consciousness. Otherwise, we can talk about anything we like, but it doesn’t mean anything. Did I answer your question? Was it okay? Thank you! Host: Thank you so much, Mohanji. The next question is from Shreyashi. Mohanji: Yes, Shreyashi.

How to keep ego in check?

Shreyashi: Namaste Father. First of all, I want to thank you very much, because I was very sick and through all the healing, through Mai-Tri and MTM method, I’m like very well now, I feel super recharged. I think due to your grace, sometimes I feel super-efficient, and sometimes I feel as if the ego is taking over. How to keep that ego in check? But at the same time to be efficient and productive, but not be arrogant about it? Mohanji: The healing and the support, the thanks should go to the people who helped you, not to me. I would rather attribute all this to the people who are supporting you and helping you. Shreyashi: Acharya Milica did the healings for me. Monk
Keep this space clean. Inner space and our corresponding outer space. How can you keep it clean? Express kindness all the time, compassion all the time, selflessness, and humility.
Mohanji: The whole thing I am passing it on to them. The ego is part of us. If we practice humility, one thing you need to remember, since you’re born, one day, you will die. This in-between space: it is not worth having a lot of ego, pride, arrogance, all these things. Actually, this is not our right representation. Correct? That awareness is enough, meaning what our right representation is. Since you are born, you know very well that you will die.  What best you can do here?  Keep this space clean.  Which space?  Inner space and our corresponding outer space.How can you keep it clean? Express kindness all the time, compassion all the time, selflessness, and humility. It is very important because we are here only for a short period of time.  Whatever time created, the time has deleted also. That is not a tragedy. This is an inevitability, not a tragedy. If we are born, we will also die. So, with this clear understanding, if you wake up every day, what will happen in your mind?  Gratitude. Deep gratitude, “Hey, my heart is beating! I have woken up. I am alive. What can I do today?” And then, the people who contact you – You will feel they are all angels. You will not look at them as potential competition, or we will not compare ourselves with them.  There is nothing to compare, nothing to compete. Just to accept, respect and understand. Then life is in this togetherness: coming together, sharing experiences, there’s no good or bad about it. What we call bad is a decayed expectation or an unfulfilled expectation; we call it bad. There’s no bad about it. Nothing is good; nothing is bad.  We have to understand and be grateful. “Hey, look here, I have a house today. I have some shelter; I have food to eat; I have an appetite. I have people loving me, or there are kind people who are healing me.” You know what their problem is, they can do something else, they can go to a pub and have a drink also. Instead, they’re sitting and healing you. We got to have all this gratitude, continuously, consistently. 
There are no limitations if you are connected to the consciousness. Always remember one thing: There are no boundaries, except in mind. When you’re looking at yourself and your potential, break all boundaries before you do that. Keep the vision.
Then we also should have clear awareness that – while existing, what is our highest potential possible? What can we do? What best we can do? If we think about it, automatically ideas will come. Create a vision. Imagine you are going to live for 90 years. What are you going to do for 90 years?  Create a vision. “I will do something great for this world.” So, within your limitations, within your budget, whatever your limitations are, I would say there are no limitations if you are connected to the consciousness. Limitations are only in our minds. Whenever we say, “I can’t do that”, we are only talking about a limitation of the mind.  People keep saying, “Oh, I don’t have that capacity!” What capacity are you talking about? Waking state mind capacity – that is not our capacity. Or we say, “Oh, this guy failed, so I may also fail.” What is that called? Fear. Borrowed fear. It is not ours.  We borrowed it, acquired fears. Then we say, “Oh, I can’t do that because I saw somebody failing. Somebody fell from the bicycle, so I’m not riding the bicycle.”  These are escapism things that we always carry. Always remember one thing: There are no boundaries, except in mind. When you’re looking at yourself and your potential, break all boundaries before you do that. Keep the vision. Don’t judge people. Very important. Don’t judge people. “That guy is not good; he’s drinking alcohol, he is doing this or that.” It’s not important. We have no idea what his karma is; we have no clue. Each person has a duration, a beginning and an end, and a lifespan. What happens within the lifespan, which we call the path of destiny- is completely orchestrated.  Every meeting, every parting, every interaction, depth of interaction, the flavour of interaction, experience out of it- all defined. We should not judge, nor you pitch your plan or vision based on somebody else’s vision. It should be yours. Then only it will be authentic. You need to remember; you are a very authentic personality. You are unique. You are authentic, and most importantly – You are alive. So, there is something you can do here. That’s what Ram did. He had many odds, many problems, many roadblocks in his life, but he did not sit and cry, nor did he expect other people to come and save him. He did not expect.  When you have less expectations, you have less disappointment, and this was his strength. You can have strength, don’t worry about obstacles; don’t worry about problems; don’t worry about any situations which can affect you. Create a Vision.

