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Today, we talk about one important aspect of our life called appreciation or appreciating. We all like to be appreciated, right? But do we get it? The question should be, do we give it? That is the point which we are pondering today.

What happens when people appreciate us? It inspires us to do more. It helps us; we can see that in children very easily. When you appreciate the child; even small things like he washes his plate or he takes care of some clothes or something; if we say well done, this is the way to do; that’s a confirmation for them that they’re doing the right thing.

In an organization, or a bigger structure, more than a family, this has a big value because behind every innovation, behind every transformation, there is an element of appreciation, as well. You know, when you say, “Oh yes! You’re doing well”; it helps in an organization. It helps individually, it helps collectively.

So, if you make it a point or if we think about it in depth; just think how much we appreciate, (appreciations) and that should be transmitted. The world is like a mirror. What we give, we get. If we don’t appreciate others, or we don’t appreciate our own life; if we don’t appreciate the things we have, the situations that have helped us, people who have helped us, the materials that have helped us in our life; if you don’t appreciate every bit of it; we fail to experience life completely because all these small things connected, is our life. Many dots, many things put together, has made our life; has made us.


So, if we really understand that this life is a collection of so many things, and you start appreciating it, that will really enhance our life. And if you start giving more and more to the world, to the people, to the situations in the form of appreciation, we will get a lot of it back. So, the more you appreciate, the more you will be appreciated.

I leave you with this thought. It’s a very simple thing, but explore this idea; the value of appreciation in our life. And also ask this question, “How much do I appreciate my life, the people around me, and the situations; good or bad?” Everything should be appreciated, even if it’s an enemy; appreciate that this enemy has come into our life, to give us another perspective of our existence, or situation, a continuous situation.

There is a saying that one time bitten is okay, many times bitten is stupidity. So, that way, we can focus on ourselves more. But we can appreciate each bite, and say “Oh, this is what it is”, then you appreciate the positive side of everything. Don’t look at the negatives, because we tend to easily focus on negatives, and then we lose the track. So, focus on the positive; everything that has added in your life.

If you have lived 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years; these years have been a cluster of many things, many situations, many events, all these put together, we have reached here. So, in this life, where we have reached so far, how much, how many have contributed? It’s a lot; every grain that comes into your mouth has had a lot of people behind it; nature behind it, everything behind it. So, we start looking at everything with respect. Nothing unconscious. Just be happy and be respectful, appreciate.


So, that when you appreciate more and more every aspect of life, life will become wonder-fueled, fueled by wonder. Wonder-fueled. And that’s a very beautiful situation. It’s like a small child seeing the world. It appreciates everything that’s happening, ‘Oh wonderful world’, colours, situations, you know, various emotions, various things. These are all important; all these made us. What we are today is a cluster of all these things.

So, learn to appreciate. And when you appreciate, you will be appreciated. Because of the small things, you do for people, or for the world, it will get appreciated and then you will have much more relevance in this world. I leave you with this thought. Think about it, ponder on it and discuss it. And also measure it not in a critical way, but you just acknowledge how much you’re able to appreciate and increase that appreciation quotient, that will help you.

Lots of love.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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