Soul Transition

The usual transition is that once it leaves the body, the first experience for the soul is feeling lightness. Completely unburdened – light. But it still carries the personality, the constitution, the character, and the unfulfilled desires, which will become karma for the destiny – the seeds for the destiny of the next life. This is carried. And then it transcends through multiple layers of existence to the level where it’s like a business class lounge for the astral world. That’s the place where it stays and recollects all that happened in the past, like a film on fast forward. 

And then it chooses: “I have this much karma, or these many desires pending – how will I fulfil them?”

The usual completion of karma is fulfilment. The seed of karma is desire. If you have an unfulfilled desire, that becomes karma. 

How can you exhaust karma? 

Through fulfilment. This is the usual way.

There is another way also – you can transcend or go beyond the karma. That means you grow above it where it is not important like your bicycle was very important to you until you bought a motorcycle – then the bicycle was not important anymore. You transcend into something higher so that the lower becomes insignificant (the bicycle is not lower, I’m just giving an example).

In that mode, you can exhaust karma – in the sense that it drops off.


So, that’s the time when a lot of astral masters ( just like masters on Earth who guide people) talk to you, and they tell you, “Look here, this is all that you experienced with your incarnation in that life. Would you like to take another life?”

So, at that time you say, “All these things I would like to experience and I have committed to these people, who are soul mates, that I will come back to experience a relationship mode on this plane. At that time, they say, “Okay, in that case, you can proceed.”  

And there is nobody saying you should go or you should not go. This is your choice.  


And again as I said, the triggering factor is the soul. The soul triggers the journey, but the soul does not determine the journey, and the soul doesn’t care. The soul doesn’t care about your desires; it just helps your journey, just like how petrol doesn’t care about your destination, though petrol is essential for your journey. Just like that, the soul comes with you. 

Then you choose the womb, which can help you to achieve all the things which you have mentioned in your shopping list:” These are the experiences I would like to experience with this incarnation.” And that’s laid out on time – linear to time. Every moment, every day, every year, every situation, time, space is laid out on time – it goes on. And you will have experiences in that mode until the completion of life. After death, the soul transcends into various zones.

A true story

I will give you one more example since you asked this question. I was talking to one saint – he was telling me about something that happened to him at the age of eight. His mother was serving food to him, and his brothers and sisters. And suddenly, he ‘saw’ that she would die in a few days. He had that vision. So he told his mother, who was sitting there, “Mom, you will die on the 21st of July.” 

So, the mother looked at him and said, “Yes, I’m aware of that. But I’m hoping that I will stay on for another ten days because that’s a very auspicious time to leave. But if destiny takes me away on the 21st of July, then I will go.” Then after lunch, she called him and said, “You’re accurate, you’re absolutely right, and actually I’m supposed to leave on the 21st of July. But in case I leave, you must perform these rituals so that I can transcend to where I wanted to reach if I would have left ten days later. “

Then he said,” But I’m only eight years old – who will listen to me?”  Then she said, “Yes, it’s a problem. But you must convince the priest that these rituals are essential. The priests will do the usual regular rituals after death, but that’s not enough. I would like to transcend much faster. You will explain, and he will understand.” 

Then he said, “Mom, on one condition. You must let me know that you’ve arrived – can you?” So she said, “That would be difficult. Once I transcend to that plane, to come back and tell you would be difficult. But I will convey it in some way.” 

As she said, she died on the 21st of July. And he somehow convinced the priests that it was his mother’s wish to do all these extra rituals. They said that these things are not performed normally, and asked him who had said this to him. He replied that his mother had told him before she left; these were the things to be done. 

They somehow got convinced, and they did all these things, and they had to do these rituals over 11 days and on the 13th day, the final ritual was done. There’s a gap between the 11th day and the 13th day when it’s all complete – on some days; they don’t do anything. On the 13th day, the final ritual was done, and they put everything in the fire. That time, the bell rang, and a male voice said, “I have arrived.” (or reached, something like that). 

So, the saint was saying that she did convey the message that everything was done well. And the moment she left the body, the gender also became invalid. The voice he heard was a male voice – it was not his mother’s voice. But somehow the message was conveyed. It may not have been here at all; it could be something else. 


There is a reason for all these things – the whole tapestry of existence has a lot of intricacies. The moment you become subtle, you start seeing all this, you know. You start seeing the lives, and that is why I constantly say: nonviolence. Even if you look at my Facebook page, most of the things I post are against violence. That is because the more you inflict violence, the more suffering happens in the whole universe. It’s not just here, not just to you. You know, you should not be an instrument to cause more trauma in the existence of other people.

So what we do, what we consume, how we express into the world has a lot of value. This is even more evident when we have to leave the body. We may be super confident while we are in the body, and we may even choose not to connect to the higher frequencies when we are in the body.

Connection to Masters

All this helps when you are connected to the Masters; when you’re connected to the realm of the Masters, when you’re connected to higher frequencies on a very strong basis. There should not even be a question of whether I should or not. As I was saying, whether the mind or soul is better, there’s not even a question like that. 

Connect wholeheartedly and 100% to the frequencies which are much higher than you. You will never be at a loss. And at the time of leaving, they will come and hold you. And then it’s a transition. So this happens only when you’re constantly connected when you can be, in the normal state. But at the time of death, sometimes it’s too late. You start thinking about God when you have nothing else to do. That won’t work. And God is not outside of you – the frequency which you’re connecting to is already inside you.

The inside path

You have to be clear and aware that the God you’re looking for is sitting inside. And unless you connect to yourself, you cannot connect to the frequency higher than you. The path lies inside. You know, this is what all the masters have been saying all the while: what you look for outside, what you see outside, are just reflections of you. If you do not exist, there’s no outside existing. It’s a relative existence. 

What you see is what you are. You cannot see anything else. Whatever is outside may not matter to you, if your inside is not clear. You need to clarify this thing. Shine bright inside – then the whole world is beautiful, full of brightness.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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