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Dear friends, this is Mohanji.

Welcome to another podcast. I hope you’re doing well and you’re enjoying the podcasts. We would like to have your comments and suggestions, and I hope you are able to share it with others as well if you liked it.

So, today we talk about spaces. What is space? Space is a facility that we have for experiencing our existence. All of us have it; all beings have it. Everybody has their space, everybody has their own set of experiences, and they have their own set of expressions. So, experiences, expressions, and space, they are all interconnected; you need to have space, you need to have an environment to experience and express. Then where is the problem? That’s when we try to encroach into another person’s space, or when we believe that the other space also should be ours, or the other person need not have that space. In other words, if you think, another person’s space is not significant, then we have conflict, and that’s what we see in the world today. Every country or each country is trying to gather or acquire spaces from other countries, and then they have a conflict. Most of the wars are created like that. So, we have to be very careful when we look at spaces or when we think in our mind about spaces. We must accept that every being has an equal right for their space. And every being has their space, and we respect it. So, if you respect the space of everybody; it can be called your own privacy zone; it can be called your own area of activity. Whatever space you have as your own, that space has to be respected.


And eventually, at the end of the time, at the end of our life, how much space do you need? Six-foot space. So that’s all a human being needs; a person needs only six-foot. If you are very tall, probably eight foot. That’s it. We don’t need a lot of space that way. So, we need to understand, we need to be modest. And whatever space we have, be happy. You must be happy that we have space. It’s gifted, God-given, be thankful, be grateful. And at the same time, don’t ever think that you own this space forever, because when you die, as I said earlier, all you need is about six-foot land, that’s it.

So, we should not be too proud of our spaces, nor should we be disrespectful of our spaces. We should appreciate that we have this space. We have all the people who have their own spaces, and we respect everybody’s spaces, respect our space so that we have a great coexistence in this world. This is what we need. And the same goes to all the beings of nature – a tiger, a lion, a deer, a rabbit, a snake, a monkey; everybody has their space and their spaces belong to them, and it should; we should not encroach into that, as well. Because when we encroach into those spaces, they have to come into our spaces. That’s what we see when the wild animals encroach into the city, which we have seen in the COVID-19 times when human beings are all indoors and animals and other beings are roaming around free, they’re all walking around. So, this means that we have occupied their spaces and we have encroached into their spaces. So, when they get a chance they come inside, and they are occupying our spaces, so this is exactly how it works.


So what is ours legitimately, we must use, we can use, but we should not encroach into anybody’s space, and we should not kill a being, or disturb a being, because we are greedy to keep our space. We should allow everybody to have their space. We have no right to disturb any being. While we are on Earth, we should have a peaceful existence, we should be peaceful inside, and we should also make sure every being is peaceful, all beings are peaceful. So, this way, we can have a perfect coexistence.

I leave this thought with you. Spaces are very important to remember, and also the spaces that we use, and the spaces that others have, we should respect everything. We should respect our space; we should respect everybody’s spaces. And then we have a great coexistence.


I love you, and I leave this thought with you on your plate. Let me know what you think about it, this is just to give you certain thoughts to digest, to ponder. You know, this whole podcast idea is not to teach any lessons or give any lessons, it’s basically to give certain thoughts, so that you can think about it and you can talk about it, you can discuss it, you can share. This is what I would like you to do so that it improves you, it gives you more energy and it gives you more stability because many times we don’t think about it. Just like I said, why do wild animals encroach into our spaces and we kill them sometimes, we have seen that. Why do they do that? It is because we have encroached into their spaces; that’s why they don’t have spaces. So, these small things which if you can ponder and you can discuss with your children; it might be a good idea, they may start thinking, ‘Hey, we should not touch other’s spaces, while we have full right to occupy our space.’ And our space is absolutely as important as others have their own spaces and that’s important. So, we have to understand that everything is important, and we should keep respect, we should respect everybody’s space. I leave you with this thought. Thank you very much for listening and see you next time.

Lots of love. This is Mohanji.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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