Mohanji’s Christmas Message 2020

Christ Consciousness

Namaste, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. 

Merry Christmas - Mohanji - Christmas greeting card

Today, when we talk about Christ, when we remember Christ, I remember what he left behind. It is the Christ Consciousness that he left behind. Christ Consciousness is his gift to this world; to mankind. Generations deluded with various external factors forgot about who they are, forgot about their own consciousness. That’s when Christ came. Various masters like Christ came here and delivered this consciousness to the world as a possibility (or the highest possibility or higher possibility) for mankind to achieve.

It’s not the material stuff from the world which we normally pursue, (the competitions and comparisons apart) there is Christ Consciousness. Christ said, “If you reach that consciousness, you can also reach the consciousness of the Creator.” It’s the same. What is inside you, (with the Christ Consciousness, and the consciousness of the Creator), outside of you, or around you, or inside and outside you is the same.

So, this according to me, is the greatest gift he has given to mankind. The awareness of consciousness means that consciousness is existing always; it is never gone. It’s not that Christ invented it; it has been there before. But the awareness of consciousness existed in this particular person, as a remembrance to all mankind. And this is exactly what we respect, and we remember, on his birthday. 

The birth of Jesus Christ

Suffering in the womb

It is said that a small child, in the womb of the mother, goes through tremendous suffering. Various scriptures have told about it, especially in India, about the suffering the child experiences in the womb. And it is said that the child continuously sees the drama of its past incarnations, what it experienced before. It starts seeing all these things, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It feels very sad that it had to go through all this; the activities which have just been done in ignorance, and all the suffering connected to it. 

Ignorance always leads to suffering. Ignorance brings suffering. So the child gets to see this in the womb. It’s like confinement. It’s like a prison; you can’t go anywhere. Immersed in water inside the womb, the child experiences past life activities or like a drama, it sees. And then it’s only prayer is, “Let me not do that again. In this life, let me be connected to you, O, Father!” Father is the supreme consciousness, totally free, totally liberated and totally available to everybody if you connect. 

So, the only prayer the child has is that

“Let me not repeat it. I’m already here in this womb of the mother, and I will have a life ahead. And while I have the life, let me always remember what the truth is, who is real, who is the Father.”

When the child comes out of the womb, it’s a shock because it’s a complete shift of space and shift of awareness. It’s a shock, and eventually the child forgets all these experiences. 

A part of the torture is that it also goes through the mother’s emotions and the mother’s feelings. Plus it has its own past lives. So both are actually suffocating the child in the womb. And the child is, even though it seems to be meditating, it’s watching the movie 24/7, until it comes out, for nine months. So when the child comes out, it does not want anything to do with these kinds of things anymore. 


But patterns take over, patterns come and take over. And patterns start expressing through the child. And the child continues with the same kind of life again; and then same agony, same experiences, same kind of life. Usually, patterns get repeated. Then it dies; it takes another life and then repeats the whole thing again. This is a very important thing that we must remember because we are going through the same patterns and the same cycles. 

So, use this time, remembering Christ, remembering Christ Consciousness. What Jesus left behind, is the consciousness, the Christ Consciousness; that when you remember, you can definitely remember,

I’m not what I seem to be. I am consciousness.” 

If you really understand this, you will refrain yourself from all kinds of violence, all kinds of compulsive patterns and habits, you will refrain yourself from any kind of ill-doings. Instead, you will be benevolent and kind like the Father, the Supreme consciousness, always loving, always kind, always compassionate. That would be your nature; that is actually your highest nature, you will remember that, and you’ll start expressing that. 

Once you start expressing your higher nature, you will come closer and closer to God-Consciousness. That’s what Jesus calls the Father. The consciousness which is always there, ever-present, and always non-intrusive, just like the soul, the soul you have; not intruding into your activity, but it aids your journey. This is exactly the same for God Consciousness. It is not interfering with any of the activities of the globe, the planets, the universe, but it helps the universe to sustain itself. 

God Consciousness

The whole universe is sitting on God’s Consciousness, God’s body. And that’s exactly what is God, but God does not interfere. He’s a loving God (can’t even call a gender; he or she doesn’t matter). It’s not about gender; it’s supreme consciousness, pure brightness, sitting and allowing everything to sit inside him. And everything has its natural beginning and end. And, the God factor is just witnessing it. Like we have a natural beginning, a natural end. And all those things in between are just witnessed by the soul; the soul is not interfering. 

So this is the consciousness which we are talking about, which we already have within us. And this is what we need to find, explore and find within, not outside. And when you find that, you will find the beauty of expression around the world. 

This is the consciousness that we should attain in this life so that we don’t repeat our patterns and come back again and again. This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. 

So I wish you the consciousness, which is the supreme consciousness sitting within you. I wish you a deep understanding and awareness of it. Always, I’m walking with you. I’m always with you. 

Lots of love. Wish You a Merry Christmas. 

This is Mohanji.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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