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Hope you’re enjoying the podcast. I am glad you are liking them and you are sharing your thoughts about the podcast with us. You’re also sharing it with your friends. Thank you very much. Now, recently I did a podcast on the subject of health or living consciously. We will talk more about living consciously later, but the same subject, focusing on health, I would like to discuss today.

What is health? Health is a kind of stability. Health is alignment; health is feeling good where everything is fine, our systems are fine. This is more or less easy in our youth (when we are young) in our 20s and 30s. When we move further in life, it becomes a struggle. If we have taken care of our body well during our younger days, then the older days also will be fine, because the foundation will be good. If the foundation is good, the building is good. So, that’s where we start.

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Health is not only the health of our body. It is physical health, mental health, emotional health, intellectual health; and health of the environment, the health of nature, the health of everything around us. This means everything around us should be healthy for us to be healthy. If the air is not healthy, we will be sick. If water is not healthy, we will have a problem. If the environment is unhealthy, we will fall sick.

Ayurveda says this very clearly. For having a great youthfulness, you must go to bed at 9 o’clock (9 pm). 9 pm to midnight if you sleep well, you will remain youthful. The body likes it. Then if you wake up at 4 am or after 3 am; 3 to 6 is the Brahma Muhurtha, the purest time; if you are able to wake up or get up and start your day after 3 am anytime (earlier the better) then you will have stable mental health; it means nothing can affect you. So if you sleep early, which is at 9 and if you wake up early which is at 4 or before, you will be stable, physically and mentally. This is what the Ayurveda, the science of being stable and healthy says. This is a good thought to start with.

Then we have various situations where we have late nights and parties and stuff, but always remember, our body works almost like the sun. Let’s say at 6 o’clock the sun rises and the sun sets at 6 o’clock. Usually, it is like that in tropical countries, but in the north and the south it’s slightly different, but if you make a balance – 6 am to 6 pm, then your body will be very happy because you are not eating indiscriminately; you’re not eating at odd hours. And if you look, even the animals, they don’t eat after sunset; we can see that. Birds retire, rest after a full day of roaming around for food etc. They know very well that their whole body constitution is aligned to the sun. This is another thing.

Now, about psychological health; the mental health. We must stay away from negative stuff to be stable. It means some people are always negative, tamasic, lazy, indulging in materials of intoxication, and stuff like that. These are the things which totally imbalances our system, it really, imbalances us. So, what we have to do is we need to avoid them. We need to stay away from them. Then we start working on ourselves, as I said, sleep at 9, go to bed at 9 o’clock, and you wake up at 3 am. The Early Birds Club is made with that system in mind. The very basics of the Early Birds Club are for people to wake up and become quality, powerful, purposeful citizens of the world; that’s the idea. Then there’s a saying that if somebody wakes up early and starts their day at 4 am, they can never be defeated on Earth because their mind would be very strong. But you got to do it repeatedly and with the determination. That means, not some days, all days, all the time, every time, and every day. This is very important.

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Once you start having a stable day, that’s where you begin. This is applicable for every age group, not small children, but it doesn’t have to be only after a certain age; it is good for everybody. This is something which you can start and also control food habits. Then, drink a lot of water. When you have a lot of water, like water therapy we talk about; early in the morning when you wake up, if you have a litre of water, it really flushes the system clean. This is very good. Likewise, every time after you sleep when you get up, you should have water because the body would be dehydrated; so water will help. After every bath, you should have water, water will help. Taking bath is very important, at least twice a day, when you get up in the morning and then it is better after you brush your teeth to wash your body, even if you cannot wash your head.


Ayurveda system says that you should take a bath of the body first before you pour water on the head. So, a shower concept of pouring the water directly on the head is not so healthy. So, if you first bathe your body, neck and down, and then the face, then the head, that is the right way to take a bath. Then you can dry first the head, then the body, that’s the way to go. So, that it really balances the body; doesn’t create an imbalance. The water to be used for taking baths should be of the temperature of the place that is what they say, the same temperature, room temperature. That is healthy water if possible, but sometimes it’s very cold and then you can’t take bath in that water; so it’s okay to warm it up to suit your body, that’s fine. So, that’s about bathing. And immediately after taking a bath, you should drink water as well to avoid dehydration. So, water has a lot of value. Our every cell is connected to water; our body needs a lot of water. And if you drink a lot of water, your system will remain clean.

Then avoid all the food, which is of violence in nature, because that energetically affects the body. When you eat food, which is connected to spilt blood; if that food had a painful death, it may affect your body. So, avoid food, which had violence behind it, or agony behind it. That will help you.

If you wake up early and if you drink a lot of water; if you take baths twice a day and if you follow pranayamas and yoga exercises, and you have a healthy lifestyle with no intoxications; with a lot of awareness about the environment, means we should care for the environment; environmental health is important, then I think we will have physical, mental and environmental health.


So with this thought, I will leave you now. This is just some aspects of health; we’ll talk more about it, whenever possible. This could probably leave some thoughts about the right methods for you. The other side is our own laziness, so we should be aware of it. And it is said that the distance between success and failure is the time when you wake up and you get up. That’s what they say. That means, as soon as you wake up, if you’re ready to get up, you’re a successful person. If you wake up, and then you take a long time to get up, that means there is a room for failure in life. Failure means disappointments and depressions in life. So, always be ready to get up when you wake up. Don’t lie on the bed thinking what else to do now. So, this is exactly what makes you successful.

I wish you great success in life. We’ll walk together. And may you shine bright like the sun because the world needs the light.

Lots of love, this is Mohanji.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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