Is the Earth made for humans?

MS92 – Is the Earth made for humans? | Mohanji

Hello friends, I hope you’re doing well. 

I got a question from one of the listeners of my podcast about the world, Earth. He said he read that the Earth is made for humans. What’s my take on it? 

My answer is very simple, and it’s an emphatic no! This Earth is not made for humans because humans are given the intellect, intelligence, and imagination to survive any terrain or situation; we started believing that this Earth belongs to humans. It’s definitely an illusion because we do not even have the consistency of existence on Earth. We don’t even exist forever; we have birth and death. We are here only for some time. Like a bubble on the surface of the water, we exist here temporarily, just for a few years, and then we disappear. 

So how can we own the Earth? The Earth has been existing before human beings started occupying Earth. The Earth will exist even after all of us are extinct.

So, the Earth does not belong to human beings. But the beauty of the Earth can be appreciated and enjoyed by humans only. Because only we have that capacity to understand, appreciate and enjoy the beauty. Most other beings do not have that. They have an instinct-based life, and the survival instinct is their main theme. And they just go ahead living their life, searching for food most of the time, securing food if it’s possible, or just hibernating if food is not available; each species has its way of surviving. And creation has been like that. They’ve been equipped with their capacity for survival. 

But for humans, nothing like that has been given. The physical body is vulnerable, and various types of support are required for human survival. But intelligence is given, imagination is given. So, we create our own support system. But Earth does not belong to us; the Earth belongs to every being, every creation, all beings, all creations. 

Now, human beings have the wisdom to understand what is the truth and what is an illusion. But often, because we are sense oriented and supported by instinct, we get caught up in the illusion of identification – the name, the form, the place, the possessions and stuff like that. Then, we tend to believe that the Earth belongs to us. What we own makes us – which is not true. 

What we own is for our experiences. If you own a lot more, we may not even get to experience them. Everything is for experiencing. Our only income is experience. Our only bank balance is memories; understand this very clearly. All the materials, all the relations, all the possessions, positions have no value. They have value temporarily as a complement to our existence; they are complementing our existence. This is about it; no more. 

So, all our materials, positions, and possessions have no value. They are all supportive. Now, if we have the illusion that they are going to be here forever, or we are going to be here forever to enjoy them, that’s again an illusion. That’s not true. Nothing stays forever. 

No time stays forever. No mind stays forever. The mind means the things in the mind, the emotions; they are all coming and going. 

Even wisdom, for that matter, people can give you various thoughts, wisdom, and guidelines, but you got to assimilate them and put it into your life as a practice. They can’t do it for you. They are telling their opinions, their understandings about life, their things. But you cannot do anything about its implementation until and unless you believe in it, acquire it, digest it, and become yours. 

The entire books of the world are useless for you unless you digest them and implement them in your life, which will give you transformation. The net worth of our time would be based on transformation. How much transformation you earn in the presence of a Master – with the books or with the practices. Otherwise, all these things on Earth have no value. All these things are useless until and unless it becomes you. You digest it, and it becomes you.

Just like you eat a tomato, and the tomato becomes your body. Until then, the tomato is separate from you. A meal on the table has only visual value until you consume it. When you are consuming it, it has a taste value. After consumption, even that goes. So, first is the visual, the smell etc. Then comes the taste. After that, you have no visual or smell and no taste. Once you consume it, it’s yours, and then it becomes you. Whatever you consume becomes a part of your bloodstream, of your body.

Like anything that you consume from the world, you first have to assimilate and digest it, and then that becomes you, as transformation. Just like food becomes energy, wisdom becomes transformation.

When we talk about the Earth being made for us, it’s completely an illusion. Totally an illusion. It’s not made for us. It’s a platform where we also exist. Nothing is made for anybody. The Earth is a platform on which we can exist as human beings with physical form. That’s about it.

So let us give up all of our emotions, illusions, and concentrate on the truth and be grateful that we are here today. We are all together today. If you miss today, there may not be another tomorrow. There may not be a tomorrow at all. 

All our relations, all our positions and possessions, cherish it now. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t think, “Okay, there is another day; there is a better time.” There is no better time. This is the time. If you postpone, you will regret it because tomorrow may never happen. All these things, you need to understand, have value only at that time. 

When you really want to use the toilet, you must have a toilet in the neighbourhood. Otherwise, it will be terrible. Just like that, at every point in time, a particular feeling or a particular activity has to be implemented at that time, or it may be too late. 

We cannot own anything on Earth; we don’t have anything to own from Earth. As I said, your only income is your experiences. Your only bonus or the result of your investment is transformation, i.e., if you’ve digested the things from a life well, the learnings from the teachings of the masters well. If you have understood and experienced life positively, then transformation will happen. 

And your bank balance is always memories. Let them be good; let them be beneficial and benevolent. Let them be full of compassion and kindness, understanding, righteousness, and nonviolence; then, you will be a great personality on Earth. And that’s your contribution to Earth. Yourself is your gift to the Earth or your expression of gratitude to Earth, and let that be a great gift. You are the gift. 

I love you. I’m always with you. 

This is Mohanji for you.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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