Our Relationship is Not Accidental

Our relationship is not accidental. Like the river, it flows through lifetimes.

Our relationship is not accidental. Like the river, it flows through lifetimes.

My beloved embodiments of pure love! Our relationship is not accidental. We have been connected from life times and will continue through time as well. So, the familiarity that some of you are experiencing today has deeper roots than your limited mind can perceive. So, please do not mind if what is given below is a bit too informal and straight. I know this will provoke some thoughts in you. This is extracted out of some of the regular questions that I handle everyday.

Remember, I love YOU 🙂

Our Relationship is Not Accidental.

Our Relationship is Not Accidental.

Q: Relationships with—————— is not working. (Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Neighbor, Boss)

A: Is your relationship with yourself working? Sort that out and all the external relationships will work. Connect to yourself first. This yourself is not what you see in the mirror. It is the formless that keeps what you see in the mirror alive. Connect to that formless within you and everything else will work.

Q: What next?

A: It is up to you. Destiny is your creation. You can make it a beautiful garden or a clutter of weeds.

Q: I am confused!

A: You are not confused. Your mind is. Understand the mind and detach from it. Let it be confused, but you are not your mind. Be what you really are and there is no confusion.

Q: What is the reason for excessive stress in life?

A: Ownership and do-ership. Non-understanding or no realization that “everything passes away”, both situations and people. When this understanding takes deep roots in one’s mind, life becomes an every moment game and each moment would be pleasurable and stress free.

Q: Many paths, which one to choose?

A: Simple. The path that is in front of you. You cannot actually choose anything else (any other path)

Q: Many Gurus. Which one is MY Guru?

A: None of them. Your Guru is your own soul. All else are reminders. Nothing that lies outside of you really belongs to you.

Q: Why are there differences?

A: There are no differences. It is only a distortion that the mind creates. Everything is one. Just different forms. Mind creates differences. You are not the mind.

Q: I am worried.

A: Mind is worried. You are not the mind.

Detach from your mind to know me for our relationship is not accidental.

Detach from your mind to know me for our relationship is not accidental.


Q: Can you help me?

A: Do you really need help? You are all powerful. If you feel otherwise, hold on to me until you find yourself. I will help you. You need the crutches only until your own legs become strong enough to carry you.

Q: I have faith.

A: Do you? Is it conditional or unconditional? Think again.

Do you really have FAITH? How much faith?

The word faith has become a cliché. Faith is not just a word. It is a state, a perpetual state. Most of those who say “I have faith”, doubt themselves and certainly even their faith. And their faith is often conditional and sways with others interference, opinions and words. They need to work harder to achieve a total state of absolute faith.

Q: I surrender

A: Do not deceive yourself. Surrender means leaving out whatever you surrender completely from your system. Do you do that?

Total surrender needs absolute faith. Complete surrender is a complete state of annihilation of a certain aspect of you. It is a state of dissolution. You are removing something you do not need in your constitution. Karma gets trashed.


Think again, when you use such words. Do not deceive yourself.

Q: Whom should I trust?

A: Yourself.

Q: I Love You.

A: Do you?

You should love yourself first. Love your family. Love your neighbors, friends, colleagues. I am total. When you love totality, when you become unconditional love, you do love me. If you think I am this form, this is non-understanding. When you hate someone, you do not love me. Loving me means loving the universe. Loving me means loving unconditionally. When you see me in every being, you DO love me. You will feel my love too. I love you through all beings.

Our Relationship is Not Accidental. You are never disconnected from me.

Our Relationship is Not Accidental. You are never disconnected from me.

Q: Sometimes I feel disconnected.

A: You are never disconnected from me. Your mind is. You are not your mind.

Q: I want to be always with you.

Being with my physical body will never ensure proximity to me. If you are one with my consciousness, you are always with me and totally as well as completely connected with me. This is more permanent as well.

Do not have the misunderstanding that those who are physically close to me are actually “close” to me. Some of you who are far away physically from me are more close to me (through unity of consciousness) than those who are physically near me.

So, the desire for being with me should not be being physically with me. And many of you will not be able to handle my physical proximity because chances for disillusionment is very high.

Read the blog “Living with a saint“.  I may kick your ego from time to time. I will tell you things that you may not like to hear, with the intention of shaking you up and liberating you from some samskaric bindings. You may not like it. So, beware.

When you have tremendous maturity to handle whatever is given, you will automatically reach me. This is for sure. Otherwise, it is just infatuation. It has no spiritual value. Being in physical proximity, and at the same time being totally ego-less and in complete surrender, like Shama or Mhalsapati to Shirdi Sai Bhagawan is a real grace and blessing.

Then the disciple and the Guru are one, though in separate bodies. This is possible and achievable, if you have consistency in effort and total determination and a will for the annihilation of individual ego.

Q: How can I ensure my spiritual progress?

  • Strive to be always in 360 degree awareness.
  • Watch your limited mind and ego. Be always detached from them.
  • Be steadfast in your devotion as well as conviction.
  • Do not only listen to others. Listen to your own soul and understand your own experiences.
  • Understand and grow into yourself. Grow within. Be rich within.
  • All external expressions should be expressions of your inner richness and not your limited mind. As Gandhiji said “Be the change that you want to see in the world outside.”.
  • Be Unconditional Love.

