Mohanji's Christmas Message 2022 - Merry Christmas

Mohanji’s Christmas Message 2022

Wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

     If we have to know Christmas fully, we need to know Christ. The state of being Christ. The one who is conscious, one who represents Consciousness.

   Jesus, the one who represented Consciousness, came to Earth to reveal what consciousness is to the world. This is what I always believe about Jesus’s life. Jesus came to tell the people of his time and beyond that Consciousness is all that is. There is nothing else.

     He said, “Me and my Father are one,” and for me, the cross signifies the human ego. When we cross our ego, we become consciousness. The ego is the wall between man and consciousness. Consciousness is the Father, the one that sustains the entire universe, and Jesus said, “Me and my Father are one.” When a man realizes that he is indeed the Consciousness, he feels the Father, the entire Consciousness. That realization was essential.

     That’s why Prophet John said, “The one who comes after me is higher than me.” Because that one has found his source. He has found his Father. That’s why Jesus said when was being crucified, “They do not know what they’re doing. Father, please forgive them.” The ignorant people were murdering a body they cannot touch the Consciousness. Consciousness never dies. The Father never dies. The Son never dies. The body dies. That clarity was evident in his expression.

     He also said, “We are the salt.” That means we are human beings. When salt loses its flavour, we cannot use it. There’s no reason for salt if it loses its flavour. If a man loses humanity, he is not a man anymore. This is exactly what Jesus told the world.

     He came; he was not understood. He was considered a rebel by the then society. He was an annoyance to the clergy of that time, and he was a threat to the ruling community, so he was considered a rebel and was murdered. This is exactly what the history tells us. We do not understand realized Masters during their lifetime. We do not understand Christ’s Consciousness. We do not understand anything which is real and true. This is the challenge of humanity.

      Understanding, accepting, relishing, and experiencing, this is important. Humanity has to be expressed through higher awareness and that expression would simply be kindness, compassion, acceptance, love, selflessness, and every aspect which expands us.

     It can never be wars, bloodshed. It can never be separation, demolition, or disturbance. It cannot be. That’s only a sign of minds. The mind cannot understand Consciousness. Mind dissolves when Consciousness happens within.

     So, Christmas is symbolically, or as an event, the awareness of Consciousness. The birth of Consciousness. Birth of a being who can represent Consciousness, who is eligible to represent Consciousness, who can understand, experience and project Consciousness. Let us cherish this time this season, the birth of Christ within us.

     If we understand Jesus, we will be compassion incarnates. If we do not understand Jesus, we will be seeing divisions and separations. I wish all of you that understanding. I wish all of you that togetherness with the entire Consciousness where we have no separation from the birds, the animals, the fishes and the people. We are one. Our religion is the same religion of all the birds in the sky, all the beings on Earth and all the beings in the water. Same religion. We are of one religion. We are of one path, one tradition, one consciousness.

     Wish you a Merry Christmas. Wish you great awareness in Christ’s Consciousness. This is Mohanji for you.

Transcribed and proofread by Biljana Vozarevic

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