Mohanji's Vijaya Dashami message 2020, Navarathri-Himalayan School of Traditional Languages HSTL

Mohanji’s Vijaya Dashami message 2020

Namaste to all of you. I am so happy to come back to you again after these glorious days of Navrathri, and I’m sure that you have enjoyed and experienced great elevation through the words and expressions of Hari Narayanan. He would have taken you to various dimensions of Shakti Upasna. I’m sure you would have explored many facets of yourself which you probably may not have felt earlier, because Shakti is within us. Dasa Mahavidyas (10 great forms of knowledge) are to awaken the energy within us, in various aspects of us, various dimensions of us. This is all to awaken everything. 

These nine days are explorative as well as adding purification, and I am very sure Hari’s lectures or discourses would have helped you to purify various aspects of you. In this context, at this point in time when I speak to you, I am speaking to pure consciousness, all of you. We are all one; we are pure consciousness. Because we have mind-matter – mind, intellect and ego, we do not usually understand that we are pure consciousness.

Like in the old story, when the child asked the father – Where is God?

Father says that I am pure consciousness experiencing a human existence.

“But I don’t feel so, why?”

Father said, “Bring me some fire.” The son brought a lit lamp, which had the fire on it.

The father said, “I told you to bring fire, why did you bring a lamp?”

Then he brought charcoal that was glowing, which had the fire on it.

Father said, “I asked you to bring fire. Why did you bring charcoal?”

The son said, “How can I bring fire without any medium?”

And the father said, “How can pure divinity experience itself without you. That’s why I am saying you are the pure consciousness.” 

You are a part of Para Brahma even though you are a microcosm, a temporary existence, a temporary being, but you are indeed supreme consciousness. There will be a time when we will realise it, self- realisation. Self- realisation is nothing but you realising what is already sitting in you. When we start realising ourselves, that means when we start detaching ourselves from the experiential part of the mind, that means experiential part of the world using the mind, or information through the intellect, the ownership – me and mine through ego, that time you will start witnessing; ok all these things are happening, but I’m not that. I’m not feeling it. And then I am watching this whole show. I’m detached from it, but I am watching this show. At that point in time, you start thinking; so who is behind all this. 

That is the time we connect to Tripura, the waking state, the dream state and the deep sleep state. And then ok, so these states are there, and these states are giving different dimensions to our existence. The waking state has a different dimension than the dream state; the dream state has a different dimension than the deep sleep state. The jagrat, swapna and sushpti; all these are different dimensions. We are not ordinary; we have all these dimensions within us. We are experiencing them every 24 hours, every day we are experiencing them. Then why are we identifying ourselves with this name and this form. That question will happen sooner or later. That’s when the real question happens, who am I? This is about us. 

Now let’s come to Mother Shakti. Motherhood is a very, very powerful expression of existence. Motherhood is something where a mother brings forth a new life without losing anything. Purnamadah Purnamidam. Without losing anything, the mother delivers. In fact, the mother gets fulfilment through the delivery, giving forth into this world a living being similar to itself, the mother rejoices, the mother becomes happy. These nine days of expressing or experiencing various aspects of motherhood bring us to this awareness that life is worth it. There is beauty, there is power, and there is meaning to life. We don’t usually see it, because we are in a kind of an illusionary world. We only see the Maya, the illusion, which is relative truth. We always see the relative truth, but when we start looking deeper:

What is the real truth? 

One of the aspects you see in real truth is motherhood. Motherhood is a great expression for every living being on Earth. There is a saying that even a tiny ant cares for its child, so every mother cares for its child. For every mother, her child is precious. Motherhood is amazing, great. Hence, womanhood is amazing, glorious, beautiful and great. I would like us to feel the greatness of womanhood with these exercises we have done. 

This information, these stories which Hari Narayanan has taken you through all these days, these great stories, these great dimensions, great information, knowledge and wisdom he delivered over to you through this platform of Himalayan School of Traditional Language is priceless. I would like to congratulate the Himalayan School of Traditional Language, especially Revathi and team for bringing forth these great substances into this world. It’s not that this is not happening elsewhere, but with determination in a particular discipline, with a clear purpose, delivering something which is eternal is a great thing. 

