We must speak because they cannot

Hello friends. Today, the subject is, ‘We must speak because they cannot.’


There are numerous voiceless beings in the world. Some of them have mouths, but they do not have a voice. We have seen enormous atrocities done towards beings who are helpless, crimes committed, murders; we see that every day. Every day, every year, many beings are murdered for our sake, not just human beings but also beings of every species. Human beings are the cause of their destruction.

Millions of beings die in laboratories; millions of beings are killed for their flesh, so on and so forth. We must speak because they cannot.

There are numerous beings who need our help to articulate because they cannot. This is something that came to my mind today. I’m sure you are aware of certain unfortunate things that happened at Frankfurt airport, which I experienced. I thought the truth must be told, as I experienced it. We must tell the truth as we witnessed it accurately, without adding anything on top of it. The voiceless mouths should be given a voice. Hence, it’s our responsibility to articulate it.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to create a change, a better world, a world of acceptance, harmony, love, respect, and peace. I believe it’s the responsibility of every human being to wipe out injustice and discrimination completely from Earth. It’s our responsibility.

Also, preserving righteousness is not only for us but for future generations also. If the law permits discrimination in any country, the law must change; not just for human beings, for all beings. But especially when we talk about an airport in a country, it is for human beings. We should live beyond caste, creed, country, culture, colour; we must respect all beings.

Harmony and peace

Meanwhile, we must definitely maintain harmony, peace, love and companionship, brotherhood, positively no doubt about it. We must wipe out crime, greed from societies. We must wipe out corruption from societies but maintain respect, maintain harmony, not leave a bitter taste in people’s mouths, and leave them with a feeling that they are unwanted. This is injustice; this is not right.

And bitterness, caused by acts of violence, injustice, or even disrespect, can breed similar acts further. When an injury happens in mind, it’s difficult to heal. When an injury happens in the body, it can be healed. We should make sure that there are lesser injuries in the minds of this generation so that this next generation does not inherit similar injuries.


It’s our duty; it’s our responsibility to create harmony and respect. We must learn to respect all classes, all creeds, all countries, people. All lives matter; everything on Earth should be respected; material, resources, people, everything should be respected, accepted, nurtured and lived together with, as one.

It is important for us to believe in humanity as the most important aspect of our existence and righteousness as our law.


Righteousness and goodness can take us further from where we are now. We are an evolved species, but until and unless we express and deliver righteousness and goodness, we are not a refined species. We must be expressing goodness, kindness, and righteousness beyond all man-made barriers. We have no barriers; we are one species; we are united by humanity, and this is our religion. Non-violence should be our path, and we must nurture it at any cost.

So, my friends, my suggestion from this podcast is that we must speak because many cannot; we are speaking for them. And I do not believe in speaking bad stuff or articulating negatively; I believe in speaking truth at the right places, in the right manner, respectfully; this is very important.

What are we looking forward to?

A better world, a more humane world filled with humanity, kindness, and love; this is what we need. We must make sure, as human beings, that this happens in this lifetime so that the coming generations will experience a better world.

This is our responsibility. It’s not about rights; it’s about responsibilities. I hope this gave you food for thought. I wish you could nurture it and make it effective. Be effective in the world, be effective citizens and do your best to bring harmony and peace on Earth.

I love you.

This is Mohanji.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

Listen to the podcast here

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