Be aware, be positive, be proactive

Hello friends, I hope you’re doing well. Today, I was thinking about our reality is based on what we energise. What are we constantly thinking about, talking about, expressing about? This becomes our reality.

Clouded minds

Our future is based on our orientation, what we think about, what we talk about, and what we fear. That is exactly how our future is going to be. When we consider what we think about or when we start looking within ourselves and try to understand what we constantly think about, we will find, especially in today’s time, that most of our thoughts are connected to COVID, the lockdown situation, restriction, all these things which are of negative nature.

Today we are talking, thinking, or even visualising things that are of a negative nature. It’s almost like dark skies, fully clouded. There is the sun out there beyond the clouds, but we can’t experience the sun because it’s completely clouded. Our minds are like that now, totally clouded. We are totally in a kind of a dazed situation, confusing situation. We don’t know what’s the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen; that’s all fine.

Let the situation be the situation. Let everything be like it is. We cannot change them because collective consciousness demanded such an experience. When a generation or a few generations live with greed, the need for conquering, controlling, capturing, torturing or manipulating minds or people, we could experience very bleak situations for the sake of profits. Consider this situation as something similar. What is the cause of COVID? What is the cause of this epidemic and pandemic and the lockdowns? Let’s not analyse them; let’s only look at ourselves.

What’s our state of mind? What are we thinking about?

When we understand that most of our thoughts are based on fears, doubts, confusion, and insecurities, we have to deliberately change them. That’s one of the reasons why we should not waste our time. Wake up early, realise ourselves.

Realise doesn’t mean self-realisation; realise what we are, even our thought processes. For that, you need to contemplate; you need to understand yourself. Look within yourself and understand what exactly we are thinking. What is our attitude now?

Are we confused, are we struggling, are we fighting?

If yes, what are you struggling against or what are you fighting against? Understand yourself, and then slowly start witnessing yourself. It’s important to witness; it’s very, very important to see where you stand. We are not talking about seeing who you are. This is okay; whatever you are, it doesn’t matter. You could be anything in society, any position, but today, in the COVID time, more or less everything or everybody is the same.

Countries are in lockdown or near lockdown on restricted movements, so it’s all the same. There’s no point in analysing which is better and which is worse. So, let’s look at the whole world as the same. The only thing that we can assess or understand is where are we standing? Where are we going? Where are we going is very important, that depends on what’s our mindset. Is it a proactive mindset? Can you make sunshine in darkness, or can you, within you, make a change in our world?


The change in the external world is not important at this point in time because so many other factors are blocking it. But we can make a change in our world by changing our attitude, changing our thought process, changing what we believe in. So, this is very important at this point in time; we’ll change our attitude towards kindness, compassion, and selflessness. Also, some positivity, any amount of positivity is good enough now, like even a penny is good enough when you’re doing charity. Every amount of positivity is important.

Just understand, by looking within, what amount of positivity are you delivering to this world?

Positive action, positive thoughts, positive expressions. It should not be faked. It should be real. First, you got to change that, create that, cultivate that, manufacture that within you. And once it’s manufactured, express it to the outside world.

Simple questions like, “Hey, how are you doing, is there something I can do for you?” Mostly you will get answers like, “Oh, COVID situation, there is nothing we can do”. Then you can say, “Look, you can make great cakes. We are great cooks. Why don’t we make something good?” So you can just take a person out of some dark situation or a bleak situation and bring some light into their life. This kind of counselling is very important. In today’s time, it’s not about big changes; it’s about the individual, small changes that can become big movements.


Today, this was my thought. I get up in the morning every day thinking, what else can I do for this world? So today morning, I was thinking about we got to change the mindset because the COVID situation seems to prolong; it doesn’t matter; situations stay or move or prolong. That’s not our concern right now. Individually, what we can do is the right thing to consider.

I feel that we can all bring some sunshine in this darkness. Let there be clouds, as long as it takes, no problem. But let us bring some light into the lives of people around us by being positive, being proactive, expressing kindness, expressing love unconditionally, or just by doing the right thing. The right thing is the sense of something which rejuvenates people, something which gives positivity to people. It cannot be vain words, not just motivational words, not that. You got to believe in it. What we believe is exactly what we get.

We should believe that we have the potential, the strength and the resource to be positive; we have them. We don’t see them because we are taking in so much data from outside, and that completely blankets what is inside. We have to remove all these blankets from inside and bring forth our original brightness; we have it.

Fruit plantation

This is the food for thought today; please develop on it, see what else you can do. We are planting fruit trees now. Why do we plant fruit trees in the forest? Because when the whole situation is in a lockdown state, the food manufacturing is affected. The production is affected, distribution is affected. We plant trees so that the beings of nature do get food. Even in adverse situations, these trees always deliver.

It’s important that we have lots of fruit trees in the forest in nature, so that the birds, the animals, the people, everybody gets nourishment. This is the best we can do in such a situation; when farming is affected, and cultivation is affected, distribution is affected. Transportation is affected, and so many confusions are happening, when people are predicting famine in the future, where we would not probably get all the food that we are used to.

What should we do?

Self-sufficiency, we should do what we can within our spaces. That’s why I’ve been insisting on planting many more fruit trees, especially in forest areas. Because that’s where nature really nurtures beings, all of the beings that live in the forest get nourishment, and we have to help.

We cut out a lot of trees, and we have destroyed nature, so we can really recreate it if we are determined to do that. We should have determination, and we should make a difference while we are alive. These are some of the thoughts which I have given. I wake up every day and think, “Okay, what else can I do now?” And these kinds of thoughts come, and I always try to implement them. I do not just sit and think. Think enough but not too much so that it affects action. We can think, and we can keep our actions safe. Think enough, act on it. That’s very important.

I leave you with these thoughts. Think it over and let me know if I can be of any further help.

Lots of love. This is Mohanji.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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