What are the aspects of inertia (tamas)?

Destroy Tamas, inertia! One aspect of inertia is what? One aspect of inertia is I can’t do it. The next aspect of inertia is, tomorrow I will do it.  The third aspect of inertia is why nobody is supporting me.  Like that, you can list out a number of aspects of inertia, which blocks us, binds us and makes us immobile or paralyzed. Don’t be scared; this is all a reality. We are living this every day. Whenever people talk about impossibility, I only see their limited mind. There is no impossibility. You take a decision, surrender it to the highest consciousness you are in touch with, and just keep moving. Things open up; things happen.
The power of surrender is in faith. If you have deep faith in yourself first, then your source, whoever you are connected to, it could be a God, it could be a Guru, there is no stopping you. If you surrender yourself and your aspects or your vision at the feet of your God, whoever you are connected to, the consciousness you are connected to, and just go ahead with your mission, it will happen. 
The power of surrender is in faith. If you have deep faith in yourself first, then your source, whoever you are connected to, it could be a God, it could be a Guru, there is no stopping you. If you surrender yourself and your aspects or your vision at the feet of your God, whoever you are connected to, the consciousness you are connected to, and just go ahead with your mission, it will happen.  Shivaji Maharaj surrendered his kingdom to his Guru. The Guru said, “I’ll take it. I accept it. Now you run it for me.” He became very powerful because he was doing it for the sake of his Guru. There was no ownership. When there is no ownership, there is supreme power. Why sometimes we are limited, one reason is ownership. The main reason is ownership. I am doing it. Who are you? Your limited mind; waking state – limited mind What does that mind give you?  Limitations. I always tell people, “Don’t tell me twenty things you cannot do; tell me one thing you can do, and we will work on that.” Twenty things you cannot do are twenty aspects or dimensions of your limitations, limited mind, based out of inertia, Tamas. If we consciously shed that or detach from that or distance from that, you would be surprised to see how powerful you are. There is nothing that can stop you.  You are supreme consciousness expressed through this body, this personality. Remember this, unlimited power; unlimited supreme consciousness; Ram expressed through this body. This is what you should know. It is very important to understand. Is it clear? Shreyashi: Yes, Father, I’m feeling very motivated. You answered questions I didn’t even ask. Thank you so much. Mohanji: You can be motivated now because you are seeing me. Tomorrow, you should also be motivated, and the day after the same. I motivate people when they come to me, but they go back and sleep again. Don’t sleep. Do something. Shreyashi: Yes, Father. With your blessings. Thank you!  Host: Thank you, Mohanji. The next question is from Lakshmi.

What is the meaning of the Agni Pariksha from the Ramayana?

