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Hello, dear friends, this is Mohanji.

Today, I want to talk about an interesting question which came to me or probably a remark. The remark was like this. A young lady wrote to me, “Mohanji, I’ve been observing you for some days; for some weeks now. Everybody has 24 hours, but you seem to have 48 hours. How is that possible?” So, I thought, okay, this is the subject which I should talk about today. Well, I also have only 24 hours just like you. But how can we make 24 hours to 48 hours, means double the time? Number one – a clear purpose, number two – lack of clutter, which means clarity; and number three – a definite activity based on a definite timeline. That means I will complete this within this time.

It’s not rocket science. It’s very simple. It means we have a day; we have a full day (24 hours), in which we are doing so many things. We wake up in the morning and now we wake up early in the morning with Early Birds Club. Then we think about so many things, what should we do now? But just imagine, if you had made a list of things you would like to do today, yesterday, how will it be? You wake up in the morning; you have your chores of EBC. Then, you open your diary, or book, and look at it and say okay, this is what I must accomplish today; within what time? So, we have clarity about the day. We have a method; we know what to do. You can actually add lots of things in the book, saying that this is the person I should contact for this particular purpose, like that.

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We can do all these things with just a bit of pre-planning; we can do wonders. Have you ever thought about it? Many people are kind of lazy during the day; they have not planned well. It is not because they are incompetent. I have observed that. All of us have the same time. All of us have the same power or calibre, but clarity is different. I’ve seen huge clarity in successful people. When a subject comes to them, they immediately see the length, width and height, and all the vital statistics of that for that particular situation. That helps them. So, that’s a training, you’ve got to train yourself to do that, for which you need to start with having a discipline.

Clarity removes clutter. This is the main thing which we must remember. Why there is clutter? Because we have not planned our day. Somebody may ask me, “Oh, I don’t have clarity about what I should do tomorrow.” Then start with something small, decide to make a difference in this world, in your own way. For example, helping the poor, you know doing something good for the people, or you learning a new thing. Anything you can do. Otherwise, I always say that Mohanji platform that we have in the world, (called Mohanji platform), it is for everybody. You know, a lot of people get fulfilment through that because you are able to help people, you’re able to guide people, you’re able to give a proper structure and purpose for people. All this is possible. It’s a question of opening the eyes and seeing it, witnessing it, accepting it and merging with it. So, this is all possible. Everything is possible.

So, have you ever considered looking at yourself deeply before the EBC? I think many of us just slept our time off. Then, we woke up and we’re trying to restart ourselves through a coffee, through a newspaper or something. And this is actually like you’re dragging your own body, you’re dragging yourself. But we don’t have to drag ourselves. We are amazing personalities, we are unique. We have great power on Earth. We have a lot of possibilities on Earth. We must explore it.


So, I think that all of us have the same calibre. I don’t have extra time; you don’t have extra time. We all have the same time. But what we can do with this time, that makes the difference. Are we wasting time? Are we just bored? Actually, I don’t even know the word boredom; because I don’t get bored. I am very active. Actually, this is what makes me happy. You know I have chosen to be happy. We can choose to be happy, then there is no boredom. You don’t have to fill your space with activity. That’s actually a very sad state. If you have to fill your space or your time with an activity, that’s a sad state. But you can be in a happy state by being in charge of the time. It means every time given to you, use it well. And never say die.

With this thought, I would like to leave you. And let this be your thought of the day, please digest it, please ponder on it. This is your food for thought which I put on your plate. Now, we will see you again next time. But let this thought be digested well because it’s a very important thought. And this could be a life-changing thought. You must write down or you try writing down what you want to do tomorrow, tonight. If you have tomorrow, you already have a plan. That plan will guide you. And that plan should not be small. If A did not work, it should be B. If B did not work, it should be C. So, A, B, C alternatives as well. And timelines, you should do everything with a timeline. Don’t think you can do anything, any day, not like that. You should do everything within a timeline. When you do things within a timeline, you will feel great energy, power. And if that timeline could not be accomplished, or if it did not fall within that timeline, it doesn’t matter. You push to another timeline but again you keep the purpose clear. Let the clarity be there. I will achieve this within this timeline. If you have that determination, the whole nature will support you. The whole nature will guide you, the whole nature will be with you; the world will be with you. Existence will accomplish it for you. Wish you great accomplishment.

Lots of love. This is Mohanji.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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