Mohanji-How to remove past life karma

How to remove past life karma?

What should we do to burn our past karma?

The natural solution is fulfilment. 

What is karma? 

Unfulfilled desires. 

When you have unfulfilled desires, what is the natural conclusion?

Fulfilment. That is a natural conclusion. 

There is one more possibility; you can overcome it. This means that you increase your awareness, to a point where you don’t need it. There are certain things where you say, “Okay, I had that desire, but I don’t need it. I don’t want it now”. So it drops off. If you really don’t need something, it drops off; it goes away, by itself. 


But if it is suppressed, which means that for whatever reasons, when you suppress a desire, it never goes away. It strengthens every day because whatever you suppress is a memory stationed or positioned well, in the causal layer. It is not going away. It will grow. 

That is why some people are born drunkards. They might have suppressed interest in alcohol for a long period of time. They could not complete it in that life. They took another birth, and as soon as they could access alcohol, they started drinking. People wonder why these people are drinking so much. This is the reason. 

Suppression always leads to expression, at some point in time. You cannot eradicate it. But you will reach a stage where you don’t need it. Then it drops off. Whatever drops off has left the system. It is gone. 

Karmic fulfilment

So, for burning past karma, the first and foremost, and the most common practice is fulfilment, which we are unconsciously doing. Actually, for karmic fulfilment, you don’t have to decide.  When you took birth, continuing until death, karmic fulfilment is the only thing happening in life. Where you are, what you do, the experiences you have, everything is connected to karmic fulfilment. Unconsciously or consciously, which means, even if you are not aware, karmic fulfilment is happening. 


Your awareness makes a difference in the taste of the same. With higher awareness, the taste is different. With lower awareness, the taste is different. With lower awareness, resistance is more. With higher awareness, acceptance is more. 

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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