Degeneracy or Rejuvenation- it is our attitude

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Today, the question that came to me was about deterioration and degeneracy. How does that happen to human beings? It’s not a very straightforward answer, but I can tell you various causes for degeneracy.


Before that, let me tell you that there is no shortcut to hard work. To build ourselves, we need to have conscious awareness at all times. When we become unconscious, most of our waking times, we can fall into a degenerated state. But at the same time, when we are conscious about our actions, thoughts, and expressions, when we are conscious about our eating, when we are conscious about our surrounding, if your mind is present, degeneracy or deterioration can be controlled effectively.

How to prevent deterioration

I have to tell you this in the beginning, so that you know the crux of it and how to prevent deterioration. Being conscious every moment is very important, and you got to work hard for it – means an alert awareness at all times. And the more time you remain unconscious, living habitual patterns unconsciously, the more deterioration can happen to you. Those who do not have a proper purpose or goal in life have more deterioration or degeneracy. That means less energy is connected to less purpose, and they deteriorate faster. 

Clear goal

One of the ways you can come out of it is to have a clear purpose in life, a clear goal in life. And you can pursue that, and that will help you to regenerate yourself, rejuvenate yourself. Degeneracy in the thought process happens when we talk more about people. In this world today, we can see, in society, that there is so much criticism, so much judgment, comparisons. We talk about people a lot, we like or dislike somebody, and we keep talking about what we dislike. All these causes deterioration in our thought process. 

The more you think about people in a negative way, talk about people or express about people in a negative way, you’re deteriorating yourself. Degeneracy is happening without your knowledge. 


Likewise, rejuvenation happens when we talk about projects. To bring your mind up to a rejuvenating state, you got to have a very large goal. And we are talking about its possibilities, dimensions of it, sharing it with people, and you, yourself, are getting more and more conviction towards achieving that goal. That rejuvenates you, makes you healthier, makes you younger. 

The opposite of it is talking about people, and the positive side is talking about projects, what do you want to achieve in life, and stuff like that, so your concentration is more on what you could do in life, not what others are doing. Avoid comparisons, competition and criticisms. Instead, focus on positive development possibilities. 

What helps regeneration?

Acceptance, appreciation, recognition, and just love, compassion and kindness; they all help you regenerate yourself, rejuvenate yourself, make you positive. 

While what brings you down, what causes degeneracy or deterioration are jealousy, criticism, judgments, ridiculing somebody, taking revenge on somebody, anger, and all those kinds of emotions, deteriorates you; makes you less, makes your contract and shrink. Your heart shrinks when you engage in anger, hatred, jealousy, in a revenge kind of mode.

Instead, you can rejuvenate yourself through appreciation, recognition, acceptance, kindness, compassion, selflessness nonviolence; all those things help you to rejuvenate yourself. Remember these things. 


What causes degeneracy is our attitude, and what causes regeneration is our attitude. Both degeneracy and rejuvenation are depending on your attitude towards life. If you have a positive attitude towards life, you are focused on what you can do in this life instead of what you could have done. That means dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future. Instead, focus on today. I’m alive today. Today, my heart is beating; today, I have willpower, determination, and whatever to do something great today. 

If you start thinking like that and stop talking about people, people are all karmic beings; there are good and bad in everybody. There is high and low. Nobody is perfect; I know very well I’m not perfect. With that understanding, don’t waste your time trying to perfect yourself or portray a perfect image to the world outside. Instead, let your attitude towards life speak for itself. Let your positivity speak for itself. That’s the right way to express yourself in this world. Because at the end of the day, your life is your message. 

Positive attitude

What you speak, what you think, has no value if you don’t execute it. Every day, when you wake up in the morning, you should decide that you will express your highest potential in this world today so that you are positioning yourself with purpose and also with the right attitude. 

Always remember what rejuvenates you; what will regenerate you is your attitude of positivity, acceptance, understanding, recognition, patience has a lot of value. All these things will help you to regenerate, to keep you youthful, keep you vibrant. Even if you’re old in age, it doesn’t matter if your attitude is youthful; if your attitude is positive, it will help you to be young; you can always stay young. But at the same time, even if you’re young, if your attitude is that of negativity, such as anger, hatred, jealousy, comparisons, criticisms, and competition, you will feel very old. And also, you will feel that in this world, you have nothing much to do. That’s because the attitude is making that difference. 


All you need is a positive attitude, be proactive, not reactive; that’s very important to remember. Always be proactive and be youthful.

When you’re proactive, you’re youthful. When you’re reactive, you are degenerating. 

Many people are just reactive. Understand, that’s what’s causing them all the ailments or all the blockages in life. Being reactive continuously brings blockages into your life. Being proactive opens doors for you to express yourself. 

Remember this proactiveness and reactiveness. Decide where you stand, and start making a difference in your own life.

 I wish you all the best. 

This is Mohanji, for you.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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