 Lakshmi: Namaste Baba. Happy, blessed Ram Navami to you. My question is from the Ramayana; I think this aspect is one that has been very misunderstood. But there are many theories about it. I wanted to ask the true meaning of the Agni Pariksha from the Ramayana. Mohanji: Every aspect of Ramayana has different dimensions. As I explained in the beginning, Sita is Shakti. Where is your Shakti sitting? Kundalini Shakti. The highest of Shakti is Kundalini Shakti. It transcends Earth, Water, Fire and then it reaches Air and Space. It then goes further and attains Shiva. So, every time there is an Agni Pariksha happening before enlightenment. It has to transcend fire. Fire has a different flavour also. What is fire? Something that purifies but does not get contaminated.  Kundalini Sakti
The highest of Shakti is Kundalini Shakti. It transcends Earth, Water, Fire and then it reaches Air and Space. It then goes further and attains Shiva. When Kundalini Shakti is moving, it transcends – it first breaks the Brahma granthi and Vishnu granthi; all those granthis are broken and stuff like that at various stages. And before it reaches Rudra granthi, it has to transcend fire.
That is the truth of fire. The fire never gets contaminated. That is the power of fire. Solar Plexus is the seat of fire. The Jatharagni sits there. So, when Kundalini Shakti is moving, it transcends – it first breaks the Brahma granthi and Vishnu granthi; all those granthis are broken and stuff like that at various stages. And before it reaches Rudra granthi, it has to transcend fire. This fire is that kind of an expression.  Now, Sita going through fire – fire purifies everything. It is a symbolic thing, according to me. People may say that she actually walked through fire. Possible, we don’t know. Let us look at the symbolic meaning which is suitable for our path for liberation. What is fire? Fire is the purifier. It is the purifier. When we walk through that fire or the kundalini shakti goes through that fire; Sita is Shakti, goes through that fire, it becomes lighter because it transcends earth and water and goes through Fire to the air, then space and further up.  So, this Agni Pariksha – the test of fire, happens to all people before they attain enlightenment. This is my notion. Some people have a different opinion; I’ll accept that, no problem but, I’d rather keep this notion. LakshmiThank you, Baba.  Host: Thank you, Mohanji. The next question is from Krishna Kumari. Krishna Kumari: Atma Pranam Mohanji! I am really shivering to read it. This is the first time I am seeing you live. My question is: Whenever I look at Mohanji’s picture, it tells me something – a lot of information. But to know what are the messages exactly all about. I don’t know how to connect to it.  Mohanji: I did not understand the question. How to connect with me? Krishna Kumari: Yes, I am very new. Whenever I see Mohanji’s picture, it tells me something. I really do not know what that is, and it contains a lot of information, I don’t know how to extract that, and I want to know more about it. I’m unable to see clearly what the information is. Mohanji: The only thing which you need, for example, if you kept my picture, it should be only like a mirror to yourself. Otherwise, what will my picture do there? You rather keep your picture so that you can know that you exist. My picture should be a reminder of who you actually are. It is like a pointer into yourself.  self love
You need to accept yourself totally, with all your weaknesses, all your strengths, and then, once you start accepting, your mind starts becoming silent.
All that I say, all that I express, or my presence expresses, is that you should be you. I always tell people, if you do not follow me, it doesn’t matter but, if you do not follow you, it matters. If You do not accept me, it doesn’t matter, but if you did not accept yourself, you lose a lifetime. The whole idea is you have to be yourself. Totally and the first step is through acceptance. You need to accept yourself totally, with all your weaknesses, all your strengths, and then, once you start accepting, your mind starts becoming silent, more silent.  The information coming from outside are probably necessary, probably unnecessary, we don’t know. The information coming from inside are all necessary. Very, very important! So, external doesn’t matter. If you see me externally, as a picture or a person, it doesn’t matter because I exist for you externally, only when you are awake and you are looking at me or seeing me, but I always exist within you. I mean, the consciousness that is you is also me. We are one in consciousness. So, this is what is existing within you.  Always try to connect to that consciousness and start listening to yourself. When you listen to yourself more and more, you will start experiencing yourself more and more. Then the question starts getting answered. Every question starts becoming clearer, or answers starts becoming clearer. That is exactly the clarity that should come. Being you is my constant reminder, be you. Hundred percent! Don’t try to be somebody else. It is not an activity. It is beingness. Be you; Be and accept yourself, totally as you are, completely as you are.  There could be many deficiencies; there could be many complexes, negativities, doesn’t matter. This is what we are. We are not trying to be perfect. What we are, is what we actually are. What you are projecting to the world is what people recognize you with; maybe that is not what we are. The third dimension that we have, we do not express. We choose to express some things to the world, but behind the curtain, there is much more.  We need to come to terms with all these aspects, totally you. Then there’s a lot of innocence that will come into you. Being you means you are totally being you, completely. That brings forth the true You. That is the highest you can do in a lifetime, and that will lead you to liberation. I think I have answered your question. Krishna Kumari: I feel so blessed to see you. Thank you very much.  Mohanji:  Thank you!  Host: Thank you so much, Mohanji, for this beautiful opportunity and satsang. I think maybe we could have one more question.  The next question is from Anjali. She says, “I am a devotee of Sai Baba. If someone and their family is suffering a lot, and there is no end to it, does that mean that Baba is testing? It is said that Baba tests his favourite devotees. Is that true? and what happens after the testing is complete.”
Nav Nadhi
Nav Nidhi
All these masters are representing a great consciousness, or they are embodiments of a great consciousness. When you are in connection with them, your consciousness expands, possibly to theirs, or their consciousness merges with you on some level as per your capacity.
