Why are we (Humans) special?

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Hello, my dear friends. Hope you’re doing well. This is Mohanji. Today, let us think about the constitution called human beings.

Why are we so special? Why are we different from all the other species on Earth? Why do we call ourselves a refined species?

We have the capacity for the right identification which no other species has. But as human beings also, even though we have the capacity for the right identification, we still identify ourselves with our character, personality, form, position in the world or the society or our possessions. We must understand that these identifications are shallow and temporary. Positions can change; the character can change, the constitution can change; so many things can change. Whatever is changing is not the right identification. Then whatever is unchangeable is the energy aspect of our existence, the soul aspect, Atma tatwa.

If we start identifying ourselves with Atma tatwa, all our other identification becomes insignificant. We have that capacity. That is why we are a special species.


Now, we look at what we consist of. The physical body, we all know, is the shell or a vehicle. The physical body is just a structure, which we use for mobility, presence or experience; so many different things. We have the senses connected to the physical body, which helps us to experience life. We also have three major processors sitting inside like the engine room of a ship, processing the data that we collect. Of course, the food we consume physically is for the physical body, and the physical body processes that. Then the air that we consume energizes our systems; the water we consume, that kind of equalizes or stabilizes certain factors of our body, especially heat.

Like that, we have consumptions of various physical nature, such as food, water, air, etc. Then we have consumption of emotional nature, such as emotions out of interactions. Then we consume knowledge, from various things; from physical things and virtual things, we collect knowledge. Then we have possessions, ownerships; those are processed by the ego. So, these three processors are sitting inside processing these things consistently, continuously, in the waking state. These three processors, we do not see them, but we can feel them because we are experiencing Earth accordingly.

Then we have three distinct states – waking state, dream state, deep sleep state. In the waking state, we interact with the world outside. In the dream state, we interact with the world inside, the stored memories. And in a deep sleep state, we interact with no world, we shut down, and we recharge. So, these are the three states every day in 24 hours we go through. Each state has its distinction. Each state has its own value.

The Turiya state

Now there is a fourth state, the state of a witness of all these three states, plus the three processors plus the physical body. That state is a witness to all the states. That’s very difficult to reach. But once reached, that’s a different dimension and our whole life changes. So the fourth state, the Turiya state is a very beautiful state, where you start experiencing detachment and freedom. With the awareness of these states, we start connecting to deeper and deeper aspects of us.

We start realizing the energy aspect within us, which is energizing the whole structure – the waking state, dream state and deep sleep state; the ego, intellect and mind and all the substratum, the koshas -the sheets, and all the physical aspects as well. As a witness, without involvement, it energizes, and this energization produces certain effects which we call experiences of life. And these experiences are what we are born for.

This energy aspect, which is the most silent aspect, but without it, nothing works, just like electricity. Without electricity, there is no table fan, or tube light, or washing machine or refrigerator; nothing will work without electricity. Similarly, the mind, body, intellect and ego, the substratum, the states of consciousness, nothing works without this energy. So we start identifying that electricity within us. This is true identification, the Master of all. The real Master, your personal Master, that’s this electricity, the energy. We can call it soul, we can call it God, we can call it anything you like, but it exists.

You identify yourself with that thing, which is real in you, permanent in you, which is indestructible, you cannot destroy it. It’s not modifiable; you can’t modify it. It’s a permanent thing in you which is this particular energy aspect. So, once you understand that energy aspect, then you start connecting to that energy aspect consistently; the path is always silence.

And how do you find silence?

That’s where you catch the ‘breath’. Breath is a good vehicle to reach silence. And we have techniques and methods to reach the silence like Kriyas, meditations, contemplations, so many different faculties and factors, so many practices to reach that particular state or to become one with the true thing within you.

This possibility is only with human beings. All the other beings, they are mechanically following a routine. They wake up in the morning, they go after food, they eat well, and then they sleep, then they procrastinate, and they have procreation; all those are like a mechanical process. They are all mechanical, more or less. But for human beings, since we have the capacity to understand the truth within us, we also have the capacity not to understand it. This is something which we must understand. Instead, we are focusing on ownerships, possessiveness. Possessiveness is usually a by-product of insecurity. If a person is very secure, he will not be possessive.

Similarly, ownership is the same; an illusion. We can’t own anything on Earth. We came empty-handed, we leave empty-handed; we can own nothing. So, all these possessions and positions are temporary. What was your position when you were a child, and what will be your position when you are in old age? So positions are temporary, situations or temporary, possessions are temporary.

When we detach from all these, with the awareness that everything is temporary; that’s a time when it becomes easier to connect to the permanent. There are so many desires, (there are so many noises in mind, noises are thoughts), and with these noises, there is a distraction, there is a diversion. And also, it eclipses the truth. Our emotions, our connections, our relations, they’re all temporary and only available at certain points in time. Like for example, when you are in a deep sleep, none of these things is available; your positions, positions, relations, they’re all away, you don’t have them, or you can’t use them. But when you are awake, you have all those things, then build ownership based on those things. So these are the things which we must remember and understand. Then we connect to the truth within us.

Then, where are our anxieties? Where are our fears? Where is the worry about the future? Where are guilt and regrets?

There’s nothing because life is all about experiences; nothing right, nothing wrong. But again, if you deny that opportunity for any living being, it is not good such as murdering, torturing, denying things to people.

Everybody has come here for experiences. If you deny an experience to somebody, you are neither doing them a favour nor are you actually following the principle of existence where everybody has equal rights on Earth. Anybody who’s crawling, flying, walking, talking on Earth has the same rights. All are the same. They have a right to experience, and we cannot deny it.

Hence my friends – Ahimsa (non-violence) – this is why I keep talking about Ahimsa. No denial. You cannot deny any being their set of experiences. Whether you like it or not, they will have it. No violence helps you to be clean and clear within yourself. And this is also the reason when you find yourself; you find everybody is the same because all are the same thing. So there is no difference anymore. You see unity in consciousness within you and outside of you.

I will leave you with these thoughts. Contemplate on it, meditate on it, discuss it and try to connect to yourself deeper. A master is sitting in you, waiting for you, to talk to you.

Lots of love. This is Mohanji for you.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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