About Letting Go, Mantras, Shaktipat and Nath tradition

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia on 4th May, 2014 Q: During the Power of Purity meditation my eyes by themselves rotated for about 60 degrees upwards so that I almost had to opened my eyes. I don’t know what happened… A: When you connect to the third eye and your eyes rotate to

Q&A Brightening the Inner Light

This is a compilation of Mohanji’s answers to the questions he got and which are general enough to share for the benefit of everybody. “All of you who are deeply linked to my consciousness, there is no ritual to connect to me. Be Mohanji to experience Mohanji. One consciousness and many manifestations. There are no


You can watch this talk on YouTube   Whenever we go anywhere, start feeling it. Feel the place, feel the location, feel the whole programme. That is the way to remove things from your system. Number two, how deep you are able to let go, so much will go. Because we are talking about lifetimes

Overcome Anxiety, Anger, Alienation, Hurt, Tiredness, Disillusion

Dear All, Here is the compilation of various questions  and Mohanji’s answers on Bless The World Yahoo group. Guided by higher consciousness,  Shahid Khatai was prompted to collect them all so that you also enjoy and benefit from these eternal truths that Mohanji tirelessly conveys through his teachings. Love, BTW Team Topics: What alienates, what

Satsang with Mohanji in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Serbia, 3rd May, 2014 Seeing through the minds of the attendees, Mohanji started immediately answering questions that were hovering in people’s heads. We keep a lot of stuff inside. We are collecting various things every moment and keeping them inside. We cannot know how much we have stored and eventually this makes us heavier

Satsang with Mohanji

Satsang with Mohanji on 29th March, 2014 Our gratitude to Mohanji for taking time to answer some of our questions. There are a few questions that we received online. Questions are related to the shift that we are currently experiencing, connecting to higher beings, escapism and protecting natural resources. To watch this satsang on YouTube,

What is Happiness Worth?

My beloveds           We wake up and run each day, to catch up with life. Precious moments are passing by. Stress is building up. We learn to hate more than we remember to love. We blame others for our own follies and create endless lists of enemies in our lifetimes.  Truth is often misunderstood while masks are

Time is Precious

Dear All,             It is human nature to be unconcerned about other people’s time. We often take it for granted. We all complain when our time is wasted, yet we do not care about wasting or misusing others’ time for our advantage.  Many of us display utter selfishness in ignorance,