Mohanji: First of all, no Master is interested in testing anybody. Who tests? Our own mind. Our own attitude, our own notions, our own limitations, that tests us. No Master is interested in testing anybody. No Master sits for that.  All these masters are representing a great consciousness, or they are embodiments of a great consciousness. When you are in connection with them, your consciousness expands, possibly to theirs, or their consciousness merges with you on some level as per your capacity. If your capacity is large, you can become them. If you are limited, and if you are coming to a Master with expectations, you will only probably connect to that level.  A Master is Supreme Consciousness, especially Baba., amazingly, powerful consciousness. He will not disturb anybody. He is here to remove your pains. When one person told Baba, “I have great suffering, can you please spread it over a few lifetimes.” Then Baba asked the question, “Then why am I sitting here? What’s my job? What am I doing here?” And he said I would clear everything in this life.  When you come in contact with a great Master, probably that lifetimes that you missed, you are supposed to have, or you’re supposed to have a few more lifetimes, that gets compressed to a few. Each lifetime becomes intense, very powerful, sometimes very painful. So, this is one possibility that the person’s lifetime is getting reduced so that each lifetime is getting intense; so that it is getting cleared, whatever you have accumulated over lifetimes is getting cleared to a great extent. This is one possibility.  Another possibility is that, that the resistance is too high for what is going through, you know, the suffering we are talking about. When the resistance is too high, suffering is more. Like when somebody asked Ramana Maharshi. He had cancer, somebody asked him, “Do you have pain?” Ramana Maharshi said, “I have pain, but I have no suffering. I refuse to suffer.” Pain is on the body, but suffering is your choice. When you are resisting, you are suffering. When you are accepting, the cure happens spontaneously. You see that in nature.  Cats and dogs or birds sometimes injure themselves, or some injury happens to them; they do not sit down and cry. Instead, what do they do? They take care of themselves, or they cool themselves for some time before they can move, and then they move to one corner, and they secure themselves. They will not sit and cry for a long period of time, but we human beings, what we do?  We compare ourselves with healthy people. “Oh, I am unhealthy, he is healthy, so I am suffering”, then you need all the attention. Sometimes you need attention, sometimes people need attention, sometimes support, sometimes they cry just to have attention. Sometimes they carry disease so that they will have attention. All these possibilities are there in human beings. If you look at a cat or a dog, they do not care. If they have an injury, they will nurse and nurture the injury. They nurse the injury, and then they will recover as normal because they do not resist it. Then they survive.  Likewise, you can see relationships also. Expectations are much less in animals and other species or non-human species. They just accept themselves. They accept society. If you love them, they are happy, and if you don’t love them, no problem so that you are pretty relaxed, or pretty much free, independent from these whole bindings of life.  First of all, Masters never punish, so don’t ever think like that. Masters never ever punish. If you really surrender and say that “Okay, I have no problem, whatever has to go through me, let it go through me. Whatever I have, I surrender to you, pain or pleasure; I surrender to you.” Then, probably the relief will be faster.  The more you resist, the more you expect, disappointments are more. This is the nature of our connection or integration that way. The maximum that is achieved in any spiritual journey is your integration with your Guru – Master When you found a real Master or a Master connected to consciousness, and if you are plugged in all the time without doubts, without criticism, without judgment, without comparisons, then you will automatically start feeling that energy within. There will be no boundaries for you eventually. That is a clear sign.  When you are deeply connected to a Master, you will never talk about impossibilities. You will always be silent inside, and your expressions will be powerful. That is a clear sign of your deep connection with a Master. This is very important to understand. When you are doubting; when you’re criticizing; when you’re comparing, then your connection is also poor. There are disruptions in the connection.  Consistency That is why I said in the beginning; you take your time to connect to a Master, do all due diligence. Understand the Master, close or far, doesn’t matter. Fully understand and make sure that energy is suitable for you or that is the path for your transformation. Once you found that, don’t change. Then let it be a deep connection, full integration, and you become that consciousness; otherwise, it is not worth it. Many people keep changing tracks. They go to different people thinking that they will get something more and then eventually they will get disappointed.  The basic problem is not the Masters; the basic problem is that you don’t have the vessel to carry that consciousness or have the vessel to receive. That is the problem. Instead of going to various Masters, stick to somebody who you have connected properly, and then all the masters will bless you because all masters are one. It’s all consciousness in different forms, so they will all respect you and bless you provided you are sticking to one path.  Consistency is very important. Consistency, discipline is extremely important, determination, very important, and also humility. It’s not like, “Oh! I expect this, if I don’t get it, then I’m going away. Expect it. if I get it, thank you very much.” So that’s not the way. It is a lifelong partnership. Connection to a true Master is a collaboration. It is a lifelong partnership. No judgments, no doubts, no competition, no comparison works there. If that happens, it’s a tragedy. Host: Thank you so much, dear beloved Mohanji. It has been such an amazing opportunity to be with you today. I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of all the viewers on YouTube and as well as Zoom to thank you so much on this beautiful day of Ram Navami to bless us with your darshan. Thank you so much. Mohanji: Thanks to all of you. Thanks to all of you for putting this together, coming together and talking.  I wish you a great level of awareness in this life. I wish you great awareness and the consciousness of Ram within you which means Consciousness of Supreme Consciousness or the state of Supreme Consciousness within you. May you all attain that in this life. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Watch the video here. Transcribed by Nada Rakovic, Seema Proofread by Jayshree Phalad, Rekha Murali

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