Mohanji’s Message on World Sanskrit Day 

For me, Sanskrit is not just a language, it’s a culture. It represents a grand and great tradition.

Sanskrit is the essence of what we are.

Sanskrit has just happened on the canvas of our existence from Vedic times.

Sanskrit is pure and Sanskrit can never be contaminated.

Sanskrit is essential to test and taste frequencies which are not easy to understand, in the world of noises.

Sanskrit is the essence in the world of noises.

Sanskrit is real.

There is no comparison to Sanskrit; no other language will come close to Sanskrit.

It not only explores the deepest, sacred secrets from the past (which are all mostly written in Sanskrit in India), but also enhances the ability to align ourselves through those words.


This is the language which aligns.

This is the language, which organizes you.

This is the language which rejuvenates every cell when spoken, or chanted.

Sanskrit is our heartbeat.

Sanskrit is the heartbeat, the sound of Bharat.

Sanskrit is real.

Sanskrit is imperishable.

And Sanskrit will live forever.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopal

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