Developing a positive attitude

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. 

I was replying to a message to one person who is experiencing many types of calamities in his life. On one side, there are COVID, lockdown, various situations, such as lack of income, lack of mobility, so many things. I think most of us are experiencing similar things. We can’t travel as we like. We cannot source food that we are used to. So many such things; nobody is immune to it because it’s a global pandemic, and everybody is affected. 

Cultivation is affected, production is affected, distribution is affected, that has affected everybody, and in many places, quarantine or lockdown, where your freedom of movement is severely affected. There is a lot of anxiety built up with all these blockages and lockdowns; this is quite natural. 

A Phase

I was telling this person, just look into your past. Every situation was a phase; each phase has a duration; that time, if you allow it to pass, it goes, and then, time is different. If you just contemplate, at this time, about your own past, how many situations we have transcended. How many difficulties, how many pleasures? We have gone through a lot of different situations, continuously, consistently, until we reached here. Whatever our age is, we have transcended situations, and we have to transcend situations further. 

How do we handle them?

With patience, peacefulness, and also not getting agitated. The moment you get agitated, the moment you develop anxiety, everything becomes worse. 

The situation sometimes can’t be changed. There is hardly much we can do about it. Like today, the COVID situation, the pandemic situation, nobody can change it; it has to come; it came. It had to stay; it stayed. And it will go, or it will transform to something else at its time. Now people are predicting that this may continue for another couple of years; maybe, we don’t know. All predictions have been without any precision. It may happen; it may not happen. 

What is the best we can do?

To contemplate, to understand our own path, where we have come from. Before we developed all these habits and requirements, we had an existence. That is number one. We need to remember where we came from, our past. So many things happened in the past; how did we transcend them? We allowed them to come; we allowed them to pass. Everything is in phases, P-H-A-S-E-S, phases. All phases come and go; allow it to happen, allow it to come and go. 

Secondly, in this situation, what’s the best you can do?

Deliberate positive thought process. For example, in the pandemic situation, imagine there was no Internet; how would it have been? You would have been isolated further. 

Today, what we have is electricity, water, internet, use it very well. We can do our own small farming, vertical farming, which is on the walls of the houses, or we can do some creative work from home to increase positivity in the world. 

Plant fruit trees

Some of our people are now doing fruit tree plantations, which is extremely good, because the fruit trees will start giving fruits, not only to our generation, maybe to the next generation too. Fruit trees give fruits without discrimination; that means birds, animals, people all can enjoy the fruits of these trees planted today.  

We must help hundreds and 1000s of fruit trees being planted all over the world. Imagine the whole world will be like heaven—various types of fruits, which will feed a lot of beings. Nature will rejoice; nature will be happy; we are assisting nature by planting fruit trees. If you do not have such facilities, you can at least talk or express something which will create positivity and hope in people’s lives. If your words of kindness reach anxious and desperate people, positivity will dawn in their minds. That’s a big deal.

You can do so many things using your facilities and faculties and encourage people to do that. Even if each person plants a tree, it will be 7.5 billion trees in the world. We can plant many more trees. In every location, it is possible, especially in forests, because forests are really important for vegetation, for various types of beings, and for various species. In our neighbourhood forest or neighbourhood gardens, we will plant fruit trees, which grows naturally in those areas. If we do that, that will bring positivity. 


Positivity is our attitude; in every dark situation, we can still be positive. It’s an attitude. We can think positive, talk positive and act positively even in dark situations, desperate situationsAnd now is the time to share and care properly. Some people are really affected in some corners of the earth because distribution is affected, and production is affected. It’s up to us to share, at least help each other to survive this situation, maybe with food, maybe with medical supplies, depending on what the neighbourhood needs. Joining hands, and being one, and literally cutting across caste, creed, country, culture, colour, language, religion, and looking at humanity. This is the time to develop humanity.


The pandemic situation is diversifying with mutations. This is the time when we should understand it’s not our religion, not our caste, not our colour; it’s humanity. Humanity should be the main thing that we discuss today; what else we can do for this world. If we consistently and continuously start doing that, huge positivity will rise.

Don’t worry about the number of people who died; the newspapers and the media talk about people who died. But look at the people who recovered from this; they are much more than the people who died. If 1000 people died, 100,000 people have recovered. 

Focus on the recovery; that itself will increase your positivity. When positivity is increased, it helps immunity. Every situation can be transformed into something positive. Do not say that’s not really possible; it is possible. The world is just like a mirror. It reflects back what we are. Let us be positive. Let us do our best in our neighbourhood and make a big difference in the world. 

Lots of love. 

This is Mohanji for you.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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