The Real and the unreal

How to know your connection with Mohanji

Hello friends, I hope you’re doing well. 

Today, a question came to me about connections with me. This question has come many times before. I’ve also answered this many times, but I thought it’s important to give clarity about this aspect. 

When you deeply connect to somebody, you will start experiencing their presence with you. When you connect to consciousness, then it’s even more evident because consciousness is not easy to connect to. Only when you enhance your level of subtlety, you can connect to consciousness effectively. 

Now in the case of connection with me, so many people experience various aspects in their connection with me. And whenever it is life-changing, transformative, it’s real. When it is just a feeling, or sometimes it’s like a projection from the person who’s connecting, it is unreal. This is, more or less, the basic side. What is real is transformative. What’s unreal is not transformative. 

Today, we are living in the age of kali yuga; the fake look real and the real looks fake. Everything is upside down. Corruption, competition, comparison, confusion, all these C’s are controlling people’s minds. So we got to be extra careful. 

Mostly, people talk about connection, confusing to projection. When you hear people saying, “Look here, Mohanji came and told me this”, think again. Is that something that is real, or which is fake? Because it’s very difficult to understand fake. Some people say, Sai Baba came and told me this, or Lord Krishna told me this, Jesus told me. We hear lots of things like that from these mediums and channels. But be careful; many of them are projections. I’ve experienced them, and many of the people who have spoken to me have experienced the same thing.

Do not believe in everything that people talk about, using my name. I repeat, do not believe everything that people talk, in my name. I would like you to check with our office, or with our people, if this makes sense when you hear something. And if the answer is no, believe it. Because people project their own thoughts as mine and mislead people, we are experiencing that. So many people are misled already.

So some of our close people asked me this question: How do we counter it? I told them it’s not easy to counter. Because sometimes, real experiences, real communication (like a telepathic share of thoughts and stuff), everything is possible, provided you operate in that level of subtlety and surrender, then everything is possible. But not everybody can do that because they are still operating in the gross and the outside world. When you feel that you have something to prove to the world, your subtlety level is automatically changed. When you believe you have nothing to prove in this world, you are fine as you are, you have accepted yourself totally, and you are not trying to impress anybody, then your subtlety level has more stability. 

A stable subtlety aspect is one of the main criteria for a deeper connection to consciousness. When somebody says, “I spoke to Mohanji. Mohanji is speaking through me.” Or they are telepathically communicating with Mohanji and got this information, etc., it could very well be hallucinations. And I do not endorse them, especially techniques which are not taught by our foundations or our team. Techniques which I have taught, I’m fully responsible. Techniques which I have not taught, I’m not responsible for, nor I hold responsibility.  

But there are people who are practising some methods, who surrender the whole thing to me because they consider me as their teacher, guide, guru; I do bless them, but I still do not take ownership of their activity because I have not taught them this. 

The chances for projections, manipulations and hallucinations are much more when we try to impress or prove anybody. In the pure path, we don’t have to impress anybody. When we do a job with the purity of intention, that itself is the signature. 

For impressing somebody, manipulate ourselves, we should not do that. We don’t have to do that. If we are sure and clear about our path, our journey, our stable position, our destination, and our calibre, if we have the good conviction of our connection, we have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. We don’t have to hallucinate or project or try to impress. So I’m saying this because people have experienced some of the projections, it led to a lot of confusion, which in turn became a problem at their houses, or in their society because somebody misled them. 

I urge you to talk to somebody within our close circles – Mohanji’s office or the office of CEO or somebody you can trust as a reliable source closely connected to me. Ask the question before believing in all these projections, hallucinations, and the matters people try to impress people with. This is my request to you.

This is a different podcast. I did this specifically for the reason that I don’t want you to be confused. As I said earlier, this is kali’s time, so many things will look real, but they are not real. So many things will look fake, but they’re not fake. We got to be very clear, we got to stick to our own conviction, connection, and we should believe in the truth; that’s really tangible and transformative. Truth always is transformative. 

Vain words, expressions, it’s something like soothsaying and stuff like that; many are projections. That’s why you can see many predictions gone wrong. If you look at the internet, you can see; that’s because they are projections; they are not predictions. When you are really connected to yourself, and you have reached a still time – that means the past, present and future together; when you are stable and still at that point, your predictions will be accurate because you can see the past, the present and the future in one canvas. But if it is not happening, that means you are in linear time, imagining something or projecting something, or even manipulating your thought processes, believing that this is true. All those things are not going to help anybody.

 I leave you with these thoughts. All that glitters is not gold. Be careful, be clear. 

Lots of love. This is Mohanji for you.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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