Naga Loka, the World of Snakes

There are various worlds, various constitutions, configurations, and various species in this universe. The man-made machines can only show us certain aspects of the Milky Way, our planetary system. Our machines display only the highly gross, visible aspects and materials that our senses can perceive and mind can appreciate. There are subtler planes of various

Wake up, Get up and ACT. NOW!

Dearest Embodiments of Love and Compassion               I have not addressed you for sometime now. I shall share with you some food for thought today. Hope you will take your time, digest them well and make a difference in the world around you. Yesterday afternoon, I was speaking at the function organised by Stop Acid Attacks – to bring

Thus Spake the Rishis…

Thus Spake the Rishis   Remember the pieces of advice of our rich tradition. Guidelines for successful living…   ►Even if it is for fun, do not gamble. That will become your obsession and binding.Even if it is for fun, do not develop vices. They will eventually disable you.   ►Do not go to bed

The Glorious Dead

The Glorious Dead Ram Charan died last evening. He was ill, hospitalized and was in a helpless condition since long. None of his relatives displayed any substantial compassion. He was a school teacher and none of his ex-students provided any substantial help.  His own children were not too happy at the “loss of money” on

Concepts and Truths

  The Creation   If there are 7 Billion people on earth, there are so many personalities, with concepts, ideas, fears, conditionings, and all other flavors of life that one could possibly think about.  As I have always mentioned, constitution wise, we are “hand-made” and not a factory product that looks and feels alike and whenever

The Gross and The Subtle

Dear All, The Gross and The Subtle This duality will always trouble the mind. Is the way to unity is through this duality? Mohanji gives awareness to many burning minds. Do not be disillusioned. No gross form is equal to God, if God is formless, colorless, desire less and omnipresent. Form has limitations; Form has

The Power Within YOU…

  My Beloveds,                It has been sometimes since we spoke last. This mail is in reply to a gentleman’s question after my recent visit to Dubai. The question is related to tamas, residue of past actions and binding. In fact, they all are in a way interconnected.                          

Stay With the Truth

Dears, I received a beautiful message today which I instantly felt inclined to share with you. One old saint conveyed this message to me through a friend who visited him. The message is Q: “M, you know the truth and you are not afraid to tell it. This will make some people uncomfortable. Some ego

STRIP Before You Enter

    “By stripping he meant that all those who enter should strip their ego, anger, hatred, jealousy, pretensions, fears, insecurities etc. outside his gate and enter naked.”   My Beloveds                About two hundred years ago, in the region that is currently Pakistan, there lived a saint who observed silence most of his life.

Children of Vipers

Dears, These words are provoked by some questions that I answered a couple of days ago from a seeker, on the current times of insensitiveness and cruelty by mankind on its own kind and on others. Mankind has expressed cruelty towards its own kind and all other species since generations. Hence the Bible said,  “You