See You in Your real form. You will see me.

See you in your real form. You will see me. Our Relationship is not Accidental.


Q: How can I see you in your real form?

A: See YOU in your real form. You will see me.

Q: Where is Good and Bad?

A: In your mind. It starts in your mind and ends in your mind.

Q: I cannot sleep.

A: Good. Practice awareness. It is better than sleep.

Q: How do I know you?

A: Know yourself, you will know me. What your mind says, is not me. What your soul says, is me.

Q: Who is a real saint?

A: One who has nothing to do with earth and knows it well, while being here.

Q: Even if I have one desire?

A: You will stay here.

Q: Aum Poornamada Poornamidam…. what can we equate this with for easy understanding’s sake? (question from a school teacher to explain to her students)

A: To a lamp. It never sheds its shine, brightness, even if a thousand lamps are lit from one. Everything is complete. Only completeness exists. Mind does not understand it, soul does.

Q: Why we wander?

A: Because you follow the mind. Mind always remains dissatisfied. It drags the body along. It delivers fears and alienations. It keeps you running for one thing or the other, through disillusionment and non-understanding.

Q: When ego takes over?

A: Men perish.

Q:Spiritual evolution is inevitable or guaranteed in each lifetime?

A: Depends on one’s karmic baggage.

Q: Is spiritual inheritance possible?

A: Yes.

Q: What is our hope for tomorrow?

A: Today

Q: Am I really alive or am I dreaming?

A: It depends on which level you are operating from. “Wake Up”, you will know.

Our soul connects.

Our Relationship is Not Accidental for our soul connects.

Q: I believed spiritual masters are invincible. (Discussion point about fall in spirituality)

A: No. On the contrary, they are more vulnerable than others. When existence shifts to unconditional love, they trust everyone. This could be quite detrimental at times. It is hard to climb the ladder, easy to fall.

Q: Can an evolved being fall?

A: Depends on how he manages his ego and mind. If mind controls him, even duality of existence will pull him down. Unity cannot be perceived by mind. It is beyond the mind. To exist in unity, one should cross the boundaries of mind and ego.

Q: Man’s quest for knowledge

A: Waste of time, unless it helps his shedding.

Q: What is worth pursuing?

A: Silence.

Q: What is worth investing in?

A: Awareness

Q: Siddhis?

A: Candies.

Q: Why?
A: It wastes time. It maintains duality. It could nurture stronger ego. It forces detours. It alienates man from unity.

Q: Ultimate destination of man?
A: Narayana, the destination of man.

Q: Is it Lord Vishnu?
A: Parabrahma, the supreme formless GOD. The one who Generates, Operates and Dissolves. All forms are formed out of Him and dissolves in Him.

Q: Why do we visit holy places?
A: Urge to bathe in higher energies.

Q: What do we carry from there?
A: Depends on your stature. The ideal is to carry higher awareness, silence of mind, if you could. Usually, you only carry some photographs of your own form against some divine backdrop! This only tells you that you were indeed there and makes you feel worth the money well spent. Ability to experience gets enhanced with surrender and silence. Silence brings you more awareness than any book-knowledge. Expectation kills the fragrance of every experience.

Q: Why cannot everyone experience the same thing?
A: Each one experiences only as per each one’s capacity, stature and constitution. Each according to his ability, each according to his eligibility. There is no point in comparing. Comparisons means non-understanding.

Q: Where do you really exist? In which realm?
A: In your heart. In the realm of your consciousness. I have no other existence.

We will talk again.
Love You Always

I exist in your heart.

I exist in your Heart

Dear All,
Mohanji receives many questions. Questions arise from one’s mind because it is the mind that is suffering in various situations and incidences.  Here are some straight answers by Mohanji to some commonly asked questions.
Love and regards,
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  1. virti patel

    feeling very nice to read all question& answers as i was suffering from very tough time…

  2. I see I have read this before. The Master doesn’t even get exasperated with our repeated backslides into individuality and doership – again and again we stumble – yet there is no judgement ever.

    1. Fulfillment. Life’s purpose is fulfillment. Gratification is what we are experiencing. It contains happiness and sorrows. Both amount to gratification. We chose this before we took birth and will continue until we die in this life. Happiness should be the focal point of life. Happiness is not pleasure. Happiness means perpetual happiness or bliss. Temporary pleasures cannot bring you that. Go through the pleasures of senses and attain the permenance beyond that. In this context, selflessness and non-violence in thoughts words and actions keeps you liberated while selfishness and violence within binds. M

  3. Mohanji, I am having trouble with my Pakistani neighbours. I am Hindu Indian. They are making snide remarks all the time..”she lives alone..no one here but her. What is she uptight about? (I am enjoying living alone, tending to my beautiful garden and minding my own life. I don’t work at the moment.). The gossips spread in the neighbourhood, why Is’nt she working… talking, etc.
    I am struggling to like these people. They are even using their children to make fun of the way I used to cry, 6yrs ago, when my daughter left home. Even the way I speak Hindi or English or even how I laugh.. And slight my beautiful garden by saying “there are no flowers! ” (In England it takes a while to get sunshine.)
    I also know, my family spies on me using two of my neighbours. Pakistanis do this, despite me giving them a “jai namas” prayer mat from haj when they moved in.
    Help! I want to release this sadness,and fear

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