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How to feel Baba’s presence within

Mohanji is a spiritual Master whose awakening was graced by Sai Baba of Shirdi. He guides many on the path and works tirelessly to spread Baba’s teachings.

Mohanji talks about feeling Baba’s presence within oneself and emphasizes on our ultimate aim of self-realization. 

If you have taken a life, concentrate on one thing – make sure that you do not come back.

You are totally dissolved – body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit – all the memories, all the desires, all the things which probably bind you to earth – dissolve. Total dissolution happens. You become totally still and stable.

Then you are Baba. You are connected to Baba. You are Baba. You have nothing to tell the world because when you are totally still and contented, there is nothing to tell the world.

I will tell you about my experience.

In my sadhana, when I was practicing, I used to practice very intensely and I never used to tell my practice to the world. As I said in one of the earlier videos, my practice was connecting to myself. So, basically, for all of us, we have to explore ourselves.

One point – “Tat Tvam Asi” – You Are That. In that point, first, you contemplate – ‘manana’ – contemplate within, deep within, and find yourself in every aspect. You will find yourself in a thousand, or ten thousand aspects, or a million aspects.

Find all that and understand they are all different aspects of one Consciousness. Then you assimilate them. It took about 5 – 6 years for me.

Mohanji meditating in front of a small Shiva Linga

Every day from 3 am to 8 am, I used to sit and connect to myself. I used to connect to my spine. I used to assimilate myself. Eventually, I could go deep and deep into the world of noises, the core of noises, which is silence. We are in a world of noises, and we are contributing to the world of noises every moment. But there is a source for all these noises.

Where have these noises come from?

Absolute silence.

So you need to get back to the original source, the core, and that’s silence. 

When you go deeper and deeper into the core of noises, you will finally reach the world of silence, where there are no noises. All the noises like waves come out of it, and they go back to it and you are stillness.

It took time for me to settle down, and so many things broke up at that time: physically, emotionally, intellectually, all the concepts broke, so many things broke. At that time it’s not very comfortable, because actually, we are a bundle of sounds, noises, a bundle of concepts, bundle of desires, a bundle of phobias and fears, bundle of so many things…

But we have to completely accept them, leave them alone, and then they go away, and finally, you’re settled in silence. After a while, when you are settled in silence and you are fully in that mode, you feel oneness with every Master. 

An image of Shirdi Sai Baba

Then there is no Sai Baba separate from you. We are one with him. I’m not saying, “I am Sai Baba.” Sai Baba is an incarnation whom we call Sai Baba. We don’t even know his name. We don’t know where he came from, and it doesn’t matter. Because, as far as a Saint, a powerful Avadhoota or Avatar is concerned, his delivery, what he delivered to this world and what he is delivering to this world, is the only value. That’s about it. Because where he was born, who were his parents, who were his brother/sister, has no value, because that’s all connected to an incarnation.

It’s not the incarnation we are talking about.

It’s the contribution we are talking about.

So the contribution has value. The contribution is what we see today. Why we are talking today is because of his contribution.

He unified all of us. He made a Sai Baba family. That’s more important. That’s the most relevant thing in Sai Baba’s contribution. That means he united all the people, all of us, beyond caste, creed, country, culture, and colour. That is the value. That exactly is the value. That is his contribution. That’s what we connect to. 

When you are in total stillness, total silence, you connect to that aspect of Baba, where the only purpose of his incarnation is representing the Supreme Consciousness on Earth. That is the purpose of his incarnation, and you connect to that.

When you connect to that, everything else becomes insignificant – where he was living, where he was born, where he left his body… it’s all insignificant.

Shirdi becomes a point of contact, a connecting point. The body of Baba, the film, the image that we connect to, that becomes a kind of the point of contact, a reference point, where you only see Consciousness – pure brightness, brighter than a million suns. That is brightness, and that becomes you.

You become that.

In this whole drama of life, we have to be in that stillness aspect.

When you see all these noises, when you experience all these noises, you need to go into the core, that stillness, from which all these have come. That’s where you find Baba. That’s the only place where you really, really find Baba.

Mohanji and Shirdi Sai Baba

Not in places, not in images, not in any aspect which is seemingly visual. It’s not that.

You have to feel the energy, you have to feel within, and then you realise that you and Baba are one.

One person asked me in an interview, he asked me a question “If you are dying tonight, what will be the last thing you would do?” I said, “I’ll sleep”. That’s all you can do.

Actually, the whole idea that we have to do so many things itself is a mirage. It’s an illusion.

It’s happening through us. When you’re totally surrendered to Baba, whatever is happening through us, that’s the reality.

Just surrender.

Just do what you have to do in this world, without expecting anything.

Expectations are the reason for disappointments.

When we have too many expectations, we will have too many disappointments.

So, expectations have to be put in its place, and we do our job with pure intention, with clarity, with surrender. And then we know that we are one with this Consciousness called Sai Baba. And that’s powerful, unfathomable, tangible, and real.

Then when you go to Shirdi you may not even have to enter the Dvarkamai or enter Samadhi, but you will feel Baba right there.

Even if you don’t go to Shirdi, if you think about Shirdi, or think about Sai Baba, you will get the same stillness inside, which is Baba – who needed nothing from Earth, who needed nothing from anybody.

Whatever he collected, he gave away the same day.

That means He always remained empty. Even a thought comes in, goes out. That means the mind is empty. No information stays, intellect is empty. No ownership, the ego is empty. Your whole unit is empty.

That’s power, and that’s exactly what is SAI BABA.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Vidya Rajagopal

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