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Most people have a problem with inertia. They suffer from inertia and it leaves regrets, guilt, disappointments, and even depression. Inertia is the root cause for most of these things. What are the major causes for inertia, apart from habitual or the matter of disposition?

One is overindulgence in materials such as food, sex, computer games and stuff like that or any kind of addiction which makes you dull and lethargic. Inertia is very common. And because of inertia, many opportunities are lost. People lose opportunities because of personal issues such as inertia or lack of will, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem; they are all interconnected. This leaves behind regrets, guilt, and depression. Inertia should not be left unattended. We need to understand the root cause; and in today’s world, so many people are addicted to food as an escapist attitude (part of escapism), over-eating, overindulgence, worrying about food, poverty consciousness; all these are connected to inertia. Indulgence in sexuality, pornography; those kinds of things also are connected to inertia or they leave behind an attitude of laziness. Laziness, postponement, inertia – they are all one. Postponement is a sign of inertia. We tend to postpone things; we tend to avoid things which are necessary, and we tend to roam on matters which are insignificant, relatively insignificant. But the important things which need attention are unattended. How can we overcome this? One is moderation. That means moderate eating, moderate indulgence, good exercise; activities which are positive by nature, filling our minds with positive thoughts, positive words and positive actions; motivational information and consistent involvement in things positive.


Inertia can easily be tackled with clarity of purpose. The purpose should be of higher nature such as selflessness, selfless activities, charity; the kind of things that inspire us. Self-inspiration is an antidote for inertia. Self-inspiration is an antidote for regrets, and guilt as well. Self-inspiration should have the basis of clarity of purpose. It needs a very strong basis. If the base is not strong, you can’t build on it. There should be a strong base, clarity of purpose on truth, on regenerative, rejuvenating purpose; and that will lead to confidence, good self-esteem and determination. Determination is connected to motivation.

What is the matter that motivates us? Motivation is individualistic, and it’s nontransferable. Your motivation will be unique to you; the things which you like will be unique to you. There could be similarities, but nobody is the same. We must observe ourselves, our nature; what are we made up of, what makes us happy, what motivates us; we acknowledge that. If we nurture our strengths and support it with corresponding actions, we can easily come out of our inertia. 

There are times when we have to do certain things in life because we do not have an option. Then, it’s important that we explore that activity, instead of rejecting or resisting the activity. We explore all the possibilities of that activity and start liking it. Through exploration, you can find dimensions of that activity. Every activity has major dimensions, not the obvious dimension. Looking at something and saying, “Oh! I don’t like it” that leads to inertia, that gives room for inertia. Instead, we look at something and say, “Okay. Let me explore it, there could be something in it for me.”

If the time has given you this opportunity; time has given you its dimensions as well. In every opportunity, there are numerous dimensions. If we put our mind into it, if we apply deeply into it; we will start exploring or understanding or registering or seeing various options, various dimensions. That is good for tackling inertia.

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Inertia is not a bad idea. If you diagnose yourself as having inertia, it’s up to you to find the cure. Clarity of purpose, determination, discipline; they are essential for the cure of inertia. When you feel lazy or sleepy, immediately jump up and get involved with a positive activity. Then, do not blame others; blaming helps inertia. Criticizing, judging or comparing; these are food for inertia. Do not compete in a negative way with anybody outside, that also can lead to disappointments, depressions, and inertia. It’s important to understand that you are the doer in this case; you can tackle inertia easily. You can come out of it easily by understanding, accepting that there is an element of inertia, laziness sitting in you. Then ask yourself, “If I regulate my food habits will that help? If I increase my exercise patterns, physical activity, will it help? If it’s a combination of some of these, will it help?” You can find a way to get out of your inertia. Nobody needs to tell you this.

If you indulge in negative activities, it adds up to inertia. If you indulge in anger, hatred, jealousy, gossip and all those things, it will leave guilt. That will add up to inertia and also lack of self-esteem, which is actually a sign of inertia or a product of inertia. Instead, do good things, be good, be altruistic, and then you will easily come out of inertia; you will be free from inertia. This is something which is a good thought or food for thought. You can find your way out of this easily, effortlessly. Nobody is always bound by inertia. There are sparks of activity which takes you out of inertia; you can cultivate it easily – purpose, clear purpose, higher purpose, clarity of purpose, determination, discipline and self-motivation.

If you really want to compete in life; compete with yourself, not with others. If you really want to compare, compare it inside. “Am I better than yesterday? Am I doing better? Is there something working for me?”

That way, you can improve. Don’t look at the outside world, compare and get disappointed. You are yourself; you are unique. You are a unique creation. This life should not be wasted. This life is not just to sleep and while-away. This life is to experience your highest truth. And for that, there should be an initiative from inside, from within. Self-initiative, you should initiate yourself, you should bring yourself to that level; determination, discipline and take all the regrets away. There’s no need to have regrets or guilt. If you are in the present, this is the only time you have. Operate in the present. Do your best in the present. Forget about the past. Don’t look at the future. Do your best now, right now. Right now is your time! I leave you with this thought.

This is Mohanji with you. Lots of love.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Padmini Ravikumar & Rekha Murali

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