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Today we will talk about nature. What is nature? Nature has two aspects. There are many aspects but let’s talk about two aspects. One is the nature within us. And the second is the Nature outside of us, which sustains us. First, let’s think about our nature. What is our nature? Our nature is a combination of so many factors, such as character, constitution, emotions, our disposition, even our form as well as expressions – all put together is our nature. Our nature has various dimensions, and we can only express or experience this world according to our nature, according to our disposition, according to what we are. Our nature is what we are. That’s essentially the whole life’s method or presentation. Meaning, we are living this whole life with this nature.

Now, we have Nature outside our nature, which is infinitely patient, always loving, always caring, and never asking anything back. But if the harmony is disturbed it suffers. When the disturbance becomes too much it gives one slap, one hit. And that could be quite detrimental. It could wipe out a species; we have seen that also in history.
The aspect of our nature is indirectly connected to Nature outside. Or what we are has a lot of importance to how mankind would be. If all individuals put together, live harmoniously on Earth, beyond caste, creed, country, religion, and culture, then there is a very big chance that we will sustain the Nature outside in a prolonged way. Its longevity will be more. But if we are greedy and we are displaying base emotions like anger, hatred, revenge, and all those things, then this will also reflect in the data in the world outside. The world outside is the expression of our nature. When we display this kind of greed and this kind of base emotions to the world, then Nature may take a stand at some point in time. It may allow a few generations to pass by. Then suddenly, it just shifts. Finished. Then, we have emptiness.


Nature outside does not really care for any species, even though it nurtures all species. It will not matter if one species does not exist in it, because that doesn’t matter to it. We need Nature, not that Nature needs us, this should be very clear. We need to tune up our nature, inherent nature, to suit the Nature outside. That is the whole point I’m trying to tell you. That means, we must tone up our nature sufficiently to connect to Nature outside, and we should be in harmony with Nature outside. And if we don’t, then it’s just a matter of time, it is just a matter of time before big catastrophes happen. During this coronavirus situation right now, while all are in confinement, the world is open for every other species. It’s a true sign of how Nature could work. Even if you say that this was a man-made calamity.

Look at the net result of this, it affected everybody. It affected all the human beings in the world, one way or the other and it will continue to affect because of the social and economic meltdowns and stuff. It will continue to affect for a long period of time. We must understand that the actions which we have taken, or the methods which we have used in the past have not been really conducive for a sustained existence, we might have prolonged our lifespan with our medicines or with our technology. We might have connected to people like we are connecting now through waves of energy. This is all good because these are all human innovations. But at the same time, has humanity risen up in the same way? Have we really tackled the looming danger of climate change? It’s affecting everybody. Or have we really tackled human interference into the forests and Nature, destroying and killing species indiscriminately to be happy? These kinds of things we must understand.


What has been our behavior pattern? This is very important to understand. When we wake up early in the morning, we must know this. What have our behavior patterns been all these years? We have ignored a lot of crimes to Nature while we have spoken a lot about things which are not really important, like cheating, stealing, we should eradicate all that. But we should not really overwhelmingly talk about it on media, who cheated on who, who siphoned money, and corruptions. All these are signs of human degeneracy, and that degeneracy is also reflected in Nature in the form of exploitation of Nature. Water, earth, the skies, everything is exploited.

It’s become difficult for every species to live on Earth. Who created this? We created this. Our nature has to be totally cleaned in order to connect to Nature outside so that we can live harmoniously. Otherwise, we will have problems, not only us, many, many species will have problems as we have seen. Thousands of species are extinct, forest fires, natural calamities, tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, and destruction of various kinds. Ethnic cleansing. What have we seen in life? If you look at history, mad conquests, disturbances, and displacements happened. These are all signs of a turbulent nature inside that’s causing the turbulence outside. So, nature inside has great value.

be natural

We really need to tone up our nature inside into compassion, kindness, and the highest of human values such as selflessness, this has to be happening while we are living every day, there is no tomorrow for this. Right now is the time, and accept people, encourage people who are doing good things in the world, for the people, for Nature, for ecology. Encourage them, support them, guide them, finance them, and help them. So that more and more people, more and more species are sustained. When everything is sustained, Nature sustains us. When we sustain Nature, Nature sustains us. When we do not pollute Nature, Nature does not pollute us. What we give, we get, what we sow, we reap.

With this thought on your plate, I leave you. Please do discuss it, please talk about this in detail, with all your friends, all the people. Try to share this information with people. This is food for thought. I’m not giving you any answers, you should find the answers; the answers are within you. There is no need for me to tell you what the truth is because you know it already. I’m just reminding you. So, share this, and then get this thought spreading in the mind so that we could probably see a better mindset for a better world. I leave you with these thoughts.

This is Mohanji. Thank you.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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