Can humans be enlightened?

Can any human become enlightened? | Mohanji Yes, there’s no higher, lower, or equal in any creation. Even if you take a tree, the leaves of the tree on the plant – every leaf will be unique. If you take a bird or an animal – from outside, they may look the same; but they


Conscious vs Consciousness

The difference between conscious and consciousness | Mohanji We’ve started our journey from consciousness. This means consciousness is eternal; consciousness is pure. Everything that you see and do not see – that means the tangible universe and the intangible, which means the pure energy universe, and the tangible, which is the gross aspect of the


Increasing willpower

How to increase willpower | Mohanji The question was how to increase willpower?  When you start being conscious of your life, your willpower will start increasing. When you are unconscious, it is very difficult. When you start becoming conscious, slowly being conscious of your thoughts, conscious of your words, and conscious of your actions, if

Shivaratri 2022

Maha Shivaratri 2022

Maha Shivaratri Message 2022 | Mohanji Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Om.  Shivoham. We are indeed the consciousness; we are indeed Shiva. Shiva, Shivaratri, Shivoham. We are indeed the Supreme in disguise or manifested as human beings. All the beings of this earth and beyond, of all the worlds, are Shiva. It is the same energy,


A Guru-Disciple relationship

The Guru-Disciple relationship is so pure and so sacred, much higher than a mother-child relationship. The mother-child relationship is one of the most sacred relationships in the world. The Guru-Disciple relationship is much higher because the Guru takes the disciple to Supreme Consciousness, where they started from. That’s the thing. 

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Success related insecurities

We are wasting most of our time by comparing ourselves with other people. And most of the time we are wasting by competing with other people. I would recommend if you want to compete, compete with yourself. If you have the habit of postponing things, do it right away. If you have the habit of not smiling, start smiling. If you have any habit of being lazy, get into hyper-action.
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Job of an enlightened Master

What is the job of a true enlightened Master? | Mohanji What you consider as a master’s job does not exist. No master sits there and thinks, “Okay, there are people – helpless, poor; help them or guide them.” There’s nothing like that. There’s no responsibility that way. But when we crave something, we get


New Year Message for 2022

I wish all of you a great new year, 2022. From 2020 onwards, the apprehensions of the world have increased. We all have experienced, especially with the pandemic, vaccinations, restrictions for travel, a lot of different experiences which we are not used to. We are not used to any of these, but it created a different dimension in us. We are forced to adapt to the new situation. 
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The important power of respect

The power and importance of respect | Mohanji Great scriptures said worship or respect your mother primarily; that’s the first level. The second level, respect your father. The third level is to respect your teachers or respect your life – that is, the highest teacher. And anybody giving information, anybody giving you understanding, anybody giving you


How to fulfil Dharma?

Dharma simply means performing your responsibility with consistency. Dharma is essential; you can’t avoid it. Plus, your practice is essential; you can’t avoid it. That means, what does that mean? No escapism, no running away. Stay where you are, do what you have to do and raise your awareness to the highest possible.
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