Message on Corona Virus Pandemic

Mohanji’s Message on Corona Virus Pandemic – 17th March 2020

Hello there.

As of today, there are about 80,000 people completely recovered from the effect of the virus and 7100 persons died. That’s the reported death and about 80,000 people recovered. So, what we should focus on is that 80,000 people recovered. That means, recovery rates are very good. How many people have been affected as per the records; 180 something, that means about 200,000 people out of 7.5 billion people. Please understand, out of 7.5 billion people, about 200,000 people are reportedly affected. Out of that, about 80,000 people have recovered and about 7000 people have died. They have not died because of this virus, this virus just lifted the immunity away and they had other complications. Those complications started working and that’s how they died. This is what I understand, if you’re reasonably healthy, you can definitely survive even if you are affected. If there are other complications already, that means there is definite ill health, and then recovery could be a problem. That is exactly why prevention is very important. I was watching the television: one more thing that I see is that the amount of emission has reduced considerably in the world. Air is much cleaner and there is much less emission from vehicles. From every aspect, there is less pollution. So pollution levels in the world, especially in places like China, have reduced a lot.  In many countries there is a reduction in emission and also pollution. So, this is one positive sign. I’m just talking about the positive things and how we can look at this whole thing.

Secondly, we are heading towards a recession. This is what I feel; that there is a crash in economy or the meltdown is happening. Already, various countries are now redefining their budgets; they have to because a lot of businesses are on standstill. They have all stopped. Transportation industry, tourism industry, various industries are suffering. They all are affected. That’s a real sign that we have to constantly be flexible with our economy. This is the time to remain flexible.

We have been unconsciously spending – income was happening, spending was happening. We were not really worried about all this. But now with this virus situation, each country has become an island – non-communicative, not reachable and they are all segregated from each other. Each country is trying to take care of their citizens and they are isolating others. So, the whole equation has changed, even though the world has many more borders than 100 years ago; there are many more new countries and we have many more borders than before. But now, all the countries are forced to be isolated from each other. That also means economically, there is no support. There is no purchase, there are no imports and exports, and there is no travel. There is stagnation of economy. So, countries and their political leaders have to redefine their economy and they have to use this money to lift their countries – once this epidemic situation is over -lift their countries back to the state which it was before at least. To recover completely takes a long time, it will take a long time. But at least to bring it back to the old state; this will take time. This is what I feel.

That is exactly why we need to spread the positivity, hope and higher awareness in this world today using your own platform. That’s what I have been saying in the last two days. Everybody who is connected to Mohanji and the Foundation, I would like all of you to reach out to any number of people you can and make a difference in their lives. Bring positivity to them, bring positivity in their lives, bring happiness in their lives, bring hope in their lives, and that way, at least to tell that we are all together, we are here to help you. That’s why I had asked if any of our people are stranded in any country. Please do let us know.  We will do whatever we can to help them. But don’t panic. Help is at hand.

So, I’m just summing up the situation as I understood today. These things are bound to happen. I consider this as a third world war situation, not that a third world war happened. But it is a similar situation. What will happen if there was a third world war? There will be prohibition on flying. There’ll be prohibition in cargo transportation. There’ll be prohibition in movement, traffic, tourism, all those things. Same thing has happened with this virus. And it is definitely a good time to think because we have a lot of time at home. Just switch off the television, switch off mobile phones, switch off everything and start connecting to oneself and redefine oneself. This is very important at this time. This is the right time for doing that. Because there is a forced isolation, you know, forced into seclusion. This is the time to redefine ourselves.

We can correct a lot of things. First of all, we can correct our insensitivity; automatic, spontaneous, unconscious insensitivity towards all the things on the earth. We have taken a lot of things for granted. We took food for granted; now that’s why we see the panic buying. Even if you buy more, can you store more? Can you eat more? You can’t. So, it is important that just like the birds or animals – look at them – they will tell you how to handle food. They will only consume what they can and they leave behind whatever they can’t. And they will know that there will be food; if you have a mouth, there’ll be food. So, it’s important; nature tells you what to do. If you look into the nature, nature has all the answers.  Today, I would like to say that you should connect to the nature.

If you disconnect, continue to disconnect, we will all be in an unconscious mode, running after profits, selling our time for money. This is what we have been doing. Now, it is time where you can’t sell your time for money because there is no money to sell for. So, this is one thing happening today and we have been forced to isolate from each other.

So, we know our relationships with people, dependencies, everything has to be redefined today. Eventually, we will all understand that we are born alone, we will die alone. And we will always have this understanding. We are owned by nothing, and nothing we can own. These are the things which we should really understand. And as I said yesterday, the fear of death is one of the most powerful emotions that everybody has including animals, birds, everybody, but you look at what we have done to this animal kingdom. We literally wiped out various species insensitively, unconsciously, without any remorse, without any guilt, or any kind of feeling. Now, it is time we think, they also wanted to live. They had fear of death just like us. We are facing it now, with this virus, a lot of people have real mortal fears about their dying, about this virus affecting them. We are experiencing that today.

So, this is something which we have to now think and we need to make people aware that – look here – the same fears that we entertain today, because this is the nature given chance for experiencing the fear of death, maybe all the beings that we have killed over these years have experienced. They had tremendous fears for dying. Tremendous fears when we were killing them, murdering them, for the sake of meat, for the sake of pleasure, for the sake of our skin, we were putting them in laboratories and inflicting pain, inflicting torture, torture through mutilation, all those things they might have felt, right? All those beings in the laboratories, in the circuses, in the zoos, in the abattoirs, in dairy industry, farms, in hatcheries; they would have experienced or they’re probably experiencing the same kind of fears, because fear of death is connected to our basic instinct, instinct of survival. We all have the basic instinct which is the instinct for survival. Fear of death is connected to it. And that way, death is an enemy. But death is an inevitability, you cannot change death. You cannot avoid death. You have to die one day. If you are born, you will die. So, this awareness is very, very important at this stage.

We own nothing on Earth, we can own nothing. We can’t say that we have an eternal state or eternity in us. We have eternity, if you’re considering the soul factor. But we don’t consider that usually, we look at this incarnation and we are trying to preserve this body, preserve this life. That is where the fear of death happens. But it is time to redefine. Every time when such crisis happens, there is a point of redefining. But this generation, I would say is very lucky. Because in an unpolluted atmosphere, when you are at home, when you are in forced isolation, when you are in a meditative state where you have nothing much to do and when things are not in abundance anymore because the production is affected, everything is affected, you are forced to consume what is necessary, not consume emotionally.

Also, when you have a lot of time to think and do, use your time well. First, use that time to connect to yourself and have certain understandings that you are walking this earth. Earth doesn’t belong to you, you belong to the earth and the earth will consume you sooner or later. So, in this context, you position yourself well: with kindness, with compassion, with gratitude, immense gratitude, with awareness and with selflessness, and consume what you want to consume, share what you have in abundance, and make sure that all the people around you are better, feeling better, have more hope, and more balance and stability because of you.

I wish you great happiness and great health. I’m always with you.

I love you.



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    I think your article needs to address “ meat consumption “ that needs to stop especially so called “ exotic animal killing “ that has led to contact with animals we never ate before No wonder the Brahmins 5000 plus years ago abhorred meat , alcohol for a reason …they were intellectually advanced including spiritually but today’s world has changed the paradigm

    Venkatesh Madhav

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