How to know when God is speaking to you?

Hearing God’s voice

Whenever you believe that God is talking through us, that means you should not exist. Please understand clearly. If you feel that God is talking through you, then it can’t be through your personality, called you. It has to be completely turned into an empty pot. For any higher energy to manifest through you, you should stop existing. The minimum requirement is zero mind, zero ego, and zero personality. 

You may still have a personality trait or character traits like Shirdi Sai Baba or Babaji. But, again, that will be only from the side of the expression. But, if God has to work through you, you should stop existing. You should not exist. 

You can get the guidance, that is different. You will be guided. Especially when your mind is still, you can receive guidance. Again, you’re separated from the guidance. You are receiving guidance. You are not guidance; it will change to you becoming guidance. 

It means that Mohanji has no value apart from what is happening through Mohanji. Why does Mohanji come and sit and talk? Only if it is applicable to you, there is a value. My relevance, itself, is the value I provide to society, and that value has nothing to do with Mohanji as a personality. Do you know what I mean? 

So, If you feel God talks through you, then you will not exist. If you exist as a personality, and still feel that God is talking, that is actually an illusion. If you remain as a personality, intact as an egocentric personality, and you believe that God is talking through you, this is an illusion. If you are rising to the level of God which is, I would say, to the highest of frequency then you have no existence, you don’t need an existence.

On a mental level, there is no talking. The mind will project talking; the mind will say that I spoke to God, etc. But the mind will not understand that language; the mind is operating in a much different frequency. The mind cannot operate in the frequency of God. 

Almost everybody has companions. You know, we can call them angels, or guides or higher Self, or whatever. They communicate. They communicate, especially when your mind is reasonably calm. If your mind is agitated and the mind is constantly on the level of thoughts, then there can’t be communication. You know it’s difficult for them to communicate because you’re not in a hearing mode. But when the mind is calm, some of them communicate, even nonverbally; it can be just a thought, a very powerful thought. So, this is possible. 

People have heard my voice many times, physically heard it, they still do. All those things are because of the connection; the connection makes it easy for communication for which you should exist only a minimal level. Not exist as a very high egocentric, then you’re full of noises. In that noise, there’s no way you can hear. The language of God is silence. So, for you to hear silence, you must be silent. For you to hear words in silence, you must be silent. This is the main thing. 

If you are looking for a form or a manifestation, you have work to do, until you become connected to the unmanifest. If you’re looking at Mohanji as a form, you will take a long time to understand Mohanji as energy.

But if you are only focusing on Mohanji as an energy through the form, the form will dissolve sooner or later. It’ll be just like water vapour; you can put your hand through. And then you would only have energy. So, this is true spirituality. This is called dissolution. This is well past enlightenment. 

Enlightenment is a state where you are totally aware. Dissolution is a state where you do not exist. Dissolution is what saints are looking for. Total nullification, not even the sukshma exists, not even the subtle form exists. The drop has become the ocean completely. And then we attain Shiva; we have the vision of Shiva. Then we don’t exist. 

The moment we actually have the vision of Shiva, we are one with Shiva; we don’t exist. There’s nobody to think, nobody to look, nobody to feel, Shiva and we are One. In a perfect sense, the state of Moksha is totally dissolved. But the Moksha which we talk about does not have another birth. That is what we talk about as Moksha, as liberation. That means we are not taking any more births; we are cutting across the birth-death cycle. That is what we call Moksha. But this is the actual Moksha; you dissolve the subtle; you do not exist at all. That is the real Moksha. 

This is all true spirituality. It’s not beating around the bush and doing some sadhana and having some visions, because they are all traps. Everything is a trap, one way or the other; you get trapped. The mind is a big trap, of course, let’s not even talk about the mind, the biggest trap. Even if you remove the mind, the rest are all traps. A sensation is a trap. A feeling is a trap; everything is a trap because the mind will want to repeat it. And you will get trapped in that feeling. 

Whatever you want from Earth is a trap; you know that very well. If you want even one safety pin, that itself is a trap. There is a desire for it. You know, whatever you can get from Earth, you have to leave behind. All are traps, including relationships, time and space; all are traps because you get addicted to those places. 

Now, beyond that, in the next level if you think, whatever the mind possesses is a trap, all the desires are traps. Then, after, even if you attain enlightenment and you go beyond; even the memories of the existences you had, they are traps. You know that is what I am saying, it is important to burn all these memories, empty and dissolve.

Transcribed and Proofread by Ulla Bernholdt

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