Coming back to the womanhood, every girl-child is a potential mother. It is important; it is our responsibility to respect every girl-child in this world. I am not saying we should not respect male children. Of course, every life should be respected. Every life, not only human life, all life on Earth should be respected, period. But girl-children are usually victims of the insensitivity of the society, which we have seen time and again. 

Hence, it is our responsibility to take care of girl-children, protect them, guide them, and make them powerful. Empower them to be on their own feet, to have self-respect and self-esteem so that they deliver great children in society. A person who has self-esteem, a person who respects themselves, loves themselves – self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, they will bring forth powerful children with determination and purity, and they will deliver a great world to the next generation. It is not a world of greed; it is not a world of competition and comparison. It is a world of purity, faith, unconditional love, compassion and kindness. That is the world we need. That’s what we should deliver. That is how it will happen, provided we take care of our mothers to be mothers to the children.  

So, this is the message I would like to convey to you. This is the message which is essential today. Let us respect everybody, especially children. We do that in Ammucare, in Mohanji Ka Aangan, through World Consciousness Alliance, through Early Birds Club (EBC has different divisions – kids section, youth team section, adult section), and through Mohanji Youth club. We try our best to empower the underprivileged, especially girl-children. We give them food, clothes, education, whatever we can do. I would say this is not just casual stuff; it should be very purposeful, very disciplined and a very well planned subject so that it really transforms society. 

We must transform society because we are alive here. This is our life. Today our heart is beating, tomorrow we don’t know, we have not seen tomorrow. We don’t know whether we will be alive tomorrow. Today, let’s do our best. Let’s deliver today. Let us be available today. Let’s unite. Let’s be together. We have had great rejuvenation with great Vidya time, activating the Vidya inside us, the positive thing. We have seen a transformation within us through knowledge, through experience, through prayers, through chanting, through pujas, all these things, great!

What do you do when Shakti is activated?

Serve the world, as you can.

Tradition says that for purification, you must take care of everybody around you. When they say everybody, it means every being around you, where you stay, near your house, around your house. Beings who live in the water, because we are connected to water, fishes and all those beings in Nature. Beings who use the sky, birds. One of the major elements that we have is air (breath). So, we take care of the birds. They correspond to that space that we use – the breath/air. We take care of beings who use Earth, the beings/animals in Nature. We take care of our own species, our brethren, our own beings. 

We should not look at caste, creed, country, culture, colour, religion, language. We should only look at are they deserving, are they underprivileged – do they need help? Help them. We do not look or discriminate in any way. We will not. That means we don’t use our mind – we just deliver. Selfless service – Nishkam Karma, that purifies you further, makes you rich inside. You become richer, more powerful. So beings of the water, beings of the air, beings on Earth, human beings and that also the most underprivileged or affected, sick people, old people, children, women. This is the way we deliver. 

While wishing you a very, very happy Vijaya Dashami, congratulations to all of you for going through so beautifully and with so much of participation and involvement in these whole nine days where you were one with the Goddess Divine. Congratulations. I really wish you a great life ahead. I wish you happiness, peace, contentment, fulfilment and also good health. May you receive an abundance of love, an abundance of care. Let us all unite together on the basis of compassion, love and kindness, and do our best for our society. Let’s help in the upbringing of great children, who would do great in this world. 

Make a positive difference in this world – not the complaining, conquering, trying to compare, compete, not those kind of children. We need children who are more stable, who are interested in giving and not taking. Whatever we take, we have to leave behind, whatever we give comes to us as glory, as energy, as power. I wish you great Shakti – Iccha Shakti, Jnana Shakti and Kriya Shakti, for the right purpose. 

Stay with truth. Do what is right. This is Mohanji. I am always with you. I am walking with you and once again, wish you a great Vijaya Dashami. Let this be a victory to you from yourself, from the mind, intellect and the senses, victory from all those things that bind you – kama, krodha, lobha, mada, matsarya, those kinds of things. Let it be a victory for the best of you to create the best out of you.

Lots of Love. This is Mohanji for you. Namaste!

Transcribed by Diljeet Kaur

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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